CHOOSE The CORRECT Way To SURVIVE! (Fortnite Maze)

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welcome jelly to the impossible maze what dude is this gonna be amazed Jory you know I'm not gonna be amazing jelly we need to go through this maze and go till the end and and I heard Josh challenged us and he said he's coming he's gonna give us $10,000 if we can complete this Josh is giving me and you $10,000 if we can be the base for actually I'm gonna take 8000 you know he's so stupid for saying that cuz we're obviously gonna make it it's kind of easy jelly this is gonna be great I'm already lost you all right to the left this is the left jelly tortilla no wait let's go up no actually this thing together here all right jelly there traps – okay go left let's go left all the time actually let's go back no he can't silly thing don't go left jelly let's go all right I mean left here but then we don't take that right we gotta clear the left side first to make sure you guys like the way we got to go okay by the way AHA there's gonna be checkpoints so we actually know for long I don't know so don't go in there chilly don't worry I'm not going in there what case is this some part course also be careful because like traps could be hidden underneath they could definitely just jump down let's jump down okay oh I'm just gonna say this is a dead end but I think it's worse it's just think it's just a circle oh boy alright let's keep on walking let's keep on going good geordie we're doing well we're doing well we're gonna get out of this maze in no time checking I'm looking up making sure we cannot like jump on some stuff watch out another trap thousand dollars is what I feel like I feel like if we trigger the trap maybe we should check out what's behind here right well it's just sending us in oh whoa medkit okay I'm taking yo that's good I'm taking one this is I don't know what we can use that for because the trap kills you awesome huh you do it you're happy you got the mention after all oh my god I did same ed kids are kinda useless with a trap chilly we need to meet up again I I'm your long get to start I'm lost yeah all right you got it clearing left and then you gotta go down and that's where I have first left down up right left center the middle down left left right and everyone okay now let's continue this way Jordy yeah what's the right direction just keep walking back oh wait watch out wait wait do I go there is a good idea Jordy there's like a little robot here okay he's probably gonna try to kill you but there's there's it both dates oh I took the impulses I took the impulses I'm out okay okay and I thought wait whoops – okay chilly I'm gonna come right they come this way because there's Metro oh my goodness oh my goodness chilly this guy oh all right Jordy wait wait let me use this so the salon is over here the EM pulse was in between those guys and there's a med kid right here we're definitely gonna need some impulse grenades to do some stuff should I also take some slurps okay cue that kid so I just drink these slurps right now we have a shuttle stuff as possible wait he was over here oh my god what where are we now yeah I have no idea Geordi but I feel like we're getting out of here soon where is the same pulse grenade huh it was between dead weight I ran around the jelly gunk oh come here Julia and her all corner running around the corner no don't don't don't jelly you can't go back no I don't think so can I build something no jelly how about this take these oh no actually you know what you should you don't them I'll see you here okay I just need to kill myself all right all right hey jelly I met that guys with the shotguns all right careful Geordi I need to grow up these impulse grenades there we go there we go there we go okay all right okay take these slurps take these slurps okay you got um we all go now wait wait go this way no let's go this way yeah there's like whoa okay we go left right remember all the time what's old on left all the time so we don't get lost and end this how he escaped mazes good to one side impulse matters yeah you go first all right all right I got it I got it oh yes nice is this a checkpoint I hope does this better be a check no wait wait wait wait don't don't don't don't don't John I'm not going down I'm not going down she'll go this way I feel like we haven't gotten to good experiences with these speed traps true so should we go down left we checkpoint there what we want I think which one of the three I see trap over there wait maybe this way yeah I thought maybe we could go that way no maybe this what maybe this is just like a circle it was trying to like okay there's no way we can go down no this is so strange I thought that was a jam boy lost in his maze all right left – left jury that's oh wait what is impulse we need impulse mates huh okay okay Jim I don't have those maybe we need to find those somewhere else then oh oh we can jump back Jilly Oh me I'm dead gently you are I'm super looking me Jayla we're both dead okay this maze we both did we haven't gotten stuck yet you know what I mean like we're still going yeah we're still we're still me we're kind of going so maybe we're going to the right way like we don't know we got a trigger this trigger the trap go No chili chili chili chili no I wasted it let's use my impulse you triggered a trap and then we go ready no this is too high this is who I it's a lie it's a lie Jilly oh my god we okay or bad we can do this we can do that we can go back okay all right I'm here