ASHE JUNGLE IS THE NEW BEST ADC JUNGLER?! – Off Meta Monday – Ashe Jungle – League of Legends

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Is Ashe Jungle better than other ADC junglers? My Arrows say yes!

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ready for this arrow gonna blush and just like that I got an assist ladies and gentlemen I give you ash roses are red violets are blue I'm playing ash in the jungle don't forget your antifungal Medicaid I told you I'm not good at poetry my name is digger that of course is Lola and we are back with another league of legends off meta Monday video and pretty damn excited to be bringing ash into the jungle I know I play – fairly recently but to be honest I just kind of felt like playing and I saw her in one of my soloqueue games and it just kind of seemed fun like it's basically I've gone for a sort of build that I'm gonna be looking to gank with my ulti as many times as possible so of course I've gone in the precision tree I've gone for a presley attack presence of mind for that ultimate reset alacrity and then also cooped across and then cheap shot and then ultimate hunter's so um also Brune stats 10% attack speed and armor because I'm gonna take a little bit of damage in the jungle because my freaking God ash and the jungle early takes a lot of punishment from the jungle creeps but I think it's gonna be kind of interesting because we're gonna be just constantly trying to get our ultimate available so that way we can make good ganks in terms of who we got in this game aatrox top versus anti relia ash in the jungle versus jungle Nico Lux versus rise in the mid lane and varus Blitzcrank versus jinx and Soraka so definitely some interesting lanes some pretty hectic lanes in terms of having like an eco in the jungle and then like the rise and the I relia some pretty scary things and I also haven't seen a jungle Nico in quite some time so I'm I'm genuinely I couldn't get that word genuinely I'm really kind of curious to see how jungle Nico Oh God she finished her blue buff so quickly is that just me what if I can actually I mean I've got my smite up it's like I mean never never mind you know I had my smite up and I no fuckin way could I beat that damage holy shit and she cleaned up her blue buff like nobody's business okay we got ourselves a jungle game so I think Nico's probably gonna go up to try to take a red buff I think this smart idea for me right now is to actually go and take this scuttle crap Oh for fuck's sake lux anybody we got we have a free nice thank you oh I feel so much better holy God she was abused so she knew exactly what I was going for like I was thinking of myself yeah this is gonna work out perfectly because I figured that she was gonna go for her red buff and leave the scuttle crab up she also had her second smite available so she even took that scuttle crab which is even more annoying the fortunate thing about all that was luckily the Luck's like I can't believe how much I have to ping people when it's like Lux is pushed up in her mid lane and she's decided to just stay pushed up rather than coming to help me I don't think ever makes sense but you know whatever so I think I'm just gonna go be here I'm only level 3 which is kind of annoying but you know having that first blood oh man see this is the one good thing about Ashe jungle as well is just like the ability to spot people out with your hawk shot it's just so good oh look at my team go oh look at my team go perfect okay we're feeling pretty good so far so we got first blood on the Niko I cannot underestimate this Niko though now I really want to try this out oh fuck her name is Niko Niko Niko God man I think even in my Niko video I said I don't want to hear that anymore very nice job team everybody's showing up okay so I think I'm gonna be maxing my Rangers focus first just because I feel like it does more damage and I'm gonna be going for the the blood razor because I feel like ash normally would build a blade of the ruined King to do a little bit more damage I think that's what's gonna work best to me especially considering they have a risin and irelia I think that extra a little bit of percentage HP damage is gonna be really helpful okay so one of the fortunate things was that we were able to actually get the the big Raptor there Nico's being a bit of an interesting champion towards me perfect so that was actually just beautiful like good job like the team was just waiting like it was just a perfect time for that to happen trying to think about actually like have enough to do this cuz man Astra sakes so much fun Oh for fuck's sake like what an actual dick oh my jungle leave me alone Nico oh my goodness I hate it and she can the problem that I hate even more about it is that like she can one-shot me so the thing is as well now like I don't even know I don't