CES 2019 – Day 1 News – Intel 28 Core / Samsung & Apple / Intel H10 Hybrid M.2 / LG OLED R / AI

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hello and welcome to tech deals day one officially of CES 2019 I'm tech and right we are here to give you the daily news roundup this is our fourth official CES dreamfit if you don't count the rumours stream there will be a playlist on our channel with all the CES videos hopefully you guys all enjoy them and find them interesting entertaining informative or useful or whatnot links in the video description below to all of the sources that we're about to show you today there's so many things we could have picked out to talk about today I had twice as many tabs set up and I was weeding them out and deleting them and what do we keep and what do we don't so if you're watching us live welcome sit back relax get a cup of coffee or your drink of choice and if you're watching this recorded on YouTube then by all means please consider joining us and hanging out and watching it people have asked me in the past why we don't timestamp these videos to go through a one to two hour stream and time stamp would be a lot of work in and of itself for something that frankly has about a week of useful life to it before who's gonna watch it anymore so our hope is that you basically sit back chill out relax and watch with us so we have a bunch of different things to talk about from different companies our first three streams were single topics yes AMD mobile pre-announcement the nvidia r TX 2060 and then intel's exciting keynote yesterday that was dreadful so those are on our channel today is a mash-up roundup so we're obviously not gonna spend an hour per topic because rogue over here it she would throw something at me if I did that any case sweetheart would you care to did you have anything else to add before we start no just holler out mugs Tamriel kabobs and Zell tends in there I'm in bow thank you oh and also down in the video description below is our links to Twitter for updates on an extreme tomorrow we will be streaming at 11 a.m. central 9 a.m. Pacific the amb keynote announcement which well we'll start beforehand and talk about it but hopefully we get a cool big announcement tomorrow on the 3000 series desktop chips that are actually seven animators ninh and NYX it yes welcome to the deal nation thank you very much for joining appreciate the support there is a link to discord down in the bottom of the video description that is now a member benefit we've changed that around a bit in the past week but being a YouTube member you can now go join the discord we have 12 private channels over there that you can access a great group of people it's smaller than it was when it was public but it's it's a better conversation now that's a more civil conversation so in any case without further ado Alec's move along and okay so the price of Intel's unlocked 28 core xenon w3 175 x OE 'm tells us around 8k goes berry okay babe so let me get this straight intel wants to sell us a 28 core Xeon CPU unlocked X chip that's something for the price of a new Mitsubishi Mirage shout out to Doug de Miro for being awesome and if you don't know who Doug Demuro is why not he's hilarious the worst new car you could buy in any case $8,000 you know twenty eight cores 56 thread sounds impressive I mean that's a mega performance I mean there's absolutely no way that somebody could possibly get that for oh wait a minute how'd that happen 32 cores 64 threads for $1,700 that now looks cheap you know I suspect you know that nobody watching us right now needs either chip and maybe one person but but I would just like to point out lunacy I would like to point out the lunacy cabela's ask a good question who is that for is that why Wendell met level one text for his business clients it's for people who run scientific applications to run database servers who need extreme multi-threaded performance who need virtualization who need to run they might be running 50 virtual machines where that you have separate instances of Linux Windows and even other you know UNIX and other OS is all running on the same hardware with access to the same shared memory or drives or storage and then they can dynamically allocate servers so for example let's say you had a scientific university or you're the government or you're a large corporation you might have a thousand users who dynamically need access to computer resources and the server can dynamically launch and shutdown virtual machines independent for each person who logs in and one person might need one to a server the next person needs Windows client the next person needs Linux then X Pearson needs a different version of Linux and they need a machine that can handle all of it without having fifty two computers lined up in a row a virtual machine beast I need it from my craft there are other uses for which I'm sure I'm only okay this kind of server is managed and run by somebody who's paid a hundred thousand dollars a year fair enough that's not that expensive to most of our audience it seems expensive because they're looking at from a consumer standpoint of view it is expect here's the thing this is a phenomenal value for the money yes the reality this does have features to the thread Ripper doesn't sure but for people watching us who are more in a single user environment who might just want to render video maybe they want to render video while editing the next video maybe they want to be able to play a game while videos are rendering and they can throw 8 or 16 cores rendering and still have 4 cores for streaming and then 8 course for playing a game mm-hmm that's a small market but it's still a deal this is just ridiculous so I'm only covering it because back at Computex intel showed off a twenty eight courtship running at five gigahertz mm-hmm it was on exotic cooling look at that chip here it is mm-hmm but it's eight grand so who cares I mean it's irrelevant to like anyone outside of a professional business setting or somebody who won the lottery last week one thing I do want to show everybody see the CPU socket right here first of all this is not a normal ATX board look at the power delivery up there that uh for bloody insane power delivery talk about overkill um notice that it's got 12 RAM slots instead of eight hmm because it has six general RAM instead of instead of four so for 28 core six general Ram that's a nice setup look at the size the heatsink Oh for the chipset and other features it is a different beast it this goes into server racks this goes into a minutes just it's a completely from B's but the reason we are not going to get 28 core chips on skylake X or cascade like on the desktop like X 299 or because they don't fit yes we have an LGA 2011 which is 2011 pins on the Intel site it's been that way from X 299 to X 99 2x 79 going back to sandy bridge-e yeah the red ripper is a 4000 pin socket the tr4 it's the long one yeah this is similar it's not the same socket but in order to go to 28 cores on the consumer side to compete with thread Ripper Intel would have to release their server socket for consumers if Intel is legitimately selling these chips for 8 grand why do they need to dabble in the relatively limited consumer market and risk people who would otherwise buy this find the consumer chips yes but they don't charge a grant and they AMD has more of a need to compete they need they'll take every cell they can get um epic has a channel RAM versus the four channel random frog Ripper and epic also supports more system RAM and some other features epic also has 128 PCI Express Lanes rather than 64 on thread Ripper so there are reasons to go to epic besides that which is why they put this chip out and now that we've killed the subject I mean we could sit here talk about it we have so much more to cover and almost nobody watching us cares yes well they might fund it tangibly interesting but I'm willing to bet at this point most people are like okay we get it yes what's the question well it runs Crysis game yesterday yes will it run Crysis um everything morning crisis crisis isn't new anymore if you can get gigahertz or core avx-512 water-cooled this would still be worth 2500 the chip itself is not worth 8 grand because of the cores and threads it's worth 8 grand because the motherboard it's plugged into because the PCI Express Lanes because of the on the surfer end everything is hot pluggable the RAM can be set up to be hot pluggable you can literally change the system Ram while the system is running ok everything is swappable dual power supplies redundant Ram redundant cards redundant storage everything can be set up one of the things you get when you go to a true server which is not on thread Ripper either mind you is truly redundant computers that can be upgraded on-the-fly some of the professional business systems running haven't been turned off for years even though they've upgraded the RAM upgraded the storage there are some systems you can even on dual socket systems yeah you can change processors they come in modules that's cool you can do some of them I saw a video on YouTube where somebody was showing one of these for you rackmount cases that had all these cards in it and a crap ton of RAM but almost no storage all the storage was NASA was all remote over the 10 gigabit chain and there was like four Network cards to give it like 40 gigabits per second network connection 40 times a gigabit connection but that was because everything was accessed over that over the network there was I mean there was something like a 240 gig local SSD for booting and that was it and the boot drive was a internal USB Drive that plugged into one of the USB plugs on the board there wasn't even sadder it wouldn't even named that – because the system was like 6 years old but the power supplies you could reach off the back and just yank a power supply out of the system and replace it without the system going down cool everything was doubled and the thing is like you know tens of thousands of dollars but there are people who need such things none of which are the 435 people currently watching us no next topic but it is interesting yeah it does have a place it's just it's so far several people said they care it's so far outside of anything remotely consumer oriented it's just it's interesting I if I was ever going to take a look at this the one person I would most want standing next to me would be winning at level int X because he does this for a living YouTube is a part-time thing for those of you who don't know Wendell over at level one Tech's nice guy I've done a couple collabs with him he does this for a living he just tinker's with with YouTube and he's more knowledgeable about this stuff than me in fact I sometimes when stuff like this comes out I sent him a message and go what do you think of this because his replies are informative yeah I'm not absolutely I have no issues with asking somebody who knows more than me about something we all have something to learn now this might actually apply to all of you this is interesting this is the first obtain that I've been interested in that's true this is the first obtain where I've gone whoo this is interesting now for those of you who don't know a quick recap obtained or 3d xpoint memory obtains a better name is basically it's a bridge between system DRAM and nvme NAND flash it is persistent solid-state storage but it is not manned na nd and I cannot remember off the top my head what neon stands for but it's an acronym and it's essentially it's a way of storing data in memory cells NAND is relatively inexpensive but it is not actually all that fast the reason modern SSDs are fast is because of parallel operations and buffering many modern SSDs will take incoming data and write them out to eight separate channels of eight separate memory chips at the same time and they also have a small buffer to buffer incoming reads to mask the Nan's true slowness to the operating system right it's gotten better over the years I mean ROM and has gotten better but still it requires a lot of tricks and buffering to make it work but this is x-point 3d xpoint created by micron and intel or otherwise known as octane is not manned it is a different kind of flash storage that is massively faster in much better at random writes then NAND is but it's much more expensive yes how much more expensive currently you can buy a one hundred and eighteen gigabyte m-dot to obtain 800 peat SSD from Intel for the low low price