Cooler Master Storm Recon Gaming Mouse Review

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Comment below your thoughts on the CM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse. Click here for the latest pricing.
welcome to PC which kids tech doc today we're looking at the cooler master storm series mouse called the Recon this gaming mouse is a lightweight good mainstream gaming mouse you know it has nine programmable mouse buttons good first person shooter type of mouse if you're looking for that here on the box has obviously some of the main features that they're trying to advertise high performance of a go sensor the 39 t sensor here are the specs more in detail for you and of course you can program these stored on board 1000 Hertz on the pooling rate what else can I tell you it's very lightweight mouse doesn't come with any weight so you can adjust it because it's already pretty light but um you know good 802 4000 DPI adjustments looking at the box there more in detail now doesn't come with anything except for the manual and the mouse itself okay you'll have to go and download the firmware and the drivers from coolermaster from the website here is a look at the mouse now in detail you can see it's good for left or right-handed person so okay so it doesn't really matter be it's equal on both sides with the forward and backwards buttons as you can see on either side there's a closer look at back and here are the DPI scrolling and you've got the cooler master logo everything lights up of course and you can control that ergonomically correct the gas everything is positioned in the right spot good anti grip anti-slip grip on it I should say so that's good and there's the sensor at the bottom which is got good lift capability so if you accidentally move your mouse off and lift it off the mouse pad it's still you know gets good traction on movement so for gaming it's pretty good for first-person shooters here you can see just a quick look at the gold plated plug the USB plug and here it is plugged in so you can see the colors the three zones that I was telling you about that you can customize the colors obviously on them on the mouse wheel the DPI and the cooler master logo so all of that can be customized the way you want so you can have it like blue red blue or you can have it all one color stuff like that I'll show you that in a second in the software that's pretty much it when it comes to this most I mean it's priced at 3995 or roughly about that i'll put the link below for those of you interested and the software itself straight forward is well nothing a fancy or out of the ordinary you've got your 9 programmable buttons that you can select all the options here at the top that you can go through you can change obviously the function of each of these or assign it to a macro or a keyboard key or disable at even if it just bothers you and you just don't want them anything to happen when you when you press those on the side for example the sensors obviously you can adjust the sensors from 800 DPI to 4000 DPI so you've got four different choices that you can assign and of course if you want to disable those choices you can you can just have to for example to DPI levels and just you know flip-flop between those two on the fly while you're playing and yeah that's pretty straightforward here's the color options that you've got for those three zones again like I said you can customize that and have it the way you want it to match with the rest of your hardware macro recording straightforward again just click on you and then just do your your steps recording on your keyboard and so forth and save it profiles comes with 4 profiles that you can automatically use or add more that's pretty much it good looking mouse straight forward a little bit soft on the left and right mouse button to be honest but still very responsive and fast movement which is really great for first-person shooters for example I like to thank God coolermaster for providing it please comment below let me know what you think and thank you for watching

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