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Today we are playing some fortnite with the new season 7 battle pass! and new CUSTOM MATCH MAKING CODES!.




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Instagram: fruityyt
SNAPCHAT: itsfruity

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know what is good on everyone I think we should be live are we live if we are let me know in the chat but we should be live is my game so I'm working yes it's all a couple guys welcome back some customs today we are doing customs because guys the reason I didn't do them yesterday is because I thought the update was meant to come out today so I was like ok well I'll just do a scene tomorrow and I'll do the videos as well but guys the update did get delayed which means guys today there will be a stream and then tomorrow there will be videos and maybe a stream as well ok but I will be doing this guy is definitely over the weekend and Friday as Wow ok so let's see everybody we're on the chat Jed the code I will give out and short just in a short moment dude I hate gaming how you doing welcome to stream guys we are going to be doing some more customs so if you want the code guys make sure you take one the chat but guys we always have to wait around about 30 seconds I'd say for everyone to load up for tonight so guys the load of for tonight right now if you have not done so so we can get to these codes make sure you're on European servers and I'll give you guys my code to get in but guys create code I'm fruity if you guys interests as well and European service so the code to the lobbies guys I'll tell you right now right is everybody ready for the code I'll let you guys load in yo sup trippy man welcome to the stream I've been waiting for the stream man I know I was getting so many to eat chef same I just couldn't do it yesterday and I've seen half time the guys I'll wait for you guys I'll wait for you guys don't worry guys come on hurry up cross-platform as well so if you sat on a Nintendo switch or mobile or PC or ps4 you can still get in ok so everybody let's get everybody in man what's going on LCF I did Adrian we are doing solos for the first one man started for the first few yo chippy go for it man Josh thanks so much less sub guys another thing I just want to say is we are so close to 409 390 case if you guys could drop some that'd be amazing zap I'll wait for you do not worry guys make sure you are using the rarest skin you have because you know we always like to see reskins if you don't have any reskins and don't use them what's going on flux Eman I always see you using other fire modes easy always use those 400k tricks man we are on the road man we are so close I really want to have fun too k yo what's up fedley's unique high demand welcome to the stream guys we are literally so close to fornication and everyone japa like as laughs you excited we're about to jump into these customs right now Jaden what's crackin dude thank you for the sub chronic high sky you are ready alright we will go in very very shortly everyone likes to get one key like SADS that is correct man let's go for that 2k likes I will go 1k likes percenter killings LEM other thing is your potato with keyboard mouse yeah man it takes a while to get used to it but it's it I guess it's worth it if you get good road you enter the code okay guys so I'm going to give everyone a little tutorial while they're loading up if they don't know how to do this code stuff so my fix you might forget into next one cuz I don't think I'm gonna wait for three minutes man but yeah guys we're going solo European servers but might flex you scared the next one is now if you er if you don't get it but guys open up your fort my game mode selection at the bottom right as you guys can see it says custom options you're gonna press that then you'll get this custom matchmaking key so everyone only it's a cool one man it's a cool one it's a cool one trust me but guys sorry my I don't know why my hairs like a bright I think it's a headset you're not join the first one alright it's because your videos a fire my man my man flux he knows what's up with the fire videos alright can you mommy please if you may be a bit more active in the chat then yes I will but some on of you but guys the custom matchmaking key one inch F you guys ready for the customized main key man the rules not there is no rules everyone just play but guys if you do see someone outside the zone that you don't need to fight then I guess just don't just so we can get a good end games maude me oh yeah checks I do need some OG tricks if you get it tricks if you have Mon these games and you went are Maji you prove yourself to be a high quality scrim player and I'm og no joking I'm Maggio anyway I'll watch you today yeah in a while the chance is going too fast at the moment to take moderate someone is everybody ready probably get some ones in the chat man let's do it alright guys so the code is solo nine guys solo nine is at the code come on guys join up join up when we hit 500 players you guys recommended that I do 500 players that are queuing is you guys see we have 80 cute right now solo 9 guys is the server code for EU as trippy saying the chapter guys another thing I just want to say man it's so low 90s off see to keep code but we are gonna wait till 500 queued players and we used to wait to 700 guys but we're being a bit more straight guys let me go for 500 so make sure you are the first 500 players to join I didn't make sure that is the real tricks and on Maji yes I have added use and mod tricks can you write the chat so I can bear by that please alright 295 guys solo 9 is the code Europe service no problem tricks man obviously got a model my man's way that made no sense I was gonna say ups we've got more it my boy my boy tricks cuz you know man says it's a pleura now it means like a group of friends well does it I don't know you know I'm not I'm not in with them you know these words Hajek drop like on the stream boys and girls that's right come on guys we only have 300 cube players what is this raucous where where are you guys that man come on 300 players we can't be queuing up with three new players gotta wait down 500 players you think you think you're in nightbot if you're in then you're in man but guys come on man we need to go into this we need 500 cue plays solo 9 is the code European servers oh yeah flux e I got a ma joke what about mod for me let me just verify this is the real flux he plays you never know someone could always be trying to that is the real flux as our our flux he congratulations on it sailed module there you go guys were giving out Mazda stream so if you want mods let me know in the chat man if you want to be mod just let me know man we giving them out with giving them out only if you guys can prove yourselves in you know how to do European sales guy head over to that your pause menu and then go here and then just Europe guys I actually logged on to save the world that's knife like the first time in like a year and I had 300 V bucks to claim so guys if you haven't be on sale in a while go on there and there's a chance you might have a daily reward of V bucks the code is so no 9 guys come on we need it we need 200 more people queued up for this come on we are gonna be doing these all stream ladies and gentleman's so if you guys want to get in let me let me know man what I mean we're gonna be doing these all day exploit even sup guys if you haven't stopped at sub right now guys we are waiting til 500 queued players we have a hundred and ten to go guys solo 9 European servers I've never we've never had to wait this long guys this just shows me that none of you guys have loaded up your fort my little nervous I think that your name is thank you so much to the supper guys it just shows that Lizzie none of you guys learn a foreign I say if you're on a game one guys just wait to the next one we're gonna wait to 500 players to queued up guys 420 970 solo nine is the queue guys to go in the game Jami thanks so much to the sub we have around about 70 players to go okay we have about 60 are also no later unfortunately I got declined man using your GTA then I saw you in occasions I'm your GT in a very long time guys how many likes me up man everyone smash that like button subscribe to channel tears personification man alright 50 more people come on twenty twenty more Jacob thank you for the sub trippy it's it's inside joke all right five more guys five more if you don't get in this one that get in the next ones guys that's the only vice I can give to you guys yeah Lane I could see from a mile away it's just the skin the back thing is just so long so there we go 500 players guys let's go clap it up guys we get a hashtag clap in the comment section but guys another thing make sure you drop a like on this team subscribe turn the specifications on and everything guys because 300 how just smack my elbow my desk 319 subscribers is what the goal is for this you guys to 700 subscribers it's a lot to ask for but ladies and gentlemen if you did get in we're going in for the first five new players but guys if you weren't not if you don't have an aerial assault renegade radio or recon expert then this is a shame answer so good skin I tricked this okay man oh my goodness look at this look at this oh I don't know the hair I don't know they're guys do not seen sight if you want to win let's play this like oh they're all after me they're all after me run eat guys tomorrow every games giving you a free love rap just as free Scouts at the chat they're giving you guys a free Valentine's Day rap if you use the support crate currently I'm shot so I do advise support credit code I'm fruity in your I'm shot guys 10 years good luck ok maybe not 10 years good luck but guys it would mean the world guys if you want to win this game do not stream snipe because that means that you're gonna be ruining the game basically for everyone else cuz I'm your land at retail and I'm gonna get destroyed by all of you guys okay I know I'm not in these games to win guys I'm in these games to commentate over you code I'm through to guys it with me in the world okay let's do this let me move my camera right down there oh we got trips in the lobby so I'm thinking about show but guys I am gonna get stream sniped which means if you seems like me you will probably end up not winning because that will mean the everybody in the game won't know where you are but guys if you don't seem something you play legit you will win a shout-out for your YouTube twitch or whatever so I advise you know if you want a little cheeky shout out man just let me know and get the dub TSM Jake way is getting the honor of being eliminated in the first game of by me unlucky that bro I do need to get this other mini off that would be absolutely amazing he did use a rare skin which is amazing we did want red skins guys if you don't reskins guys please use it in these games it makes them so much more fun to just experience reskins and games so I'm wearing mine guys so if you want to wear yours then please feel free to do so man that would be actually pretty cool I'm actually surviving a decently long time right now for not taking it out so I mean I'm kind of happy with myself I'm not gonna lie I usually die by now cuz I get streamside but guys we are actually getting ourselves out of this situation right now oh my goodness safe but with the first elimination there absolutely destroys me but say we now have an intense fight in a second have to be now expecting Harvey g16 eyes guys what are we gonna see from this play right now farming out materials over in Paradise Palms I feel sorry for this guys cuz you're gonna know exactly where he is but Harvey finding that materials is he gonna emote for the sheen right now and he does Dino with a free flow but guys I went down there in retail but Harvey come on man I need a commentate come on come on Harvey I need a commentate man you need to do something interesting okay v8 the reason you got an error code which basically means that you didn't get in you didn't get in the game so only a hundred people could obviously get in so if you're on the people that don't you just get an error so just get in the next one yeah guys didn't mean the world if you arm just follow the chat rules man but we have Harvey now who has a decent setup we're seeing a pop or heavy a are a green pump and a purple compact SMG is this player gonna be able to win I'm not sure fruit thanks so much to the Sun man – appreciate it guys if you are new like subscribe turn F kitchen or hobby is actually getting destroyed by plane here he takes a little bit of damage the player is go play now placed on 10 HP gets in the plane with the opposition jumps out it doesn't realize the twister ine it slays it there by na G now nag is taking the out on Harvey right now man almost taunting the player right now guys but we are now witnessing a take the hour live with the calculator back when guys as I said this is cross-platform everyone can get in this but we are on 300 lights so guys if you want to help out get to the 2,000 like all have to do is obviously smash it like subscribe to counter medication online guys tomorrow Valentine's event in Fort like which means you get a free rap a free rap by using a spork Rico so you support crate code I'm at fruity in the up shop guys if you are an absolute legend but we are now seeing nag right now getting absolutely rushed by a selection of people over there the plane goes down and I trying to get some tags off that was heavy a are isn't gonna see a it isn't gonna see another hit gets grenaded over there by two players a default and a scarlet defender but he is actually getting double-teamed on right now I'm not sure I think that is a scarlet defender adding some pressure to the fight there nag it's gonna try to box up seems little better like that but the other player does have a D go and this has not been enough yet so it so P they're both in the same box silence sm0 that we are not watching FNX you actually has got a purple heavy I enjoy pistols only some 36 HP right now this could not be a good ending for him he is gonna close up on the opposition right now he's gonna try get this house maybe it's laser from n at cabe Walker let's go an RPG and a Brina AR there's a play to his left who is lasering in there with a compact SMG but na and n K does get a connection there with the shotgun misses a few shots and now we are spectating lower destiny we're gonna nickname him low for the sake of this right now but he is sitting on 28 in HP and 1 mini there that's gonna get him to a total of 28 HP and 25 in total health he is now gonna want to box himself and see what kind of loot he's got to his disposal right now and he does have a purple RPG there which of course he is gonna be picking up why wouldn't he do that and then he has also got a purple heavy AR which is crazy I'm so glad to report they're showing off with a take the owl we can see jolts whitey down there at the bottom left is actually getting elimination on YouTube hits maka Wow absolute crazy mad lad right there for taking the owl all of the place in the Shema guys do not feel like he's being toxic obviously there's a load of people watching him in a live scene right now so why wouldn't you bust out an email real quick but bubble biscuit does get the shotgun and Isaac right there out on the feed but guys if everyone in this room right now could drop a like drop a sub in three two one boom right there and also create code i'm fruity he's doing the default answer right now but man lo we do want obviously commentate this game answer if you can you know jump right into the action that would be very very appreciate but obviously it's all up to you but there's a play to his right he was actually trying to get some lays off and down he goes to twitch it's sloppy absolute mad lab right now sat on ad submitted materials now as you guys can see slothy eliminated that player with a silenced SM know a silenced pistol even and what a crazy mad lab of a player man who would have expected that but now he has got the loo he needs dropping the deagle for an RPG that is something we do not see here live in these custom match makings guys no one ever does have a slothy obviously you know he wants to do his own thing right now that is what we like to see we like to see diversity in the gameplay we like to see uniqueness but he's going back for some loot it seems right now there is a plane on him Salafi needs to be careful of the plane he is outside the zone got a long trek to go just over there but there's a plane on missile expecting what this plane is gonna be doing guys alike would be very very appreciated guys make sure you use iron fruity in the arm shop as well but slothy he's gonna go in for the rush use some nighties now they have actually got engaged in a field battle but there is a footballer skin that does connect and there goes sloppy hour by mister freaky 52 who has got an absolutely amazing setup a taking the hour when outside of the zone that is not recommended that is definitely not recommended but guys hopefully he does have a launch right or something to get into the zone mister freaky right now with the best setup we have seen all game guys not necessarily weapons but definitely in terms of material and ammo account but he does have a plane right there which is gonna be super super helpful he does take a little bit of shield there by wrapping the plane over but that is obviously expected he is using the Chinese New Year wrap I believe that is actually super super awesome camo but hazel thanks so much for the sub I do appreciate that make sure you've got those notifications on as well and guys make sure you subscribe like turbos ever get on I'm fruity inside of the young shoppers well guys if you do want to support creator for the brand-new Valentine's Day rap all man their Tunes their tunes mr. freaky right now doing the orange justice in a plane now this is something that is not recommended man this is something that is not recommended man you know he is doing dance moves while in the air is there another plane on him right now mr. freaky needs to think about getting down from there but there's another plane right there we're gonna convince comments in an air battle mr. freaky takes a little bit of damage right there crazy stuff he's gonna need to get to the ground too mini buddy's gonna try and catch that plane in midair is he gonna be able to do it super awesome glider right there as well but he's not gonna be able to do it he needs to pop these minis he has a bunch of materials so he needs to get in a one by one and he needs to get these minis and that campfire down absolutely amazing stuff right there but guys make sure you know basically the code changes every game and so if you guys asking about that there's the answer how do you donate donations are off my dude for my streams but thank you so much for obviously asking that anyway that does show me you know but y'all know you're a kind guy but guys make sure you drop a like right now my let's go for that 2,000 likes and guys another thing make sure you subscribe and turn this person education if you have already guys 390 K is the goal for the end of the stream now guys we are now watching mr. freaky live right now flux see apparently oh yea flux tu are moderated by the way but just isn't coming up what the hell it doesn't but I click on your name it says your mod but you don't have the symbol but you are don't worry just maybe your fan on the team or maybe just wait a little bit mr. freakin gets lasered up the sky right there he is going to need to get in it to that safe zone and get out that plane ASAP guys we are now looking at a polar Pete's snowy area landing right now which is gonna be crazy stuff right now but there's two planes in the air mister free keys gonna need to get some of the low ground because he is getting sprayed out of the air mr. freak he's gonna go and commence in an air