of only 193 dollars two hundred bucks now to put this into perspective you can also buy now granted this isn't SATA Drive it's not as fast you can buy a hundred and twenty gig crucial BX 500 for $23 these don't even exist in the same universe to each other these are so far apart you can buy a one terabyte nvme SSD for this much money yeah this is the number of people who even should give this two seconds of glance frankly again nobody watching this probably needs it it's it is an extremely specialized product it's like they need to CES is one for the consumer and one for businesses but here's what's interesting this pairs the new slow qlc or quad level cell NAND such as in the new Intel 660 P which actually haven't reviewed yet but I do have and I have put into a machine it's good enough for most people but it does have its limits mmm-hmm if you need to see an immediate review on it Linus actually did a really good review I know some people think he does silly videos these days his Intel 660 P review was legit it gave real benchmarks and he gave a real analysis of the benefits of pros and cons and how the performance when you stress it yeah falls apart but most people will never hit that wall it's it's actually the Intel 660 P is great for modest use but when you hit its SLC cache limit it's a disaster the trick is most people will never hit it professional level machine shouldn't use it but most consumers can this takes that and pairs it with a obtain cash but now somebody's bound to say we already have that yes we do but it requires two separate drives and configuring yes people won't do that it's too much trouble it's it's complicated the market for that is bloody tiny this puts the opt Ain and the qlc drive on the same empty stick and the octane just makes the qlc fast how so one terabyte of qlc slow nand buffered by 32 gigs of high-speed obtaining 3dx exponent memory this I actually want to test I have upstairs right now a 32 gig obtained module that has never compelled me to do a review of its bowl it's too expensive it's it's complicated people aren't going to you silly this is interesting because this is a single stick that people can just put into their first I'm not two slot install windows on it and pardon the theft of the term from Nvidia it just works it just works this is interesting now no price or availability was an announced – nope so I'm excited about it because of the possibilities because of the fact that they put it onto a single thing if this ends if the one terabyte version ends up being more expensive than a one terabyte nvme I suspect most people should just go buy one terabyte nvme yep because while the octane here is really quick and it'll make systems really snappy on boot 32 gigs of octane isn't that much and then the rest is I mean it's not terrible but if they can if they can make this economically viable to sell less than the nvme drives well actually it isn't via the ql still here is nvme but that's not the point well that's this point JFC it's gotta be cheaper if they can make this cheaper it's interesting mm-hmm why does that exactly why it exists there are a few target there are no there are a few people who need the hundreds of thousands of AI ops this can provide that nvme can't right there are a few people who need the ridiculous random performance this provides random not sequential I mean it is faster but it's it's it's the right this it's not even random transfer rate it's the number of AI ops input/output operations per second this can do like 10x what an and drive can do if picture that previous 28 core chip okay picture 40 people accessing the machine at once this can handle this won't get overwhelmed by the by the reads and writes in a way even nvme will if I was building a $10,000 compute that was a multi-user access machine yeah I would absolutely have opted in on it and in fact I probably wouldn't even have an 800 P I'd have a 900 P they make larger drives that cost a lot more than this right at some point but again you know I'll let you read this see yes 2019 samsung aids uh ads aids samsung ads rivals Apple's iTunes – Smart TVs Samsung has said that from spring 2019 its new Smart TVs will include iTunes software made by rival tech firm Apple the move was a true first a senior sentence song executive Dave – finally a name I can't pronounce tell CES tech show in Las Vegas the service will offer sales and rentals of films and TV shows but not music one analyst said the strategic move would benefit both companies the deal comes ahead of Apple's expected launch of rival – Netflix besides access to iTunes the Smart TVs will also feature airplay to support allowing users to stream videos photos and music from Apple devices Samsung's previous generation of smart TVs will also again the feature via a firmware update LG had earlier announced its new TV would get airplay but not iTunes the BBC contacted Apple to ask where the iPhone maker is paying Samsung to add iTunes there's a few interesting things in there I am shocked that the headline is that Apple is going to launch a Netflix rival yes how is that not the headline this is iTunes on a television it's interesting but I honestly included this as much because for this as opposed to anything else how is this not this is not news it's kind of Apple has historically not played well with others they make their own ecosystem they have their own show they don't go to CES they have their own event box have their own sandbox that they're on iTunes runs on their own devices and they really don't like playing with others they very reluctantly even have iTunes on Windows because they have to I fully acknowledge that many people especially people in our audience are not gonna rush out to buy Samsung TV just to have iTunes built into it because you can after all buy an Apple TV and have that now exactly but but there are a huge number of people who buy these things once every 5 10 years whatever I know somebody in chat is gonna say my TV is 47 years old and I'm never replacing it hey every every live stream needs to chowderheads that's one of them but you know if somebody buys their first Smart TV and it's a samsung q LED which are beautiful by the way we have one of those over the phone with studio we are gonna talk about that and and it is boy if you haven't seen some of the new HDR TVs you bloody freaking awesome TVs they're not cheap yeah you can buy 4k TVs for cheaper but they're you know there's there's 4k and then there's 4k you know do you whatever um because this will be built-in it's easier and people do what's easy we do I think a lot of tech enthusiasts ignore the fact that the average person just wants easy just uses easy yes in fact the only reason why I think most people don't use internet explorer edge on Windows is because most people have a tech friend who screams from the rooftop and goes and puts Chrome on for them or Firefox or whatever although Chrome's become kind of bloated these days Starlite really very still life um miss deck thank you very very much appreciate the support 20 20 eggs that's only 365 days away we need a crew for that yeah we do we're not going to another one of these shows until we have a crew doing it just the two of us was nuts I was gonna say some Oh iTunes 4k if you buy your movies on iTunes Apple has started upgrading people from the HD 1080p to 4k where's amazon's not and i'm miffed at that because most of our video collection is on Amazon and if Amazon thinks I'm gonna rebuy movies in 4k no they're drunk um because that's that's ridiculous i mean i've i've you know i had VHS tapes and then I had DVDs I see a place risks and and then I went to blu-rays I'm done yeah and now we have streaming I'm officially getting off this horse David wants to know when SSDs will become standard Oh two years ago yes um why is anybody using hard drives for anything other than bulk storage for bulk storage for backup for videos they're fine but for everything else there's MasterCard oh wait no there's SSDs yes all right next one is there anything else to add to this not really not really okay this strikes me as a problem as a solution in search of a problem what problem does this solve before we read this let's come over here oh we're gonna watch something do you girls make us disappear and I'm going to temporarily make us disappear and I'm bringing the desktop audio up shiny me just this pendulum just LG is taking OLED to yet another level combining the world's best TV engineering and design into a home entertainment marble what science-fiction directors imagined decades ago is now reality introducing the LG signature OLED TV our rollable oled TV okay so I just wanted to show that to you guys because having it come out like that does more than a picture yeah this is not somebody made a comment who said it here um Dirk said it's a niche thing but a lot of my clients have TVs that hideaway yes but they require a complete cabinet to lower a full tv play this TV rolls up yeah like in a role that you can it just fits in there because it rolls yeah because we have flexible displays Rolly Rolly a roly-poly machine now that's really cool and I imagine there is a market for a handful of them but these things are probably going to be twenty thousand dollars that's what you're asking what problem is this solving I mean it's cool it's amazing look what we can do you know what this reminds me of look mom look mom no hands it's um what do you guys in chat think yeah seriously I mean I mean okay so you know it rolls down and goes away and it's very cool why is the TV well it's partially folded you can see it sticking out but you know it'll go all the way down I understand that there are a handful of people who are wealthy enough who will buy these because they can show it off to all their other rich friends who come over to their house and they get to be the first one on the block to have one but we have a TV mounted on the wall if you ever have felt the need to roll it up no is it in the way is it bothering anything no so what do you what right well we still need a TV stand for the PlayStation 4 and the you know boxes and stuff because you know whatever but on the bottom that'll be a place for it black ops says it's dumb who needs a TV that rolls toilet oh jeez that's brutal it's a party trick can't wait to get one when they're obsolete toys you people with too much money it's the problem of having overflowing cash on wallet and banks oh this is a product to show off to the top point one percent to show off to the other night a portable digital D&D man excuse me do you have any Grey Poupon oh you guys are funny I don't know I mean it's just it's cool it's one of those things that is cool that we can do it at all Jerry you know what it's kind of like um supersonic airliners we have the Concorde decades ago if we kept developing in we could have supersonic airliners today but the problem is people would rather have a cheap ticket to Europe than a fast ticket to Europe it's the reality is is the market for cheap tickets far far far far exceeds the market for fast tickets and at the end of the day if you get somebody to Europe in three-and-a-half hours as opposed to seven and a half hours that sounds great but since there's two two hours in the airport on either end plus the drive you really turned it from a six-hour trip to a 10-hour trip both of which are pretty obnoxious and if the ticket goes from $700 to $7,000 very few people's time is worth $7,000 for to say four hours so it's cool that we can build supersonic airliners yes we could probably build Mach 3 airliners today that could do Los Angeles to New York in an hour and a half but who's gonna pay for it well this seems like something else to break what happens when it doesn't come up bad I hate it when I push on it and it doesn't so kebobs it's got it right it's perfect for our collectors more wall for paintings um this is a 4k oledb display you put the painting on the television this is a 4k o LED it's an organic LED display it's prettier than the paintings there's more detail on the screen than the paintings have you could take pictures of the paintings you just put the picture on the screen and then it can rotate your whole art collection can be digital who needs real paintings next it is cool though it's cool but it's like I don't know this is cool well let you talk about this because you're the one who's gonna do the VR reviews oh yes there we go you know we already have one a VR system if this comes