EG vs NaVi DreamLeague Major Highlights 2019 Dota 2

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EG vs NaVi DreamLeague Major 2019 Highlights Dota 2 DPC Stockholm Major Season 11 #DreamLeagueMajor ➜ Watch Live: ➜ Twitter: ► Commentary by @KillerPigeon & @LacosteDota ◄ 💟 Subscribe for more: ➜ ▼ 14.03.2019 [Full Highlights] Bo3 – Group D Round 1

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Team Natus Vincere NaVi Dota 2: Crystallize, MagicaL, Blizzy, SoNNeikO, Chuvash.
Team Evil Geniuses EG Dota 2: Arteezy RTZ, Sumail, s4, Cr1t, Fly.

Tournament – The Stockholm Major 2019 DreamLeague Major Dota 2 Highlights DPC Season 11 – Group Stage #StockholmMajor
Group A: Team Secret, Keen Gaming KG, Team Liquid, J.Storm Jeremy Storm.
Group B: Fnatic, NiP Ninjas in Pyjamas, LGD PSG.LGD, Infamous.
Group C: Virtus Pro VP, Ehome, FWD Forward Gaming, Mineski Mski.
Group D: Evil Geniuses EG, Natus Vincere NaVi, Vici Gaming VG, Chaos Esports Club.

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that was a nice of you bangs it'd be bail here because you got brewmaster nygma you have a decent amount posh if you're easy right now I can for them Rana though s4 at least claims one for his team do you pick up the bottle as well just wants to try and just spam out the claps and force blizzy away occasionally we're in the race the level six ball can do off that snake and meanwhile being rude I'll tease him weave on top of them oh I finally find it there's your first blood eg they were hungry for something because in fact this su mo dudes actually just leap up to the high ground expecting him to be there yeah down the end I'm a lil he can fool us as well there you go well let's see if magical can fool them it's gonna need to be our guys get boys she's gonna try and fro the lights are great but it's too late the damage overwhelms him the TP will not be in time in fact there's a very long one for chief if that tier 1 tower and open up the map as a result of that mid lane now being accessible please master they need to use this split all and useful Laguna to make sure he doesn't let's still go though they say ok they use the primer Roy these the Laguna got nothing looked in the chamber and Vlad's that's a lot of damage but I don't think eg should be too much considered about this first Rose 14 minutes in no I'll just let it happen Oh Kris like this is Hannah Magus you have to take out their Oracle if you want to fight otherwise as we saw last time you for either primal raw decently gone that's your big initiation ultimate just wasted oh do we gonna go and troll that's gonna do it crystallizes here from Zack bag gonna Club him to him pretty damn hard and bring him down the CA gets expanded already the TP response is coming in from tusk alone did he get more people here though the black hole as well now the guys don't move proven maybe too late the bout trance activated though troll cyclone doc though turn around look towards qu is dead it's okay when he comes down though by the troughs in their life the hell holds true as he does fall Kris lies dead but soon looking for more than I'm pretty deep as for just back up they can't into the tower he's owned the rest of Navi away you'll stop in the air like a it's gonna be easy though balsam away and Beastmaster is on the split-push got a cap off with miss Webb in the bot lane so deg love ever raise been said eg decide to back away they don't want to give over a tower I even if sneak will trade instead they leave some behind crib and buy his own team to mail all the TP away he sure doesn't have any beliefs they might bet if I fly though they've got the ice shots into my answer from behind there's a primary role they find out it's easy there's the postpones to protect him and fly he knows he's not getting out of it she could try and brew them of ice time so those he's gonna least go in for a kill or retreat instead us it makes the move to try and attack them back but it's too late he's dead they they really can't Beastmaster has a blink dagger but he was on a different side of the map he's focused on the split pushing and that's what the blink is doing snow his initiation tool it's just so you can safely do that when my shot of being used they want a backstop here and a magical that is trying to room up on this spot he'll use up in the air though be brought back down to his death maybe and a God trying to turn around the back hole comes out though just for the leaner and the creeps besides you trying to back away the post promise was expended on the fly himself to keep himself bounced in her life and he will live high shots free won't be enough he's full HP virtue he's soon to be no HP they run him through and kill him off oh man Oracle what a hero he Burges off you'll scepter DB divine favored you name it everything was thrown at the Lina apart from the Oracle but then again he doesn't care oh just hang back of his car strange talent at level 15 he'll be able to save people from afar once coming on Beastmaster and they'll still the creeps noble blink aim the gun on the crit most promise to try and protect him like breaker right once give a black hole Bokashi move any stunt on the spot crystallite the BKB there it is like all the two enjoyed the promo rule though now fret he just melts he's gone you will stop in the every monster in trouble when he returns to the ground no splint for 14 seconds he won't get a chance to reach him they hit zoom out with the whirling axes ice shots where they ping one rtz they want to pursue this to does have the snowball as well who move through the enrages available the