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Fortnite Trolling Playlist –
Today is the day that Bugs Bunny makes return to my channel, in Fortnite this time! He and his big brother Big Chungus teamed up against these really angry kids on Fortnite Playground, they HATED them… Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the Fortnite Voice trolling. If you do, please make sure you drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more. Thanks for watching…STAY CHUGGLE GLUGGLE.


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(pg family friendly fortnite gameplay)
fucking okay my cock is made by a State Building I don't have rabies anymore rabies you fucking cracker oh hey yourself the transformation is yo it's me big chunga's motherfucker how are you what's up you guys is be professional pepper it's a never another four nights rolling video this one's a little different Isaac voice trolling as Bugs Bunny / big chunk is because as you know big chunk is literally fat Bugs Bunny as you guys know my gamertag is D Bugs Bunny I did Bugs Bunny's really a while back but it's been a while since I did the voice so let me know what you think of it in its current state I'll definitely try and work on it more cuz it's not perfect but I hope you guys enjoy the video nonetheless if you do please be sure to drop a like let's go for a billion likes on this video and if we don't get a billion likes then big chunga's is gonna find you do whatever it is that big chunk is I don't know what he does but it's gotta be scared so yeah please drop a like and subscribe to my channel if you're new here and also please go ahead and check out all my social medias follow me on Instagram Twitter snapchat I want I want Klout you know I got a cloud anyways you guys late thanks so much for watching steak show go global yo you got a mic what the fuck dong yeah you are shut the fuck up shut up you answer me you idiot I am huh what if you think you're talking to here I'm big chunga's this fuck is big chunky the fuck you just say to me you just say to me huh I said ah I'm gonna eat you anyone tie up in the family damn your fat if I already got shut up take a chill pill doc well I took a lot of pills brother oh I think I put a ticket shit I take pills so fuckin I'm a church a lot already I'd say cuz the fuck you go to therapy yeah they gave me dick enlargement pills every day Oh cuz you're just so tiny its microscopic it's smaller than the carrots HEV up my asshole yo you know there's this place Carter where you could get horny off sticking dildos up your ass all I need is Daffy Duck switch teams cracker I haven't done crack in 20 years I guess use horse tranquilizer and that shit's not even strong enough for me I'm big jug Asst this is me Jonas it's me motherfucker what the fuck get off my team shithead my fucking cock fucker no one's ever said something so nice to me okay you almost suck your mom's dick no no cuz I sigh gay shit for your trash fuck brother I'm not your brother I'll eat your brother yeah cuz you said Dalton no shit already where the hell did you get an umbrella guard from up your mom's ass get off my team what Saul fuck thank you for your little fucker you're stealing loot from big chunk yes I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque boy this guy's fuckin high what are you cursing for doc fuck you didn't mommy ever tell you the story of my asshole babies anymore I ate the rabies it was rabies hiding in my skin fuck oh yeah hate yourself the transformation is starting doc yo it's me big chunga's motherfucker he's always joking on Daybreak he's not like you have a dick in the middle yo yo big big joke it sounds like a faggot maybe I am that don't make much sense though because I just got out of bed with your mama she's very much a woman wait I thought was a guy here dick what the fuck your darks cool what fucker you got a mic no I'm sorry yes you got a mic dark skull you'll get out of here I'm the real big chunk it's no fuck you motherfucker that was my old the fuck your older brother you wanted my older brother okay until I fuckin doc who's fuck is doc I hope you get raped nice I bet you say that to all the wabbits well you dogs go quit hiding you filthy animal fucker I've chosen Crockett shut the fuck up our burpee does he pitch can you please refrain from person oh wait oh this is a Christian I'm gonna rape you oh I make you say that's all the wabbit stew door hisses looking through your windows who the fuck is to take mom back go – fuck you TQ uh-huh tough guy your fucking daddy really nobody hates me you're so big hungers needs you too mother a yellow bitch yeah he's kind of retarded but so are you to be honest cuz you sound like an asshole I know they eat your dad maybe – she is so black hey pop you probably I don't need girls rabbits don't have tests your papi my mom's a rabbit to jackass I mean here oh wow we got fucking homes over here hey why hello why your name is uh bunny bucks buddy but fucking bunny but your mom – rabbit come back a bunny is a little wabbit you're strong get your geometry right what do you want fur I got three are you I love Three's Company oh this is tough fuck is cheap you're cheap I got a special surprise for you see your character does cuz ya wait going surprise no do you always walk around with a stick up yet oh fuck yeah double penetration bitch what's up it's about time sorry took you long enough sorry actually that's Webb it to you not rabbit there's no are in where of it who the fuck you think you are huh I'm doing chunk yes what are you huh you're nobody you're fucking dad okay uh regular oh yeah I may eat your mom's ass not like that we load a lot a late shuttle cup you see my nutsack is bigger than your forehead Todd dare your fucking deformed I'm away man what do you expect we got big nut sacks he's my nut sack didn't even fit in your mouth that's damn right I'm tough on big chug I said shoot your mouth shut okay please don't I don't like fecal matter in my mouth fucking stink boy I got a jug of glug so fucking fucking going get raped don't fuck off I mean let me beat my fucking meat you got a problem with my voice out that guy all right bitches up oh whoa dad I'll show you before you mess with big chunk it's bunny stupid asshole my pencils up your fucking eyes I hope you're real happy with yourself right now hi I'm good okay somebody give you the eyes life say big chunk is three times really fast big Chinese bitch bitch bitch don't even speak properly oh if I had a dollar for every kill that I got on you because you sucked I'd be a billionaire you got jokes rocks girl you got a mic is that the only comeback you have Jesus Christ damn you ain't my cookie – oh fuck young big chunky son eat everything ah booth you get another cookie shut the fuck up for some one cookie of your mom's ass oh that's just the way she likes wow she must have a big-ass bow over hey where the fuck are you you piece of shit yeah talk about mommy jungus like that and he ain't even got a mom where you at upper mom fucking loser I know you get well get out of there that's my spot you look like off your torch hero you know what you got got shit on pissed on you know what your problem is look like shit you know what your problem is what I'm too good-looking right you like James Charles no shit I'm too good driving you crazy maybe a fucking frozen ass Norris gay not since Nam the fuck is norm Vietnam fucking what the fuck that is all the fun of you don't worry the fuck all fucking other no fucking world wars I was in there I lost three legs good hope you forgot e from dumb pieces I'm he's talking to you so I'll be damned now dad you retard fuck you cunt ah fucker bitch oh fuck you really gotta stop saying that would it's big wife : it's bad for you : hey what the fuck is a : actually it's what you don't have wait what the fuck is a : you're like ass cheeks pretty much to be quite honest with you how am I pull my finger fuck no come on pull my face they gonna shit all over me oh yeah eat my ass like that yeah you know Mia Khalifa what the fuck give you a gun I'm talking about youngest like thank you can you say big chunga's is awesome for me yeah big fucking faggot and I was my nickname in high school oh fuck all that's left is a window to muscle


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