out this year we might have to get one review because frankly I think the vibe is better compared but go on okay go on ah let's see hey what's happening HTC vive pro I hands-on feeling in control with built-in Toby eye tracking that will be weird now I've seen Toby eye tracking in use you have yes and it's cool although it's distracting to the viewers on stream the famous CV player setup Toby eye-tracking and used it for about two weeks because on the stream everywhere she looked a circle followed so you could see as she was moving her eyes how she played CBS actually fascinating I was absent to see the rapid back and forth movements of tracking across the screen but you know what happens from an informative educational point of view to watch an expert CV player play world of warships was fascinating to watch and then it became distracting because you constantly saw this thing darting all over the screen and you think something's on your monitor but that's for a viewer not a user in other words the the circle is displayed for us yes not for her but it was incredibly informative because I'm like that explains why I suck because I don't look across the screen that it's the rapid eye movements was incredible now for VR I mention that because Toby eye tracking does work I've seen it work however that's on static monitors with a bar that watches where your eyes are looking this puts that same technology inside a VR set that I'm very comfortable the one I used up at the mall is not very comfortable well first of all it was adjusted in 30 seconds by yeah but still it's yes thanks Mickey keep reading ah hands are old news you're old news VR navigation control and selection is best done with the eyes at least that's what HTC vive is banking on with the upcoming HTC vive pro I a VR headset with integrated Toby eye tracking initially targeted targeting businesses I tried out a video version of the future myself on MLB home run derby VR is still in development and thus was a little wonky but I can't tonight it's cool factor doctor keep reading well there's a lot of words here are there any good idea here's what's interesting why do you like this I like this because the whole idea of VR is that you can move your head to look at objects now having used VR you know for a limited amount of time it's amazing how being able to just look around trol your view rather than a mouse and then with the hand controller the game that I played you know shooting a gun at robots yeah it's like you look over here and you point your gun and you see it you look over here and it's it's it's intuitive like that the problem is getting people to try it the problem is getting people to have that experience the other problem is making a large enough game library to make it interesting now what this does is adds eye tracking to it which is interesting because the only way to target currently is either a move your whole head have a target in the center of your vision with that VR set and you move your head to what you want aim at I want to be able to do that without the headset the other but you can't see anything else and that's it the other way is you use your controller your hand controller as a pointer either a laser pointer or you use the thumb stick on it in order to control a menu yes the idea here is the menu can stay static in the middle of your vision and you move your head around and it stays there like a sign would yeah and what you do is you look it doesn't matter where that where the headsets pointing you look at the menu option you want and then you hit the trigger and you look over here or you can scroll up and down by moving your eyes rather than moving your head it's kind of the third component yeah head tracking hand controllers and now I tracking and eye tracking independent of head tracking could create some very interesting options yeah but this further creates a problem the games really need to support it natively yes and then every VR headset needs it or they won't support it natively correct there's too much fracturing going on and and one of the challenges that VR has this VR over the past two years has kind of had a big run up and then kind of a run down and I think I grew it working for the holodeck yeah good well good luck with that we'll be waiting a while we'll be waiting a while so anything else to say about this quarter two it looks like quarter to more fluid I track you should be more fluid upon the headsets release in q2 it's interesting and the price needs to come down the support needs to go up but it is unlike the rollable TV which i think is just a gimmick this is actually interesting and once you've played with VR it's very very tempting I want to go play with the Aragon my biggest problem the other big problem is vr g space you really need a dedicated space with room to set everything up and then you sort of to some extent have to hold the space for it because if it's something that you have to set up tear down set up tear down and set up tear down you're not going to because one day you'll tear it down you'll start playing another game and you'll be done we have an oculus rift with the touch controllers we don't have a vibe but what you really need is the vive pro and unfortunately with the eye tracking and the vive pro and the controllers and everything else that comes with it this is going to be a thousand bucks laptops carry away my love gigabytes new arrow arrow arrow arrow arrow arrow 15 uses Microsoft AI to boost your performance Donna Donna Donna doctor done done oh no no no sorry that's the that's the Terminator theme I for one welcome our new Skynet overlords well they don't know why yes it says Microsoft AI right there to boost your performance after we've done stuff then you can have your performance gigabytes next generation arrow 15 notebook will come with beefy specs like optical core I know in CPU 4k display and the video RTX graphics but it also has something we haven't seen before an AI driven application that tweaks your settings for maximum performance I can't wait to have my settings tweaked which one of us wants the maximum nevermind okay stop that let's carry on sorry um now there's a bunch of stuff here these look like regular laptops but but there's a little sentence and I don't know that it's actually in here was it in here let's go to their press release okay because I have their press release up here for a reason aurorus Oh horas I think it's actually pronounced Norris Horace Horace okay Horace opens a new chapter in the 15-inch gaming laptop segment I love how they didn't this is a PDF – they can format it any way they want why in the world did they not put the character break here and have 15s gaming laptop segment on one line I know I'm bad at this is the kind of stuff that drives me nuts I should have been an English major all new Intel Inside and that's actually kind of interesting and deserves a topic of its own there is a promotion going on Intel is I guess tangibly aware that AMD is the thing I see several people in chat mentioning AMD yeah we have a brief blurb on the MV but AMD's really tomorrow tomorrow Linnea tomorrow 11:00 a.m. right here on our channel we'll be streaming so all Intel Inside in Microsoft is your AI technology Azua sounds like a bug as your AI how would you present sound would say the xuer xuer what do I not I can't pronounce anything I used to think it was a Zeus Zeus no I can't pronounce this to lead artificial intelligent gaming laptop race Bob here's why I'm showing this to everybody read the words in bold and then throw them out and read the words that aren't yes because real-time ray-tracing as opposed to the sloka fake NVIDIA GeForce r-tx 20 graphics all Intel Inside and Microsoft Azur z AI chat like a French person okay so that's the bold stuff core i7 h processors Intel 760 PS those are good drives I do have a review on the channel of those the 760 peas are really good drives Intel based killer why it's better it's gigabit plus Wi-Fi the hardware in here is legitimately good and in fact I'll just scroll down past all this stuff no okay because I'm gonna come down here to quality parts LG IPS panels Pecha me there we go Samsung memory modules are th it all sounds great okay I'm sure these are very nice laptops I'm sure they will be very expensive I will be shocked if this is a penny less than $2,500 there will be models of this that are over three grand I'm sure with fully decked out maybe there'll be one down at two I doubt that we want it at a thousand yeah I would maybe 1,800 would be the cheapest like most basic model yep with 2500 probably being the mid-level model rarr thank you very much appreciate the super chat there's just a robot head is that Skynet now notice what they broke in the middle of the page because these are obviously pages it's a PDF user data user preference data passes through the Microsoft as Azur as your platform in order to determine the best CPU and GPU water setting for optimal game performance in shortest media processing times possible optimization does not stop here the backlit keyboard fan sound effect settings will auto to perfectly fit the environment and use your preferences all with just the touch of a button this is a perfect example of how a I can enhance user experience within a laptop in the real world a Shan Wilkie says isn't it a your Ezra I don't know here's the thing this is not nefarious in Skynet nefarious but for everybody who had a conniption we mentioned this briefly last night with the Intel announcement for everybody who has a conniption over Windows 10 phone at home which by the way anybody who complains about that but did not also complain about Google doing it and Apple doing it and Facebook and Twitter and every bloody buddy else in the world doing it a little bit hypocritical because your credit-card company your bank they're all doing it your car mm-hmm so Microsoft was late to the party but putting that issue aside for all the tracking Microsoft does this takes it a step further and basically says what does user data preference data mean user preference data that means whatever you use on your computer yeah I think it means whatever microsoft says it means pass is three which means it goes from your computer to the cloud and back again um Kaddi ray heart just said Microsoft is not getting my data good luck with that well PC but here's the kicker but still this is the first generation that's true it's it's welcome to the future folks I mean I'm not endorsing it but at the same time where the whole thing with DS effective you see the term down here deep learning technology deals most we saw that two nights ago in the Nvidia thing where ray-tracing initially took a big performance hit when you turned ray-tracing on on the RT XA 2080 but once the SDL SS got turned on it lifted the performance back up because it allowed the cloud it's important to note that the boost of performance to the RT X cards in games that have been analyzed by the cloud does not come locally that's over the Internet yeah so your ability to get boosted performance in ray tracing is because your computer is gaining a benefit from the clouds performance yep if you wish to continue evolving in the computer world and using future computers and future technologies this isn't going to remain optional no you simply won't be able to have the features without it and then pretty quickly you just will have to have it try setting up a modern computer with Windows 10 with no connection to the Internet you can but so much of what Windows does these days you log in and it's updating and patching and getting your drivers and sending all your services up and it's doing all about the initial boot because you have an internet connection and that's why the first thing you'd ask for is get me online yeah I suppose if you never connected it's not as important but mm-hmm it is what it is what it is mm-hmm what else do you go um I want to scroll down and say you know they don't have the specs here but they are over here on the we're on this well then the previous email when was it sent three hours do you remember the prospects that out here it is it's the one yesterday the arrow 15 y 9 will have an i-9 can I open this easily I really can't can i hmm um no I can't really drag that over I this is the document that I wanted I nine 8950 H K CPU which is a ridiculously fact I'll copy that over and pull that up instead of how's that this is the Mac CPU 12 Meg's of cache 4.8 gigahertz 6 cores 12 