Grand Theft Auto V – Sabre Tooth

I went racing with Dolce and then this happened (aka Mr. Blonde has some fun before finishing his job).

Check out Dolce’s version at his channel:


Idea for a head-to-head with Dolce originated from the Twitter user LIIMAPERSE. His name translates to GLUEASS. Just wanted to point that out.

Song: George Baker Selection – Little Green Bag

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26 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto V – Sabre Tooth”

  1. Sabre Turbo is the best car. I wish there was a Duke O' Death version. It was the first car I got in online almost a whole year ago on July 12, and I still have it to this day. I made it to look like the GTA IV Sabre GT because it was the only car I would had driven anywhere.

  2. Hey Berdu, I've watched all of your GTA 5 content and wanted to know if I could join the crew and make videos with you guys. I've got some cool ideas in mind and have started making some already. Thanks, Royal Flush.

  3. A poignant story of two men who love cars and cigarettes. Racing their cars but pacing their smokes. Discovering themselves in a uniquely thrilling and primal way. However they ultimately cannot connect, despite their compelling dance, and the relationship ends in heartache and a gasoline soaked bonfire of vanities.
    Mental Note: Do not borrow money from Berdu, he will knock you out and burn your car if you are late on a payment.

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