Complete Timeline of League of Legends’ Story

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hello everyone and welcome if you missed our last big lure stream and if you'd like to watch it you can watch it by going to our second youtube channel yes in case you didn't know we do have a second channel where we can dump all the bloopers and highlights there is nekritz do in case anyone is interested and the reason why you might be interested is because on the last stream we achieved something no one has before we went through all the major stories we cross-reference with riot set and we put together the ultimate League of Legends story timeline the final product looks like this and because it's not really that appealing today I want to recreate it and put it into a better form just let me remind you that this timeline will not include every single champion but it will give you enough information to let you know where that champion is if you know their story again keep in mind that we used multiple riot sources to put this together and only the stories that are posted on universe will affect the timeline everything else is outdated so without further ado let's go through the complete history of the League of Legends universe at the very beginning of time there was something referred to as breath of creation we don't really know what caused it or how it even happened but this spawned the first celestial gods into the empty spaces of our universe since there was very few of them they floated through the empty spaces alone rarely even encountering one another one of these celestial gods is our alien soul the celestial dragon that fills the darkness around him with light using his own existential essence that's how the stars were created that is unless you trust the aspect of Twilight who's a known liar and a deceiver but it says otherwise we can assume that it was around this era that the Watchers and the void also spawned into the empty spaces that's why you can see vel'koz in front of you since we know that the Watchers are connected to the void it is very much possible that vel'koz is one of them as the first stardust and planet settled in the universe more of the lesser celestial being spawned Celestials such as Bart Soraka and perhaps even the aspects of Targa not the actual avatars we know like diana leona or pantheon but this might be when the essence of these aspects appeared life started evolving around the universe and one such a planet was runeterra on runeterra the first demigods were born as they shape the lands these were ORN volibear anivia and the legendary seal sister later primitive life spread around and with it we got the signs of the first demons and spirits creatures connected to the spiritual essence of runeterra spirits like Nocturne tahm Kench and the oldest one we know evelyn were born early but all of them started as weak essences of spiritual energy it wasn't until much later after primitive life evolved that these spirits learned how to acquire physical forms presumably this evolution led into the creation of the first ancient yordles and to break one of the widespread misconceptions one of these spirits was also kindred a dualistic spirit that preys upon the dying remember that they are not actual death they have nothing to do with it they are just a spirits roaming around the lens of today's noxus and while all of this was happening on runeterra the darkn were already growing powerful on a different planet sometime later the primitive life evolved into the first civilized humans eons passed and the great void war began the void became a growing threat to the universe as it consumed worlds and as the first void rift opened on runeterra the aspects of Dargan possessed their first run terran champions in order to defend the planet it was around this time that the tar goney ins with the aspect of war known as pantheon and slaved aurelion sol and used him as a weapon against the void even though tarragon was able to push back the horrible spawns of the void invasion the impact on runeterra was drastic not only was our aliens power excessive at times leveling mountains drying rivers and burning canyons into the landscape in order to stop the void but even the ecosystem changed this led into the mass evolution of life during this era two major events happened in the north the Watchers and slave the ice born and the story of the three sisters took place which includes ORN building the bridge that sealed the frozen watchers and here you have to remember that the frozen watchers are connected to the void and it was during these times that the story of a freudian warlord known as Ivan took place the second major event was the mass migration of humans as the void Wars ravaged valoran many humans fled into the unknown corners of Ionia during those times Ione ahead lands hidden from the eyes of the void these lands were filled with the race known as the vestroia Shai ray a race of intelligent shape-shifting beings who were greatly in tune with the world's natural magics these creatures welcome to the human refugees and eventually they produced a new race known as the vestroia as the Great War was nearing its end the Sriman empire was founded in the southern deserts of valoran our alien even describes how the great sun disk was built as he traveled to another void rift near mount star go the Sriman empire used this disk to create the ascended god warriors fused with the celestial powers of the Sun soon the Sriman army had an entire host of these god warriors with a mighty god warrior queen known as Ataka wielding the legendary blade called chalak our a blades now carried by Sivir shurima was led by a single emperor and not every desert city agreed that the empire has to conquer the entire world with an iron fist some cities even rebelled against the Empire no longer tolerating slavery and torture of their citizens Acacio was one such a city led by a powerful mage King this is where the story of Acharya took place and devoid erupted on runeterra again in full force here the god quincy taka was defeated time passed and emperor Azir took on the Sriman throne this was followed by the story of xerath and the Sriman empire was ruined by his destructive arcane explosion years past and civilized humans formed tribes around central valoran eventually spreading all across Frontera once again but just as humanity began to grow the aftermath of Shuri must fall kicked in the explosion was so powerful and so bright it shone like a beacon throughout the universe eventually attracting the hunger of the