threads overclockable that's a beast of a chip it's gonna have a 4k panel it is Pantone certified individually factory calibrated r-tx 2088 gig graphics card supports until Nvidia Optimus obviously 2 m dot 2 slots all the ports Thunderbolt 3 DisplayPort 1.4 USB 3.1 type C good audio killer LAN it's got one point five gigabit Wi-Fi let me put this in perspective for you guys the Acer predator Helius has I think a 90 watt AC power adapter right this thing has a 230 watt adapter power it after beast just to put that in perspective it's got a 230 watt AC adapter and then 94 milliwatts our no a 94 watt our lithium polymer battery nearly four and a half pounds weighing just four point four pounds and being point seven inches thick wow that's going to be expensive thanks miss that might be for grant that's gonna be expensive as well you got eight sixteen thirty-two geez that's nuts sorry son of tamriel says I am Locutus of Borg yeah I I'm sorry I have to agree with Jolie VPNs don't make you immune you really think VPN stop yeah it's it is what it is they sound like Apple similar to sure yeah sure a sure oh sure sure but then what do they spell it like that this is complicated the English language is all false I don't understand thank you ms Mario Kart Wii fan I a sure a sure sure facial no but I believe him sure sure I okay Google spent a lot of money on a three minute ride it did yes tripled its size is the presence of CES this is Jim make it bigger or not hey we're at Google's tent or huge building at CES 19 this year three times bigger than Google's presidents last year and they even have a roller coaster more like a track ride behind me we're gonna go ride it now they put this together for a day the quality of it oh that's better look at this what is this Disneyworld what do you guys think that's crazy a day in your life of the Google assistant is what this is this is basically supposed to be what is this a small world after all this is nuts huh hey Bobby now we know where all the money Google gets from selling info goes look at the little car on the left it's moving what did a person what I don't even know I just can't even this is your brain this is your brain on Google Rajan says this reminds me of a bad trip I had in college hey gook until the human that's terrible they move isn't 1984 so happy and beautiful welcome to Google so I had to weigh high of a budget was fine people who buy that rollable TV just because it steven going wrong Wow it's not getting any better it's orrible it's Hugo's house ours oh you activated my Google Sorry Sorry what did that cost to set up seriously seriously that's serious um here likes bring us back I have no words I have no words I didn't actually watch that video before we put this up I saw the screenshots this is the first time I've saw the videos look at starlight Doug said I'm what what they're smoking it's bad and cheesy but I kind of want to ride it they even have people in white shake you let me I'd literally have no words no what was the point of that was did but I what I don't know I got was it was terrible amen to that I mean I it was showing off they have money to waste I don't even have words all right okay um CES tripled the size of their presents this year this is what I saw earlier I didn't watch the video earlier maybe we should we should have just kept it here that was that was that was truly frightening um here's why I brought this up uh what I wanted to say about this was um oh we should have more viewers coming in right now uh do you know what started nine minutes ago look it's what the top of the page oh don't read it just read it I mean read it to yourself he's doing that live announcement thing to the nation on all the networks right now which we're not watching cuz the way Wow who cares it doesn't matter um I just noticed that is up there but we're not gonna talk about that I just noticed it because I'd forgotten because I saw it on whatever um that's funny alright so you 9 a.m. DS announcement is 9 a.m. Pacific time 11:00 a.m. central tomorrow we will be live streaming here with you on YouTube ok Google isn't sorry I got off-track get distracted squirrel where so Google assistant Google assistant and the idea of all these personal digital assistants I mean we do like our Alexa and if any of you have an Alexa say Alexa fire the torpedoes trust me it's funny and then after that ask her to fire the phasers that's funny too it really is you have to be a sci-fi fan but if you're a sci-fi fan it is funny you're all welcome we'll have an election next to your computer you shouldn't have those all next to your computer when the livestream um we are at an age ourselves that we could take you to leave it we could adapt to it or not yes we enjoy having our Amazon echo over in the kitchen and we do use it for alarms and kitchen timers and certain cooking recipes like if you need to know how long to do thing or put something in the oven I mean she doesn't answer that stuff she does trivia fact she does math for the kids she reading converting things she reads Wikipedia it is nice to have what did it say Michael what did what did what did she say so it is interesting in that sense what I want her to be omnipresent everywhere in my life Allah the computer on Star Trek The Next Generation where you just walk around and say no not by fire Alexa fire the torpedoes Oh PUD Dollface how yes I'm sorry Dave I can't do that um sorry oh sorry we should give people warnings when that happens so here's the thing she is I'll just call her she from now on she is accurate enough to have in the kitchen while we're standing in the kitchen trying to do something she is not accurate enough to be our personal life in other words imagine if you could just walk around randomly like they do it on Star Trek they always just go a computer where's Captain Picard computer do whatever you know computer dim the lights yeah we that level of integration requires so much more than we currently have and especially if you want it in your car in your home there's so much more to buy than a smart assistant we'll get there but I suspect I saw that will suspect I suspect that it'll be the younger generations that embrace it because at some point people just get off the train are you gonna go chase them down yeah okay I'll be back she'll be back in a minute I do need a fresh pepper I do need fresh pepper Thank You Love she really is awesome yep for those of you wondering we have three kids aged 13 to 8 and it is 813 our time and it's their bedtime and we're back at school and so they if she doesn't chase them to bed they won't go to bed so that's what she's doing at the moment she'll be back in just a minute I wish I could tell uh sorry I wish I could tell Alexa to go put the kids in bed but it doesn't quite work that way you know Dirk you're right get off the train is a solid punt I didn't even think of that why didn't I even think of that as a pun I'm not that clever this stuff is cool but it ultimately strikes me as it's some of the rollable TV for a lot of people it's true it's a solution in search of a problem it's it's cool but do you need an omnipresent digital assistant in every aspect of your life I imagine that when he gets shrunk down to combadge size or SmartWatch which I don't wear a watch but SmartWatch size I suspect that when the accuracy level improves to the point to where it's got a better hit rate I would currently radar echo at about a 97% accuracy rate that's good enough for the kitchen for non important tasks it's not good enough for the outside world and the sound profile in our home is very different than the sound profile at Starbucks and the other issue I have is that if it reads it back to you audibly not everything that my smart digital assistant would say to me is something I want said in public there are probably things that I could ask questions or add to my calendar or ask it to give me a news update or email update or whatever if you're out walking around you don't want these things you know broadcast audibly so how do you handle that wireless earphones I suppose yeah we're all gonna start walking around god I hope not I don't know what do you guys think do you think that this is going to be something that within our lifetimes persistent digital assistants that follow you from device to device everywhere and just know everything about your life and just sort of help you manage your life whether you're in the car or at home or at school or on the train or on the plane or on your bicycle or at the store do you think in our lifetime we'll see a situation where this is normal for a large number of people I mean sure today with a with a SmartWatch and a smartphone and then and a smart car and and you can get you couldn't get it to a point today it's kind of gotta work for it I don't think it's ready and I don't know if it's gonna be ready in the near future no matter how much hype they give it at CES one of the things that I was going to say earlier this is a good opportunity to talk about it is once once you're older like myself you gain the benefit of time and having seen this stuff I remember CES a–'s and other electronic shows back in the 90s and a lot of cool technology that was promised back then that never came or never came in the form that we saw it because either it wasn't ready or the infrastructure wasn't ready or the population wasn't ready or it cost too much or it was too big and bulky or what have you I'll give you a good example iPads iPads tablets and smartphones are common today does anybody remember the Apple Newton cool concept the iPad of the early 90s too expensive too heavy it didn't have capacitive color touchscreens it didn't have Wi-Fi it didn't have persistent internet everywhere it didn't have NAND flash it didn't have enough processing power to do interesting things it way too much and it cost too much in today's dollars a decently configured Newton would have been somewhere in the order of four to five thousand dollars that's ridiculous so today you've got iPads for 300 that solved all those issues so time was required let's see Bobby says I clearly need 12 AI assistants I actually like the Google glasses that look like a regular pair of glasses I thought the Google glasses was a cool concept it Tom it was a nice prototype it was expensive it wasn't ready for primetime that might come day I think I'd rather be at contact lenses rather than glasses because I don't want to put on glasses I'd rather be lenses it be cool if you've got contact lenses and they were built into the lens but how you do that I don't know Chris mentions Jarvis is a way off that's the other thing is the the the digital assistants now are Amazon echo I'll just call her echo now instead of her name because I don't want to keep triggering all of your your smart devices um she's not actually that smart she's only as smart as they program her voice response commands the fire the torpedo commands is obviously something one of their programmers put in there when I think these personally will get important or or or widespread is when they don't have to program that in ask your digital smart assistant what the meaning of life the universe and everything is they'll tell you 42 but they tell you 42 because the programmers have put that in there not because it independently came up with it and that's the problem I see with them is they don't independently come up with it that's my opinion Andrew says a lot of the stuff just doesn't work yeah um when is an Apple project expensive iPads aren't that bad these days you can get a basic iPad for three $400 machine learning I don't know it's interesting but I just that's that's my take on it this follows up my previous point I'm not gonna discuss all this nonsense it's cute and cool and interesting and it's a lot of tchotchkes and a lot of things being thrown out here I have actually one more tab to show you related to that um I don't need my KitchenAid blender to be smart I really don't I this is another solution in search of a problem I've been using a KitchenAid blender for decades it's a blender you put your stuff in it you turn it on do you need your kitchen a blender to be smart honey do you need it to have a touchscreen and controls and programmability and remote access via an app and a smartphone or do you basically need something that you put the stuff in you flip the switch and it turns on okay you want my opinion absolutely if you are able to put something in there and keep it cool