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22 thoughts on “Dota 2 Mythbusters – Ep. 97”

  1. The reason Io doesn't attack itself or its ally, is because the target of the ally's attack is still the enemy. The self-damage is not targeted, therefore Io cannot attack them.

    Also, you can deny yourself (as you probably saw in the Techies myth), because of how registered damage works. The damage dealt by Techies Remote Bombs is applied by the unit itself and NOT Techies, so when the Bomb explodes, after a certain amount of time, the game stops tracking damage sources, so the damage dealt to the hero is no longer applied by the unit (Bomb). As such, it defaults to a deny. This can be recreated by other abilities that treat the source as another unit, like Death Ward.

  2. What would happen if Terrorblade uses sunder on lifestealer? (lifestealer does not use infest on anyone).
    Since TB ult uses percentage and is a manual hp swap, his ult doesnt count as "damage" but a numerical hp loss.

  3. If Oracle uses his ultimate to delay a death to winter's curse, and an ally does the most damage during the oracle ultimate, it will count as a deny by that ally.
    Oracle ultimate attributes the kill to whomever did the most damage, and in that case it's an ally.

  4. On one of the matches, playing as Terrorblade, I somehow created phantomlancers-like Terrorblade yellow copies. But sometimes i had Phantomlancers copies to command, somehow Terrorblades. Does anyone know how does it work?

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