dark inner and beginning the events of the noxian Empire this is when the dark in first came in contact with humans it is still unclear what has really happened but it seems like the darkened weren't hostile when they arrived they might have even taught humans how to use their blood magic but in time humans turned on them and the darken began their invasion on runeterra ultimately the darken were defeated by the remaining ascended and some of them were sealed by the new ascendant God warrior queen unfortunately later she died as well shortly after that the tribes formed in central valor and there was a tribe that was led by mordekaiser a brutal tyrant warlord so powerful he conquered lands far and wide eventually he ordered the construction of the immortal Bastion an impenetrable fortress that hid the dark magic that secretly fueled him deep in his heart this is when we heard about the pale lady presumably leblanc for the first time as well she was there during mordekaiser's reign but as his conquest became more and more unstoppable the surrounding barbarian tribes united and finally stopped his reign of terror however mordekaiser's warlocks were able to resurrect him and the terror continued as long as they could recover his remains they could do so that's why one day a spy stole mordekaiser skull and hid it away from the warlocks on an island known as the Blessed Isles thus he ended the era of mordekaiser years past and new leaders set on the noxian throne it is unclear whether one of these leaders was the ruined King but either way this is when his story took place he destroyed the Blessed Isles turned them into the shadow Isles by doing this he released all sorts of newly twisted and once again he revealed mordekaiser skull even though LeBlanc was the one who manipulated most of these events she managed to burn her name and her deeds from the noxian history leading into the most destructive era of all the rune wars the rune wars were a massive battle between two regions using mostly magic the reason why this war was so dangerous was because during these times humans truly started mastering magic for the first time in their history combine this with the fact that the mysterious world rune started appearing around runeterra giving it the name rune wars and humans started releasing powerful spells beyond their own control often leveling entire cities in a blink of an eye this is where the story of Ryze took place but the events of runeterra led into something greater the discovery of petrusite as a group of hopeless people fled from the heaven caused by magic they found an ancient Petrified Forest it seemed like all magic was ineffective in these strange woods and as years passed people figured out how to combine this enchanted wood with ash and line to make petrusite a stone like material that absorbed magic and a material they used to build a new Kingdom demacia the rune wars were also important for another city as the magic turned lands upside down desert explorers discovered strange new crystals deep under the sand these crystals became known as hex crystals they came from an ancient race of scorpions known as the breaker these crystals were harvested and brought back to piltover by the Pharaohs family which we know as Camille's family a built open house that became rich and powerful because of them their engineers immediately started experimenting on these crystals and they found out that they hold a replaceable source of energy they helped enough power to fuel replaced human organs and potentially enhance human bodies a straight-in piltover grew the leaders of the city decided to dig a passage through the rocks below this would connect the western and eastern sieze helping sailors arrive at their destinations months earlier but the detonations that were planned to open a hole and create a reverb are too much the explosions sank half of the city killing tens of thousands of the city's population this is how the Undercity known as Zaun came to be and because of these events Jenna the spirit of wind grew in power of course the creation of zone unleashed a new uncontrolled black market that sold illegal weapons weapons that filled the noxian invasion of Ionia this is a well known event full of many different stories during this time Boram dark will was the noxian leader and singed supplied him with chemical weapons but before the invasion launched there was one more story to remember the story of shen zed and Jin after death the invasion began and the stories of Kane Yasuo Talia ribbon mastery and many others happened this is also when virus was resurrected after the invasion Swain sent dart Will's bodyguard her got away into Zone turning him into what he is now he then killed Darvill himself and started the Tri Forex this is where we're getting into the current era all the stories here are cramped up so the timeline may not be perfectly accurate at times but here is roughly how the events happened in order Sivir led Cassiopeia into the tomb of the Emperor's and resurrected a year this revived the entire city leaving into the story of Talia the last part of varus's story takes place while the rest of the stories are going on then we have the stories of Victor Jace and all the other built events at the same time the burning tides is going on followed by the shadow and fortune story involving Lucian and illaoi then we have the progress day story preparing for another noxian invasion then we have the Darius comic or at least the parts that take place in present days then the massive story for demacia the story of nami and diana together with the recent misfortune comic and then the stories of her gown and Ziya and the corruption of Ionia and lastly we have the story of Kaiser and this was the complete history of the universe of league of legends I'll try to upload this image somewhere so you can check it out for yourselves also if you'd like to know when the stories of some specific champions happened feel free to ask in the comments and either me or someone else will answer it for you but that's it for this video so if you enjoyed it feel free to like it and subscribe for more lore and news you can also follow us on Twitter Facebook and discord if you'd like to chat we stream pretty often so feel free to follow us on Twitch to our merchants PO box will be in the description of course massive shout out to our patrons for going the extra mile you guys are irreplaceable and with dead thank you so much for being here and for your support you know I really appreciate it and as always thank you damn again