until it was ready to turn on and mix and do whatever so it was ready for when you got home Dan yeah but it's a bit hard to put everything in there and not have it spoil while you're waiting for it that's where I go with it well this says it's going to have Google assistant built-in so it can answer simple questions about measurements stream videos and yeah but you already have that with your echo what do you need it built into your mixer for not it can give you hands-free step by step recipe directions you need one smart device in your kitchen yeah you don't need every device this is just KitchenAid trying to sell more appliances yes trying to be smart and charging three times the price for it it just seems oh but it's IP IP x5 water and dust resistant so does the current one that they've made for years and works fine I don't know maybe it's me the youngly app really okay [Applause] several smart light switches designs I took directly to Amazon voice assistant so now they want to make wall switches have the speakers speaker and and the response rather than have separate echo dots around your house hmm here's the only thing I'll say about this right when we got the new filming studio there were a number of outlets that were cracked or broken or were otherwise beat up yeah now those of you who did not watch her moving vlogs go watch our moving vlogs they could use some more views um I was that for a blight and requests for a view so it's a playlist leave it on while you're doing something else we painted most of that place it needed paint yeah the paint was nearly twenty years old and it was worn and it looks I had no idea how much more light I thought the paint would help and we kind of did it in stages we did a little bit then it looked nice we did more and finally were like screw it we're painting it all now because it really didn't make a difference but once we started painting it we noticed how bad the outlets looked and how old they were had the old knob flip style light switches and the the wall sockets were chipped there were a bunch that were crap degraded the the the plastic wall plate was cracked and several of them actually had damaged sockets and so we we replaced them well the thing is it turns out standard wall sockets are not expensive they sell them on Amazon for like a dollar 70 apiece or something with wall plate and everything they're not very expensive so we're like okay we'll replace a couple well they sold them in like packages of 20 of them for like you know I don't know $26 or something actually I guess they're like a dollar thirty or dollar 40 that mean they're not very expensive what's like well okay now you replace some of them and they look good yeah we must do them all okay fine you know so it's an afternoon project but replacing your 20 year old cracked broken outlets and light switches with dollar 50 and $2.00 50 you know the the rocker switch is like in fact you can't see it but that's a rocker well a chatty intercom Pennell destrun the corner but the nice modern rocker ones it looks much nicer yeah but the whole house was hundreds of dollars not thousands of dollars to buy all the switches yes correct this would be thousands of dollars to do a whole house if these were three bucks apiece I'd be interested they're not gonna be three bucks apiece they're gonna be thirty bucks apiece so are we gonna try to get people to make their whole house smart I would like to point out that long before I want my house to be smart um why do our cars have power windows in our houses don't we use so much air-conditioning because going around and opening up all twenty-seven windows in your house is a pain in the butt yeah and reaching behind furniture and reaching behind the couch and reaching behind the stuff and and and lifting them and the old aluminum frames that always get stuck in there crappy yeah because the windows are 20 years old and they're all like you know in your shovin on them we priced replacing windows oh my god that's a racket we should go into the window replacement business replacing your windows is really expensive yeah which is why we just turn on the air conditioning yep so um Bobby says that Home Depot they're like two dollars and thirty cents each yes it's one of everything from Amazon it's cheaper I don't know it's you almost have to build a new house to be smart retrofitting yeah one smart device here and there isn't too bad but if you decide to go full on smart yep what do I need a home equity loan for this yes curved screens already talked about those Oh God is this a thing I genuinely want to know and chat who in chat would ever use this well the guys they wouldn't but you have to give him more information okay first of all this is not a baby maker in and of itself a baby does not pop out of this well they're guys they might not know how things work you know things things happen nine months later the store comes that's a way if it happens right that open window did it this is a fertility try Cameron you made this the AVA fertility tracking bracelet isn't you but the second iteration is much sleeker and easier to wear than the first people who are trying to conceive no longer have to laboriously pay on sticks to detect the presence of luteinizing hormones instead they can painlessly wear the bracelet while they're sleeping to track factors like resting pulse rate and heart rate very men actually pee on sticks to detect the presence of hormones really yeah I did not actually know that mm-hmm so this actually would be easier would you go out and buy such a thing well those people okay here's okay so people spend $20,000 plus on IVF and if they could buy this and put on their wrist but this doesn't replace that well yeah because IVF is for people who can't get pregnant matter how much they get some of them but a lot of them its timing and this could help with that not all of them but a lot of those they're having a timing problem um just take a month and decide that's all you're doing mom this sounds like a good problem to have hey check says this not having had that problem yeah see 40 pregnancies a die I don't want it I'm good I love you honey come over here runs away mm-hmm we have three kids we don't want four so this strikes me is something that is technically cool but there's not a big enough market to really sell them it's a dedicated use device if it were built into an Apple watch maybe yeah but a dedicated device although as mr. wonderful on Shark Tank loves to say there's three times in people's lives where the budget goes out the window where they will spend stupid money and they don't care kids weddings yes funerals and pregnancy children yeah people will stock up their house with more stuff especially new parents they'll buy everything in the world cuz they don't know and they're terrified of not see I know what a pregnant this is not a pregnancy test this is a are you ready to be pregnant test are you ready to do stuff test whatever happened yeah why don't you just go do the thing that causes the pregnancy and if it doesn't work okay at some point in your 20-ish day period between one to the next somewhere in there you can get pregnant yeah okay I know what you're doing for the next 14 days they want to go ding ding ready but just they don't want to be aware they don't want to pay attention to all of that but now you know what you're doing every day for the next 14 days why is that a problem you supposedly love this person what's the problem with doing it every day for 14 days this sounds like a good problem to have do you want to get pregnant okay look do I have to explain to you how this works yes because wearing a thing around your wrist is not how you get pregnant when a mommy and daddy love each other very much they um they they hold hands very very carefully and then nine months later stork comes all right I think we call the doctor go ahead and step aside women D and frantic googling Taito care is a tele health kit with senses like a camera otoscope hang on jump jive just said when we were trying to get pregnant my wife would have bought this honey we need to save the money let's just do it the old-fashioned way and just not let a day go by and take a chance I'm missing the day in fact we need to do morning and night to make sure we don't miss it at all every 12 hours okay tongue depressor pregnant in-home exams and app guides the word parent through the exam lets them into symptoms and record a short video to send a clinician within the nationwide telehealth network response times varies between 10 to 30 minutes no more taking a day off or work to drag your sick into a germ-infested waiting room all joking aside remote medical services is something that badly needs to happen no George no George you disagree with me i'ma disagree with George what did George say oh no um I died I'll go over there you go over there no we're not having any more kids there are absolutely times and places when you need to go see a doctor in person yes yes Jake I absolutely understand that but if the goal is to provide everybody with care there's a lot of people who just need to have their basic symptoms you know measurements taken and you need somebody to look at it and a doctor at computer terminals with videoconferencing a smart app and a device where they can just go from patient to patient without having to move yeah that would be interesting now the doctors not necessarily gonna do a full thing there the main thing is the doctor could very well say based on what I'm seeing have some chicken soup yep have a cracker take some nyquil go to bed check back in the morning if it's still a problem or he could say oh you need to come in and there you got an appointment in four you need to come in um it will reduce the walk-in care needs what's looking at my gloves so let's said 'wait gloves when holding hands to avoid the fool sorry so that's actually cool the problem is if you have to buy this in order to make it work now here's where I see this really working where I see this really working is I can see healthcare insurance companies wanting people if they can make this cheap enough that if you sign up for your annual insurance plan the cost of this being provided by the insurance companies to avoid the in office visits if they can pay the doctor 20 bucks for a remote appointment versus 40 bucks for an in-person one if this gets cheap enough it may be economical to just give one to everybody to avoid all of the in-person visits and let's save the money on on those visits it lets doctors see people who really need to see them as opposed to people who just have a cold and just basically need to go to bed go to bed you've got a cold you need and antibiotics aren't gonna help or well wait colds are no mock says that you know health care offices one of their benefits yeah replacement human need not apply you need what you need if there's only so many doctors if you want to cover everybody you need the doctors seeing people who really need a doctor yeah not people who have the flu who frankly need to take some Tamiflu and go to bed yeah or if their temperature pulse etc are dangerous because people do die from the flu then those people need to go see the doctor and you need treatment but you don't need every kid with a stub toe go up being taken into the local ambulatory you know Medical Center and they're all sitting as it says in the German festive waiting room and then you spend an hour and a half all for them to say well I'll give you antibiotics but you basically need to go get in bed a lot of people when you our society doesn't really respect go to bed don't go to work don't go to school you're sick just go home go just when you're sick you're sick don't try to work how many people try to work oh and that brings into another issue which we won't get into but there's a lot of people that work I'm sure somebody's gonna bring it up and chat and it's a fair point they work because they're they don't get sick time they're paid by the hour or if they take if they take time off of work it directly because if they're living paycheck to paycheck they can't afford three days off but then they go to work and get everybody else sick anyway that's a topic for a different time that's not for here but this is actually the first cool thing I've seen in this list yeah Cadi you're right good oh go ahead target practice hello Wyden if guns I thought while exploring some of the latest census for autonomous cars turns out perceiving a nerf