other by back comes out from the brewmaster and want to turn around start he knows he needs to hit the shrine to stay alive looking for morrison echo will go down and now it says romney Rachel I thinking a lot Damocles give them out trots used to pop against these bursts of hates on the card the disarm coming out with a busy that you can't do anything troll locked on this spot turned around on and killed off and now chasing bomb Orioles is gonna come out Lina no easy way to escape from this wolf for as well they obliterate Navi like he tried to use a couple of things in this choke points as you call it's was not very effective no an eg every time they see these small mistakes they capitalize on it they got us a far enough away the buyback was worthwhile and I mean won't you he spoke of him he's making place in the mid lane at least my to kill no Oracle and the questions will be asked as the why fly was out there pushing the line yeah you get a little bit confident right you take those big fights you like ours nowhere they instantly punish me and then you learn that actually in the game of Dora there is such a thing as a close game yeah if they use their you'll scepters their Beastmaster roars and they don't target the Marana and they should not she's just gonna right they're gonna try from rule comes out there's leap first you'll start though should be out escape from this is stun interrupts much come use the low striker a now sumail it's got no more leaves so these one second again if the egg is gonna be expended tepees come in clap comes out mass pornos flip 25 seconds bkb's activate looking farmers crystal ice thunder up they're gonna get free low you feel the bow shots doesn't want to throw it out right now though then when light shadow does hide them crystallize trying to fight off out trying to be there be gave me from art easy to move away though so figured about turning around this he might try in a second because crystallize now have no way of stay alive let's turn around but they can't lie striker hso amount as well go zoom the clock there it is our group allows them to go for this to with it so ball won't be able to save the line patrol and now snake Oh trouble as well he will pull and shooters needs to get out why she's coming up magical place right great finally gonna be there the collapse losing down the Crypt through and sumail gets himself a triple kill each yeah Lincoln's fear against you'll scepter to initiate or Beastmaster roar it's gonna be so good plus double damage on top of Mjolnir and look who they found from rule coming out it's full you got punished for being out here but now you're outside your base do eg1 initiate is the thing it looks like they're gonna actually just be cautious and back away they might be interrupted that's easy oh I shot the block in the mid the small reveal them as well as give me a stop coming out at us locked on the spot carnation dart easy that's this on it all the UI coming out and we'll still be equal quick black hole buddy rates moving in Tuscola dancin bashing now pulse pulse with Tekken crit needs the black hole the 2008 drop the old the tuba gets interrupted Tuscaloosa will go down note that as well in sumail just dominating the fight with that DD troll on the side can it be disarmed again ecomp up against the Nazis it's fine you want a man fight I'll do it let's go you cheat down the mid lane and once again the story is all about Marana this DD brutalizing the entire Navi they've made a decision to buy back on one here the one trying to save the rest of the money but they might be two lanes down cuz I don't think eg want to leave and she was trying to get CML away we'll be able to do so but they are running out buildings in this bot lane the melee rax taking a lot of damage the double cowboy it's not being dealt with axes will get them low but they're still here there it is rats will fall so now you're too full lanes down Oh Chinese stacking Roshan sand that's gonna be to refresh orbs shards for him a step Lane how rush works I mean you can get something ferocious as Roshan appearing in the pit in the moment cuz two males on his way and now moving in seize the opportunity net go he's once the arrow furry nose crystallizes here and crystallize being out the base like this he's got TP he's trying actually get out now the off and thinking on mid lane magical BKB I bet you'll try and move away parties ago and it he needs the bash but where's the rng from rule comes out and stop him now great trying to suport can't get the blackhole arms or tunes that will hold on – enough blizzy being chased onto as well I'm in the trees magical trying the black hole comes down the Beast monsters done it might be low enough match gonna move away but notsu Mel gets the kill the find one on duplicity as well and now EG can clean up the rest of the base the only move they have left is crystallizing the top lane just trying to split push and now we can start thinking what they want to pick and ban in the second game they're really not in a rush they have queue cheese's ages and refresher plus now they have abyssal blade on Ursa I get trying to move in stones gonna come out I saw there it is plot that's for trump this blip will get up off the snowball can connect and shoo he's in trouble now you already use the snowball use the move away quicker than this can be pursued by steam elf links across to ensure that killed dodging out the whirling axis as well by back comes our for us there's already tapping on your buildings knock knock is anyone home because if you are you might want to start defending your final