How to setup Android gamepad for Dolphin Emulator Wii Games(Map/Connect/Configure/Test)Phones

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assalamualaikum ninjas peace be upon you and welcome to my youtube channel techie utopia my name is Mohammed and this is another tutorial in the British lady passenger seat tube was another semi about concepts and shares it posted not another pip said today we're gonna show you a tutorial finally and thanks to a youtube channel called the bi di BD and thanks to that guy whoever is here and from where from wherever he is coming from and he showed me tutorials small tutorial how to map the keypad and a droid keypad with Android smartphone for the dolphin emulator for the dolphin emulator believe me or not the v games pepsin at the gamecube atopy games later on maybe i will try to also test the game q1 butter v games and we gotta test dragon polsat Tenkaichi Budokai 3 games yes indeed stay tuned for this one and i will show you exactly what you need to do and how everything goes so this video will be a little bit longer make sure to be patient know yes I am this is época the link will be below this video this tutorial should work for most of the epic game pads right now I have this one the link will be below this video I also have the one for the larger smartphones or a tablet so you can also tap this one exactly so all época game pads work for this tutorial have it in mind so let's begin first what you get and need to do is let me just show you here you're gonna go to the V remote and but also follow my you you have to follow also my my my my my my my nothing you don't have to follow anything and basically I need to go to the V remote you need to go emulate it remember that but before that you will need to disable let me to show you okay let's go from step by step hey first you need to disable and the GameCube controllers you need to disable all of them this gonna be on emulated the number one controller so you need to disable it and all these four you need to disable them after you do that you go to the V controllers here like you see by yourself three remote one so this all three down but enable the number one and you go Emily tit and don't touch these buttons here you need two extension you need to tap here and choose the classic extension choose the classic extension and voila now you have the chance to map your if I got gamepad and I will show you right now have you map it I will just change a few few letters I'm not gonna do all of them and so a you just put a here B you just put B and then you see by yourself they're mapped x and y so X let's do them all let's do them all and y ZL and Zr so these ones I choose the click of the thumbs there let me just show you CL so a type pressed iPad and 104 or wait a minute is that CL CL is that a CL one is this one is it know which one is CL man ZL z in silence left to your girl eyes this one eyes this one okay sorry for dance pips SEL I figure coil configure them on these ones ZL and Zr okay so Z are the down r2 and ZL is l2 and I remember that you can adjust to configure by yourself but I will show you right now if you want to follow my setup regarding minus and plus I use the tick of these controller of these sticks let me just show you the right will be minus and the plus no other for the minus will be the left one and the plus will be the right one that's how I done it okay peps left is this one so you need to click it to map it home basically home you can just u2's the select button here choose the select button let it go and let's tick up down left so this thing here let me just show you axis 1 minus axis 1 minus down X's 1 plus left axis 0 minus and right axis 0 plus okay so let's go to the right stick exactly the same so up goes up 14 okay why that one I went there okay down goes minus 14 plus just a minute up 14 minus down 14 plus okay so it seems that they've changed itself but I don't know why is that happening but it should it should work later on fine I'll trigger so all triggers will be these ones obviously l2 and l1 sorry for that and r1 remember that you can like I said you can do the configure by yourself but I choose to do it like that and the path depends what you need to do is you need to revert them so up should be down up should be down and down should be up okay remember that remember that so up to when you want to input the binding for the up choose the arrow down see and for the down choose the arrow up so for like that regarding the left also the same thing with the left and right so for the left when you want to input the binding press right and for the right press left okay so they'll go we are ready now we can save it and let's go now and start some game what you need to do right now I will show you just in a second so you won't see any a like you see myself you don't see any controllers but I will show you I will just talk of them choose controller and okay so this one will be okay you can choose choose the controller when the game starts is gonna be on the V remote past nunchuck I think so so you need to choose the classic controller click OK and you may have to reload the game so you need to exit pips remember that you need to exit this game and open that open it again so you need to go to that settings up there to choose your controller and to choose the classic one the exactly the same LeapPad the exact gamepad the setup that we of course set up already let me just show again this is the problem with the dolphin you – will sometimes open it two times the game let's try it now okay like you see myself it works but let me just show you why how you can hide these toggle controls so total controls and take it toggle them all all you go back again here toggle controls and presto go Acadian and that's it yeah that's how you hide those on-screen virtual keys there you go peps this is it this is tutorial thanks to the PD unfortunately I have the small problem and I'm still in collaboration to him to help me regarding the tilt functions for some games because you will need a tilt feature so I yet I didn't figured out that one and these ones this setup should work for a lot of games and I will show you make sure to follow my youtube channel for upcoming days because I'm gonna do a lot of the gameplays for all my subscribers and newcomers who love these emulation gaming's and one of the rarest who provide them for you on the Snapdragon 820 1 CPU ok let's pause it and see you in the gameplay it's here we go peps let's go now and test the gamepad why not straight away damn Goku or it took me in his hands c'mon Goku easy man there girl I can see we are playing at V games with a gamepad on a smartphone man who would who would expect that man who would expect that when they released this console man this is insane Dam dam dam dam dam dam lot of skips keep that color okay I can't go up I can't go more mad can just go down leave me alone okay lucky see this is a great gaming experience oh damn he caught me damn I almost done that's movement let just a minute give me a second let's go now let's go now and you go cool this because a great fighter man yes Goku is my favorite but Pecola did I said Goku because what the hell I was saying that okay was still waiting more and another one and another one okay so I think this is enough you can get you get the point here day great gaming experience you don't have to tweet your fingers with the on-screen virtual keys with the via dolphin and well later you know that they are up down left right – it's really bad oh okay so yeah these two products you can buy one plus three T the links will be below this video also the gamepad the epic a gamepad here you're gonna have a lot of them so we'll just redirect you to gearbest all these products I buy from gearbest so if you want to support me like I said the best way is to buy them on gearbest so 1 + 3 T on the flash sale deal for $420 this is the most epic or most L at the legendary smartphone for gaming especially a Malaysian gaming because it has a proper OpenGL version inside of it the drivers re there which Samsung example Samsung smartphones can't handle these games and the shaders and everything is just corrupted and mess huge huge mess well the one plus three T the people there did provide you a great drivers there so thank you and this is it subscribe you shouldn't like this video if you find it helpful share it on your social medias and like I said the follow me in the future because I'm gonna show you more of these V games V gameplays with the dolphin emulator on 1 + 3 T for all my subscribers and game lovers Mac's lemon see you next time the Virginia University you

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  1. Nice bro wii games using gamepad ipega but how it work if the game is zelda skyward sword ? Because it has more motion gesture, i want to know if we can play that game with that gamepad so i dont have to buy dolphinbar and real wiimote+nunchuck. I hopr u can make the video please :)))

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