fight connection the rear of his shots right there the player does jump out the plane but I don't think mr. freaky understands that and yes you can hear that the player has actually dropped out all at the plane but mr. freak he's gonna try I'm not sure he's gonna try it is there a player on the side of that play no there is not it looks like mr. freaky is gonna maybe land at shifty chaps let's get a close-up on this zone guys so we are looking at a peaks very nice high ground guys all players are gonna work this is gonna be the hot zone if this is in the next zone ladies and gentleman shifty shots is also another high area but guys it could be a greasy Grove ending man it could be a greasy Grove ending which would be crazy but ladies and gentleman if you do want to get in these custom games all you need to do is put your settings on European and wait until the they get in this game is over and then anyone can get in guys all I ask you guys it's obviously subscribe a drop alike because it would help me out and you support record I'm freaky buckle sighs all optional guys but it wouldn't mean the one if you worked out me get to 400,000 subscribers so yeah tricks might die in the storm he says in the chat there mister freaky is gonna try and get the ultimate high ground of the whole entire map he is gonna go for a polar Peaks drop which is crazy right now does get an upgrade of his pump he's gonna get a blue pump right there which is absolutely awesome but he does need some material at the same time because obviously you guys know these scrim games do get very very very stacked a lot of players are gonna want to be on you man so you've got to have the material to obviously defend yourself but Mr freaky is gonna try and get a little bit of brick right here but if I was him this is exactly what I'd be doing he's at the highest of the high ground so he might not be getting sniped out of the out of the you know where he is right now I doubt he'll get Snipes but mr. freaky is going to trying to feed himself at all costs by rebuilding some of the walls that he is breaking but he is gonna leave all of these walls on one that hit which basically means he's gonna be utilizing and getting all that material from that wall but obviously still using a little bit of that water obviously stay covered up but he is actually gonna keep editing these walls right now which is a smart idea but ladies and Jennifer up some more rock right now which is a very very good idea game mode is so low echo we changed the game mode after every game a plane is now on to me I was watching a a I look Irish skin I believe that is the the green clover another rare skin guys who is actually gonna be ditching and dodging a fight with mr. freaky but miss freaky I believe is I've had a ps4 or a PC player but mr. freaky is actually getting teamed on by a lot of players because a lot of players location guys and that is exactly why I advise you guys do not shrink sight because mr. freaky obviously did go and find out what the other players were and now look guys he is actually being spectating by the whole entire Lobby so everyone is gonna know where he is maybe he didn't stream so I'm obviously not gonna be like I'm obviously not obviously call him out because he probably maybe didn't maybe it was just a coincidence but guys that I mean I'm using this as an example if he was a stream cipher then um you know obviously this would be happening to him or even if he is machine cipher but he is giving us a facepalm maybe that could be you know showed some sign of confidence side to mr. freaky right now but I believe mr. freaky is a very common player to these custom scrim games guys I do remember a lot of names from these custom games mr. freaky right now I believe I have spectating this guy in the past guys if you do win a lot of these games you build a name for yourself here on the channel you build a name and so a lot of people can obviously you know know who you are but there's a plane over in his east I believe it is gonna be going for the high ground he's gonna try it and shoot it down the planes coming right for his face but ladies and gentleman freaky had me put a little below but I believe the person that did jump out if we if I win get me as a Jew alright tricked man if we do duo's I will have you and get you in if you win man if you win but you have to win but that is with we do drugs as well mr. freaky is going to laser so Megan uh the Omega is low we did just see mister freaky there did some good shots out of the airplane expectations on mr. freaky 25 pro players in this tiny zone guys this is what we do this is what this is all about but guys the world record has not been set because this is the first game so if you'll know if you guys know how the world record works that basically means if you win with a high kill you will set the record all you have to do is win and get a higher kill than the person below you so guys this first game is gonna set an example but mr. freaking gets pied trapped it doesn't connect very crunched up there by mr. freaky mr. freaky is obviously worn a shot to a spike trap that wouldn't have been a good ending from there he's on three eliminations which isn't bad he's got a decent mount materials to play around with mr. freaky is gonna need to get out of this situation he does get brought in we have now seat we're not wishing a bill barber guys they are going to reach max high to any given moment due to being in polar Peaks right now guys they've reached max height mr. freaky does get lazy now the sky over we are now watching epic bunker 12 who has got a massive amount of materials insane loose six minis we are now watching guys to med kids oh my goodness are we gonna watch epic burger pick the W up for this game without Luo guys I wouldn't be surprised there's someone below him right now purple Omega with an amazing looking back brain to go along with it the guys there's a player below him right now or could people above it's on the same level does indeed get a head shot right there epic bug with the fast edit the players switch and ears above and got the high ground epic buggers gonna go for the edit but that person is very low epic bugger needs to think fast before he can get the heels off but oh my goodness Niko be anyone's game every boat does get the elimination there and Down Goes Callum 101 oh whoa oh my goodness you got to give it to epic buggy he's gonna train get rid that spike shot right now which was actually the previous place breakup that he put there Wow guys we are watching epic burger dominate with only two eliminations he is going in a but guys six minis to medkits is epic burger gonna find the big shield he needs but more people are rushing guys 20 people in this tiny zone right now this is what we play guys this is why we do these custom matchmaking guys this is why you guys watch at home you want to see these sack lobbies you want to get involved with these lobbies guys if you wanna get involved all you have to do European servers epic burger is now in another build fight this is not surprising but he does have the deagle to shoot this person out of the sky at any given moment both players at the top of it the maximum height limit epic burger is he gonna do the deeds with the deagle I don't believe so but he is dropping down in case he does get shot down using a little bit too much material there but obviously guys you got to do what you got to do to get out of a situation epic burger is gonna be dropping I believe that this castle is a very safe area to be in jus to the main fact guys the he he's no one's gonna be shooting that down listen listen we're there microcode is amazing hearty thanks so much guys the code will be changed after every game so do not worry also use my support crate code i'm fruity before the exclusive rap that is gonna be given out from Epic Games you guys for support create codes tomorrow also like subscribe to never Casey on three two one boom right now the guy is epic burger is actually got a little bit of pressure on him right now guys I have 5 kills by the way but I didn't win so guys you guys at home there is actually a kill record that gets set so basically guys if you win one of these games with a higher kill than the last person got you will be a crown the King leader of the stream guys which means you'll be getting shoutouts constantly and you'll be getting referred to throughout the whole entire team which I guess is pretty cool for you guys if you do get the high eliminations but 10k thanks so much for the sub guys we are aiming for 390 K by the end of shieff so you guys can make that happen drop a like and sub enter notification epic burger is now getting contested in his box but guys epic burger is doing the good thing of kind of letting this game pass as you guys can see we are looking at a very very intense safe so we've got a little bit of low ground right here but most of it is gonna be a high ground a quarter of it is basically high ground or more than a quarter I'd say maybe about half of that zone as high ground the coder is changing after every time goes burnt things such as a summon bug is trying to get the sky eliminated days above him but he just can't get to it man if I was bug right now I'd be replacing all of these rules to gain my like my maximum amount of materials like an epic bug is actually getting contested by now someone is indeed on the same level as I'm trying to eliminate both players outside this zone this is gonna be taken around about two to five guys it's gotta be taken five down those epic buggers surely by the storm oh my goodness he has made out its epic a bug are gonna survive this guy's the player launchpads is epic bug gonna risk it yes he is 13 players left guys in this tiny safe zone right now this is why we watch this is why we get involved wise if you want to get in to these games guys European servers anyone could join the code changes have to any game cross-platform completely guys epic burger needs to heal there's a player all around him endow he goes to M STR Leo who is actually got a very very good setup but he is gonna take some of these minis I believe he surely has to epic burger did have a full sack of minis but is mstr gonna notice how no he is not he's gonna completely ignore the fact that there's minis there but he does have a high material count man a very high material count look how insanely good this game is guys look at that ten players left in this tiny zone if you guys are watching at home no matter what console you want as long as you're on European service guys you guys can join these make sure you guys subscribe and like answer a notification if you're new support K code is I'm fruity if you guys want to get that free Valentine's Day rap make sure use my support cred code I'm fruity before it is too late guys but ladies and gentlemen make sure you have there's no educational mad to know when we do are these we do them every single day here on the channel and also we do a videos all the time as well go so if you do want to miss up and keep up with all the content make sure you do that because we are gonna hit 400 K soon if you guys would help me get that goal smash up sub but we now have MS who was actually gonna MS CR which put a call him Leo actually so Leo is in a bill fight losing a bit of high ground is he gonna commit to this bill fight even though he's not at it he's not even in the zone guys we hope this is dedication right now MS Leo is actually gonna be engaging in a fight even though he's outside the safe zone this is very risky the other player is gonna mini who is above him but Leo needs to drop down a little bit man he doesn't get shot down he doesn't want to be taking too much a full damage but the player next him does and there's a gold scar that drops there from at the heavens is Leo gonna take it he does and he finally gets some minis he's gonna be taking the minis or is he gonna be dropping that sniper I would recommend off in the cipher but you know cuz he probably gonna need it in this part the zone but you know Leo it's up to you at my nude all right guys we have about to see seven players in this tiny zone if you want the code guys the code will be given to you after every game it's a completely new code I will say in the stream everyone has an equal chance guys you do not have to be like I know that everyone's equal and this gene guys so literally anyone can get in to my games do not worry about it guys it's not not only certain people can't everyone can Leo is very close to his own but guys he he seems close but he is not as close he may seem leo is gonna be won by wanting and turtling up right now six players are remaining this is an insanely stacked solo game right now Leo is down below right next to this guys one by one he does need to get into that zone Lee it's RPG do all the pressure right now is on Leo he's getting lasered by an SMG there in front of him Leo doesn't have any edits on this guy right now and Leo gets hit I believe that is I don't speak too soon but now BG go send in and behind Leo Leo is on 21 HP Leo is on 21 HP I cannot believe we are witness now guys he needs to get this s he needs to get this make it on right now guys if you are new to the channel make sure you subscribe like tempers education zon in five four three two one make sure you guys subscribe like tempo skater on right now at camera ready and create fruity if you don't wanna get free rap on your weapons leo to eliminations if he wins he'll be setting these stream off at a to elimination record unless you can pull any more kills but guys this is looking too intense for my liking man there's this leo has no shields but guys it can be a matter people we've seen people win with zero materials and no material and zero materials in like 30 health guys we have seen people clutch wins when there is no chance of luck on their side but leo is absolutely sandwich right now absolutely sandwich also you're not second I'm welcome to Sheen's TMI we're doing solos yes currently does what we do in Leo the pressure is on him it is a footballer skinny gets taken out thank you so much for using a Redskin as I'll do that it's kind of rare so I mean I'd appreciate that Leo is now really got into a good position he's got his head round everything bees oh he's knowing the safe so no he cannot be going in for eliminations we don't say so you've been put to die he hates me right now all my goodness Lyon needs to get to their next safe zone he cannot be taking shots with that amount of HP but tags are always a very necessary leone's he hints at say Sony's now on 12 HP you guys I am shocked right now Leone gets out safe so there's a default to his east he needs to get to that safe so man there's not guys literally there's no way if Leo wins this guy's he is absolutely putting us all at intense I believe someone is behind right now and down goes Leo to twitch v1 karma it is now a 1v1 guys it is a 1v1 if twitch karma wins he will be on three eliminations which is the kill record for the chief you guys another kill record works it basically means if you win a game with more eliminations in the previous when it did have that is what we call a kill leader of the stream V Warner karma is going to need to get this med cough 16 HP oh no it's not to make its manages excuse me I'd make sure you subscribe if you're new for 390 K is the go for the stream also make sure you guys smash alike but I do believe there's ammo pike in my dad out he goes and x eggs Tutsi ax x YT shire to you o 11 eliminations he has not only set the world record for the game here set the world record for every stream we've ever done guys we've never seen a kill leader with 11 eliminations guys so cutscene only if you won and being the kill leader of the stream man you are the kill leader of the whole entire like he my man klutzy is the leader of the whole entire like seems you've ever done we've never seen 1111 eliminations in these games man I just freaked out how how does he do that oh like my man is actually crazy 11 eliminations cuz he GD do you guys can we get some cutsie hype down there in the chat man for this person that just won because Wow 11 eliminations Wow yet I did see you getting tags I didn't know if it was definitely this is EU service guys Kobe says every time but man GG to cut him an eye like he have YT at the end of his name so if he does have a YouTube channel guys then go and show him some support man cuz that was insane right guys next game we are gonna be doing another solos guys because you guys have been enjoying the solos right now so guys the solo code is you guys ready GG tricks man alright is everyone ready guys we are gonna be here's the code guys the code is we are searching when 500 players are queued solo guys is the code solo five guys solo five is the code European servers let's go guys if you do want to get into these ulis you just need to just use the code that I put in the chat I mean I just tell you guys oh my goodness man that was crazy right let's see if anyone's streaming these on their own channel guys right now alright we have 600 players q let's go we have Jamie who was live again man he is always live on these dark I believe he is live on it and I'm not sure who else I think that is everybody might miss someone there guys shout out to all the people that she meets on their own YouTube channels right now guys it really doesn't mean the world to know that we are all bad guys who's excited for the update tomorrow guys can we get hype in the chat guys right I pinched a few guys excite man guys right ha hi if you guys are high for the update we have a wrap given to those people that use a support Craig code in the item shop a free cosmetic guys who doesn't want that is used for Craig code if you want to use my support crate code I'm fruity that would be pretty good right let's get this guy's if you guys want to win then all you have to do is just don't stream side because that will mean everyone knows what you are all right that is hype in a giant yeah they just got some feedback that I have to wait do you guys want me to wait more longer for people to enter in the codes or is 500 players get enough guys should I wait 10 seconds or so yes guys it is it is what's the word cross-platform and European subs guys k-dog think you touch this up man I'd appreciate it the CEO of the stream cyphers roll up to dusty by 500 is good I'll wait a little bit longer wait 10 seconds and 500 I do double double double all right let's hear the stream ciphers three I am gonna die so there's no point in me playing this but everyone but this person's killing me but you know you're not killing me no I can't do anything about okay maybe yeah he didn't kill me that huh didn't he didn't kill me all right but guys it ain't right now yeah I write the coding guys right I tell you guys the code before the game but we're now expecting WJ and 2005 who is using the score Ranger skin ID is going to be playing in these stack games right now man alright guys thank you everyone I home right now for tuning into the stream make sure you smash that like button and turn there's no vacations and subscribe if you guys are new but now the studied axe is out this is a little bit of a little bit of a of a pro combo right now this guy's using but he has a very very cool weapon skins I have every weapons here in the game actually personally so yeah alright wjm has he's gonna get an AR and some bandages right there his setup is looking pretty juicy if I've ever seen a juicy setup guys it is European servers yes it is it is European dude alright wjm is gonna be farming up materias he has a decent amount but everyone on the scene right now is gonna see his location so he does need to get to a safer area or he just he needs to do so man is there delay I've added no personal delay to this team it will all be done if you too bad to later streams but he's getting an upgrade on his AR and shotgun right now which is what we like to see man tell us the