Auto Clicker for ANY Logitech Gaming Mice! Logitech Auto Clicker Macro Harrison Broadbent

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hey guys Harrison here and I'm back today with another auto clicker video for you guys this time though is for any Logitech mouse it turns out that most Logitech mice have Auto clicking functionality built into them we just need to activate it there are only two things you need to use this auto clicker first a Logitech mouse with at least one G key on it and secondly the Logitech Gaming software installed on your computer so let's get straight into it and the first thing you need to do is open up the Logitech Gaming software now this auto clicker only works correctly if automatic game detection is enabled so enable that and then go into the section where you assign of functions to the Logitech mouse buttons make sure the default profile is selected up the top so this will work on any game or piece of software and then select the G key on your mouse that you want to customize and select the Edit command now go to the multi key section and this is where we're gonna put our auto clicker together first of all name this macro something like auto clicker and then we need to right click in the box where it says keystrokes hover over insert Mouse event left button and then press on click this will insert a click event and I recommend you do this another three or four times to make sure this auto clicker clicks pretty fast once you've done that go down to repeat options and change it from none to wild pressed and now we can change the delay of our order click off so if you want to make it go faster you can reduce it down to something like 10 or 15 milliseconds but that can make your computer go sort of laggy because it's trying to process those clicks so quickly so if you are finding that the auto clicker is making your computer lag a bit you might want to go back and increase this delay to something like 100 or 150 milliseconds we're finished now but before we can save our auto click are due to a bug in the Logitech software we first have to go to the text block section and just type some stuff into the text box using the keyboard this will cause the ok button down the bottom to go blue and now we can go back to the multi key section from before and then hit OK to save the auto clicker all you need to do to activate the auto clicker is press down on the button that we mapped at or at the very start and that will continuously run the macro until you release the button again so now let's open up a game or something to test the order click is working and you should find that by pressing the G key that we've mapped our auto clicker to your mouse will automatically start clicking pretty fast and it should stop again once you release the G key so that's it that's just about rounds up this video I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you found it useful if you did enjoy don't forget to leave a like and subscribe down below and let me know in the comments section whether you're gonna use this auto clicker or not thanks for watching and I'll catch I in the next video

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