Grand Theft Auto V – Lamar Down: Tanisha Marks Visits Franklin Clinton "You Ain't Changing" Cutscene

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Grand Theft Auto V – Lamar Down: Tanisha Marks Visits Franklin Clinton “You Ain’t Changing” Cutscene


38 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto V – Lamar Down: Tanisha Marks Visits Franklin Clinton "You Ain't Changing" Cutscene”

  1. Tanisha is stupid. She complains Franklin doesn't grow up and out of the hood, yet when he does, she still doesn't see that he actually got out of that ghetto gang stuff. He is living well and safe but she still picks on his past like she has nothing else to do.

  2. Tanisha is completely in the right here. She’s not scolding him for abandoning the hood. She’s scolding him because he’s abandoning his friends. She only mentioned her fiancé/doctor when Franklin was attempting to flirt with her. Tanisha is going about her life the legal way with no crime. Despite this she still was friends with Franklin and Lamar. She easily could turn them in for their murderous crimes but she doesn’t because she cares about them.

  3. I feel sad about franklin because he think money is everything and when he heard the ring he feel so happy that someone came to his house and for tanisha she is right about franklin but she do the same thing franklin do she left her bestfriends

  4. Everyone says they hate Franklin because he's a self-centered egotistical asshole. He isn't. You have to have lived a life like his to understand why he acts like that. It isn't because he is self centered. He grew up in the hood, with all the hood drama, and all the hood problems. Every single day people trying to rob you, or stab you in the back both literally and figuratively. There is a point where you just can't take that shit anymore. Franklin saw the way out through Michael's crew and he took it. It wasn't because he thought he was better than everyone else like Lamar says, it was because he needed to get out of that self destructive lifestyle of gang warfare every day and night.

    People that get out of the hood and go to college in real life have people say the same thing about them when they get a successful career. It's just jealous envy and those people taking it out on others for having a shit life they didn't push themselves to improve on.

  5. This is one of the reasons why I hate Tanisha: She's a hypocrite. She wants to track down Franklin and yell at him for moving out of the hood when she did the exact same thing. Another reason I hate her is because everytime she sees Franklin she tells him I'm marrying a doctor blah blah blah. He knows your marrying a doctor Bitch There's no need to rub it in his face. Also I never heard her say I love him (the doctor) so she's most likely with him for his money and the things he's buying her because if you look on her life invader page you can see comments like he bought me these name brand shoes or I got drinks at this expensive place and blah blah blah. I know Tanisha and Franklin grew up together but in my opinion I think Franklin could of done better than a hypocrite Bitch that's gonna to rub her marriage to a doctor in his face latter on in his life.

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