projectile is viewed as a great test for the abilities of a lidar system thanks to weirds Alex Davis and his in-house experiments here is I providing the points ai-ai-ai-ai because it makes him a ton fancy and I don't know so that's that's kind of cool that's kind of cool of all the smart technologies that we've seen I think self-driving cars is coming sooner than I didn't used to five years ago I didn't think so yeah but so much progress has been made in five years ultimately you know why I think self-driving cars are gonna happen why money and there's three parts of the money aspect they're gonna happen number one car manufacturers always need a reason to sell new cars yes number two insurance companies hate car accidents yes and number three professional drivers cost a lot of money millions of Americans alone are employed to drive things from shipping terminals to trucks two cars two taxis the number of people who collect to check to sit behind the wheel of some type of mode of transportation and turn a wheel thingy and push a gas pedal isn't the multiple millions yep you do not have to eliminate all of them but there's a lot of low-hanging fruit to be had yeah and trucks that drive 24 hours a day and don't have d-o-t driver rules yep trucks debt here's the thing individuals will initially be cautious there will be a lot of individuals ago I'm not sure about that but trucking companies taxi companies large organizations are fully capable of doing math yes an 18-wheeler does not have to be flawless it has to have a lower accident rate than a human every year thousands and thousands of trucks are involved in accidents many of them fatal millions of dollars are lost if self-driving trucks are even 10% cheaper from an accident rate and mileage rate than human trucks that makes a shipping company a trucking company that moves to self driving trucks instantly ten percent more competitive if they look a pestles how you doing then if they look at a fleet of a thousand trucks and humans wreck 24 of them in a year I don't know what the number is but if they wreck 24 of them and the computer self-driving truck wrecks 18 of them the media and humans and consumers will hear that 18 go my god that's horrible but see somebody who runs a thousand trucks can do math and all he wants to know and all his insurance company wants to know which cost more humans Rex or AI truck revs there will be self-driving truck wrecks the idea that there will never be one is absurd they just have to be not as bad as humans yep there's a lot of regulatory issues to get passed there's a lot of politician issues to get passed there's a lot of testing and development that has to be done yeah but a lot of it has been done there have right now been self-driving trucks that have driven from California to Florida without a human now a human has been in the truck for legal reasons for security but it is successfully driven from California to Florida without a human touching this terminal there are delivery trucks in rural Arizona right now that are delivering things on public roads hands-free they still have to put a human in them for legal reasons but they're delivering day in and day out yeah what they're doing is developing experience time they have to build up enough to get comfortable with it to get insurance and politicians and everybody else on board but fizzles with all due respect to you as a truck driver it's it's just an economic issue yeah right now for example in Germany if you go out to Long Beach California what are the largest docks in the United States of America shipping docks for shipping companies Long Beach California they're humans Drive all the trucks around the dockyard right now humans drive the the equipment that moves all those 40-foot shipping containers around in Germany they don't in Germany they have those self-driving moveable things that lift them up and down and move around the the shipping yard automatically now those aren't public roads so they have some options here's the kicker at the moment the challenge is getting past especially in Long Beach that unions to be blunt but they can only hold it off for so long at some point the economic imperative overrides any complaints yeah because this isn't the first time jobs have been lost to technology know if there are seven million drivers in the United States who drive for a living yeah maybe a third of them in the next 10-15 years might get replaced I've had to guess I am NOT suggesting that all seven million are going away I'm maybe not even half but there's probably two million out of that seven million that's really low-hanging for it'll go first tchotchkes will be harder because people will feel weird about you know who remembers the movie Total Recall in 1990 with Arnold Schwarzenegger with Johnny cab did somebody mention Johnny cab there is an old comic strip back when they used to make them in newspapers they still do but um it's a picture of the future in airplanes and instead of two pilots in the front of the airplane there's a pilot and there's a dog and the pilots job is to pit push in the cart in the comic strip there's a big huge red button in the center of the panel there's all these complicated instruments there's a big huge red button and its marked fly and the pilots job is to push the fly button and the dogs job is to bite the pilot if he touches anything else how many of you remember the Jetsons do remember the Jetsons remember Spacely sprockets do you realize George Jetsons entire job was he would go to the factory and you press the button to start and that's all he did all that the future is now anyway all right next is there anything else to respond to in their school bus drivers the number of parents who will be okay with self driving school buses for their kids it will take that will be a generational thing that'll take time here's the thing I am logical enough that I want to know the accident rate of the school buses because school bus is getting accidents today right now with human drivers will humans do better or worse than I mean to me I watch people drive and I don't like to play the outside game I like the inside game because the outside game they're crazy people on the road up there scary so we'll be done with in 30 minutes go oh ah Bart's meat they're cute Samsung butts these robots are designed to be companions to people to help from everything tracking asleep taking your medication – calling 9-1-1 if you fall well that's an expensive but while Samsung has designed them with features that anyone could use it plays music dancers with you can give you a daily rundown of what you have for the day the company has focused it more on having it be with a family member who may need some extra care medical professional and family can program the robot remotely with exercises reminders to hit medication and even take blood pressure and heart rate so what chat nurse is this blinking robot maybe your next competitor huh I would buy one of these from my mother you would my mom lives alone she is 78 years old she's not on the best of health oh she's 74 she's only four why does it she was sorry she's 75 no I said before 74 I don't know how she is really hmm you're right she is 70 no she's 70 good thing she doesn't watch these live stream news sorry mom mom okay well she's old and she's not in the best of health and she lives alone yes I would absolutely love to get something like this for her there is a huge market for stuff like this it needs to be in the hundreds of dollars and not thousands of dollars and it has to be good enough that it's not stupid and just sits there it needs to have enough features to be interesting if it just talks like Alexa does sometimes have you noticed that Alexa I'll just say something and you're like what the hell she scared me several times um Skynet's becoming self-aware at 2:14 a.m. on August 24th 1997 oh sorry I've watched Terminator 2 too many times that's actually pretty cool oopsie at least self-driving cars won't get road rage unless they go full-on Skynet thank you just say she's old and leave it at that I'm preparin the old man huh yeah God I'll tell you something I my 20s were fine my 30s were fine I'm not thrilled with my 40s everything is harder and hurts now the 30s were okay I want my 30s back mm-hmm just be 25 again what are they gonna sell let's see yes it just makes us 25 again no I'll pay for that is that coming flexible screens okay uh for you smart phones have been big slabs of glass but the future is flexible Chinese make a Royal row yo is one of the first companies with a full bendable a mold smartphone called the flexi pie it starts as an 8 inch tablet of sorts and works pretty well but if you fold it back like a piece of paper you can use it as a phone you show my picture do they have one of that folded oh it is folded that's cool is this another solution in search of a problem no do you want to fold your iPad in half that would freak me out yeah but once you get over that part what do you need it for I mean okay does it is anybody here yes or no is any oh god Chuck just a 20 or 50 no I'm in denial sucks somebody mentioned these BOTS look like baymax they kind of sort of do like his like resolve it would be very cool to have a beignet can I get the weapon upgrades in the armor everything battle max battle baymax is anybody here genuinely does this solve any solution for anybody do any of you care about this but can it do this the future of foldable displays this is the Flex high morale it looks like a tablet but it also folds like a phone so you get a smaller screen that could in theory fit in your pocket I'm not sure if this will fit in mine but pretty good and then you can fold it out to sort of double the screen space in this is not yet ship its students who ship in China I don't get I see a lot of notes in chat no ash says I want my 20s back and I meant my 20 foldables are the future I don't get it I'm okay with these but not Microsoft ai what I'm okay with bots but not AI um when did I say that was not okay with Microsoft ai I was I was making sure that everybody was aware that it was a iCloud exactly and not yes and not on your computer yes yes we're gonna get AI and BOTS whether we want them or not that's just gonna happen yeah I'm just trying to figure out what the point I mean it's cool but not everything cool that you can do is needed this is interesting and scary for everybody who's worried about the AI and the bots and the cloud okay you read this one at the intersection of weather and ice it's IBM which at CES announced that it would use crowded sourced sensor data and in-flight readings from aircraft to create the most accurate forecasts yet the gains should apply easily the gain should apply especially the currently undeserved error on underserved areas where weather models can take up to 12 hours to update and cover as much as 10 square miles of ground by contrast IBM's global high-resolution atmospheric forecasting system we use a supercomputer data crunching to give hourly updates the 28 core to areas that spend less than two square miles the timing is auspicious the IBM owned weather company faces a lawsuit for allegedly sharing user location data with advertisers but for people who live in remote locations without reliable weather information it could be a boom somebody made the comment that the bot looks like Eve from wall-e it does did you get the plasma blaster with it yeah does it do my dishes in laundry now that I would pay for hey Jonathan thank you hey Jonathan thanks man you thought we were in our early 30s I'm fine well now she's 39 but I'm 43 right honey yes yes so basically by taking data from people's cars phones devices etc planes as you try lanes it takes all of your data and creates that to figure out whether stuff it's cool I can see how it's useful your your data information about you and what you do is not very private the amount of money being thrown into big data and servers to crunch information about everybody to figure out what you're doing you remember a few years ago that the target thing that got sent out target got some negative public a 16 year old girl her father had a conniption because a 16 year old girl had a mailer targeted baby stuff to baby stuff to people who were newly pregnant and it was addressed to her not to the family not to the parents but to his 16 year old daughter with a bunch of baby stuff and maternity clothes and all this other stuff and it got mailed to her saying come and