code early okay the code for the next one will be solo one you guys won't know the code is the next one will be at me solo one man we need some action man we need some action Mon was the action number I don't know why my hair keeps getting my eyes I just need to rest there so doesn't my eyes oh alright wjm is landed in whaling which means he has got a lot of materials right now man a lot we have some tea TVs in the game right now is he gonna farm up all of the trees until he hits 900 material I do not know man I do not know yes guys the certain the next code of the game will be solo on no capitals on no spaces hadn't cat him right there I don't know why people don't pick up hand cannons they're too overpowered Dobby James gonna be farming up each piece of material that he can get right now he's opening that right there he does pick up the hand cannon he does pick up the hand cannon and he's already just saying I don't know what wait no I would never do that he chose an SMG over a blue AR every player plays definitely as AI guys as I've said before man so wait so we just put that in the chat as I said it is there any caps in the code know what mode is it solo do jurors next I can't yeah yeah we'll do dress actually I don't know guys just vote in the chat one for solo two four zero three four squads man so one for solo two for duo or three for squad man what gamer do you guys want to see Karen thinks it's that sub I'm seeing a lot of ones right now man all right you guys want to keep doing a solo Iceman thanks so much that sub oh my goodness is he gonna get double ad sit on right now wjm is he's in a pillow fight with a skull troupe of the skull triplets experienced wjm needs to chop a little bit is there the same box as a skull cheaper WJ goes insane at it right there wow that is what we like to see man another head oh my goodness give it a break man water water beast what an animal Wow wjm is he gonna be able to get that snipe out the sky right there no he's gonna go for a mini Watts guys could we get some edits in the chat if that guy just don't edit my life right there Wow he's gonna go for the big shit right there oh no oh no he needs to wait for this mini I think the player dropped out Wow warning edit man what a skilled player right there he's dropping his SMG I think he's going for the scar and the deagle again yes he is and a bit of extra material right there Wow a lot of material from that player the plane is coming back in for a little bit more wjm does it for a few sprays at the scar not gonna quite cut it hits a deagle oh my goodness oh my goodness there's another plane in the building there's another plane in the area wjm nice he gets a little bit of oh no he's good he's good he's good he should the two planes are fighting each other and our WJ needs to get into a security he needs to farm up some mats right now is it set up and it's ammo is med it's looking amazing guys what in the world it's Louise crazy man is Louise crazy 40 players do remain on the circuit right now which is a little bit below average over here but wow he's been late again he didn't need to drink these minis and he does get both many successfully but the player is gonna go for the rush I believe right now and it's a red-nosed radar going in for the rust on rush on wjm 2005 right here WJ connects a deagle shots good thing he took the deagle instead of the SMG misses a shot gun shot right there don't you check the probe the save up ticket be anyone's game right now w8j Emma kids hooray a hundred a damage right there three eliminations guys three eliminations guys the code for the next game will be solo one no spaces no capitals that is what the next code will be also guys make sure you subscribe like 10% vacation on guys 390 K by the end of the scene would be very very very appreciated Debbie James gonna try and get one bandage off right here I believe we'll only have time for one maybe two the zone is coming in right now as well the planes might back off because they do not want to fly at the zone wjm it's going to need more material is he going for his minis yes he does get the minis is he gonna drink it though is he gonna drink the mini in the storm or is he going away I believe he is going to wait 8 spectators on him right now man he's getting shot from I believe it is I don't even know oh my goodness the players right above him if he can get one of this planet okay no he's getting lazy from that side to a doublets right there in rapid succession goes after the RPG doesn't quite get it off WJ loses high ground cuz he didn't build below him he should have committed with that build but guys I don't know what's gonna happen right now the player is behind him Wow wjm is a very talented player it shows right now another plane and a minigun spray is on him right now 10 that spectators man Wow so long one yards yes that is gonna be the next code the BGM needs to get out of this little one by one right now is he gonna be able to do it I'm not sure guys I'm not sure no mods yeah we have someone to the chat right now man I let you always a lot like out don't worry man you can the next one if you go on era that just means that you didn't get in he's very close to the next ace and he doesn't have to worry about a rotation that's good our mini go to his right another plane coming in another plane is inbound wjm with another edit on that this kid right now misses a shotgun oh my goodness oh my goodness WJ I'm with edit out regains high ground with a quick 90 right there 52 the headers all it's gonna take for dark rates to go down oh my goodness guys and I just asked you guys question I do it a good job I've commentating guys do I make the commentaries entertaining though he Jam goes and Missy's aid Eagle shop their BOTS I don't think this guy's a bot man I think he's guys very good hits him out the sky they're 450 – is he gonna connect again we just later from the distance it would be a shame to see wjm go down right now man I'm a pro commentator it would be a shame for W @jm right now to go down built up a little one by one he has not got any room for healing right now cuz he's maxed out with his bandages and his minis but now he can he's gonna use both of his minis there's an Apple behind him I don't know if you want to get that to get to the above the 80 mark he's gonna get more material I would save them out for the Enzo but he is now in a build fight Wow no connects right there the footballer messes up his ninety and that's gonna be a big loss right there for the opposition wjm is now it got time to put this big shield on it but there's a play coming in from the southwest I believe he has got an he's got a heavy AR as well but he hasn't even gotten a are on him I don't think he realizes that he has an RPG instead of an AR and a big shield instead as well we're gonna have to wait and see what his game style is man he doesn't have an AR the planes going in still thinking that he's there he's now realized he's not gonna are I think I think wjs now hit the realisation is hit him that he doesn't have an AR I'd be interested to see how this is gonna go is he gonna be able to get an AR or not alright the storms coming in guys this this is crazy man this guy doesn't have an AR wjm is going are going in without an AR maybe that's a purpose thing I don't know what tries to connect with the shot over there but it's not gonna happen a player to his Northwest who does have an aha it's got another football US can I believe go some of the RPG breaks the building down what's with these football skins messing then I DS up we will never know and W James gonna go for that high guarding on another plane but W Jim could he get the spike shot but he does have it accidentally emotes what a shame no he and Mia now spectating with one elimination what seems to be a lack of material and a lack of a good setup I do feel sorry right there for the other player who did mo mid-fight that has gotta definitely that's something he's never gonna live down Jigga that's that's gonna be uh that's gonna be a little bit of a Brett frame for them for the next few a few minutes of the game but you'll get over and he maybe maybe he'll try and come into another game and prove the stream that he can a win but for now we are watching kyun it was flexing with the emotes there when there's only 12 players left 21 players in this tiny circle this is looking as stacked as the last game if not more stacked guys if you play these all night and then you go to playing you guys hear that right there there is a default dancer inside of the building a is that or injustice he's taunting kyun he is taunting him with the floss kyun is feeling taunted right now but he's gonna ignore the taunt and he is gonna go for some material very very very wise decision right there from the player but I still hear the emoting the default dance is going off guys make sure if you are new to the team you don't know what's happening we are doing a sub Lobby a custom Lobby so all you have to do to join is literally European servers wait for the next code I'll give you guys the code before every game also make sure you subscribe like tell this person notifications on right now if you have already answer okay code I'm fruity in the am shop guys for that free exclusive Valentine's Day rap goodies coming out very soon oh my goodness now kingís lasered from the east we are now watching Jamie who is actually I believe this is the right Jamie if this is the correct Jamie guys this person does live stream and my screams guys so if you guys want to check him out he is live she miss on his own channel I've actually never smoked this guy but I've right I've wrote fruity custom games into YouTube and I've seen his channel before so we are now we're gonna yeah he is live right now I believe I don't I don't know if he's live right now I don't know if he's live right now but if Jamie's live if this is the Jamie I'm thinking of because this might be another one but someone with a similar name does live sheeny so it could be sky right now it was using a very very cool skin but he is going up for the 90s is it he is in a fight with a recon specialist is the specialist gonna be able to do anything takes the out taunts the recon specialist down there both players outside the zone Jamie is going to need to get his way into the zone Jamie is almost staying in the storm just because he wants to get another here but what is he gonna do here late he's gonna go for some lasers misses every shot unfortunately he is going to need to get to that safe zone take some full damage oh my goodness guys he needs to get to our zone is he gonna be able to make it he's taking two damage now guys can he make you guys I don't believe he will be able to make it I don't believe he will be able to make it and no he will not be making this he will not be making this water shame to see this play go down will he be able to get their animation no he doesn't man what a shame would have loved to see that player make it far but unfortunately we are now watching unfortunately for Jamie right there he did actually get eliminated by the storm which obviously it's gonna happen man so unlucky to you Jamie but you did try your hardest man and we all saw that in the stream so GG see you can we get a rip in the chat man for all the players that have gone down especially I play the did accidently mo and obviously the storm is gonna take some people out which is obviously a shame as well right we are now watching twitch – NOC underscore Zook I believe case I think that sub guides if you are new drop that sub right now turn the supposed evocation on live stream and guys use the 4k code I'm fruity in the app shop if you wanna be getting access to that free Valentine's Day rap I was gonna say spray but it's not spray it is a rap for your weapons which is even cooler Jamie I mean I just keep coating people like the names of the previous beat person but we announcing knock who's gonna try and get this guy out this guy just connected here eliminates him out the sky what accuracy he has there as guys we are seeing right now this is cross-platform we are watching a PC or ps4 player maybe I'm not too sure for tonight thank you so much what's up guys if you do want to get into these Co changes after every game European servers knock is now gonna try it get high ground what does and lose it but I don't know why he's trying to build battle with himself because there's no one there I think he's just waiting in the zone guys this is a 13 player 13 people are roaming around tiny zone right now 20 spectators 1000 if you guys plus watching at home thank you guys all so much for the support man I really dunno where games on is massing it I was thinking like the alas team where's games world he was like the moderate that was always in the Sheen's and like I don't know where he is he hasn't tweeted me in ages either games or if you're out there if anyone in my discord can go to games odd and ask him if he's okay please do so because we haven't see him in the stream in a while I mean so even badly isn't mean stream obviously I don't really care but it's just like he usually like does tweet me or something I wanna do a setup video I will maybe in the future yeah what reptile spike honey MD where is um respects games old man because usually us beat him alright we are now getting a lot of to clan in the chat am i getting raided by someone right now guys that raid or not he's on vacation oh if that's true then you don't I obviously don't mind I don't know if you why people over at that Mike thanks for the Sun yeah no I'm not I'm not like it like no why isn't he bought in my chat I couldn't I honestly don't I I don't even mind like it's just like if he doesn't want a mob says completely five years I want to yes fine I just wanted to know like if it if you guys cuz he just kind of disappeared we're not disappearing just kind of like gradually stopped joining I just want to know I know I'm not ready to worried it's just it's just you know games world where have you been we wish you man we've missed games or the moderator James old we were just talking about you here we were asking where you were a lot of games oh man how's it going good to get speechy did you've been busy oh that's fine man I it's just cuz like I was just wondering where you were but twitch knocking I think he's going to try and replace all these walls but I'm good our eye exams fair enough do fair enough yeah Rex hard to get him now games on yeah so good man obviously concentrating your exams we just wondering if you're all good right hope you get those good grades Oban hope you get those good grades but anywho so it's good to see you in the stream anyway but we are you might want to speak to the end this game though games I'll just get an intense yeah you got a you'll be back by March never feel pressured to always join the stream like I know you don't be like I'm just sailing you want you in choose everything your time are I did you stay for a bit yeah say your game thought I mean if you got a go then you gotta go by me in this this end games gonna be intense Twitter knock does game all my goodies he gets a little bit of over a thousand damage on him right there oh my goodness oh my goodness he's on 40 HP is he gonna have time to publish too many guys 9 people in this tiny zone that is actually kind of hilarious this is crazy right now oh my goodness he doesn't even know he's there oh my does not know but he goes down arctic is now being crowned the new personally expecting but guys 11 eliminations is the record of so far for the stream Arctic could be going down to the zone if he can't edit out of here fast enough he's now placed on I think did me on like 20 HP by the time he gets out no 30 right he needs to get into that more intercept but guys if you are new make sure you drop that someone right now guys because I don't want it 390 K by the end of show you guys that be absolutely awesome and make sure you smash that subscribe button as well yo sup six-man because guys if you smash that like button as well mm like to be crazy and yeah make sure you guys try and get more on these games if you didn't want to get into them but yeah life you guys want to get into a game with us like seven people left not one of the final zones then now's your chance it is solos Europe and the code for the next game will be solo one so if you guys want out there that want to get ready the on this one they go stake something good man what about yourself our techniques against that zone doesn't take any damage our tech needs to get that make it off as well guys will he do it do I like apex yes oh my goodness Arctic needs to be the first person interacts own so we can make it off if I was him I try and get it off now but it's not gonna happen Arctic is extremely low on at the house side of things guys Arctic needs against that zone man four players remain it's gonna come to a heel off if no players can do anything Arctic lasers one of them is I won't be 1 V 1 can Arctic win this game right now he needs that med kit he needs that med kit there's another player above him though Arctic is playing the low ground fight with these people is he gonna build up of him he does have the materials to do so I think it's now gonna use a med kit to heal up Guyo RPG does claps into it right there artic needs to get that med kit off but guys obviously he needs tops he focused on the amount of players that are in the zone that are gonna be going for him is he going he does get the elimination but that or he didn't take any storm damage the other player has rifted above which is a bit oh I don't know what to say man that could be a good decision or batters you don't land in the tree though he does though by he absolutely storms from the tree and gets the wind gravy to k4 Singh H I believe that your name I'm really back for us to Dame's comes out with a win at GD unfortunately guys doesn't beat the 11 eliminations record of a guys let's go GG and shout out to the great V to go right now on screen let's go guys if you are new subscribe bye jumper certification on right now and it used to code I'm fruity in the shop for that free Valentine's Day rap that's coming up tomorrow guys so yeah another thing guys make sure you are on European 7 where if you wanna get these guys it's gonna be so low and the code is gonna be so low 1 no spaces no capitals ok but games oh man thank you so much for joining this indeed it was nice to see you back in the chat man because it's been a while man if you gotta go sorry go and do that study might get on that grind ah games are still rocky the support cray guys you see that games old who is studying for exams all the time man he still puts code on for it in the shop if that dead it dies the dedication I don't know what is guys I'm free is the abstract guys we are about to queue up the code is going to be yeah solo one okay so you got to do it like this all our case no spaces no capitals solo one if you haven't reskinned do put it on guys solo one is everybody ready oh you've studied already game zone let's go so don't want guys but ten seconds leave you guys ten nine eight seven six five oh three two one so no one accepts guys plus 500 people get in right now guys by the way as you guys see on the news tab on the right side if you support crate and the item shop you unlock a brand new rap so do so if you're an unlocked one I'm a fruity is my support to create a code guys if you want to support me that's great Jason that even sub man guys I want to hit 390 thousand subscribers tonight so that would be crazy if you guys were to smash that subscribe button Ryan let's start the game guys the code for the next game if you didn't get this one we're gonna go with solo two guys the next game that we do solo two is gonna be the Cole okay so make sure you guys get ready for that solo – man Layton go checking for up Rick trying in the next one solo – yeah Jamie you did good though man all right guys European servers solos