careful careful don't overshoot it chilly did you just giant that oh no use Jilly Oh careful I am in trouble shoot do they owe jelly don't die I'm gonna take y'all yes done this way hmm oh my god okay should we go this way first let's try it out it's the first time we're going to the rats careful wait I think this is the same direction this is where we came from this is where we came from I'll look in here the stairs yeah sure she would check out the speed boosts that we saw over there and if that's nothing we go back to the stairs alright now we know it another way and how to get here yeah that's good I don't think this is it okay alright Geordie she would check the stairs real quick yeah but I don't have an impulse grenade jelly we don't need the we don't need a no we don't need all right let's see what's maybe who knows this is a shortcut to my to where we want to go maybe this is a shortcut to the start trips again those really give an impulse you can go there and use it to come back out true what's over there chilly it's a dead end it's a dead end okay there cases let's go lift yeah we got to keep going left and left again you can bounce and bounce silly you want to try I'll try ah yeah give it a try Geordie oh what is there just boy yeah really no actually it's just impulse grenades I thought who's the chick wait I messed up the bounce pads I'm law okay keep keep keep following the bounds heads I'm stuck where are you stuck I'm behind a speed trap Oh Jilly Jilly Jilly Jilly look very Oh look through the hole through the back go back go back look up look up Wow okay okay so you're stuck over there right yeah throw me an impulse here you go okay I'm up here now with an impulse turn I can get nice I'm on the first one I'm on the first one nice nice do you explore the ground there for a second I'll get I'll get us some ways down here you mean yeah is there anything Oh bandages oh trap no just bandages in a trap I think okay okay I'm gonna I do think that this is the right way Geordie so we can go that way as well Geordie is that what you're saying boy there's nothing over here oh there's nothing there just the impulse yeah but it's an easy good spot to know so we know that's where we right yeah we definitely have to do something with like impulse grenades yeah oh this is new this looks nice this is definitely parkour nice alright let's try to do some parkour over you all right let's get up there Geordie okay wait you exactly did you know that jelly I don't know I'm just brought you are a magician but now when it could just impulse on there but you could just impulse there yeah I feel like we need an impulse for this to be honest chili should I just impulse it I mean you should probably get the same impulses let me see let me see up here first all right see what we go you land it on the platform but you need to go in this hole wait there's a holes there's motors multiple holes ok I'm just exploring this real quick all right me too yeah we have a few more dead ends over here I believe I don't know I cannot risk it I gently I need you here you know yeah I know because maybe I can't go there chilly try to get up without an impulse grenade but where though you need to do the whole parkour jelly oh I hit my head on the wall all right the floor this is a ceiling what do you call that stupid thing yes I made it I made really the parkour is possible all right good to know good to know on it there we go there we go made it so now the left jump on that rock and then jump on the last log all right okay follow me this way jelly so the other way is a dead end I believe this way which way do you want to go I've been right let's go this way let's go this way I think doesn't matter yeah it matters no it doesn't it doesn't oh it doesn't say here's a trap just dodge that we dodged that whoa oh my there's somewhat of an RPG there's somebody with an RPG over here and he killed himself I think he did alright we got kids dilly we always left always left bad idea okay well we run past him let's go let's go let's go move 5 filly 5 what does 5 mean I'm taking a picture of 5 okay take a picture of 5 I have no idea what it might ease but I'm going louder Jordan wait line here you can land here you see that whoa the trap yeah oh my god way like we're going the right way so your eyes carry yo this is not fun so we don't need right left right and we need speed no this is we need ice traps no no no no just jump look at you see what I just said here look at this jelly ready I see what you did though you gotta jump on it they focus okay Oh somehow I managed to somehow still alive just don't die here wait wait wait make sure you're full help before yeah yeah I'm full health so you got a jump on the first one oh yeah chili dodge it take your time take your time take your time you got this all right coming back although now I don't have any slurps oh boy okay I still have one I still have all we got to do is yes no no I me and I gotta make this jump that was crazy jelly nope should I continue until you what's over there oh my god yeah continue and tell me what's over there I'll try and get back he's all the way back of this art jelly there's just impulse grenades over here really yeah nothing else I'm gonna grab these impulse grenades while you make your way here and then you can't go back Jordie and I can't get down there go back I can go back I can go back oh wait Julie what I don't you wait at the start I get ton of impulse grenades and then we do together that's a good idea so we go left