see our wonderful maternity section and he had all right royal fit how dare target you know try to encourage my underage daughter to get pregnant why would they even put this idea he had a fit turns out she was pregnant target knew before he did because her buying patterns traveling patterns online browsing patterns were matched to her identity well enough that target bought a list of everybody who had just gotten pregnant and his sixteen-year-old daughter was on it yeah and he to his credit apologized to target for his outrage when he found out she was actually pregnant yep and this was a number of years ago yep everybody he goes I'm gonna turn off the data tracking features you're kidding yourself give me a break yep this is the entire world this is all the money and retail a trillion dollars of an economy there's no way in the world they're gonna listen to your turning off the data feature-set it's it's yeah I mean if that was true a few years ago target is better than yeah just last target yep now's the time [Laughter] oh we're losing more privacy every note it was lost a long time ago alright anyway but this is interesting but it's something to be aware that all this cool stuff Oh we'll skip the rest of this yes Andy Andy at CES holy smokes semiconductor AMD has already said that it intends to show off its third gen rising processors and new graphics products at CES 2019 this is what everybody's been waiting for tomorrow at 11 a.m. Central time 9:00 a.m. Pacific tomorrow morning mm-hmm at 11:00 a.m. central 9 a.m. Pacific but you just said noon Eastern it's only like three or four in the morning in the store 5:00 p.m. GMT ah is it's six hours from here isn't it or I could be wrong I'm an American what do I know about GMT anyway so are we going to get new entry level rise in 3 3333 hundred G mid range the chip that I'm most interested is the 3,600 G that's the replacement for the 2400 G that I was benchmarking I've been doing updated benchmarks in fortnight and some other games on the 2400 G the rise in 5 3,600 G if AMD will give us a 6 core 12 thread APU chip that has integrated graphics that are 2 to 3 X better than the Vega 11 on the Rison 520 400 G and can do it for in the hundred and fifty two hundred and eighty dollar price range yep they will have a hit on their hands because that will play either medium to high detail at 720p right or low to medium detail at 1080p in most games and 1080p high detail in a lot of games okay and that covers a lot of the gaming market and six cores gives you enough future-proofing unlike a risin 5 2400 GE you can always drop a graphics card into it in the future and still have a good CPU yeah because I do think for courses passe at this point yes my hope is that the leaks are correct and those rise in three chips are six cores my hope I really don't want any more four core chips we've had four core chips now for more than a decade it is time for six cores to be the new $99 entry-level well know six eight twelve sixteen yeah that's right so six cores base level eight cores is the new i5 or Rison 512 and 16 are rise in seven and risin nine yep if that ends up being true Wow then that'll make Intel's keynote from yesterday look really dumb yeah mm-hmm really really dumb all I can say oh and of course there's the graphic stuff we don't know are they gonna be announcing graphics cards because if we get seven now my big complaint with Vega has been power consumption and has been a performance if we get 7 nanometre vega 2 cards and they address the power and the heat problems that Vega has because I do think that run too hot and too loud and if this also enables a clock speed bump to make them more competitive and if they switch to G DDR 6 instead of DDR uh instead of a high bandwidth memory to which was too expensive up to one hundred and fifty dollars of every card had to be HP m2 which was just too expensive so if we get that and they can launch these if they can launch a Vega 2 that is performance competitive to an RT X 2070 yeah for like 400 that'll be that'll be news that'll be the raid oh not the Nabi navvies a code name they'll all be radio Raiden's now the in Vega are just code names hey gold village how you doing thank you very much listen v 1404 $99 yeah that's a pretty good deal that's a four core eight thread chip for 99 bucks yeah that's not bad 6 cores 6 threads or 4 cores 8 threads for $99 both are fine tomorrow morning I don't have anything else to say because what else is there to say 14 hours 14 hours yeah I'm showing this for one reason to one reason only there's a lot of little stuff at CES that never gets press coverage it never gets announced this is a 256 gigabyte USB thumb drive that is a 4 terabyte that is huge I'm sure they'll be expensive although not too much these aren't that expensive I want to say that these are now I don't know 40 bucks 35 bucks they're under 50 bucks now now that might very well be closer to 200 but the fact that you can put 4 terabytes into little USB see thumb drive is just absolutely amazing and this kind of thing never gets any press cover 12 and okay granted it's here on an antic but it never gets headline coverage it's never the big showpiece and so four terabytes huh whoo it's good cool see and then a lot of these things are TLC and qlc and they're cheap but it's I mean this is not a boot drive this is not meant to run Windows or anything else but it's amazing that they can you know get that into that size and just make it work boy who wants an RGB monitor you love it or you hate it but here's what's cool about it you know what's cool about this what this combines gaming monitor with professional monitor well it says excellent features per game is what are they okay touch no it is a 1440p IPS 144 hertz panel it's a 27 inch display so it's a very common size that many people buy 48 the same size you have in your main display that's too small well yeah but you're spoiled bar 32 yeah most people are not least you can see I know but most people are going to party you need the biggest screen you can get what we're talking about this so okay they claimed four milliseconds with overdrive and if you have motion blur reduction on its one millisecond that's a bit marketing blurb it's an IPS panel it's really tough to get it below four you can get two three maybe but whatever it features free sync which surprises me at this price point that it does not support g-sync because for 27-inch monitor this is expensive but it does have our GB so you know there's that 144 Hertz with free sync 420 nits of brightness which is pretty good this is the part that's interesting ninety-five percent 65 which is not the DCI but it's close enough for people who want a quality gaming monitor but also one good enough for reasonable content creation with reasonable color accuracy yeah that's pretty decent it beats the crap on a lot of gaming monitors that really suck when it comes to color reproduction yeah um it is an HDR monitor which is nice getting that at less than a 4k is tough most of the HDR monitors are volcanic and it's got all the various ports and everything else Oh for the low low price of your firstborn child it is a touch expensive yes because for not much more you can get a 34 inch ultra wide that is 20 Hertz this is 144 but the 8 to $900 34-inch ultra wide z' RG sync and this is free sync now as noted up here given that Nvidia is going to finally support free sync but only in compatible monitors now I suspected this price point it will end up supported this is probably good enough it'll get supported the it slip that's right he's gonna test them all they have to because the hunter you can buy free sync monitors for 149 dollars and there and they're there ok I oversaw word garbage these days they are not the same free sync as this yes that's what the g-sync monitors all have the support because they have the hardware processor on them free sync depends upon software and a connection over HDMI or DisplayPort yep there's a variable level of quality of free sync not all free sync is equal it's just catching up with the $700 exactly that's a $700 27 inch display Zack point that's a lot of blanket money for a 27-inch 1440p display it is a lot of tickers now the brightness the contrast the color accuracy and the HDR make up for it to some extent 144 Hertz freesync here's the thing what I'd be jumping up and out about this at full price no but they got to give retailers room to discount if this ends up with a street price on Amazon or Newegg of $4.99 I would get very interested yeah that's the size people by Acer and a soos sell $700 27 inch monitors even today they really do we have two more children to sell so it's pretty cool you see the cable management the back here you know it's it's it says here the base is made from forged aluminum and them the displayed bezels are just two point three millimeters and the basin is made from forged aluminum the base book I saw that it supports Razer chroma lighting with LED strips to illuminate the base customizable through their software Razer is a well-known popular brand if it's discounted by a bit it'll be interesting that's it like half price no that's not reasonable you you haven't priced your monitor is $300 or 250 250 to 300 for a 1440p 60 Hertz non free sync non HDR monitor no nice to you yeah you're just a basic 1440p monitor so it's worth noting that 700 is a lot but expecting it to be 350 is a certain assignment that's not gonna happen um 500 would be a really good price 500 would be a deal 600 be okay 700 a bit much uh go p– rice to go look at premium 27-inch 144 hertz 1440p monitors they are close to this price without the HDR and color accuracy mm-hmm they really are except they're g-sync you're trading the features and it's got RGB it's do you realize we started this dream nearly two hours ago talking about 28 core $8,000 processors and we somehow ended up here because Jon I use one and it's too small for what I do with shitty boats I come and play on text 32 inches and I can actually see stuff I don't use 27 I can't I haven't been on a 27-inch monitor in 10 years you said do our one thing each I thought now that's too big and then I was been playing a mine and then I come over here it's like God you can actually see stuff those are those 39 year old eyes yes eyes sees mpus just said he if it was $500 okay all right all right this has been fun yep we are gonna get some rest tomorrow is the AMD livestream in the morning which is just over 12 hours from now yep that hopefully blows us away with the exciting stuff that's what we're all looking forward to I think the the graphics card and the CPU is is really the big big news the rest of this um well we got to see Google's roller coaster at least I was waiting for it kebabs you have a kebabs is 20 yeah exactly you have 20 year old eyes try being 39 yeah this white kebabs just just wait this way we know what we're talking about listen to your elders alright thank you all for being here links down below links to our Twitter accounts links to our Twitter accounts if you are a supporter of the channel either via youtube membership a floatplane subscription yep patreon yeah or discord or twitch sup twitch yes then you can join our discord as a member benefit down linked in the bottom of the video description below links to Amazon Newegg ebay links to get Windows 10 keys cheap links to get games humble bundles down there those are affiliate links if you like this content if you want to help us out using those when shopping really does help like this video if you like it share it with your friends if you love to remember to subscribe to our channel with a big huge red button directly below questions comments thoughts feedback suggestions ideas and constructive criticism is welcome in the comments section below hit the bell notification icon next to the subscription button if you'd like to actually be notified when we're live or just follow us over on Twitch and not twitch Twitter because we post go live announcements there as well as on the public section of the discord you can check those out as well from tech and Greg thank you so much for being here on our first official day of CES live stream not count in the the early announcements which they haven't do Yeah right here same time hang on same bat-time same bat-channel can you set that up so it runs why not that would be too fancy yeah but now we just need animation of us carrying a couch across to see everybody see you later thanks everybody