duo's squads my fix man what's going on welcome you in the game as you are a god man last game last time in the stream you did amazing guys if you won't win do not stream site because that will give you a bad chance of winning because people are gonna know exactly where you are because we are exactly one out of sheep so thank you guys to be much eating since the start we can be doing this for another two hours potentially guys also it means what if you guys could drop that sub as well try to go in for that 400 came out and say yeah guys how many likes me as well if we get 2,000 likes in the stream or 1500 something around there guys would be crazy blatant Jenner thank you so much for all the support I don't know where I'm landing I'm just gonna land oh you didn't get in rip man but guys the code for the next team it's gonna be solo – but guys we're at six hundred and sixty likes okay that's awesome man if everyone it was to like the stream right now we don't have over a thousand so guys make sure you smash that like button is on saying make sure you subscribed and flies thanks so much for table guys if you do or subscribe ten years good luck okay right now guys I'm just doing this to give it all the stream cyphers drag them out to a random area because it's not fair on the other players to do this but I'm sees nothing I can do about it I'm not angry at people that do this it's just like we don't actually have at all guys come on well okay buddy nice you know what you know what I'm not teaming with any of these you know this yep guys remember no teaming obviously I didn't have a gun there so what was I supposed to do but guys I've seen people do teaming do not do it obviously you know it's just it's just not good on the other place but guys I do go down but it's okay because we got the stream side was to a random location where they can get no loot I'm guys you just see my sub town what that's so unfair usually why you take away a hundred of my subscribers guys if you just got unsubscribed please subscribe back man guys it's so close to 390 K and youtubers do that in front of my eyes dog does go down but guys he's getting to the commentating zone right now Liam hundred material 15 AR ammo not looking good for him but he does pick up a shotgun there from a bit of loped he has nine showers to do some work with right now I player is below him connects with 19 over 120 damage right there that's gonna definitely leave some damage right there for that other play there just absolutely got lazy but Liam it's getting lazier from behind he needs use material if I could go any person's way right now Liam is he gonna get the quick edits yes he does misses his shot guys this is cross-platform so we are spectating some PlayStation and PC and Mobile and all that kinda stuff guys so if you're on any of those platforms get in to these games Liam misses a shot gunshot the other player is getting at some very very good connections there with the AR but indeed Liam does get the elimination is he gonna take that heavy AR I don't think so our x ze thank you so much that sub guys guys we just lost like 100 thousands of we just lot hundreds up we just lost 100 subs guys so if you guys could subscribe then please do and obviously turned the notation on as well and like the Shema liam is now going to have to find a way to safety he gets lays it up obviously all those shots do miss no health is changed a plane is coming in trying to trying to go for the finish is the footballer Skinner gets one shot there by Liam but Liam really needs to stop start building guys if you haven't liked the Shema ready 1500 likes is the goal for the team so if you guys could do that for me that'd be great it would mean the world guys if we get the free mafia smash in those likes but Liam needs to get more material and more shield he's looking over all the people were down in near salty springs he is gonna go in and miss a shot behind it rifle I think there's a player inside of right on top of him not sure though I did hear something guys another thing Sarah thing if it's search of the sub games on 740 likes let's go man let's go let's go thank you so much games all for helping out man it's so good to you in the champion games with you you've literally I remember the fish you remember the first stream that year that you came into it was it was literally the Thanos streamer I think I saw my modded you game saw guys if you're new to channel you at no games on earth he's lit she like he's just happy with the discord and everything man like there's a group of like a load of my mods are just like that I know man like a lot of my mother just have me out with the discord and stuff and like literally like games old and like fiddly E's and MD like basically pretty much all my mods I've always like you know they don't they don't awesome work man just help me out with stuff I don't see you guys they help out at the channel I get stuff is out but yes so I don't I don't think my mods enough man so thank you to all the mods the moderators but Liam now has a decent amount of materials he's in a bill fighter but a plane comes in a raging from the north unfortunately liam is going to have his buildings broke down there is a starter pack scheme right there does that connect with the shotgun shot Liam and now in another back to back bail fight there's a plane in the distance flux see I can see you as a moderator in the chat trippy what's up all right it's because I didn't mention your name isn't it Wow it showed me I said all my months I said all my months okay trippy okay I meant all my months but is it working what do you mean is it working yeah trippy is probably their most og mods admittedly yeah trippy has been here for like since like two K subs very og Mariah basically most of my mods are all oh geez because like like really early people in the channel oh my goodness Smeagol gets hit there with the deagle and the RPG I think I can't member which one it was Smeagol is now gonna try and get the high ground not working out oh my trippy you've been here since less than 10k subs easily maybe like 4k or something 6 thanks so much to the sup man I appreciate it man out what she can chat I'm just gonna call him jam or him or her Jam I'm not sure yet flux you you like that's what I mean you don't meet you still know me for a while Jam is now inside of the plane oh my goodness guys it could be anyone's game on our jammer just swap something out that his own plane but he's hitting he need to jump out of that plane it's gonna crash it's gonna get exploded thanks games old man seeing a bit Jamie man have a breast should a dude make sure you guys have like the sheep you have it already dub thank you so much for the sub yeah a trophy man I mean that's crazy dude thank you for that appreciate it y'all stop Oliver man how you doing welcome to the stream dude it's almost taunting the 12 other players watching they're absolutely amazing gameplay right there thank you guys so much for the sauce we have nearly regained all of the subs that YouTube did literally just take your way I've known for about one year when you're doing our rub I'm not Maude my folks I've never released I never really see you I've seen you there chat a lot the past weeks I you know you know maybe you get them all to man maybe get them up very very soon and yeah be happen out in the chat man so I keep you guys in mind like there's a bunch of people in the chat that I know like a good mods that will make good mods but we now have jam rushing up need to break through the material right now but he's only on 75 HP misses a shot gunshot the plane goes down 100 to the head there from Jam is absolutely playing very very rush gameplay right now is I'm gonna be able connect with a shot Django's down may be too aggressive right there we're now watching phase illusion who misses his first shot there but does connect with a bunch of shots after with the SMG he is now being rushed again by someone outside he's only on 680 any goes down we are not watching twitch a Azad's guys make sure you support crate code I'm fruity in the chat guys because we're not in the way what makes you guys you support create code I'm fruity if you guys want that free rap from our game for guys he hits adds it on there by eye Oh way and we're I'm gonna call I'm gonna call him where maybe where I'm just gonna I'm just good at like trying to get the easiest way to browse but he takes the owl absolute mad lag guys taking the out right there down goes the other player with that insane pump accuracy skill right there guys if you are just joining make sure you like the sheep subscribe oliver au lait what we've only doing it for now man but you haven't any miss much I think it's been about two or three games that we played so far the code doesn't work most because the game is already sideman the code for the next game it's gonna be solo 2 so for this one win this one ends getting the next one Europeans elves guys new code has this game yes you're correct there's a player building up in the north where needs to get that high ground it doesn't quite get it he gets out bill spot he tries to box him but he doesn't even have him in the box I don't know why he's doing that regains the high ground again wow look at this game play right now rise look at this he's dropping down will he connect with his shotgun shot and he does a cone goes on top to defend him Wareham edits above great member this is cross-platform European subscribed like time pacification right now if you are new 390 K is the goal for the end of the stream Wham tries regaining hiya Graham right now you don't install them Danny do not worry man you can get another one and regain yourself Wareham drops down is he gonna go for the edit right now I'm not too sure OBC thanks so much for that subdued Wham is now outside of the safe zone it's not looking good it's not looking good he needs to get inside the guys this is it actually probably not one of the most at runs we've had but it's still pretty good well now we're gonna drop the high ground very good idea because he does need to get to that zone is the other player behind him doesn't realize he's dropped down that's gonna be a shame we are at 800 likes man we had like we are a hundred likes both players are trying to trade shots Wareham does miss a few you need to get to that safe zone right now there'll be a new code after every game at the code for the next team it's gonna be solo too so if you guys watch the stream you'll know the codes early down he goes annoyed tuner does indeed get the laser from outside the zone that he's not too far from the zone I think he will survive this 19 spectators right now guys this is crazy is he gonna be able to regain and stay in that safe zone yes he is is there gonna be a quad crusher there to his left unfortunately no guys if you are new to channel make sure you subscribe like turner's person notifications the next code is not solo 3 needed solo to do duo's guys 1 in the chat for solo 2 in the chat for duo and 3 in the chat for squads write the number n that you want but while as the most will be the chosen one annoyed tuner is actually a got a guy trying to storm camping right now they have engaged inside our build fire down goes the riff to go by the opposition tuna is not going to straightforward though he is gonna stay and take some of the campfire most you guys the same one in the chat okay I will take that into consideration but we will definitely do Joe's or squads another time do not worry guys we only be doing these back to back to back all these games back to back Juna needs to wake this campfire to go all the way through to get that full health which she is gonna be able to get he is looking very good famine issue but a little bit you know not too good on the material side of things man he needs to get to that safe zone alright well guys will do another solo this but we will probably do solos and jurors another time guys 16 players left in this tiny zone this could be anyone's game we have seen players with 15 eliminations get destroyed near the end there man we have seen people play games and get 15 eliminations and yet and just get lasered from absolutely nowhere when they're not expecting it but tuna needs to get to this next safe zone he's gonna pick up the hunting rifle trade it in for the I believe that was some snowmen but now there is another player later twice there tuna starting off with this bill fight with an advantage of two hits his – nope gonna go down with the Edit know he gets deagle down tuna connects hits shotgun shot to a wall right there reptiles fight really okay we have to it we have to organize it someday tuna gets a 2078 ride that down goes the shield tuner I'm not sure what he's doing I think he's going to try and play the defensive but he I mean he's outside the safe sense oh I should have seen that from a mile away both players outside the safe said he needs to get into that safe zone right now if you guys wanna get into the next games European servers everything like that exhale think of the sub guys if you are new drop that sub that liked other than education on guys so we get three hundred ninety thousand subscribers today thank guys so much I 389 point five maybe today ret saw a few get in one of the games maybe tuna is on the very very border of the safe so much means he will have to move shortly after that this zone does close in tuna is leaving a window open they're vice think so try some I appreciate it and I do fruit he says we might do that again soon my might do that again soon people just preferring these games of just normal games there's our plane at that tuna can hear tuna he's gonna be half and half in the safe zone that plane is coming in from the southeast but a player is behind them and it does launch pad away tuna need to stay in the safe zone tell us about the code solo2 solo to my sport crea code is I'm fruity it's at the right side of the screen i MF ru t ity tuna is now outside say soma if he takes that launch pad he will then be put inside of it and he does he goes for the high ground advantage which is outside the safe zone still but it will give them a little bit of time to see what places of the map are still clear and what places the map have a lot of players doing bill fights in tuna gets a laser off there and one of the players this guy is gonna be one tap if I've ever seen one tap down go Shaun Rick there's a purple where the AR right there but tuna does already have on the materials do not go up by a lot he's gonna go in for the med kit which I mean I guess is a good idea because he might not be at halftime to use the make it in the safe zone and maybe you'll find minis later on guys make sure you subscribe like time participation right now man we are on the ground for 400,000 subscribers annoyed tuna maybe they make it wasn't the wisest of decisions to take he has now been put back down to 90 HP but 74 shield pluck see I think we can do normal ones fill it well but that is a good idea Keith ideas thank you so much man alright tuna he's playing defensive again but he has been really proving everyone like wrong manner he's showing that he can play the defensive and pretty aggressive just as equal if anyone starts a bill fight with him he literally dedicate himself to winning that bill fight which is something which is what players should do in this game mode they should only dedicate to build fights if they need to they shouldn't just eliminate someone because they've got a lot of ideas make sure you guys drop that like sub turn okay and guys tomorrow there's a Valentine's event in fortnight which basically means if used to support create code you will get a free rap in the game or a free camo so make sure you use support crate code i'm fruity except we mean the world there is actually a mushroom a to his right here by don't if he actually sees it but there's players all around to know he's kind of in the middle of the safe so right now which is i don't know if that's a good position to be in or a bob on but to need to get rid of that wall and replace it as soon as he can Thomas says he supported me thank you so much man support me in this for i creo I'm shop tuna is now gonna rack up the material count he has five eliminations to his name on our Adam if you don't expect a then don't go for the person that's been spectator yes and if you do if you're not on my stream and you're in these games then just I've no advice to be there but don't watch your teams and play cuz I mean well I don't know if what you guys I don't can't thanks for the sub what's the code the code will change after every game but it will be solo too after this one dude sometimes I get the code earlier sometimes I wait flux see I think you just have to type in but they'll give us more information tomorrow Flopsy but just keep uh support crater in your shopping this way and see what happens I don't think you have to spend anything I don't think they would do that I don't know react and games does he support me in the am shop thank you so much dude Asha thank you for that sub I did appreciate it guys make sure you like subscribe turn FK Shawn and support Craig code is I'm fruit you guys right we now have truly extending a little he's a turtle if I was him right now I'd definitely be rushing that safe so and I believe that is what he's gonna do guys he's a European servers cross-platform anyone can get in no matter what drive machine delayed I do not it's not a lot of delay it's just a obviously there's like the ten seconds of natural delay I'd say maybe maybe like five to ten seconds maybe it's in San I don't know I know chinos mean actually lays it out he has no shield the player has left his site though seven players in his tiny zone guys seven players in sunny zone the code changed after every game dude tuner goes in for a few lasers does miss the shots he is very close into the safe zone but there are some people to his southeast that are actually out the zone but if I was you know man this is what I'd be doing right now kind of staying close to the zone but not getting into two and too many unnecessary gunfights misses the hunting rifle shot misses its lasers gets one connection there with 40 tuners now gonna have to read he's actually gonna have to rotate is he gonna go out the zone of the animation he probably shouldn't but I can see there's a little bit lag maybe he doesn't mean on European servers which is what these are being heard son right now tuna is now in the safe zone there is a player behind him so he needs to keep his eyes peeled for any threats all right should be nice man you want to get involved guys make sure you load up your fortnight five players left in this tiny zone can we see a heel off because that would be entertaining to watch but all of these players are very far away from the safe zone man can't wait for the next update yeah man it's probably gonna be the biggest update we've had in a while thank you so much for the subscription now thinking my name is like a calf something like that man thanks so much you guys have no subscribe do it in three two one boom if you haven't already make sure to do that so right now but you got to get into this market versus takes him out with the D who AR a shotgun combo oh my goodness she gets the stink bombs there but was it worth it for the 10 HP let me know in the chat guys you did sacrifice 10 HP to get those stink bombs he doesn't have enough materials to get that whip its way through this whole game stink bomb goes down misses another sick mom go downs another miss it's not looking good for kiss her right now goes up the zone to get stink bombs but misses them this could go anyone's game right now man this could be anyone's game okay so it now deagles down and it gets the elimination is he gonna pick up oh man no this is not good he keeps taking storm damage falou guys is it worth it man I guess to make it might be worth it if you can pull the make you often have to see in fact see am