think I can actually do this nope I'm gonna have to run away man now I just feel like an idiot okay so I've got to be unfortunately like I could smite that thing to try to get more health but I don't actually think that it was gonna be enough HP to let me survive that entire endeavor so I'm just not even gonna risk it I don't think I'm just rather gonna you know be gathering my thoughts and then come back into the jungle but right now this Nico has been making my life a living nightmare I'm still level 3 inches level 5 even though I got first blood under she's just been able to clear so much better than me no matter right no matter we've we've got this now I just need to hit 6 that's that's my key here I think was mainly because she got both of those scuttle crabs as well come on that's annoying okay see I'm gonna maximize Rangers focus first I do have my smite coming up soon think I'm just gonna go oh god I can try to get in here too slow okay okay no the last sod who attack are you serious hey at least I got an assist on that okay once again you know I'll take it beggars can't be choosers you know I'm in the weeds I'm in the rough okay we're chipping away at things but I gotta take what I can get luckily my team is doing absolutely incredible she's already level six I'm level fucking four please get a kill on her my boy aatrox my boy a chalk sitting up there okay so I would love to go and get this scuttle crab to get a little bit of experience please let me fucking have it your little eight dude I'm level four thank you oh my little love bug this is this aatrox let letting me back in my goal right now is very very simple I need to hit level 6 I'm not asking for much I think it'll my damage will definitely be way better once I get my uh my blood razor as well but I mean until then I'm kind of at the mercy of I'm an ash who doesn't have any items I've got a TAC speed that's about it okay but that's gonna get me level six that is huge because the thing is it's not even just about me having my ultimate it's also about being able to set up fights so like if I land an ulti and then Lux is around it guarantees the lux combo so that's kind of the idea here oh yes all I needed the lux to do was stay right that was my main thing it was just like I knew she had just a little bit of mana and if I land my ult's then we have a dead rise cuz he was so low anyways and he was choosing to kind of greed and stay so that ended up just perfect for us um you know I'm actually thinking here that I might want to go Merc tread Mac you know fuck it I would normally say Merc treads just because when you look at a team like the Nico the Soraka the rise all those magic damage dealers but then it's not you know off meta Monday is we're going a DC ash in the jungle and we're gonna build her like an ADC man that's the whole point I mean it's also because like we see champions like kindred and vain in the jungle twitch in the jungle why can't we see more ash you know let's give her the benefit of the doubt here okay so yeah with the blood razor I'm definitely doing a little bit more healing up a little bit like yeah this is feeling a little bit better it ain't perfect but we've already got our ultimate backup and let's put this ward right here if I see the rise oh God lux my girl Kenya can you show a brother some support okay I mean kind of annoying that we didn't get anything off of that like I hate using my alt and not getting anything from it but you know what can you do but I feel like if the Lux just came down a little bit we could have easily scared them off Oh Oh lux hitting it um do we try this like now that I have the the blood razor I actually do quite a bit of damage to this thing so I think it's a smart time to do it and I've got smite available nice free kill baby and we got the dress look at me go finally you know you finish off your jungle item and all of a sudden you're a jungler it was a rough start better Junko quits that's a good meme man the Battle of the off meta junglers man I love it this is the shit I live for okay so I've got my ultimate up so I really want to look for a play in this bot lane there it is go get him blitz oh did he oh he got her okay at least we got her so that's the exact thing about ash you know it's just all I have to do is get an ulti Blitzcrank follows up lux follows up like we've got a lot of ways after I land and ultimate to really make some stuff happen so this is actually turning out to be pretty good I've got to say I'm thinking we're gonna go for a rune ants hurricane I'm actually gonna wait and buy another pink ward just because mine died very very prematurely I must say Lux blue when it's up because I'm a supportive jungler you know as much as I would love blue blue feels great to have but Lux is supporting me I should support my Luck's with blue buff I should probably be using