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  1. main point is use optane for write and cache so ssd use only read data so it save lifespan and make ssd much more endurance yesss it good if play like a storage not only for Intel but amd or whynot for mobile phone when intel is loosing much.INTEL MUST SPREAD TECH OPTAIN H10 TO OTHERS EVEN FOR phone mobile

  2. Give it up intel , you have lost HEDT for now , go away , have a think and come up with something better.

    But as someone who is in a business setting, we dont want that unlocked xeon, look at the power it uses its insane! Give me a real server chip thats got good performance/W not this desperation nonsense .

  3. The reason people own real, physical art work is to be able to show that they can afford them. And people who can afford the rolling TV most certainly can afford them. Digital display, better looking or not, defeats the purpose.
    The alternative is have to cover a window. Possibly with a smart curtain set to the same trigger to completely block sun light.

    I don't need the optane drive…. but I kinda want it for my boot drive… It's just the right size…

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    Rollable TV? ever tried to straighten out paper that's been rolled up for a long time?(OK technically paper doesn't need to be rolled up for long, I swear paper is like the original Memory Foam) how will they stop that from happening to the TV?

  5. I believe that the Vega II cards will be for the professional consumer that also likes to game on the side while the Navi cards will be designed towards the needs of gamers instead. I also believe that they may launch the Vega II cards at CES while announcing the Navi cards for a later release. (possibly Q2-Q3)

  6. If LG could get the price of the rollable display down to be somewhat competitive and make them in 100"+, it could be a replacement for a projector, and everything fits inside the projector screen case.

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  8. fastest raid 0 set up ever recorded so far is 2 intel optane MEMORY sticks with windows installed in raid 0 so yea intel has some things they have done right and you might better buy those than a 128gb ? ssd that has more latency and is slower by all measurements for almost 200 bucks , and you just basically wasting storage on the intel ssd because 128 gb these days is good for the OS all drivers , anti virus and male ware programs and some individual programs like iobit uninstaller ccleaner , etc . i know tech deals is gonna disagree with me over the raid 0 set up and thats fine , he uses his set up for different things than i use this particular pc to do. im just saying if you paid for a motherboard with multiple nvme slots and arent using them then you spent more on your motherboard then you needed to spend .

  9. I think you are missing a few points when it comes to the LG rollable display.

    A – Look at that photo in the ad. That apartment the guy is sitting in would be at least $5 million (and I am being absurdly conservative on the price), unfurnished, almost anywhere that he would have that view. Hell, the interior designer he would have hired to get that place to look like that would and the project to furnish it would be in the millions. This is not a product that is targetted towards anyone that cares, not even worries, about price.

    B – The technology that is being used here is not that applicable now, but in the future can be extrapolated to other more mainstream uses once the production costs come down. Think about a scroll-like computer you can put in your pocket. One side would house the guts of the computer itself, while the other would be used to store the display when it is rolled up. Yes, there are other technologies that need to be advanced more and the economics of production need to come down for that to happen though.

    This tech here is by far the most potentially revolutionary tech at CES, period.

    C – This is more of a nitpick. Rich people don't collect art for a picture. They want one of three things out of that painting. Price appreciation, bragging rights for having it, or being able to see it in person to appreciate things like the physical brush strokes.

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