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god dude walk out baby let's go big I don't know what to say either my man's is a mother-effing brawler at FIFA or he really likes squad battles she's won two hundred and fifty five foot drafts in a row if you guys don't know who I'm talking about this is the man that I'm talking about Kyle lease is an absolute baller and ladies and gentlemen three in the world apparently he was number four but EA banned someone on the leaderboard and he went to number three JM Gonzales bro he has played more games in FIFA 19 that I have played since FIFA 12 that's so funny dude yo this guy's like this guy's a baller bro whatever here we go five player Pig pax yang if there's a man that deserves in pop it it's him um okay starting off with an 86 and 85 and an 82 this is what Maya elite rewards are gonna look like right this is what my 28 and two rewards are gonna be don't even don't even think about it just do it baby the PI of a gift it serves that you know drinking that warm milk get-get him like a sob get him out of here don't even wait for a sign to say something just slash bad a sob here we go so I tweeted out my boy right I've never seen a record as good as it someone replied saying pack him a life please like and my boy has a picture like you you know what I mean like pack him a life please for fuck's sake man I'm telling you bro I'm telling ya some of them are funny but other ones are just like straight mean but yeah okay shall be I will take his shell D all right so far out of Ted what do we say it's at I'm gonna give this a solid one a solid one fourth player Pig pack how about a cow body a summer all right Collins cook nothing good summer summer it is I'm not rubbing my boob I'm rubbing the pse batch and I'm gonna rub my ax he is for controller here we go you see my top 100 Ward's you've seen others are you actually surprised be be real are you actually surprised third in the world both cheeks in the chat man I'm guessing he's gonna go with the Rebeck who's actually he had a really good World Cup didn't he was it Rebeck I think you might have in Redditch I think it might have been rubbish all right listen I'm sure what he cares about a lot as well is it's coins right I mean look at this dude third in the world rewards for you guys these are to the untradable division water awards let's see if he can somehow manage to pack a pink he does get a walk out and untradable rewards does get a walk out Italian Oh God they're naughty you know what a SPC SPC Wayne Rooney spc Wayne Rooney not bad Mattoon II thank you again for the five Margie thank you for the sub Jess Swan thank you for the five months TTS a thank you very much for the prime as well welcome welcome thank you up the jurors oh the Rangers Oh jurors Ranger ah I mean I knew that I knew that yeah I was just making sure you all knew that because we didn't know that what are you doing man you're not a football fan if you don't know what the jurors are Rangers duh all right we've got for 100k packs my boy Kyle and then we have his ultimate pack I'm hoping all first ones a walkout and it's big let's go Kyle pursue shutter back everybody towel that's quotes from my boy Kyle that is that is coins for my boy Kyle absolutely imagine right now I'm not gonna say I'm not gonna say anything every time I say and an in-form uh-uh-uh Elaine or yours in a later years in my man's what else was I gonna do I forgot I was wood in my can you talk what else was I gonna inform what else was gonna do I was gonna do something right now I was gonna check up on the other guy um you guys know he can he got 30 you know as well but he hasn't answered me to informs to informs I don't really think he has many players in his club I'm gonna send all these to the Duke so you can handle them brother you know what I'm saying all right sue more 100k Paxton the ultimate team of the week pack all right hey at least another walkout ahh not pink not in for Brazil casimiro fetid 19 yo it's all right are we in in my only mode oh I like him I only leave it in two but only Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike wink wink wink point point point point Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike point point point point point Mike Mike Mike Mike all righty a listen French walkout kachelle Dee incoming yeah I'm gonna get that in my elite reward dude I already know I'm gonna get that in my team of the week pack it's gonna suck here we go good luck to my boy Kyle man good luck brother hopefully it's French not to Shelly I hope it's not summer anyone but summer please anyone but summer please anyone but summer summer this is why EA put him in there as well they knew what they were doing can I get a clap spam in the chat ah Wow whoa 87 and then the next highest rated player is 82 I want to know what his best ever pack ball has been his best pack ball has been baby Nakata icon baby baby Nakata has been his best pull for winning two hundred and fifty five foot drafts pong everything makes sense now Jesus Christ man did you see his bench all right here we go here we go now I know you're probably looking at that record like damn but it but he could do a lot of division rivals and division rivals is not easy man 43 in the world 5 player picks 3 100 KS and one ultimate for my boy ek he is a huge supporter of of the stream and good lord after looking at that squad I didn't want to know how much how much do you think he has been in impact shat in fever points probably a lot right it's all right he's fly he's flying watching the street right out in a Lamborghini to show D to start off hmm sending to the club does not work trust me last time I tried it and it's false send it to the club does not work Cavani in this player pikuach just keep choosing kiss Shalini just keep you just keep choosing key she'll be Rebeck right I would choose Khaled's because up the Irish but I'm gonna go with rubbish cuz he's the next highest rated player and you could ease him into an SBC even though you've got a better you've got a better Club than I do is what I'm trying to say come ba da let me see this reading for min papi Lopez Lopez 86 rated for an SBC Wow once again we don't see a Cavani we don't see it in ba ba we don't see a Luka rigged alright you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna do a no-look player pick pack and based on my reaction you have to guess who it is I've never done well done one of these before and he can see what he's gets but I can't see what I get what he is alright alright three two one no one's guessed it no one's guessed it no one's guessed it no someone guessed it Jota that was terrible that was terrible do go Jota best player right absolutely that was awful I sent to everyone to the club on accident boys I've been following you since 2016 finally got to sub last month much love from Bulgaria fatty you will get that red and Bapat today hey I hope I do row we're about to find out what we get after these ah here we go the final player big pack for ek garage school that's sick that is sick kirochka do it again alright guess who he just got guess who we just got no look player pick pack I just opened it who do you think we got your mum your band you're right callejón sick pull Koretsky alright it's not bad it's not that all right good luck okay good luck II can't walk out you know know what God dude hold us amazing I don't know what you talking about look I got them in my rewards you got hold up Wow wow that's a sick Jota that is such a super sick Jota can't wait to get him as well oh my god more people hit more people more people here go three no go three rewards are made are good there I listen I I bet you any money if you grab a hundred people with gold three and a hundred people with top 100 there will be more red in Papa's red luca's in gold three then in top 100 facts Moe who think about the prime sub walkout not a pink not an inform Renaldo ah a mobile it oh that's not good it's your boy my man's name is it's your boy he's wearing a turtleneck right now doesn't know how to wipe his ass I got to stop roasting them dude I got to stop I can't I can't continue with the roasted I really need to stop I get super toxic when I roast meds ply literally sitting there like it's your sake man god dude walk out baby let's go big turban habits let's go he's like I'm pretty sure he can't I just I just bought him for 500k yesterday dude bro I just packed you a 500k worth player and he just stopped all here it is a bother yay and 15 yo – 500k 500 k + 100 k 600 k what the butch eats bro plus what's fit in there like 30 K dude 630 K from that pack all right Gigi's bro I'll keep everything you can do whatever you want later Yonex man who know julius thinking for the pipes up a will como who thank you guys for subbing bro so far based on his freaking pack look he's a lot of getting boppy in this bro he is about to get him pop it watch I forgot about summer and then here he comes like an oh my god here he comes what the hell I totally forgot I totally forgot summer still exists Jesus Lord man thumbs up summer listen man I packed you twice now today please stay out of my attacks alright there could still be a Gore Eska oh yes bro 630 K plus factor rezku that's a Gigi's in the chat boys you


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