i doing this tomorrow potentially yes no what oh it's a 1v1 kiss oh good absolutely you guys hype in the chat no one was expecting that kisos needs to get that make it popped off right now not outside the zone oh he should probably get in the zone before doing it this is perfect for kisser right now nothing could be better he has time for the medkit this is kiss hos game to win right now but no material so he is gonna have to use ID your to rush the plant below him does have low materials cuz I did here and farming up right there the a all shots to go down kiss oh oh my goodness guess so comes in with the a eliminations and absolutely destroys anybody in his way a hashtag kiss so w's in the chat man Wow guys what a player what a player he goes on the zipline to jump and eliminate someone with a deagle Wow congratulations to kiss okay UK man what what a play what mad lad dude game so that was he kicks up cause I'm a mad lad guys what that is some pro play right there man but guys the next code is gonna be so low on European service and the code is guys the code is gonna be so low to I believe alright we'll wait a little bit for everyone to know that that is the code guys I will wait I'm not gonna search guys don't search yet just get your code ready solo to get your code ready Kobe thank you the sub guys get your code ready guys remember we do leave the game if there is less than 60 players if there's less than 60 players in the game we do load but anything above that we play guys I'm gonna wait a little while just get this code ready get the code ready solo – is the code no capitals no spaces solo to European service guys if you are new drop that sub right now notifications on like the stream that would be amazing guys if you can do that right now then you're winning this game and for know that you play next I don't know also guys another thing there is a rap in the fortnight that is fortnight is giving up tomorrow there is a valentine's day wrap if you support create code then you will get that free rap guys support create code i'm fruity in the arm shop if you guys want to support me and help me out but guys we are about to I'm gonna click accept guys in ten nine eight seven six five four three two one solo to is the code we are playing solos on European servers let's load it up da da da da da da da da alright guys when we have 500 players queue that is when we are going in the game soda tours the code if you don't get that code in then you're not joining all right guys I'm gonna wait five more seconds 5 or 3 2 1 yeah all right let's go guys remember we are in European service guys I'm one thing guys if you get kicked out on arrow that means you didn't get in the game but just make sure you wait to the next one guys we are on nine hundred likes I just got a date there from games odd so guys if you haven't dropped to like make sure do so we're on the road to 2000 likes or 1100 Thomas that wouldn't work because it's solos all right let's see how this game goes guys Matt Matt what what right you haven't going in my game for an hour straight don't worry man if you don't if you honestly want to don't stop trying then you can but if you keep trying then you'll have more chances on saying it it's up to you that what you do guys if you don't seem sleep you have more chance of win it's factually proven if you do not stream safe you have a 78% 0.9 chance seventy eight point nine percent chance of getting aw it's correct guys correct factual information right now so if you guys want to win and yeah if you achieve so everyone in the Sheen's gonna know your location therefore you're gonna be taking some owls I mean reptile knew we're talking about that we won't but guys if I've always obviously got to get one elimination and whoever gets eliminated by me it's just unlucky day you know I mean it's just an unlucky day oh great whoa buddy whoa it would let me edit my cone but GG's anyway L ratio as we are now spectating who gets another elimination right now he has now start on two eliminations or were a green pond right there because that's different like you are only doing it for Danny's emoting but everyone else is playing it to win so we have ours right now he's getting rush I don't think he knows I can hear footsteps going around him very skilled players we can see right now with the two eliminations I mean that's it's a pretty good man's pretty good for right side of the game but he needs to make sure he doesn't miss his shots he is on fire HP and he goes down there too and Miriam Rory was on stream mode is player eight materials naana for building also ladies and gentlemen we are watching this player who only has a pump and a pistol yeah I mean Andy I guess you're right do you know getting to the second circle no because everyone would do it like either way but trust me everyone will what's the code the code change after every game dude Europeans I was though guys if you haven't subscribed please do so man I really wanted 390 K before the end of this Sriman the code is already the code change after every game guys the code changes after every game alright we are now checking Miriam rotor who has been placed down to 30 and it's eliminated there by shark man to tell 20050 four there's a pledge approaching his left side and he is now on 10 HP this could be the end of shark man and there it is PLC electro is now on one elimination only has a pistol though and a shotgun he is going to need to get an AR there's another player nearby I do see golden p90 innocence but now electro there with a one tap to the head and I'd hear a firework going off thank you very much Zyra I realize your name why to say I couldn't join the co change after everygame man and if it doesn't let you join that basically if you get an error that makes me means that you didn't gain there's a player in this house electrodes on 1hp he needs medical supplies 95 down there to at the other person campfire goes down electro is gonna rush in and play aggressively run straight back to his camp fight which is where the main source of HP is gonna be coming right now people are brushing electro left Ryan Center skull trooper does indeed get a letter right there now you're watching a skull trooper whose hands streamer mode destroyer thank you for that sup man there is a player above this stream Cyberman I mean not streams have streamer mode by the Shema mode duo game after this okay yeah we work we will do jurors everyone's that's me fuse guys one for Soto to feed us guys write the chat what you wanted rather see demon thanks so much that sup man I appreciate it guys if we get 1500 likes at me awesome man there's more people on solos though oh my goodness the skull trooper has players all over him right now man connects with a shotgun shot right there the player behind him it's very very low and a little bit weak with the shield there but this player is even more lower with 93 health there's a golden heavy AR right there code a mouth comes in that is my favorite one of my favorite Christmas skins but no he's gonna get taken out and he gets eliminated from the game man what a shame don't you / – a a gets eliminated man huh I think he was using turning out for I love ask in what region skills fly Europe is at the region oh yeah thank you for the sub we now our the player in a plane right now who is going to be flying to safety to try and make sure he doesn't get eliminated the plane is low HP though so we could potentially be seeing you know the plane getting lays out the sky 1 a.m. I believe there is or I'm at think too much to the sub man appreciate it code the code change after every game dude make sure you are just obviously watching the stream I'd like to tell you guys the code I think this place is he gonna do it okay no he's dropped out to tomorrow temple his knees to get this make it off man he needs to get this make it off is he gonna have time to do it though I don't know weapon there is he gonna have time for the make it guys let me know Caleb thank you so much what's up coach a after every game bot well that sounded like I caught him what no guys don't write his name's Bob the guy who asked hit hey that sound of a really weird the players now in a gunfight Artie connects with a hundred over a hundred there on the headshot my chug-chug his job and he'd better order all of his weapons have just been absolutely upgraded right now by a plainness drop to the right of him there is a yeah there's a heavy AR right there he's gonna go for the chug chug right now smart decision Oscar thank you for that sup guys we have 400 subs off away 400 subs away from the girl for the scene guys so if you could do it drop that sub man that would mean that the world subs European sevens Rico not underscore jos think there's some i'd appreciate it there's another player on the scroll trooper right now and you get sniped by another streamer by the way 14 spectators inter over 700 of you guys watching at home there is a per golden pump right there and an upgraded SMG and some more minis is he gonna pick them up yes he is elf series thanks so much for the sub do the code change it every time yes Matthew they do Casey thanks so much that sub how these dreamer by the way is emoting on everyone right now pro game I think so much what's up are you doing Jay plays welcome to Sheen dude okay we now have the anonymous inside of the plane he's gonna fly it he is inside the safe zone oh so this is kind of good wait for the email server European selves dude alright San in air fight right now the stream has dropped out the anonymous has dropped out or the le agent has dropped out now it is a fight between the footballer skin on the early age in the early age it lands in a good place but the vocalist thing getting lasered there a little bit of a bill fighter headshot 444 goes off right there from the only agent who does that score that elimination whenever there's a player or the high ground what is this play gonna do right now he's gonna box up and maybe play the patient's game against the other player who is above him right now oh my goodness this could be intense is the anonymous gonna go is the only agent gonna go for the elimination right now he has enough material to go in a build fight but is he gonna do it I do not know a little bit of a slack in the night he said that could be due to lag or maybe just because maybe just a player there's no experience too much with 90s but he edits through there is on the same level as oh my goodness what notice where to throw that put me in back to wjm 2005 it was actually one of the previous players in the stream who has actually been destroying so this is awesome we are now watching Jay W chain him again I've kind of feel bad because he doesn't deserve begin spectator because the other person I mean I mean maybe them if W and wants to expect it that's right off but I don't think he would though for all the streams I was out there I might put coach at all scram just gonna say it out loud Mary I think he's a sub how long left at the scene probably another hour and a half to two hours my dude guys if you haven't got those notifications on and you're not subscribed make sure to do so in three two one make sure you subscribe turn education right now guys a thousand likes will be mostly appreciated so smart I like right now and support credit code is I'm a fruity for all of those people that do want it to a support created to support for the brand-new free rap wow wjm look at his whopping amount of materials right now absolute crazy stuff is he gonna use that riff though what 960 likes before you guys foresee the guys having smash it like make sure you smash that like if you haven't ready Joshua thanks so much that sub man wjm is he gonna take that risk I don't know if that's a riff a normal rift or I think he's getting rush right now the play is right there nineteen with the connection up goes the player I think he's gonna go for the rift it's a normal relation general I can confirm the information both players do need to get to the safe zone though so I don't know why tub is WJ I'm going to trace him down guys aren't 985 likes everyone smash at like but let's get that thousand likes right now guys that would be crazy and if you haven't liked then make sure to do so thank you unsought unstow thought they'd like NSR thank you for the sub man I do appreciate make sure you got those notifications about with me the world but we're now commencing in a build fight both players have engaged to the bill fight WJ is gonna go for the fast edit maybe no he doesn't but he's hitting later right now wow I would be if so annoyed if I was W man Wow XD shadow getting that insane damage off guys we just hit 1k like thank you so much apparently there's a hacker in this game so we can have to wait and see about that one man I doubt that will be down goes a campfire unlucky wjm two games he has now been eliminated to stuff like that man all this very thick churches somebody appreciate it guys if you want to help me get to 1500 likes make sure especially I move over for 1500 Ike's as the end stream go down comes XD shadows mil fight and he gets eliminated to the great fall right there now we're watching rock star so is the now on 42 HP and not a lot of material semester right now but he needs to get the other players loot that did it just fall he is gonna go for the loo I believe he is outside the safe zone 18 players in this tiny zone right now guys this is gonna get intense this is gonna get intense code changes every game you are correct within saying that my dude the code does change after every game guys so if someone does ask in the chat if you guys want to let them pass a message then yeah Rockstar spud is in a one by one now just to maybe emo I'm not too sure but down it comes some grenades and maybe out goes rocks are he is doing a good job of defending himself right now the grenades are coming in from the east Rockstar is now gonna commence into a build fire I believe is he gonna go up there is he gonna go up there there's a place to his left as well to his Northwest rocks are or sees the player there to a Southwest no just to herself sorry more of a southeast and Southwest kind of area Rockstar is gonna camp in he's a little turtle box right now even those outside the zone he is playing it defensively out comes a brand new clip of his heavy AR I mean heavy sniper Rockstar is going to need to edit through just to get out elimination now the other player is commencing in a bill fight world Rockstar respond to this and come out with another build fight again the play is running outside of rockstars build and I think he's gonna try an get to safe zone guys if you are new and make sure to smash that subscribe and turn evocation and like the sheen guys because we are on the road to 400,000 subscribers so if you want to be part of the road to 400,000 subscribers make sure you subscribe right now I don't know the thing guys make sure you smash that like button and my create code is I am at fruity so that would mean the world if you guys do use it to get that valentine's day free camo that is being given out to present you support credit codes alright see enemy games old man you promise – yeah if we do like you to might be awesome see their games old man but happy very wretched a dude thank you so much for joining the stream but because it's awesome to catch up and obviously you know see you and she met Mike who's been a while but yeah have a great day games up peace out rocks are did take a little bit of full damage right there they are gonna go to a bill fight rocks are misses his shotgun shot that could cost him his whole entire life at this part in the game rocks I don't know if he knows this but not all the edits are around is one by one are his both players are in the same box rocks are is luckily enough to get the close-up hit that but yeah there's a golden yet there he still swap out six I'll show you after the game man its custom matchmaking I'll show you just lagged out Oh Sam a nice sucks man there's nothing I can do about that that you need try and get to next aw man I do feel bad for the happening if that is true rock sides gonna be doing some cheeky edits to try and it hits one of the players with the heaviest sniper but he does need medical supplies the storm is coming in with 13 players remaining world rocks are come out on top we have seen players with no medical supplies absolutely just destroy at the game man so yeah also want to think guys with 1k likes we we should probably nearly be at one point 1k likes cuz you guys literally we move its bit you know being on 1k likes for a little on oh yeah I'm Jake militia she really she didn't even hear that long ago but guys let's get let's just grind for that achievement of 1516 guys we usually do get around 2000 like super guys I feel like one does by red it would be a good big achievement man well that's fine her mobile first joined Island yesterday childood yes they can rock site is now in a little bit of a pickle because there's no way he can get out unless he runs to the safe zone Thank You free sky does it work on Australia if you change your settings to Europe yes it can work anywhere in the world the matchmaking code changed after everygame it my support create codes over at the right side of the screen so weird cuz my right is your left and it's just red lighter input does come out to get rock sides it's a so he needs a medical supplies in this chest is he gonna get any yes he get some bandages right there he's gonna build around him right now to get these bandages down ladies agenda and make sure you smash that like button if you haven't ready and if you are looking to that free exclusive Valentine's Day wrap for your weapons code I'm fruity would be mostly appreciated if you're using that you're on job code Mike Mike the code will change after everygame dude those nineties I haven't seen this player doing 90s sir guys we're nearly at 390 change to be pretty awesome if you weren't here that man sir you guys want to help me get to support okay drop that sub out dolphin you played robots over for tonight now it's a bit of a transition to do man but have a transition but out comes the heavy sniper here from rock star needs to keep his left side a little bit up because he's got no guard there I could have cost him the game he needs here now safe zone as well he doesn't realize it but he does I wasn't thinking about something damn soul 163 meet a snipe from rock side with the heavy AR how comes the glider II to play again he is very close to the safe zone last time when you screaming my legs out that's unlucky that's unlucky pick sir can I please say the code of the code I will show after the after lobby Sam I'm so stressed out man I do appreciate it what will I do it for half a million subs on YouTube I don't know guys give me something I should do for like 400 K or 500 K this is one of my favorite and most song man you lagged out punky car mouth sucks poly the code is changes after every game screen shake Suresh outside ma'am I don't know as I oh man I won't be wanting you Alan maybe I might do some playground beyond to subscribe to say man but right now we got the custom matchmaking code but guys this game I'm sorry I don't commentate the endgame it's just not too much he's gone on with this play right now he does have 726 spectators on a man twitch thanks so much for the sub man guys if you all could drop a sub right now that'd be mostly appreciate guys because I went 390 K that was the goal for tonight stream but Rox I will not be break guys I'm not gonna lie I think the person that broke the record of 11 kills this team it's not gonna get overtaken and there something can come out the bag there's a rock on all platforms yes it does work on all platforms as European and he platform guys okay it does work ladies and gentlemen make sure you like to subscribe in three two one make sure you like and subscribe if you haven't already how many more am i doing probably another hour