How To Become Invisible Easily In Fortnite Glitch (New) Fortnite Glitches Season 6 PS4/Xbox one 2018

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In this video I am going to show you how to become completely Invisible Glitch in Fortnite Battle Royale.

This is the easiest glitch of season 6 in Fortnite and will allow you to become invisible and invincible at the same time.

And its working on all gaming consoles including PC and mobile.

instructions :-

Just go to the location and try to get inside the rock and it’ll make you invisible if you do everything correctly.

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and we're back to summer for nature and in this video guys I've got this really amazing glitch to become invisible for every single person the game guys to be honest this is the easiest clip so far in season six and you guys are not going to believe me it's that easy you don't need to do anything you don't need to build a single structure to get inside this clicks right so in this video I'll show you how to do it and the best part about this glitch is you guys can shoot outside you guys can stay in here as long as you want and no one can shoot you so basically this case gonna make you invisible as well as invincible and it's going to look like this while you're inside the rock or whatever it is so in this one I'm gonna explain every single day about this glitch case and I will try my best to tell you how the glitch works and one of the good things and about the bad things right and yeah guys you're doing everyday shouted in our channel and today's shout-out goes to two persons because I decided to choose two percent every single day first its Eden and daily Ben thank you for commenting guys if you're gonna if you guys want to get the children just like this comment on his control squad with the heart and I will choose to build soon every single day and I will give them shout-out in my next video guys so now without further ado let's jump right in the video so Naga is the kiss is so simple easy as I said it's the easiest cliched season sick all you have to do you have to come to this location by the ruins zone which just got fall by the island I guess so come to this location just right here by the salty Springs and what you need to do just need to crouch and get inside the rock guys and to be honest it's that simple you don't need to do anything no building no 80k no shopping card no court for sure no nothing just get inside the rock and boom you guys going to be invisible just like this guys and no one gonna see you and no one even to see you they can't shoot you guys as you can see right now in the screen this is how it looks while you're inside and how are you gonna shoot outside and the best part is they can't shoot even though if they know that you're inside they can't shoot you unless they get inside that thingy so this is how the glitch work guys it's so simple easy I hope he's gonna get it if you don't get it so simple guys it's the clear glitch like get inside the rock and stay in here and it's going to make you completely invisible and I'm going to show you if they're trying to shoot you the car as you can start now I'm shooting bullets on the rock and I can't shoot inside I can't shoot inside and you guys going to be completely safe while you're in here guys and the thing is you guys are not going to get banned unless they report you right so do not try to kill anybody while you're inside the kitchens like this so this I'm gonna see this video guys you guys can shoot you guys can just like to anything you want and you guys are going to be completely invisible and invincible so yeah this is a glitch guys so any a bunch of people get confused what are the location and where to go exactly so it's right here by the salty spring the rule so we just got fall from the island so this is a glitch Ksenia if you go around the rock you guys cannot get inside from around it it's only one place where you can actually get inside the rock and that's the only place which I'll show you in the video it's right here so I'm gonna tell you again just crouch in this position and then get inside so that it stays the glitch I hope you enjoyed this video if you do in just a second if you can and if you ever subscribe to my channel already subscribe to my channel for daily foreign languages and gameplay videos of all the other games like so zero minus AI you guys all having amazing very immersive from here I will see you next video

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