How to setup Cheats (Game Genie) for your Retropie

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Another quick and dirty on setting installing and using cheats for your retropie.
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41 thoughts on “How to setup Cheats (Game Genie) for your Retropie”

  1. I wanted to add that if you are having trouble getting cheats to work for Sega Genesis, try changing which core to use.
    Go to Retropie/Config/Megadrive and open emulators.cfg. Change the "default" line to be Sega GX, not Picodrive. Both definitions are above in that file so just copy that text.

  2. Is it possible to download all the cheats at once for one or all the console emulators and game roms you have on your Raspberry pi? I have a Pi zero that only has Nes,Snes,Mega drive, and atari 2600 on it now and I plan on adding All 3 Gameboys , game gear ,master system and Famicom disk system in the future.

  3. I hit save as and made some custom cheats for my games, but made some mistakes. Is there any way to delete these cheat files so they don't show up anymore? I want to remove them from my list.

  4. Thanks for the videos! After I select the cheats, and apply the cheat changes, I press select and X and get the message "no information available." When I back out using the B button instead, none of the cheats are applied. Any idea on what is going on? Thanks!

  5. When you selected the game, how did you setup the settings for the transition to zoom in on the game art, and then have a splash screen logo during bootup? Looks awesome, plus I want to get rid of the configuration box upon booting games

  6. Thanks for the video man! Very simple instructions. I made a mini SNES raspberry Pi 3 (3D printed the case) recently and haven't figured out how to get cheats to work on Retropie until now. Thanks again! 🙂

  7. 1. how can i enable cheats for all consoles, especialy MAME.? can i strech the image video, is not fully on my tv?, and also how i strech the video for games?, to see them in 16:9 not in 4:3
    3. is posibile to bookmark/favorite a game? And also can i save the levels scores etc?

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