to two hour probably another like hour and a half's worth dude it's next year no Nexus solos dude Nexus solos big J think so much to the sub man I appreciate it and also guys your name appear down below and we are now actually getting some interesting stuff bill fight goes on rocks are does that dodge the spike chap very fortunately the player does drop behind him there go see it at the staircase down goes rocks are down those phase and now we are watching a stream on stream out it doesn't 1 V 1 V 1 V 1 yep on the own view on your but I'd be doing it tomorrow I should be doing this tomorrow if not tomorrow the next thing we tried to do is every single day guys ok every single day we should be doing these guys ok we should be hitting for hundreds of support guys I'm gonna try and do these streams daily as possible boss beats I've seen mobile players absolutely destroy PC players man it doesn't always work out like PC is the best it's always different yo wats also prodigy hope for you apex to Newark a man in the apex Landy of course man guys if you've been playing apex legends as well let me know in the comment section man because I've been having a lot of fun on it as well I think I may addicted to you guys know how I had a you know I loves opening crates on rocket League Wow we may have to get those reactions back maybe if you guys want to see me do a crate opening let me know man I might do one to give it a test I'm not sure though all right anonymous now in the safe zone – Sparkle specialist there's an RPG that goes down right there crushing him almost apex eliminating it from the game that would have been apex of shame if that apex happened I'm just kidding but now we have anonymous reloading that RPG up bro place are too close for comfort now oh my gosh how is this happening guys if you haven't subscribe right now make sure you subscribe cuz you're not going to see more intense custom gameplay screams gameplay then this in your whole life you'll never see you will never see this again guys you know you got it you've got to get those notifications on for this hi-dee-hi game playing content down goes the RPG on us now in the safe so and Willy clutch up the win oh my goodness he's getting blocked in the storm right now three HP no it's over it's over surely no I can't watch I can't watch guys no I can't watch guys you have to drop like for this code I'm fruit in the I'm shop oh my goodness 3 HP oh my what in the world my gosh second time someone has clutched up guys shout out to this um oh they don't have a name but can we just can we just please get some GG's in the chairman Mike guys I don't know this person's name but they done the clutch of a century no material no out round of applause guys if you're watching this at home just give it a round of applause calm boys and girls boys and girls just right now I see you right right now he watching this on your phone computer iPad Xbox I want to see this I don't see a brown report guys if that doesn't deserve so appreciation I don't know what does man but guys like subscribe turn application on if you have not done so already guys I'm gonna give you five seconds to subscribe and like okay aunt identification on okay you guys five four three two one make sure you subscribe like 10% occation on that guys also spray code i'm fruity in the item shop for as you guys can see that free coddled hearts wrap as you guys can hit the right side there if you do use a sport create code then you will get a rap for doing so youtube thank the simon guys if you do is subscribe your name will pop up at the bottom left of the screen but anywho we are now going into the next game whose name is that that is room maybe thanks so much this up man right let's go the next code is going to be you guys okay you guys wanted to do one zero guys one in the chat for solo two in the chat for giro guys one the chat for solo two in the chat for duke Gio guys let me know what you want to see Riley think so much to the sub guys if you haven't something make sure you do that right now man I six the way you do it is you open up your game modes and then click LT and then type the code in that's how you guys it looks like solos winning the vote man game I think so much for the sermon Oh should we do one more solo and then do some Joe's yeah Brandon think of the sir man hi guys here's the deal with you this solar then the next one will be geo then solos after that maybe guys will do one more solar will do a solo now and then duo's after we do one solo here then you're after and then we'll find out what we're gonna do after that okay guys one more soda okay the solo is gonna be you guys I mean the codes gonna be solo this is the code guys type this in solo three solo three guys okay solo three guys are gonna give you ten seconds so then don't accept though until I say alright guys make sure you have solo three and guys ten nine eight seven six five four three duck thank you the sub two one except boom if you don't get in this one guys make sure you try it again to the next one European and yeah I will give you guys the code Hoopa thank you for the submerged you appreciate it do you actually appreciate that subdued you bet I believe thank you as well for that sub as well damn I believe your name is hit you search to the sub as well alright five four three two one boom alright guys we are literally so close to three hundred ninety thousand subscribers man I want to hear that probably in the stream man no prodigy it's your birthday tomorrow I'm pretty sure as you wouldn't have asked that question if it wasn't no prodigy you told me I'm pretty sure you told me at your birthday to me we're not gonna get 400 K in this scene there's no way I thank you so much for that subdued Thomas man I've seen people get in game after game after game I've seen some people not really getting this really mix man but guys if you streams like me you have less chance of winning fun facts why does everyone think that I preordered save the world I've had this game since season one I've had this game before for my battery I was even a thing I had fun I say the woman who's just saved the world I'm literally as og as you can get I preordered this game like a week before it even was like out alright let's just wait for people to I'm definitely enough some shrimps and I possess for sure I have got a genius idea why don't I just fly around in a plane and just annoy some people guys we've got our idea come on come on come on come on yeah Mon lay the roll let's go to know some people yeah that is what we like to do annoy people in planes so the stream cyphers can't and get me a Z Z or R right let's go and annoy some people I guess first op loot late actually no lazy links I know some of you guys go lazy links man so does anyone in the stream that go and lazy links you got me to deal with alright buddy Jake thank you so much about something I appreciate it oh my goodness I feel sorry for this dude right here yay they're no they're my fags oh he eliminated me that's kind of funny no how could you get away with that Down Goes the RPG they're from my facts he is getting absolutely bum ba-bum boozled from two different areas he is definitely he's gone right now they're yours unlucky my fixed but you're gonna let yell ma me I saw them as mad thank you for the sub I did appreciate it Luke is hitting third pipes from the West say he didn't need to think of a little no plan to get himself out of the situation right now two people right in front of him cheese chief my pigs can't lead you on my plane you scared me I should have gave you a free lifts into the safe zone Lukey lack of materials is gonna be a pain here doesn't have really much a armor though oh let's play lazing in four mines uh-oh Luke he's gonna need to get more material though he's not got too many D for dance oh he's gonna be default doctor default and dance for long default the plane cuz that's what you're gonna need to eliminate right now man I'm gonna be no filling into the jurors game next up man because yeah movin my teammate is is just gonna get eliminated Robbie thank you for that sub I do appreciate it guys of you are new make sure you do subscribe right now Renee launch is coming in from the east know ever idea whether it's gonna get stream site it just happens so there's no point oh my goodness how is glitch getting away with this right now glitch she's gonna try and laser the person behind him but he has no erm oh now they go we're now watching scented train 772 who needs to get some more material what is it with there like a material in this game man I don't know Down Goes the RPG another one goes in doesn't connect Center trainee see up close and personal with a shotgun oh I see fee is what's happening right now man out again and I actually got to feel bad no material this person has no materials this is why guys this is why you gotta be careful goes up high finishing them off with the shotgun they're more mini guys disposal a little bit more material than they only have there's a golden sky I believe over Southwest but I think he's gonna go for the ignore there's another player right there an ice king I believe coming in at 4 the rush with the ramp wall rakes the tree no materials basically no materials the Ice King does have a little bit more than zeroes I believe I think they do this is the shotgunner but we are not watching your kid present crazy create the crazy I believe yes tame him I do usually wait 10 seconds anyway gunshots coming in from the south on this person right now he didn't need it to build himself he has a lot of materials a lot more than we've seen other place how a plane comes in and absolutely laser this player wow this is literally for my season seven if I've ever seen for tonight season seven man planes explosives Wow ten spectators on watching this play right now ladies and gentlemen everyone drop that sub right now if you haven't already 390 K is around the corner retro yeah I will more other count right in the chat with it then I'm telling people to code after every game team no yeah 1b I think so except somebody to appreciate it my late yandi i modded it i modded it did you get it did you get modest Cayenne thank you so much to the sub guys I free in the I'm shopping Kevin that I'm on a fake find out anything okay um MD you are modded it just says you want but I don't know why I did machito no place that I'll put in a box neither play over spike up the Edit comes down the dire gets eliminated from the game this red-nosed radar is now extremely good on maps but now 25 HP down it goes that play right now he notching brave knight who needs while he's on the logo right now try it you're gonna try and get that high girl maybe a very good set up as well guys very good setup make sure you guys subscribe if you are new as other brave knight is literally getting pressured by this player right now man with only a few materials okay he does have the shotgun for up close also guys we are aiming for 1500 like so if you haven't liked either oh my goodness brave knight eliminates up play there with the purple pump but brave knight also there's a deagle right there in the building guys do you go and shock it on my favorite things to use in this game at the moment so when I see people not pick it up it just confuses me because I just love it so much but anyway Northwest there's the feel fight going on braids light doesn't connect with one of his shots there's some material and there's the hand cannon perfect the hand cannon and shock on a combo is now are being used my support Cray code I boxes at the right side of the screen over there is I am at fruity brave knight minis up saving the slopes in a bill fight brave knight oh wait he has two slaps so good lbc p this they are usually very sack guys the are news subscribe like turn the pussy ASEAN's right now at 400 K guys that wouldn't be amazing 390 K by the end she would be awesome guys brave knights getting here in the back yes hundred three brave light can he stay alive right now he's gonna need that shotgun gets in midair congratulations to braid right there minis up is he gonna mini up again is he gonna take that slab or is he even gonna go for the other players Lutz I highly doubt it you drop down right now is he gonna go for a plane I'm not sure I'm not sure is he gonna go for a plane I know there's no plane up there my stream custom code I tell you guys after I make a new one up after every game so there'll be a new one every game there is a plane but it is slightly broken now there is bandage over there as well to the northeast so maybe this place should think about getting those bandages as well the planes that she gonna do this place gonna literally take summer damage I mean yeah you need that plane dude you get if he gets in that plane goes up high and just use glider either ploy why don't I don't understand way didn't take plane just use the plane to go max high and then just jump out of it how do you get to the place to put the cone in then when you click select game mode you can change it by going to the bottom right Veck so I know man sucks collar congratulations Matt was clutch wjm at risk eliminated man he's getting in every game guys people are getting in every single one of these games yeah the service complex at EU servers guys thank you so much man if we hit 390 case tonight that is literally crazy man because that is like that is amazing basic that's a god I really want to hit tonight and if we hit it that'd be crazy GG real hey I didn't even see her name was use code I'm free Emma King that's correct use code I'm fruity in the iron shop yeah guys easy European servers cross-platform and I changed the code after every game so yeah also guys tomorrow for like giving out a free camo but players that use the support create coder you support create code I'm free to ensure that you do get yourself that camo and also guys making sure you smash that subscribe button like burn answer the phones right now guys if you subscribe you have the luckiest rest of the day ever love your channel think so it's Riley I believe that is how you pronounce your name and I got a stream on Twitch again yes I might but that chap might which is mainly for like just loads of different games and for might as well so yeah if you guys want for my twitch feel free I think it's just freakin Matthew but yeah we do like I don't receive their that often though so I mean brave knight gets the hand cannon elimination to their play their FP cities in the game with a eliminations thank you so much QE vek I believe your name is and I appreciate that kind comment man I how's my day going dude might hate to an awesome man brave needs to be brave in this situation right now missus to deagle shots gets lasered by another anonymous player right now match region is on European guys we are far away free away from making 389 0.8 so guys make sure you smash that sub button right now because I want that 390 came up you guys at the that's how you spell my support cracker for the people they don't know it's over I'll give it a little move like this is my crate this my support create code just type it in house Papa I'm fruity IMF are you ity I'm free just for eat with an I'm in front of it I am free love you China thank you so much Emma 200 way I know ma'am will it she's so close 390 K is literally happening man and then that means 400 K is literally here J penguin thank you so much that sub and it's thank you so much dude look at the last comment it's kind of gone what he did where we at one point two K likes guys if you have like the Sheep if you want to like to even make sure you've liked it cheap shot if I was through OCA OCE customs I wouldn't even you're a spectator that's how like you it would probably be guys yeah let's go for that 1.4 I feel like gone as well but we are in the end game right now 13 players do remain and we will give out the new match man code not wings yeah guys nobody to the surprise your name will appear down below in the bottom left corner what's the code the code changes after every game I will give a new code out after every game dude my game of tomorrow so entertaining like a proton it is hobby guys when I next to each trying it involved yeah obviously definitely trying it mode if you can do man oh I'm using code I'm fruit yes and thank you so much that somebody appreciate you guys coming very very close up 390,000 subscriber girl so thank you all very very much ally be thank you for sub is the EU yes you turbo machine we've been live for 2 hours and hours and crashes looking good dude Pro specially yeah Bambi's Pro mouthing so much as so ably that's your name try to put the server on na East I I'm gonna keep on yet for now because that's where I can commentate without lagging Poltz thank you so much for the sub I appreciate it we now have the streamer mode player going in for the rush oh it's a bad idea the supply truck goes down knew it would happen I knew that would happen man your dream imagine how my lag would be so what I think so much with somebody appreciate it you'll support me think thank you so much Kate office appoint me in the I'm job LeBron's things I saw this play is now gonna chug chug code change after every game dude speedy out it's right there we could be seeing a PC player right now maybe a mobile yes guys the co changing after every single game could see it this could be a list I think this is an Xbox player Xbox EU are by far probably some of the most talented Hey I'm joking Jaden think of the sub RPG sent into this one by one right now doesn't connect back home on sir is in the game I could see it about my shows unique and as like all these people at the bottom right bottom left aren't in the game 32 spectators right now this player is really wanting to get into this box right now the Edit it's a bit slow right there but it's gonna do the job it's gonna do the job RPG demo yes there's no down it donations RPG comes out two talented players engage in a bill fight right now what are we gonna see the player tries to regain high ground insane amount materials oh my goodness there is third parties coming in from on top of polar Peaks this is intense get sniped from the distance left on 100 half with no shield he's gonna need to turtle up right now and he's gonna need to mini ASAP brass us thank you so much for the sub guys if you are new subscribe notification on so you do not miss an upload or when we do on the teams oh my goodness the place so low right now the player is so low right now it can be either anyone's game right now the supply truck goes down the Black Knight is looking like it has the advantage right now good at this this could be anyone's game right now yeah my fake you can do oh my goodness 84 damage this is anyone's game right now anyone it could come out with a victory but it's a third party there it should have seen that one coming from a mile away man I would never leave myself open like that but obviously in pressured situations ever was gonna play different so we're watching a what we're watching halo right now it was on six eight P and is getting pressured six people left in his tiny zone right now guys ladies in general make sure you subscribe in three two one right now and the FK Sean answered and I like the stream as well halo needs to make sure he doesn't take a bit of damage right now and he get these minis down can you get his picture down the player under him oh my goodness the big shield and there it is mixture comes out your chest hurt somebody's written at my chat and I just remember ninjas saying it like that you're a trash good that make it as well how lucky no you're not gonna have time to do to make it if you break that wall buddy he understands that and now he's getting to the Satan look at the materials I'm not too bad happy birthday aquas man who if you having a great day PG think of this sub make sure you guys subscribe to the nerf kitchen right now if you haven't already and also yeah I'm fruity in the item shop is my support