buildings by clung keeping Lina up in the air RTC member for disarm comes out you spent a lot of tension the rates as well it's hang it all now s for gonna refresh go through the secondary split and no pulses out that's low damage to tasks and now crystallize move forward about trust the vkb is gonna reverse that's the standing fight the false promise to keep him alive trying to buy time to another and rage maybe I ought to get the kill just roll before you have to expend the eggs might not even do so because he's healed up enough and magical throws out the look universe going up the chichi comes out Navi they know they can't win this first game instead easy taking the first game sticks them in the lead and well hey are looking for Rochas after what was I say a rough start especially for TZ in that lane of face there at the but another time yeah they're thinking about this and it's okay the Medusa coming out magical managed to find the wore down amid that ate it with a tango there's gonna be some extra HP for him but sumail that means it's a male he always does well in the laning stage it's lights take a lot of damage he's gonna turn around the crit yeah I'm launched comes out though crit stands his ground first blood drawn mister kill him to the US and that's negoro he's been blocked by some creeps toss back as well he has no escape from the Senate goes gonna fool one more here and s4 get it double kill for the venomancer we're only two minutes into the game wonder if he opts for an early point in niacin I wonder if he tries finale point now sharks you can go for like the Podge play and then jump on top of s4 but you know just kind of accepted their fate with this top lane I make a move on a school if he keeps being greedy yup they're gonna room up Chris life getting pretty low and the girl is still running on tip so instead it's good turnaround into in the meantime blizzy will go down the bottle ain't easy and crystallize has to retreat we're gonna fire going avalanche sniping him out game pretty low and it looks like it's you take out the poison the girl comes out understand echo and s4o he's gonna live he's got some life Oh flask + power treads on strength is gonna keep him alive venomancer is the hero that builds pretty much every single item in game you name it he can build it and it just pets him Basha alright making me look bad right now I mean you could you get the bashing range on the earth here he's dead he's dead this time No or is he it's gonna be close they're trying to poison him up toss up across and say say thank you very much to Niko you thought you were saving his life instead you helped us kill him there's a rotation towards top that they want to punish crits aggression and very aggressive he is she's moving across our lines coming up the shock was already there with that the tiny will fall yeah amber spirit popped enemies room they don't have a shrine so this could be a potential killer on Medusa moving in he's built the flame gone level free magic cool he doesn't care about him actually go straight for sonneiko instead so that's the easy kill to find protect from the magic damage Jamel purged often before with the remnant but now needs to ball up and run for the high hills I don't know if you get enough regen Eva he may have been a little bit too greedy just about will get enough mana but he won't be able to move away in time the shackles comes out and he will fall he just feels like he's wasting time s4 can afford to do this because while he's doing that tibi sin top and net worth and soo mal is farming as well life starts coming out great she's trying to escape won't we got to do so though you got to low but not low enough searing chains is there but that's a level 6 brew master so su millage is back away grep top lane DB meta thank you as well this Ursa they might wish for the tier 2 yeah they're gonna push tier 2 Tower and they're also gonna pressure the tier 1 tower on med and it kind of fits with this mobility element right you got the Ambo you're gonna have a CB move very fast one of the biggest downsides to ver know is how slow he is offsets that moving pretty fast and toppling drums come out and I tease he tries to move away this little bit too late they can hex him no chance for asunder and lunch toss coming out trying to find a revenge kill but not able to do so instead he leads another one behind as flies as well and that's kind of things that you've got this lead for eg but some of that does come out of these free tires have taken a caffeine chaser why is gonna catch him the nightmare and reinforcements are here and see Mel he wants to kill by fist in law what bruise him pretty low and they'll kill him off no way to protect himself the pings come up they sought you as well we'll stop board s what goes in with a gal and rages use of crystal ice you just run away but you might not be so lucky it's gonna be there first down the wards as well but he too late he's dead I'm comin blizzy goes off the split s4 pretty low here you want to try and find the kill cycloned up and the other gonna look for fly off it was the first thing you get rid our sport Brett being chased by crystal eyes but won't be killed off they will at least find a kill never know they might find one of the vein as well as fly has been abandoned by his team all right they got few returned kills I was expecting this the my experience doesn't end very well yeah bubble games usually don't end well yeah my pop games used to end well in general thus that's the different discussions Oh jumping claps come now please leave this play as well now as