my hawk shot a little bit more to be honest I think I've been a little bit lazy fair on using it and I should really be kind of using it a lot more often I love that deluxe is listening and just coming right over here she just needs one spell so there we go all yours baby girl enjoy that blue buff you earned it Oh God accidentally hit that hey buddy I don't mean to be that guy but I mean it's just us Oh come on you think that you can just runic prison me and then walk away no not on my watch and look at that it's just a minute until my ulti comes back up again and that's a level one all T so this is jungle ash man this is the meta this is the new meta okay we should probably be able to take this turret down but then we should probably think about peace and out because everybody's gonna be backup and I think Rises ulti there we go next all you poor you poor little guy okay so let's go back here try to think of what an image we can buy we can pick up our zeal which is good and then I guess more attack speed oh no our poor Varys oh god that was a shutdown – how much was 700 gold ye yikes that's not what we want okay so let's go up here and take the man I love how people do this open MIT it's not open mid shut up and play okay so let's just take these things down try to get my levels going send a hawk shut up there you know be amazing like I think ash would be played way more ready for this arrow gonna blush and just like that I got in the Syst ladies and gentlemen I give you ash okay so I've got this let's focus it that way okay so Nico is on the blue it's a good thing to note infernal dragon is also up in 14 seconds so we should be focused on that to be honest this infernal dragon is huge right and getting a mountain dragon and an infernal dragon that's that is a great combo okay so I'm gonna go and start this thing I don't know what my team wants to do but I think this is a smart choice Nico could be coming so I have to be a little bit concerned Oh Maris with the secure okay okay buddy maybe you can let your jungle have that one make me feel a little bit better but the fact that I'm playing jungle ash but no okay so let's go take the red buff and then I think it's a bad time to go be and spend my well-earned gold oh man see this is the thing about Nico is that she does get to the point of like just one shotting an ADC and the problem is on our team we have to adc's okay we have a lot of squish potential so I'm not a big fan of that but let's just continue to clear the jungle like a normal girl huh okay I think I also want to well actually I don't think we have enough time actually I was thinking that we should probably try to get the the rift Herald going Oh oh I landed it on the fucking Soraka okay yet slowed oh my god what now that was some damage okay varus is now showing up just because the Nico's dead name is like okay no maybe I can play the game I'm actually gonna look for this red buff maybe get a cheeky pink ward actually over here too just to see what the enemy team is doing that's probably gonna die pretty quickly but I still think it's an important word to have considering that Baron is the next kind of big objective now whose counter juggling who bitch [Laughter] okay use this opportunity to go and spend the 1800 gold that I've currently accrued let's pick up the rune answer Kane and then probably look for an infinity edge I think that's a smart idea umm unfortunate just don't have enough to pick up anything so that's a little awkward I do have my ultimate up that's a really nice one Rhys even missed that mhm yeah you did umm I wonder should I fire a random ass arrow up there to try and get a kill I really really want to oh yeah get ash harrowed fool I think we might be able to close out the game here Oh haha please don't have your ulti please don't have your ulti please don't have your ulti this is a triple kill oh man if we all went be right there what the fuck man if we actually all went be at like that moment we could have all died one fly across rocket but she madness you can't complain about shit like that you know that's that's a great way to die okay Lux blue gonna give up the blue buff um so my ultimate is backup where right now three one and seven so feeling pretty decent about the score it was a really rough early go of things but all of a sudden we started to kind of pick it up okay Lux is not coming for a blue buff so I'm gonna take it this is kind of always my rule in the jungle is like if I give you the ability to come and get blue you come and get blue right we're on my schedule not yours and the thing is Lux is going all the way to the bot lane so part of me is just like I'm not gonna wait for to come all the way up there's a blue buff here somebody's got to take the blue buff okay let's pick up a BF sword we're feeling pretty we're feeling strong I don't know how