Game Mode & Basic Features of Bloody Key Dominator | Bloody Keyboards

Basic Key bindings like turning on game mode on your Bloody Keyboard. Use Key Dominator Software.

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Bloody Key Dominator 1 Software Guide
Part 1: Game Mode & Features |
Part 2: Profiles & Key Bindings |
Part 3: Using SuperCombo |
Part 4: Creating an Oscar Macro |
Part 5: Automatically switch gear using Macro |

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15 thoughts on “Game Mode & Basic Features of Bloody Key Dominator | Bloody Keyboards”

  1. Hello i just bought the Bloody B930 and i can't find the Fn Lock key it's a tenkeyless keyboard can i program another key to function as the numlock key?Also can i save the rgb modes onboard without having the app installed in my pc?

  2. Hello I want to make makro:
    2 key presses A+Q at one button for example "A" button. Now important thing.
    When I press A button and hold, I want to press to buttons simultaneously "QA" and hold them (Q+A) but when I realease "A" button I want to end macro.
    I tried cycles mode but its not working correctly

  3. I have a big problem i have bloody b120 keyboard and downloaded a keydominator 2 v2018.1022. i installed it and when i opened it i immidietly turned off and my keyboard stoped working. when i opened it i've seen a comunicate "Xls file not found. Closing…" HELP ME!

  4. I'm using a B845R and downloaded KeyDominator2_v2017.1102A_MUI, but I see no way to install it. There's a setup.ini, but no setup.exe. How's KeyDominator2 installed? When I run KeyDominator2.exe in the program files folder, no software installs or is run.

  5. Does it have onboard memory like their mice? Once I set a macro with the software can I use that macro on a different computer that doesn't have the software?

  6. Good video, but there's a problem with mine. For some reason, the keyboard lights started to do this glow bright then go down then go bright again thing, and it won't stop. Like slow blinking! It happened after I installed this program, and changing the lights settings from the lightbulb button won't work! I'm using a B314 keyboard, which should be compatible with the KeyDominator 2 I downloaded from the Bloody website. Is there a way to fix this?

  7. Cool video but i have a problem. A4 Tech Bloody B740a, i try 2 set macro on my keyboard but i got notiffication "Script size is too big, not enough memory". Keyboard use his own memory. Is any other way to set this?

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