for tried to force top away but it's too little too late he will be left behind and they'll be content if that's the only thing they lose from a split they all lose more it's been found as well the hex is there the shackles as well would ensure that he meets his death shortly thank you Yura though makes you work for that doesn't mean they give the killed a magical though which is even better what you don't actually get the active effect any man anymore so you can't speed around ya next item BKB I don't think he needs no bullying let go near they found amber shackled on the spot with the rage active crystallize does enough damage and that's a big pickoff him on the mid lane though the town around the summer sénèque who's gonna get load but Krita needs to TP away the crits though ironically a little bit too strong will kill him off I think it's just got reclaims so I tease he was thinking about getting aggressive decided against them but they all love the creep wave take this tile take it they will fly has got the fiends grip we've gone too magical here Elle comes out he's thinking about it gonna purge him off though and that's the moment to move because awkward you show his face most promos forced onto him at himself actually now nightmare dot Medusa Hollen place for a long time splits gonna come out and Lizzie chase afford looking on vein as he's gonna back up a little bit see Mel needs to be careful crystallize try and he'll undo but can't do enough damage the meantime Bain with a feed script lasting a long time they'll finally get rid of Avalon sauce company brew crimpy gave you up crystallize gonna chase pop with a race active and now tiny for stuff to save deeper for how long in the sunny mom aunt easy running away because the stone gaze is active and now hexed up tiny shackled on the spot will pull RTZ just using this BKB to run away and Navi take a convincing fighter it should be like point out right that was ideal for eg the way they were able to snipe out Oracle but not be able to react to that fight yeah or pretty mean go down that's the beautiful thing about it but it's just the way that they forced the false promise on Seneca right all of his abilities that they were worried about one available in that fight and that Medusa is level twenty which means she has extra mystic snake mana steel and all these heroes are man independent especially TV like he's mana pool is shitty we did mention earlier CB now included me wants all flame they fast email that's a pretty big pick off for them as well because now they didn't have to worry about that split pushing Nobby is back baby at least in this game zombies back maybe to offer brackets it's been a while since I've had that feeling Lizzie he's been Geldof Oh baby with him as well so everything's gonna last even longest game pretty low in the reflection it'll end up killing himself offered the post almost there to save his life and I guess start healing him up be enough to save his life mr. Nager gives his him return as they decide but I kill IVA launch coming in actually trying for the plane to be their own crit that was a little bit too greedy before one Wow one full one but they were already one mine down so maybe they feel good about that I don't think Ichi and they have the nose is going on the other g-scan but I think you dropped it nope pull it down Brett was contemplating going first night unable to do so actually give it across the magical will keep her from the top lane she's trying to force people back here is building it's the Agins next too much of a surprise that that is the way he's chosen to go in this type of game I'll jump in but I see a bash on Ben's dead the no chance of escape the pings come up with sumail already looking to run away waiting for him remnant out Oh for a moment yeah that was the Earthshaker considering how aggressive him blinking yeah I mean you know he caught the ground he slowed him I'm sure embers not scared of it they should be nice out manner oh no they got a Lincoln spot really in time the route will though and now they can move in hex there as well I'm gonna try for stuff from the safety chaser food plot let's coming out and see male 1 more rabbit rows that last one is go out and they'll already chased them until they've got both sides covered now the jump in there's the point of coming up the mess for and he actually do enough of it though does it look like he won't survive to see the machinations of his creation instead tiny will go down alongside him as they find to pick offs and meeting a big armored committed from s4 in that fight as well brother Ward's two men down you to buy a little bit of time but you might have to fuck this tower dump in go fort hex comes out long raised and flies got nice initiation from chew without blink and they four lanes doing a lot of work force to the buy back insulin CML I think it's been popped wants to back away magical think slowed down a little bit without people not they're making really hate shackles coming out on TV as well gonna room on the spot turns him into a little sheepy chump it novel watch coming now this the beat gave me for my school fees grip though as well he's got the agus though that's the problem the post promised coming out saves his life and now turns around with the gays gonna pull some weights under out Crystal Eye Stein's grumbling rage I'll tease you need to back away but as fulls already down blowing him up arty is he gonna be chased one do the batch comes out and he's dead no chance he escapes from that be kvite made by blaze he wants to fight but not crystallize blink afford