Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout – Hardcore Quads #1

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Some Hardcore Quads on Blackout! We may do more of this mode soon. More from Blackout soon !

Black Ops 4

no I right in front of us is the earth of me happy question which we're in quartz and this is blackout you can revive right I think so I mean you should remember no armor oh I think they just have met kids don't think they have like I sure like little minis like the first day this feels weird this is so weird there what you say about Texas Texas is doom kale have you seen any flares like oh yeah over there you see I'll see oh I see I see it yeah I see it they coming down yeah they coming down look up you see well son yes where it's good that's what we got to be so we gotta get going I'd see people what our guys saw somebody say coming for the train tracks we come from the train tracks without a shot that's me divine carrots they coming toward you guys by the walk sweetie I'm at this guy's by the walk kiddo I'm scared bro I have a bar you guys I mean over there at the inside the the building yeah yeah okay Xavier he's going for him I see me hi my industry by a tree by its feet oh shit That's not me I don't where it came from I lit him up pretty good wait there's no like yeah there's only my kids we'll just keep going you monitor because I don't know how close the circle is come across the bridge right there come across the bridge yeah let's go yeah I'm down to come run real quick he wants it all right I think we should be good hopefully oh I'm scared dude I don't know you gotta call me the coming shoot down here bro this is giving me an see from this lake I'm so low help on my floor bro please please are you done becoming mine you put it over there Oh hon you that way in that direction re killed them yeah one of them oh my god dude boy I could skip one of them dude oh my god oh I got to I got to make this go far back productive what did you see with a flirt or right next to us like Levi here next to us okay so we're good yeah if I hear you're next to us okay thank you Oh guys make sure tight website website website nice you like tied up it's what I the fence why man I got stuck you got soccer on well I said I think he's inside I see Oh cut down that's a picture I want to it I got it I got it Oh what the hell you I left me she's blade wait up wait am i all right guys this copper your mark all right one of them's it if they have any health if there's any met kids let me get some no there isn't there's just a switch wave it up in your mind and it cost over a little suit which is disgusting I'm good II thought long ago these little houses were here I think you just double wrap your fire so let's play those minutes know like there's no upward mouth for the Swiss plate but like since it's upwards part you have to double back with fire that's what I'm assuming I'm gonna take a Spitfire instead of a four how many people it's a super AIDS okay I just taking it because it operator that's it do you how many people are live holy God that makes nine there all right that's good you can't even see you came into Blom's gear dude we have a very key battery we go me places there's a crab in here if anyone wants one wait all do you want it where is it right here to mix me thank you here you go vapor right here I want ICR just cuz I was like I think the videos like a pretty good with it so you can take it if you had a knife then I will really love it anymore do I need to find some med kits bro you're fine I mean I don't need them right now it's just like how would people look like I don't know obviously how many people happy 40 kids on me maybe 40 are we in a circle brothers even say flares no they were inside the circle hope so if you see flares that means you're having a great time tactic over here I don't know I don't want to tighten oh oh yeah what's that from oh I see him I see him ha ha although I place it back here on top of here whatever with it they're going oh yeah just shooting it down alright just take a look pops up so you can I think we're getting closer dude Aaron DC circle is moving up I mean I think we're I think the circle I think we're into the middle of the circle can't we see y'all coming in ah I wish my photo I guess you I got use my recon-car protect me weekly bear scat out kill from that door I'll kill by that door oh oh we gotta move we need go go go go I didn't know yeah I know I didn't know either I'm gonna shut it I hear you guys I'm on a white on a white I get up sorry oh no why I see em I see ya I lit them up got it okay but tell the student I'll talk to them oh no bro he's on top of the mountain just watch oh yeah he's right there hey don't hurt oh hey Oh bro I got no more meds oh here's somebody I see what did I go for that oh it's a prestige I can't kill my prestige 45 five top five oh my god doing it good we did good bro three or four I don't know nine hundred merits oh yeah three kids I got myself a reserve keys I don't have one yet you

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