I'm carrying a bow and a sword I launch my arrow damn it I'm coming not fast enough ooh but there's an infernal Drake maybe I don't give a shit about Lux maybe I care more about the dragon than I do about my own team hmm let's go take that dragon like look at my damage like that's actually pretty damn good there we go free dragon and I'm gonna get another scuttle crab just because I can cuz I'm really fucking bitter about the fact that my two got taken at the very beginning of the game right I'm really bitter about that let's just make sure that nobody's fucking with me around here nope okay can I support my team in any way mm oh oh very much uh-oh damn it hate I hate that freakin i relly uh w that like prevents like 75% of damage especially the only thing that I hate about I find that that's an ability because you've seen some really cool I relia players when they're really good at it block an insane amount of damage with it I think that's a smart mechanic the thing that I hate about it is that you can't even interrupt it how come my enchanted crystal arrow to her face doesn't stop her from channeling that I'm fine with my enchanted crystal arrow doing less damage because she was currently having it up when she got hit by it but that should then cancel it it's CC maybe I'm just bitter I'm probably just bitter and I'm drinking coffee so I'm even more bitter okay um I'm even gonna let varus have the red buff cuz he's thirteen seven and six unless he walks right by it in which case fuck you why why did I try to be nice you know I try to be a good jungler I try to say you know what team I'm gonna let you have things because I'm currently very supportive you guys are the ones who are carrying but no I just get shit on by my team so I'll take it you guys don't deserve it anyways um we can melt Darren like we can actually melt Baron like a part of me really just wants to go for that gone blitz blitz Oh come on let's see let's see puh yeah see we actually do this pretty damn quick we might need a little bit of help actually now that I'm kinda thinking about it let's just taking a lot of damage I think we'll know we'll be okay well be okay there we go good job thank you thank you Blitzcrank for helping a brother out so we're three two and nine man 37 to 16 that's feeling pretty good considering how the early game went mmm I'm pretty happy like that's that's the thing like jungles good and all but man did I need a team oh I shouldn't be Oh God oh thank goodness I stopped that cuz I only need like a hundred gold to go back and get my infinity edge so part of me kind of like why the fuck would I no I tried I wanted to get that long ball maro oh you're fucked oh and got her in the fountain get fucked so ladies and gentlemen that's gonna be a jungle ash sitting at 5 2 and 11 thank you all so much for watching be sure to stay tuned just until after this end screen will go over the end screen and the overall damage I did but jungle ash feeling pretty strong if you've got a half decent team so let's go check out the damage shall we oh man who do we even on I feel like I got a no you know it got to give it to Lux you know she supported me on that first blood she she did walk down she deserves it Oh mastery 6 me I can't believe I actually got an S – playing jungle ash go me so 5 2 and 11 my total score and I guess I got 147 so yeah it's not great but you know Nico got 155 so I guess it's not too far off but let's see the overall damage so damage charts I am pathetic even close to what I thought I was gonna have so yeah I only got 11,000 damage I guess it was much more objective oriented we got three dragons an aberrant so I think my objective gameplay was there but like man 26,000 for the varus 23,000 for the eight sharks and 21,000 for the lux I was just supportive jungle staff is all I what's but still jungle ash definitely works out definitely a lot of fun to play nice little leash break if you want to bring something new into the jungle thank you all so much for watching today's off meta Monday and I will see you all in the next video

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  1. HOLY! I haven't watched you in ages and IM SORRY! BUT LOOK AT YOU!! You've changed soo much! The intro? The captions?? But most importantly, the FACECAM?! Damn man, its nice to see you again. Glad to see Lola still barks at the beginning. Cheers!

  2. Listening to this in the background while I make lunch for my 2 year old, she hears Twig thank Lux for the rotation, and tells him "Celcom" (shes not good with the w sound yet) lol Love that shes so well mannered this young

  3. Assuming there are no one can have the same tag as someone else than I played against this Neeko and they were Zoe. They ended 33/4/20 in the match I had against them. It was disgusting to watch.

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