now find the opportunities there's a movement away by crate just in time he's blinking now now he's in trouble because this bear is hungry for food and you look edible base and full form or CML a little bit alone here has no remnants to walk with has to buy some time they say no wait he's just trying to distract us we've got creep go for the high ground take the racks magical needs to be careful that is about to expire searing chance box him on the spot there it is extra clean he won't get the benefits of the regen but they will be out the back away yell coming up from s4 does connect they slowed him down a lot but do they want to go they do blink Ford crit goes with the Avalanche does connect them to match but what's so fast on this Medusa with a bit of trouble Nicky be I to bed now please he's looking turn around they're trying to just force a big EBI light easy but there's a BKB he doesn't actually have em pre long Manor has enough of the Sun door through this so it's gonna be these long-range shackles on the beam does connect magical the B game evolve will clean up the kill on the fly and now the enrage activate crystal lights just making sure they can't turn around on turn I have a lunch toss coming out do find the killer Oracle though remnants Ford chase and CML once this they pop the Lincoln's heck's gonna be there and that may have been a mistake you can't be way quick enough candy now this shock was gonna be that and with that he's gonna fall poisoned over as well as the pass goes on that's poor he can't escape one more hit gets is the double killer magical eg still trying to fire up Chris gonna turn around VI blows toss up in the air magic we rose down they find him art easy will find the kiln the side to get rid of Chris lies and others gonna make initiate the cleanup is they do get the killer's charm as well the brewmaster did TP away didn't want to give up that gem but that's a big victory Fiji heavens halberd is is the item in this game like it if he had GPM talents free heavens halberd against both of these scores who rely on right-clicks avalanche great he went pretty deep here heck stopping crime before stopped away but shackled up on the spot and they no roaches up even really long eating a milk yeah everyone's joining in everyone hates crit in this game now they're gonna go to work Oh sissies Rocha once rush and you do anything right now they're gonna go into poison Nova Sports lows him down the Gaels well long range hex coming out BKB from blizzy in the long range chuckles as well nightmare buys a little bit of time baseball can you get away . up the high ground and now on TV right cleaning the magical trying to get Malloy pkv i debated trying to get the killer medusa but there's a false promise to protect on TZ needs to back away neither he gave me runs out sunder gets understand a go get again blow he stays alive and odd TZ will not be so lucky now they're looking to run down the rest of eg the shackles are out to find the killer ember being joined him on the side the buyback from our TV what is it for you have no son you have no metamorphosis and soon you're gonna have no life Jack wood up s4 trying to move in and do anything he came to help but he has no way of him dropping that shackle god this this might be the winner for Navi because you have no buyback when you're terribly you gotta call agates gg1 one not to played extremely well in this game they managed to come back from a really bad laning stage especially you said was always on top it's diamond medusa which means she's gonna spend a lot of time in the dire triangle just the farming up all the shadow shaman good for the out okay so here are the can benefit from the impove also farms rapidly on its own yeah the battle of leyte game they are indeed like there's not too much kill potential from mag and bain unless they get a skewer on oracle specters just gonna be able to run away but bagger has a stout shield they really hit killer top lane just as we say these lanes should be pre passive in the end it's actually Navi strike first to find a kill on to definitely the most tanky individual in a cheese lineup I'm surprised that hunter doesn't have a single point in a gush yeah shadow shamans bit of damage he hits pretty hard now you got Shaun there you shot him in he turns around the shotgun tusks and free low willing ice come out if you shot gets to kill and crit gonna run away from crystallize needs to be careful at sea because he might turn around doesn't have enough mana for any shots crystal ice will be fine yeah because 500 right now has a lot of mana that is unspent and but that gosh that would probably be a a kill on troll warlord runes are gonna spawn they want to contest I'm gonna grab as many as possible considering there's alchemists on their team 1 to 2 for eg right now and – two – in the end plus they got a kill on fly try to actually go and snatch the rune from Ryan Daugherty's he's nice Viper's backstabbing here someone like a plan of magical little bit far out there's a viper strike will slow him down em fox as well in the shack we've stuck in here he's dead big pickoff probably the biggest one that EG can find on this map actually yes no way it's awesome well secure the ruin of these four rooms this is gonna be huge for a Navi oh but bein be slowed down maybe it won't be fly he's just quick enough oh no when lace is needed of the differences he has boots and snake Oh does not he want botlane off he coming out looking onto the specter here once trying games no boys well he needs to escape the horn you'll get away he goes through the top lane and