37 thoughts on “Complete Timeline of League of Legends’ Story”

  1. There seems to be a mistake ryzes master lived on the blessed isles and the rune wars were going on in his lyfe so this timeline cannot be correct there as the ruined king events should have happened after the rune wars

  2. What about the story behind the actual gameplay?
    What's the story behind Summoner's rift? For what reason are these almost mythological characters from a single world's timeline taken into a battle arena to be controlled by extra-dimensional beings called "summoners"?
    Apparently the summoners actually existed in the League of Legends universe before the lore was changed, so what exactly is the connection between lore and gameplay at this point in time? Is there even a connection?

    I tried various combinations of search terms to see if I could find anything but most things I found were about the lore before the lore got changed. (Where the League of Legends was created to put an end to the wars in RuneTerra)
    I did find a few links on google to posts of people who had the same question, but for some odd reason every single one of the links I found that had potential took me to "ad" sites about car insurance…wtf.
    One post on the official League of Legends forum mentions how the name should be changed because the summoners don't actually exist in-universe anymore.

    So would you happen to know where the summoners and the #1 battlefield falls in terms of the Lore nowadays?
    Or has the lore been mostly disconnected from the actual gameplay we experience?

  3. and, correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t this retconned by the Ryze-Brand story where the Rune which possesses brand is released by Xerath so how much time happens between Xerath creating the brand trap to distract Nasus and Renekton away from Azirs fall?

  4. This is Great but i realy wish u Can update this Every now and than to Keep Stuff like this uptodate. U have alot more and Order Stuff i realy Wanne See Remade. Now With the darkin update u Can make it way more fitting like alot of ur old video ideas that i realy lobet to See but thats on u. Keep up the good work and much Love from Germany 😀

  5. The darkins were the once powefull acended Godwarriors from Shurima. After azirs death theymlost theyr reason to live, corrupted themself with dark(blood)magic and after a time they starded to battle each other and enslafe the humans around shurima. That was what i read in the updated lore of atrox.

  6. This might seem like a odd suggestion for your channel, but it's lore based so… Could you cover Soraka's broken more and possibly give her a "new" lore? ( because her lore currently is a bit half-assed and I main her, and that your also a great storyteller.)

  7. Partly confusing but thats not your fault – the darkin lore has already been changed while i was watching this, luckily you also made videos about that aand: i loved them 😀 the story of the league universe is so amazing i actually want an rpg of this xD

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