*EASY* GTA 5 MONEY GLITCH! (Become A Millionaire In Minutes) GTA Online Unlimited Money Glitch 1.46!

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*EASY* GTA 5 MONEY GLITCH! (Become A Millionaire In Minutes) GTA Online Unlimited Money Glitch 1.46!

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you would like to know how you can make millions of dollars very quick and GTA then hey everybody my name is captain and welcome back to the channel for a brand new so pretty much today what I have for you guys is a GTA 5 online a money glitch which is currently working right now it's been out for quite a while but if you guys would like to get a notification shout out and be featured on the screen they know what you guys have to do is subscribe to my youtube channel turn on old post notifications drop a like on this video and also comment hash tag notification squad and that is this so I just want to give you guys a quick heads up where have I been on the channel I've been reflecting over my channel been trying to improve my content and I just want to put a little bit more effort into these videos I want to sort of entertain you guys and I want to pretty much make glitches at the same time so if I can do both of those things and keep you guys happy that would be amazing so I hope you guys do stick around on the channel with all that being said let's get straight into today's glitch video ideally with this good you guys can see on the screen right here and this is from one of the highest now you're gonna need a friend for this okay if you guys don't have a friend don't click off the video go to the comment section down below and comment your PlayStation ID or your Xbox gamer tag or even on Steam because this does work for all consoles or even all platforms you guys can make a lot of money and how you do this is pretty much you can see on the screen now what you want to do is you want someone who can start up a heist and it should be the finale so for our case it's the Bogdan problem but you guys can go ahead and do the new highest like doomsday highest and all that and you guys can make a lot of money from this so pretty much what you want to do is set the most amount of percent towards your friend or for like whoever you want to give the money to so I would suggest if you guys are a high level or high rank and you have a lot of money already just get one of your friends or help someone out in the comments section by helping them get money because it's a very easy money glitch now I'm gonna explain to you guys how you can actually get the money glitch to work and how you can get to do this heist over and over again because a lot of people like captain it doesn't work well it does so pretty much at this stage here as soon as you get that mission ending screen in a second what you want to do is if you're the actual host of this heist you're the one who wants to go ahead and actually close your applications so right now as soon as we hit that on like the aqua colored background you want to go ahead if you're the host you want to go ahead and close your application and now my friend goes ahead and closes the application and you get the actual earnings of like 1.1 to 1.3 million dollars so it is so worth of this guy's you can literally make a lot of money from this and it is such an insane money glitch it's been in the game for a long time but I thought I would upload this so I am currently in the works of trying to improve my content here on the channel so of course please do leave me some suggestions down below on what you guys would like to see here daily on the channel so with all that being said thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys have had an amazing day with all that being said my name is captain you guys have been amazing and I'll see you on the next one

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