now it's gonna turn it into a kills bane is held on the spot they say thank you for revealing your entire team and enabling an easy push in the top lane that's how you play Spectre nicely done by our TZ and while no V's fighting farm they're fighting it in an inefficient location because this puts you so far away from the pit Spector realizes there's there's a lot of people on the bot lane and she's just farming the top side of the map before our gonna be coming out and now the horn is well gonna get to roll up our trucks just in time he gets himself out of the woods because that push out and now a toast on the side Magnus will fall crystallize kind out we'll go down with him that was their initiation every time these horns screw up the initiation of the RPS from Navi the other four guys on his team can't play aggressive they they're also playing against alchemists which means that he wants to farm that's radiance and they can see in farming which means that the is close to it but does not have it yet that they find Magnus farming is well they punish him straight away nice smoke rotation moving towards tops as well yes we will give you unlimited bzz sets well if it's a golden one it's extremely expensive sorry no no God no God um another rich s4 okay skew attempt not quite here two has got the shots though although how heavily have you committed to this tidehunter they might realize no one else is here with him he's gonna run around oh the Blago turns back like he has a full team behind him looking at things so aggressive so deep but he does have a team behind in I assume Elle's arrived as well the Robbie's goes out trolling trouble Gabrielle Oh can't get the fire on Sal and they can actually push on this tower they're so tanky between the two of them and your alchemist doesn't want to fight he's on the radiant side of the map farming as for once the maybe a second light I think you probably give it across the sumail I don't know if s4 needs it but then again I mean we saw out deep he went with our niggas Annie are you going to divorce email get up oh they commit the off heat they scooter back the hole is gonna come out as well now you can move into this jail bitch sumail getting free loads gonna make up sale like Marty's East back stabs the back line pain get free love leave me wait Eva shop Mel through them now the ballot runs below to Mel's ghost I live look at that HP the rentals from is just inside the grip not doing enough no Specter just burning them all down and EG sacrifice one to take the many as free die from Navi and all they give over is a scary I don't even know why I should call by for dragon man let's call him a dragon if s4 finishes his deso and he's just 200 to go all the way from it that's gonna give him an easy time getting the Rosh Lizzy lose he's been found Chris is walking by and he found a surprise oh yeah I did like blizzy was trying to man now it's just playing out of his mind this game 14 out of 17 kills participation didn't die once level 12 as shadow shaman 20 minutes and has a blink dagger and for staff queued up all right 24 you know 20 40 minutes that's not much okay that's just 2 times 10 minutes you know 20 minutes it's not too much oh this is painful though alchemist that's the kill you can't afford to give over and they just found in the manor doesn't get him out now though just push for the high ground they've got a cap off as well and their sport will tank the entirety of the damage coming out from that tear free at school not here the stun for too long but arteezy's in your base now he's joined in they can move straight to bought after this and they will do so they have no ways of locking the dive hunter which means that he's gonna get his ravage off if they try to initiate so Navi is in a really tough spot right now they need to do something but they really can't they need to do something very big a nest full might be the one to do it instead he's got the rabbits ready snowballs gonna come out we're all a fruit straight across onto crib Wolf's punch in the air but she was already dead my back does come out US needs to hold this magical active it's the chemical rage dodging up the stun right now burns across on the s4 they still call types of Spector he's a force to be reckoned with for those illusions be a second lien going and if you have to be very careful because if you slip up once it's not V it's not just two lanes you'll be free I mean you skewer them back all you're doing is encouraging a ravage and that's why there has to do anything about three blink dagger stirring back into your own team Oh magical gonna move away over the chemical rage just give back this spell together the eight toes still think these down swipes rates gonna be on the side crystallize being kind out match put on a half-page be already done on the spot charging out the stun right now the bio trance just in time for troll really low HP shaman hexa don't look to be way off he connects look stupid now the rabbit know he was free to go and that's for looks upon this ball the ball it's gonna be using now five acts coming up the troll and the Magnus as well but though they've lost magical women cheesy comes out eg in dominant fashion take this deciding game between the two teams yeah this is just perfect game and the draft from eg they played it extremely well hunted down Alchemist in the jungle delaying his raid inspector almost got the same timing on radiance as alchemist that's pretty insane also I gotta give credit once again to shadow shaman crit played extremely well

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