left and then we jump up here right yep let's try this out okay I'll go first I'll go first this is this is the way to do it okay we back up but anyway now you wait you wait all right what's gonna wait down here so I don't waste any of these impulse crates hi Jilly yeah there's a lot of stuff over here why don't you join really okay this is the shortcut I think I really know where to go there we go that's one that is – whoa okay okay I'm definitely some that is three Jordie I'm with you where are you buddy okay I'm right here go hit the bounce pad and then dodge the thing and it get up here but I don't know what is that good over here I don't know where to go jelly like I'm actually let me come down screw screw that yeah that doesn't really have the right way you ready yep whoa oh my god don't go down there all right let's check out this yeah like where are we now what we can go yeah we can go back up I want to know where we are I know right we're so lost No I thought I recognized this okay let's do this mute checkpoint no way no it's a scent it's a turret there's a guy oh my god why did I look so much like same let's go this way J let's keep going up hey I remember this yeah yeah we've been here yeah yeah I don't even left remember this and then we did the bouncing here oh my no way we are back here yeah let me get a but George I said I'll go that way though why not we kind of figured out that that was not the right way to go yeah but that's how we went we need to go back to where we came from I got an impulse let's go down here that's what we did or yeah and then we went in there so let's go this way wait stairs stairs yo I'm so lost right now but I wouldn't have $10,000 we need to go no this is just a gigantic circle that I've been doing in the last 30 minutes you were trying to kill me here no I was yeah okay I was like that slope Johnny it's just creative up is that the portal we're looking for I think so but how do you get there and they've Sarah – Sarah cases take the left staircase and we're back at the start okay sick with our old plan jelly oh bunch of impulse grenades now this is where we're exploring the whole time what about Jordi we have never been in here okay let's go in here hey wait we've been here a million times this way jelly bean here so dirty we were going circles all the time huh yeah yeah we definitely work wait no this is where we went up yes yeah well this is the same stairs there this is where the impulse is you still feel in this went down to the impulses but we never been this way though let's go this way you check it you don't you're on what's there just a trap what's up there what's up there there's there's nothing No and there it is nothing there Geordi ah where am i I am so lost right now Geordi Johnny where are you what are here Jilly get okay Oh jelly go die so we found a shortcut nice okay so it's this way hey follow me follow me so confused right now we're doing great you have a slurp I know I only have one impulsive take this slurp take this slurp and they were at number five yep remember you go down here alright this is our song right now we're back yes but remember we have to make it to the other side first what am i doing what am i doing what am i doing okay but now I know the shortcut route though hey are you there yeah alright okay so at the icing go on the side then just use an impulse to jump over but make sure you have another one just in case you overshoot it what dodged the traps Dodger traps take your time bro oh nice oh it's a tightrope here Jilly cuts that got so close and won't would you just jumped over a trap and then here you can just do this alright alright this is where I've been farming impulse training alright well I need some more of those because I use my last one and okay ah this is definitely the right way yes exactly hundreds me let's get as many impulses just in case we Noel let's stack the bar back and then do this course so best thing to do is go left right and then straight left again or land in the middle there you know we're just gonna go forwards so I'm just gonna land in the middle go forwards that's that's it come on go off go go go go go go go go go go oh my god we're doing so well we got this we got this Oh me okay next one oh okay I hate once don't die jelly let me live okay let me run let me run okay go go go no Jordie no no no no Jordie the thing is your impulse look hit me back dirty back come on jelly you got this but I only have three impulses though that's one okay I'm in trouble Oh got this oh my god you do not believe oh look I am right now dude get the impulses yeah make it till the end stack up on the impulse you got this it's three I'm so scared I'm so ridiculously scared right now hey focus nope yes yes yes made it without even get a jelly one chilly walk a little bit further uh-huh and that's where I'll be oh this looks like this looks like a nice area though it feels like hey jelly jelly yo sway we can escape this way I think okay I think so let's go I mean I hope so you don't know it took me to get there look why I'm in this place I swear this is a way to escape escape I'm so done with this oh wait what hey jelly let's oh my god Jordie escapes local and rich now Thank You slogan man for the 5,000 thank you very much I let you know what my paypal is yeah thank you thank you bye thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button and also make sure to check out the new exclusive jelly RB t-shirts on jelly

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