crate code if you want support me halo shoots the player down gets the elimination with a great fool that is unlucky stuff that's why polar Peaks is so annoying but timing take see how someone does die for one hour Taylor that was unlucky man Oh guys get rips in the chat man Sarah I can't read that the font was really weird thank you so much for the sub guys rip in the chat for that man we do not like to see stuff like that unlucky halo though you were performing very very well though do not let that let you get you down man you did it extremely well oh thank you so much our guys here at 149 subscribe 150 subscribers away from hitting the same goal guys if we could get one dozen private like that'd be crazy as well players hitting late outside of the sky there's a the player brothers going into some mini shields what's the service service European the coach ain't us every game dude jump had to get into the zone year from studs rain just I will give you guys a code to get in and yeah its EU servers love you need to this more Nick I'm trying to this is pretty much every day since I've since it's been out I think I've missed one day out of all the days to be announced so I do pretty much it's every night man what do you mean code I give her a custom matchmaking key out so only players that get in are like my people are watching the stream is me ladies are there from studs studs it's gonna keep the high ground and look at the material he has as wow man 48 spectators oh my goodness studs needs to build outside the safe zone right now spike trap goes down studs needs to get if I were studs right now I'd use all those materials to keep with the high ground Wow studs only has the two eliminations but that's all it needs to get the victory RL right now guys let's go if you are new smack them notifications on subscribe to channel right now and then yeah guys appreciate GG you guys can be our hash tag and cheesy studs in the chat on twitch studs 85 does come out with the W very very good stuff right there guys we just witnessed let's go he's subscribe like turn vacation thank you so much man dude you came forth unlucky bro easy to stud sobre pulls out the dub guys update tomorrow to get the the brand-new rap you have to use someone's create code so make sure you're using someone's create code if it isn't mine make sure you're using someone's my one is ivory though if you do know if you honor here is everybody ready for the next coat you EU servers what's the code for jurors No oh yeah we're gonna do is aren't we yeah my bad guys jurors it's duo's European guys product link singing for the subs everyone ready alright look at I the code eats for all you guys on though alright the code is duos guys gay duo 55 alright guys duo 55 is the code okay Rena think Socialists up right jr. 55 would you want duo guys cuz a bunch you guys are asking me to do it so when this reaches 500 players then would you I mean when then we'll start the game but guys we're doing a solo after this okay because a bunch you a bunch more people and so knows we're just doing this for the for the people that do want the jurors as well 0:55 is the matchmaking key when 500 of you guys are in then we'll start 272 you guys are in minor panda thank you so much of a sub guys we are literally about to hit the goal off 390 case that's why the industry man geo 55 is the code there we go reach 500 players guys if we get under 60 players we have to leave after the duo game guys we are doing solos okay should everyone know that we are doing these owners make sure you guys also subscribe if you are new all right let's do this ma'am I'm just checking Twitter to make sure the update doesn't get delayed again but it shouldn't do all right seeing a bit pic sir I don't blame you man and he's taking you that long to getting Angie's oh nice sex well then try and win yeah guys there's so many people I'm seeing that think the bus driver that I've seen in the games before guys don't stream sight because then you know what I'm gonna do I die anyway I die anyway there's no point of me even like getting eliminate two extreme sniper just to save all the people out there that want to play normally I'm gonna do you guys a favor right now okay as if you don't get in this one make sure you try and get in the next one guys okay I got genius idea you guys don't tell anyone about this again all right we keep some secret all right guys I'm gonna win I was literally nonsan to find me but if someone finds me I'll laugh like it's impossible no even extreme sniper will find my location okay I'll let you know trust me okay trust me trust me this is this is like a well-known spot just to hide from the stream cyphers so now he wait I'm gonna give a peek guys I hid my goodness you won't find me there good try good try I'm never getting found guys just watch they're gonna be looking for me they're not gonna they're not gonna know at all they can't even see me there they're blind to think I'm doing they can't even see me guys it's working it's it's she working they have no idea they have no idea why they dancing guys they don't you have no idea I'm here yep they have no idea they can't see me guys they it's actually working Cody Mouse Oh too bad you won't be able to see me though look he doesn't even know I'm here as well they don't they have no idea look at this they have no idea guys is working guys why they dancing look look at him he's knowing they have no idea even the plane has no idea guys I don't know it was the planes fault alright Adam thank you so much the sub guys we are literally about to hit three hundred and ninety thousand subs snakes I think I saw in the seat in the feed man I'm lucky we are now watching a fuse who is at tilted at towers guys if you have not already smashed the sub smash the sub we need to overtake PewDiePie and T series we need video would take T series guys we need to be the most subscribed YouTube channel on YouTube that is the goal here I'm just kidding but guys make sure you like the stream subscribe and so pacification and if you want to help me out support Keiko time three guys the co change after everygame European servers as well imagine flexing but messing it up I'm just kidding nicely white it's a fuse I see let's see if you alright future flex us the builds now flex us the gameplay flex us the gameplay we need to see it fuse flex us the gameplay right you you showed off the building we want to see hi gameplay one fuse win the game for us to use come on come on you got this man you got this guys if you wanna get in the next one that make sure to keep on watching so you do not miss out yeah he's a smash that like button if you haven't already 1500 likes for tonight gamer thank you so much that server do you appreciate it just like that pickaxe doesn't he what's his code I change your code after every game oh really flux e crazy flux e man fuse is now gonna get into this plane is he gonna be on it yeah he's good Oh something something's I don't think you're dropping that so man I appreciate it 700k really I doubt it there's no way it was 10k this morning I wouldn't mind if t-series like beats PewDiePie eventually but if PewDiePie get 100k funds that'd be cool I don't I would be pretty cool right we are now watching fuse pulse it was in a plain decent setup decent material hello Charlie hello robber hey dear man guys if you are new smack ass up it's on set do you see someone down to the bottom left is he gonna jump out right now no he is not yes he is yes he is there's the player right there to his left they teaming I don't know if I can do that customized me okay guys come on don't team now man don't team why are they teaming guys what do we do man guys come on oh yeah it's Joe's I'm leaving guys it's yours I'm such an idiot guys I was joking I went to get a drink but I thought it would kind of blend in with the the human eye I genuinely thought they were teaming I'm such an idiot I'm so I can't believe that no guys the actual reason I left was to go grab like a quick war but I just thought it'd be funny I don't she only had like a tiny bit of walk though that was funny though that is funny I actually thought the hood teaming but when out we have a way at warrior high on the material count fuse polls a little bit low with the materials but amazing with the Lu that they have so yeah they keep laughing every what I just did oh my guess fuse goes in with a few a our shots there mrs. hits the John wake 474 both planes go down down goes fuse away warrior comes in to save the day he's gonna go for the Reza honor his teammate Jared of course it doesn't really matter oh my goodness Oh John wick connects the shotgun shot right there we are now watching our J Dean who goes down because he got hit by at the plane he gets the high ground fossa is getting the home right now he has a decent our tariffs we got to play around with right now the green TAC only has four shells in it could not be enough to defend this team of two right now unless he was to hit every single shot on each teammate right now it's looking intense and it's not looking likely unless this player I'm really bring something out right now to show everybody decent amount of a armor though 51 HP with no medical supplies as well and I yeah I was thinking that why was that why was he staying on top of the building when they were sewn binding but now we are watching Jack is he gonna be able to get some tags off that player in the sky there I highly doubt it 800 material Oh 900 about you know about a thousand material guys the co change after every game but now Jack does have to get overseas players building the build fight to his left we are now is a dire scan I believe I'll pay our shots go in here from Jack but Jack is not connecting with any of them plane comes in from behind Jack needs to build up it's not gonna be good enough player jumps out the plane guy gets connects on with some air shots dynamite is now coming in Jack needs to get behind this tree tobe able to use shield misses with the deagle shot there I think there's another place to the left yes it is is another break vomit I think so Jack is now extremely low code change after every game verified there's more planes coming in on the enemies right now Jack does not unfortunately have a teammate which is gonna be a bit of a disadvantage near the end circle but the plane is now on its way over Jack dropping down from his high ground a player is now going in for the rush will Jack bill to shoot them down I'm not sure he does have an eagle not sure why he didn't use that to his ability right there sitting in think social sub skies we have 77 subs away no not 77 997 why does a 1797 subscribers away from 390 K man guys here are the best let's go it's getting out 390 K right now if you guys are new drop that SOB let's get a three in John okay but jackets edited on right there that is not gonna go down well in his books if you're not I'm saying guys an edit I'm right there with the pump is a deadly maneuver there from the power copy and I watching awesome back bling and see incarnation Little Mix fan thanks so much for subs make sure you guys do smash that subscribe button I'm alive I'm turning of Casey on guys let's get out three hundred ninety thousand subscribers which is today's goal on chin guys we are going to be doing these for potentially another half an hour to an hour guys so yeah another three our stream would be awesome to do here today guys but guys actually think I might actually want to play the game myself eventually because I think I've done the past four teams I basically suspected the whole of them I mean maybe we'll just keep it well I mean I know I think I I like doing this don't get me wrong Azhar but I'm just saying um actually no I just remembered when I'm off stream that's when I play but when I want you might like spectating commenting I don't know why but everyone's like you don't get bored of like streaming like the game and like commentating I actually don't it's actually so fun just like seeing all the different levels of players and I don't know I really really like it CMT thank you so much to the Sun I just like spectating and like commenting sometimes like parts of it players are doing nothing it's a bit boring to me like to commentate cuz I don't really have anything to talk about now this players got godly accuracy right there I thought my computer froze for a second anonymous with the laser Oh enormous got lace from back when we're not watching Jane who's taking the LM but there is another player up to a Z so he's gonna have to concentrate on that hits one shot right there guys we are literally about that three hundred ninety thousand subscribers guys thank you so much I didn't expect to actually hit that goal man it was the goal of I did not expect to hit it this fast especially Jane needs to get this player in a bill fight right now they are in a bill fight JT to go for the high ground right now is it gonna pay off for all I think even for the sub does take about 20 odd damage from falling right there you know I look pretty normal what servers we are playing European service dude skillful thank you so much that sub guys thank you we are literally about to hit this the streams goal which is really really awesome and they sink you thank you guys so much there's a deagle right there yeah I wouldn't I would have kept the bandages and just sawed my compact SMG but anyway Jay is now in another build fight look at the materials that this person has though goes down with the deagle hits the shot gun shop sprays him down with the SMG okay maybe it was a good idea to keep the SMG because he did absolutely lays that play there there is a golden heavy AR is Jay gonna go with that I would if I was him guys we are very close to hitting 1500 likes as well which is crazy and if you're using support creator I'm fruity in the I'm shot guys that would mean the world so thank you guys so much over at Northwest there is a team at the broken house JT's gonna need to remove some of these stuff there guys I'm not even joking solos is way more stacked than this usually this is so weird solos we usually have like nine to ten we have like ten around 10 players in this zone so I don't know about Batman solo seems to be that kind of fan favorite and kind of my favorites beta as well we are doing a solo game after this guy so make sure you are ready yep flux he is correct guys EU servers cross-platform a new code after every single game guys use my credit code shadow thank you so much man was my customized making key it change every game Matthew okay man so after this game I'll give you guys a new key and then yeah you guys can go ahead and join but guys there will be at least two brand new videos coming your way tomorrow man we have the Valentine's update so I'm gonna be covering everything to do with those a video with those challenges and everything coming tomorrow guys ok so if you need to if you also want to turn your notifications on for the scenes make sure to do that but guys if you are interested about the Valentine's Day stuff make sure you turn in avocation as well because I'm always quick to do that kind of stuff but there is a player west of JT right now this guy does need to build to keep himself in the game right now six players do remain JT's materials are looking insane shadow mode go for it man use my credit card yo i N thank you so much man how do you make your own key I can just only people that have access to do it can do it guys you saw the game with yeah you thought I might start doing that in the next ream in the next year I might get with 300-400 people guys if you are not subscribed please do so we are literally under like 70 subscribers until we hit the end of the sheen go man which is insane thank you guys so much and if you have those notifications on as well guys that would mean the world but guys you're literally destroying the support man but JT is getting rushed on right now he has a lot of materials they do have a lot materials but they need to keep building AOB thank you so much that sub what's the password what's the like code for the game it changed after every game JT is hitting third party right now the material count is amazing there is a lot of play JT seems a little bit sandwich here but he is looking like no one's really rushing him there goes the deagle it's not gonna one-shot the brick though is it man come on I don't know why I said it like that JT going for the laser does connect one shot very very good stuff there I could think so we have 50 subs away guys around 50 subs away for the gold then we are literally down on the last 10k until we hit 400 K man JC connects with this shotgun shot right now let's go absolute beast write them on Gigi Jimbo is now down spectating 11 spectators guys we are seeing an intense camera now there are five players left for solos do you usually get more players at the end cycles but what will be will be turbo thank you for someone I appreciate it like see we are it was so close man 400 K is gonna be amazing I don't know why I'm just so excited to hit it and I like I just like it just it's such a big number to me and just 300k we beat on that number fade you said C foreign accounts crazy awesome man so then goes to the sport JT taunting the enemies they're showing them that he has just been a beast this game out but is he gonna go for aid you think of a something is he gonna go low ground or high ground guys that is a question you want to know JT is he gonna go the lows or is gonna go the eyes cuz we're gonna be doing man let's see I know flux see man it's crazy Jake thank you that sub guys Europe any guys it doesn't matter what platform you're on European servers are there caps in the code no no capitals no spaces they are as simple as they can be there as simple as they can be for eliminations to JT's name right now if anyone else in the circle has more that would be very interesting five players remain in this tiny circle all the players I don't know if they're I don't there's any jurors left guys I think they're only solos left JT getting ready to use all of the materials that he's gained to get at ER or going into the zone but yeah he's heading for that high ground he's in the position to do so which is so smart of him guys this JT right now has enough materials to literally stay at doing the high ground game boomerang think of it so guys we are bout to hit the stream got any minute man thank you so much of the sub go on JT man you got this game you can do it three players remain JT is and not got high ground anymore there's a play to his left that does have it higher all players are around about the same level right now this is in ten skies guys we're literally thirty two away I think or glad to redeploy that from the gingely gonna JT needs to get that safe zone no glider II deploy he needs to code and floor drop down a little bit that is a good idea so he doesn't die a full damage guys we about it JT does take a bit of food damage right there it is absolute oh my goodness the other player was lost so safe so but it's now the last two players right now can't JT do it he's got enough material he needs to take his time and reevaluate the game he needs to take his time he has a lot more materials and this other guy probably does have so he needs to just play it so defensively go for shots that you can hit say the higher ground and he is good but the other player is a talented players you guys can see right now oh what a player talent whitey it's Callum destroying JT there unfortunately for JT but would Kalin with a fast edit for eliminations 11 eliminations it seismic Adam congratulations gg let's go rise what an edit was shot Callum crazy flesh shoutout to YT underscore its – Callum I'm guessing he has a YouTube channel go shown that some support guys Wow what talam absolute beast of a player there man he does have a youtube because you have YT in his name I'm pretty sure so go check him out if he does I want man but yeah crazy I I