BEST SNIPER KILL BY STREAMER | PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

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you know Cancellara's the Queen Ito what no jeez Monica I said spasm sense what it was shield what rose at Alamein yahoo she name is park well nice color of the sky boudoir and now there's like no one alive oh I see a guy 2:30 really par öktem is a 500 meters sadly he's behind tree now I hate it when your scopes ways when you're holding your breath like terrible mechanic right there's to them where ever I'm still fucking playing how's that alright we're gonna hit this shut yeah I finally got it I finally fucking about that guy yes that's fast you get your press left or right that's insane I got left oh that's [Applause] I was gonna run into us oh my god III I want me to knock oh my god here's on my mark on orange so on oh my god get fucking Quick Start dog [Applause] watch I'm it I mean I missed that shot I hit him in the chest that's so fast why why am i why am i in psyche involved dude that's cuz the broken glass that sucks man come on where's this guy going there's no way he's gonna make it up the hill mercy copy oh this poor guy what are you doing Patrol this guy shot at me again this guy takes one shot at me he's done I mean that you cut a man's savage cannibal Рthe racy tomato mushroom know what does the by Matt Moore spent on his ID a stop codon I thought oh hey [Applause] canadian-ish me by an Irish mother who the hell are you okay we had the situation quite a few times [Applause] he borrowed my life well anyone have maybe even somebody smoking snacks yeah window Toby I fucking he was in sit and then I got shot from the hill use my last first aid oh that's far no that's like East East yeah that's the three I have an 8x if I can zero in on this guy just like that he's dead she's where he's not do you you did these guys having scope zero your scope kids well one thing's for sure they're not gonna peep that again

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