don't know why I'm yawning like the ever do you're not tied at Euston yawn squads question mark flux see I think we are gonna do it the solos right now mine guys this is gonna be a solo game right now and the code is gonna be solo European servers it's gonna be solo seven go solo seven right now guys every motive ready solo seven is the code guys get that written in guys let's go sup 1500 thumbs up and create code is I'm fruity from Pattaya I'm sure Eilis such I think gifting might come back out tomorrow guys which is good gifting might come out because they send their tweet that they are unwrapping something for tomorrow's up there so I think they're gonna be doing gifting to compensate for the downtime life in the previous two days and they've been inactive in the updates guys we about late the goal everyone subscribe right now man 390 K is literally right around the corner alright guys we'll be at 400 Q players I'll go for them and we'll go in you were shaking kappa GG man crazy play on about 71 players left guys again code solo server no capsules faces 391 guys 9 players are allowed to join get in right now man guys were 20 way we're 2008 then 390 K that is the guy didn't expect to get this goal today guys oh my god guys if you smash that sub button right now I'll be amazing we're at 400 players oh my where I hit 20 away surely there's 20 people in here that haven't subscribed that'd be crazy also guys like the streamers about 1,500 likes is the goal and my crack code is at the right side speed alright Andy one do you want me at Andy won't be one me like yeah actually yeah yeah do it like right here Andy d1 is the area guys were seven away proplast even so guys about that 390 K which means we're on the last 10 K of 400 K you guys don't stream snuck me by the way if you want to win me and I'm here doing a little something though I'm gonna write on my chapter snack thank you for the sub guys six away let's go that is the goal of the scene guys guys about today and there we go we are about to 400k very soon guys all right we've got under it I don't care we hit it we hit it well we basically hit it I know who nd is all right no no no you do not take out nd how how are we getting shot out oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness come on No nd we're beforehand we know it guys me and him do you got third party that was the fair one I'm Jacob GG yeah unknown thing either matter – appreciate it guys that's why we do cost the matchmaking man Jax thank you for the song I appreciate it man yeah yeah I mean I want that Andy we both have to agree you know I don't wanna that one does it warm up yeah warm up down goes up see Harvey – whitey music Pro who is going in with the Swift edits and Wow there he goes back down to getting smacked by the plane out of nowhere like an RKO DGM dgg thrill thank you for the sub I was trying to do the aura justice 70 by know someone would have eliminated me while I was trying to find it yeah our MD fair enough ah I'll do that flipsie is getting a third party right now buy a load of people around the map we are now watching I cook who is vixx I was in the game wait was that vixx's actual name I doubt the vixx I got in but let me just double-check i'ma just shake I know it isn't it's not that's all yeah and wait is it wait was the name in the game I know it's wait what was it why haven't bought it have him what his name was in the game I don't know it probably it definitely is the real Victor obviously but it would've been cool if it would guys thank you from the bottom of my heart man 390 K riding for that 400 K every single day man let's go hey Carl thank you for the sub thank you guys so much for the brand new subscribers in the building man and the brand new people have like the stream and all that good stuff man the code changing after every game guys so I cannot tell you that yet yep look at this I cook has a bunch of people on right now misses a shotgun finished in with the AR there's another player there can he do it I don't think he can can e no oh my goodness get in third party and rookie bomb oh now we are watching Stefan who just got luckily it oh but play solo right now oh my goodness we're now in Jakari who is in the same fight 16 HP gonna need those bandages you're gonna try getting the Dex I don't know if I should do another one my cuz it's been actually I don't oh wait alright cool Thomas I'm PC pleasure and yes guys we should be doing this pretty much every single day okay guys so if you don't get it tonight then you're getting the next ten guys dude thank you so much for that sub man Shikari it has no alright flux see you can get involved this map I mean it's up to MD it's up to empty later they're from code ducky from above who is using the SMG the twist he does have a shotgun but I don't think he's gonna use it ducky here does have a shotgun they do have a shotgun Oh ducky comes out with the clutch Gigi now there's another play coming for the third party though they're gonna need to bandage lucky AJ man it's not my fault there's some people under ducky right now ducky needed to get to the safe area flux see I probably might seem tomorrow I might but guys I would if I miss a day of shaming the next day expect me to be live again all right I think the player that was on ducky right now is running away nice sticks a Jane I'm not too sure yet we are beasts thank you for that sub all code ducky is getting laser from the left side by didn't realize that it's rune is now taking I was only as fixed are not his fix are it's me vikkstar123 what like slop thank you that sub is the EU yes rune escapes with the jump ad right there you're the Omega that landed on me or my goodness what do you think of the C Davis is no another thing man it's intense I have no Noah for over a year now like yeah he used to do we used to rock elite like yeah basically that he used to be a rock league youtuber and we and I did rock well we order broccoli like rock link back then and then I mean I still kind of do rocket League sometimes but he's like funny quit now I think yes I don't know because I've no nose no for a freak quite some time he was code ducky you're on mobile fair enough man yeah but I'm nicest oh that's the thing yeah I've no no for a while so I mean I gotta be on note I know see they I know already funny both of them well I I mean I kind of know know a bit more as an actual person but no I think is I think is it's all for fun and games guys like they don't actually hate each other I bet there's some people out there that proper like probably gonna be proper like mad that they're there like then it guys trust me they wouldn't truly be you that I know each other rune is gonna try and get this plane out the sky yeah well sup Christopher man how you doing PewDiePie vs. t-series I don't know who's gonna win that one man close gap it's really is a PC play I'm pretty sure yeah nice flux see so many planes right now what's up go see she died unlucky burn how do you joint you type the code in when I tell you guys out again it cuts the matchmaking game you have to just get I give you a code to type in it the custom match make me click select game mode at the bottom right there's a little thing that says custom match making you go on that type in a code that I tell you to and then ready up and go into a game you have to be on European service as well Lucas nice we're letting your mugs as mum what's gonna be the custom match being keep the next one I'm not sure yet you're awesome thanks so much Brad Carson your sup man use my crank you so much Mike records I'm fruity for those that don't know but district thank you so much for using my foot great code I'm fruity in the app shop appreciate it man wow this is a stat one guys 32 players how do you get the code to tell to us I just tell it you in the sheen like I'm talking to you now I'll just say the code is and then I'll say whatever it is and then you guys type it in what is the delay is I don't know I don't have any delay on myself but YouTube obviously does delay the stream themselves sir thank you so much for infuse my support Craig code I don't see how these custom matchmaking games you KP loads of people do as well man it's super fun today really flux see I don't think we look anything similar what about here I mean my probably saying that because like we're probably just saying that we don't look like each other because like we are the people but like I know maybe two other people I don't know león is in the game look at the feed what is the code the code is I make a new ass every game but we have Rooney er going in a for these snipe does indeed miss connected with the plane 30 players remain lack of a our shots is going to be a problem right now is a bull's eye directly southwest the rift does go out what's up there how you doing kid different platform showing yes they can probably MD he unlucky sticks I read their feed and I think you're eliminated but you know it's a problem when you have less medium then you do shotgun and heavy ammo that's a problem there are some stink grenades just there I think he is gonna ignore them and lucky six 29 players left guys in this zone that's crazy you know what's 1v1 he wants one go on this man that just right there Chapman he's getting ruin is on a eliminations he is on the go for beating the record of the stream which is 11 by the way guys did somebody to be 11 we need someone to be 11 now we have a renegade Raider Oh third party there rune is very low very low a eliminations rune does need that record of 11 though 26 players in this tiny zone guys this is getting intense the renegade Raider is over the top of this player right now is ruin gonna be able to escape the renegade Raider nearby I'm not sure it's a cheeky bill bot rune connects with the high ground rune blocks out the other player they're ready get ready drop some of rune is getting third-party right now a eliminations of this players name right now the renegade Raider is getting dropped on right now spy trip does go in and again I'm not sure this could be either players game guys the players game right now Peru goes the SMG shots third party there – I believe that isn't running a radio the edits are coming out of that is not a renegade Raider guys I'm incorrect that is not a renegade Raider my bad guys i was not a renegade I think that was just a default I don't know why I thought I was in a run again there's a quite a few players right now rune is gonna need to heal up but doesn't have any heals on him gonna play the defensive role I believe so guys this is cross-platform guys EU servers and new codes after every game make sure you guys do indeed like subscribe Timbers of acacia not if you are new and also code I'm free in the app shop let's go 20 players left guys in this small circle down goes the gas grenades and out goes that player right there I mean upper cheek XD it was getting a laser it's gonna need to have to put that make it on right now is he gonna have time to get that make it off maybe maybe new code its matchmaking codes so if you write that same code as I have you'll get my game XD is going down for the loot right now very smart play we're seeing a golden hexia showing you guys some love in the chat man but XE is leaving a golden hand cannon but I mean he can't drop his AR I mean he can't drop his SMG for it because his SMG does have not too much ammo I mean it's AR doesn't all right stick so I look out from that is a renegade Raider that is I can confirm renegade Raider is in the lobby 52 damage share from XD they are both outside the zone none of them are glad to redeploy I don't think otherwise they would be running away XD right now is getting shot down the renegade Raider does give finished right there unlucky stuff XD needs to get into that safe zone I'll cut coz that had the record yeah you are sterling record of eleven but maybe someone else in this game might have that record but guys the storm Chungking five damage is XD gonna be able to make it off and he does just in time there's no time for looting here dude there's no time for looting but there is type there's a there's a going to redeploy right there above him there's a binary to play right above him not sure what he's doing this is very very very unlucky is he get I don't think he's not gonna make it no years gonna make it he will make it on 10 HP guys 5 HP Wow we're watching layin who has 7 eliminations tought see what shoud knew cuz this lame might beat your record if you have 7 right now layin only needs four more eliminations to beat the record guys this is intense right now layin with a decent amount over so I for my physics what's up man welcome to the stream make sure you guys have liked and subscribed anton FK shot if you're new and micro small k code is i'm fruity if you guys don't know belaying going in for the push loads of materials right now 14 players most stack lobby we've had probably all stream check this out guys 24 players i mean 14 players look in the distance of this zone layin opens it up does get a make it right there that's gonna come in handy gonna drink one more mini only gonna carry the spare one he's gonna go for the zone though playing it very safe what we'd like to see you guys what will I see you ladies going half man the play is coming out from at the stairs at the northwest is they ain't gonna go for lasers connects with two shots right there out of the three shots that is the 75 percent hit ratio right there don't know why I said it like that hey you guys all for the brand-new subs in the building he guys also much around the subs I do appreciate it guys late needs for more eliminations until he does indeed get the record but will he get it I'm not too sure man to get through four of these eliminations it's gonna be tough but he might do it now there's a player to his southwest he was going up a few one by ones but ladies gonna Wow 44 damage right there without shield that's gonna do a lot of damage Layton's gonna go for high ground right now just going with the spray with the on the enemy building I'm pretty sure there's someone below Layton as well you can definitely hear them though oh the play below might be trying to build up I'm not too sure this is super intense right now yeah there's definitely a play below yeah he's looking at he's looking about he does need to get to the safe zone as well he has a load of like meds and a decent material layin with the laser right there the other player has got a hand cannon I don't know how lanes gonna get in stuff out of this one man but you need to get to that safe zone it guys what we tailing the chat does they have enough material to survive 13 players in this next zone where does that play a hand cannoning from I'm not too sure where is that coming from not only is Layton confused right now I'm confused as well twelve players are left in this Lobby right now guys this is super super insane lanes going for some more materials though and he's gonna train gets that safe zone he does need to build though so he doesn't get tags cuz one here with a heavy sniper and he's out guys he's out he's getting into the next zone right now though yep he's gonna go in for the toe go for that high ground as well oh there's a player right there to the left it's gonna go in the snipe it sniped by another player somewhere else 11 players are remaining in the zone right now he's getting lasered his buildings getting later from Southwest there's a player problem as well he needs to watch out the player does even know oh my goodness ladies in the middle of two players right now how is he gonna deal and get out of this situation right now Layton later that person for 92 RPG does go in but oh my goodness how did that not hit Lane is the luckiest player right now I have that in there I thought that was gonna hit two players to his West one block by I believe and I think he has a good way to get into the safe zone all he has to do is 180 turn yeah guys Layton dad's a good way to get into the safe so man there's a campfire up there to his West I'm not sure if he doesn't have but guys ten players left this is the most that one this is definitely the biggest custom game we've had of players at the end in this stream there's a player below him does Emily's fire trucks no oh that was his own spy trap it wasn't it wasn't it wasn't Wow Layton super lucky right now how's he getting away with this Wow the other player has so many materials Layton is clutching up right now Wow oh man there's only three eliminations off I believe from a beating the record of the stream let's go this is so intense man the next zone is coming in another stink bomb goes off Layton is going to need to run the other enemy might have one more thing bomb but mainly to cover himself up he does take a little bit of damage right there the player does get edited in but laying does indeed take a head shot from Nicolas right there man unlucky stuff to lay and not too much he could have done that situation so but guys it was a good effort lay and definitely was sandwich the whole time though so there's not much he could've done but GG tulane right now we are now expecting Nicolas who is got one elimination and Nico pull this one out right now yes one elimination this is intense 75 HP and a hundred shield with a decent amount of materials the safe so does going back three players left super stack game right now guys super a load of players are in this final zone right now so this is a bull's-eye right now via spectating guys who's gonna make that okay so there's a lot of bills coming in so going back through is gonna be hard but yeah this play does have one elimination that was lit she just Layton alright it's Nick's I was gonna say but lame wood Layton could have potentially got the world record like the gate the record of the team RPG goes down he does do damage to himself Nicolas is in trouble now no medical supplies to his name 59 HP this is one shot with a shotgun if hit if it in the right way guys if you artist Charlie after seeing a like a sub would be very very appreciated but that there goes we've been out watching savage punter two eliminations it needs to get to that next zone gonna go for the bandages it's very risky very risky gonna need to diesel that wall he's not gonna have time to edit that now oh wow very very good edits the players above him savages enough materials to build unlucky from Salvage yeah a ton of material to build which didn't use it to his advantage he raised zer arrays white see guys did come out with a victory for eliminations guys shout out to cut see I believe it for getting the 11 eliminations world record of the stream right now he got the record for the stream 3 HP as well races on the guys I don't think everyone coming out here and how good has reached two days at sub goal and all that kind of stuff and obviously coming out here and make me sub got sub games as awesome as possible or something that sub guys I am gonna end the stream right now if you guys do want to get in with a chance to play some more custom matchmaking all you need to do is just have those notifications so you aren't ready for when we do the next stream but guys I'm gonna end it right now so yeah we've been shaming the three hours guys being crazy but ladies and gentlemen I'll see you the next remarry very soon tomorrow I have a ton of videos coming your way for the new update but guys I'll see you in the next room very very soon make sure you subscribe like Turner's personification zon if you're new code I'm fruity in the shop for that brand new camo and guys I'll see you in the next one have a great race today guys thank you so much for making these custom match makings as amazing as you've made them and guys update tomorrow so it's gonna be awesome Blaine gen apart from that see you in the next video all shooting very very soon see you guys in a bit and raising of a sub but guys have a great today and I'll see you in the next one peace ow

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