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We only have ourselves to blame for clicking that bait
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this is my life now my life is now full of trim trim in my recommended feed hello everyone its maker seen again and everyone stop what you're doing I have some very important news last week trim trim came out with a new video 14 nail hacks every girl should try now I know what you're thinking another trim trim video Christine really but you see I have no choice because it's right in the title every girl must try them until I die which me thanks to true oh I'm so sorry Brittany anyways it's nails and it's true trim okay those are two things I have a love-hate relationship with I don't need a reason to make anything on this channel okay also have you seen the comment section on term trims video Christine has entered the chat Christine is typing like if you want Christine to try these out dislike who's here before Christine tries these you see I have no choice that people expect me to do the true and truth they demand that I do the true true you guys now I haven't seen the video yet we're gonna watch it together but my guess is just a guess these hacks are probably gonna be really stupid okay here we go buckle in everyone I don't got no ad pods you guys think trim trim watches me learn simple nail hacks in our new video true welcome to our nail bar liliane of liliane where is the blue-eyed widow who is Lilian did you just spray Angie is a very famous Instagram influencer oh god kick her out she needs the most beautiful and most expensive manicure right now right now because three billion people keep up with her nails three billion that's a lot of boxed room trim angie is a social media star snob you little bitch getting rid of glitter is not easy Angie can't have cotton on her nails get rid of it right now Willian quickly uses a foil hack okay this foil hack is legit probably at least mentioned it snapchat hacks video there we go Angie is happy this hack is going right on her live stream live streams hate you and she takes a paintbrush for some reason for what reason does liliane not use her brain does she want to paint my whole hand not at all let's make a thin brush for little details cut off the bristles around a regular brush paint a cherry on a nail with your new thin brush okay Angie loves it there are unicorns on her nails I thought she was painting a cherry and confused make them oval why do you have fake nails now apply blots of nail polish of rainbow colors to a sponge decorate it with stars color the next nail light brown paint a white unicorn head add black eyes and lashes using a thin bracket and print with pink polish with a q-tip of blushing cheeks and bad detail use gold glitter polish for universe with black background this is a lot of work I'm kind of confused how this is a hat paint a unicorn tail on another nail comes just a free hand-painted manicure that's taking a really long time attach the horn to a ring blank color it with different nail polishes who's gonna do all of this whoo and glittering accent I've waited years Angie adores that my ten fingers deserve ten million like sure they do now that just seems like way too much work for what it was what else you got for me true tomb and the new visitor is already here Lady Grey Mouse but everything has to be quick and not intimidating she's like here paint my nails don't hurt me apply stamping polish onto a plate Oh dance member and press on the stand I was kind of cool actually make imprint on the nail is wrong but the client isn't happy the print wrong with you dip an old marker into nail remover let it soak in the liquid carefully clean the skin around the nail with the marker why would you use a marker why didn't you just use like liquid latex or something you could peel off when the marker still bleed some of the color also who the hell just happens to have an empty old completely dry of ink marker lying around lady mouse has set her Wildcat free dolly came to Lili and salon dolly you know all the clients look like dolly maybe all the clients are dolly oh my god they cloned jolly like Dolly the sheep an unusual person like this how is she unusual what hair silver tinsel into little pieces cover the entire surface cut off the extra tinsel look better if you used Dolly's loving it she feels holiday vibes in every finger don't tickle your nail techs noses weird but she comes back after five minutes five minutes where'd she go watch a five minutes craft tutorial traitor party's over no worries Lillian will do something else Lillian doesn't want to do this anymore so now she will do something else apply peel-off liquid polish around the K look see why didn't they just use that in the last half this is what I was talking about okay the liquid latex you apply around then so that any mess you put on top whether it's a stamp or the smooshing pattern repealed right off okay we don't need your dried up marker hack trim true you don't even need your dried up marker hash trim trim trying to scam scan us these nails will last a while enjoy your life enjoy your life alright who's the next version of Dali coming to this highly creative person came to the nail bar she's a DJ a photographer and an artist all-in-one Wow these are such interesting stereotypes like what is this highly creative person with the nose ring she's a DJ and a photographer Anjan artists take labels off crayons this is how they make the thumbnail dip the nail into the melted crayon and let it harden print out little Crayola logos on colored strips Crayola trim to make me wanna cry Ola and most importantly you can draw with these nails anytime you want where I don't see anything hold on a second did she even draw with them oh I see absolutely nothing coming off on that piece of paper also these are not the same nails that I clicked on this video for okay I'm still waiting our new visitor is a real boss oh now we've got the boss lady bitch stereotype perfect and she looks so serious make an imprint on the finger through the net carefully remove the net and that looks cool polish around the cuticle madam boss sees her sparkling manicure that won't do she has to fly in a crucial conference with powerful people a crucial conference with powerful people won't be allowed in business class we invited me to redo the design well yes they're gonna kick her off the plane cuz her nails are too pretty are you kidding are you kidding are you kidding are you kidding me are you what will these hearts say about me that I love my business partners we need my nails without hearts and other foolishness girl you not a boss bad attitude you a little bitch ok if you want the glitter nounce you wearing those glitter nails pink trim trim is like stuck in the 90s if hollow glitter ups my morale then I should have hollow glitter at last madam boss we've good get out of there I wouldn't let her in my salon bad attitude did you like our nail hat no write in the comments which manicure you would get done at our salon and don't forget to give this video a thumbs up to him you know what I wonder what is trim trim gonna do when the narrator gets tired of this I could try and recreate some of these dumb hacks but you know what would be a real challenge recreating the truth truth thumbnail look at that that's what I was waiting for the whole video how did they do that is it all Photoshop I want to find out now hack videos often have unrealistic Photoshop thumbnails that's how they get you to click and we'll fall for it including me and what's in the thumbnail almost never appears in the actual video this is what we call a quick thing but I'm gonna challenge myself today and see if I simply nail logical can recreate the nails in trim trim some nail drinks legs by hand thank you good I think this will do oh yes thank you I'm gonna break the internet and make a true trip now we go in – voiceover simply wish me luck well hello again everyone and welcome to the simply voice-over point of view we got lots of boxes of crowns some hot tea and we watching tacky cuz we gotta learn about those beauty tips you know I matched up the five colors of crowns as used in the tomb trim thumbnail and I did buy two different sizes of crowns to see which ones were a better for my now it as it turns out the thick ones we're a little too thick for my now so we gonna go with the normal size crowns did I just say it right crayons crayons whatever let's test cutting the tips off with the burn color first so we're just using this orange one I found my blow dryer that I never used and it's gonna come in handy here we're gonna heat up the crown just a little bit to make it a little soft I'm gonna take its clothes off now Oh oh my god now you get to see what's on my other somewhat embarrassing Wow I'm a mess my life is falling apart I am having a full-blown midlife crisis if you did not know I am 30 and I'm gonna keep reminding everyone anyways you having a soft warm crown this is oddly satisfying I have to say alright how does that look for size oh it's like a miniature traffic cone warning warning simply no logical is about to do now are at first we're gonna oil up our nails because it's time for some it was at this point that I thought what if I used my nail to stab inside the bottom of the crown head and then I wouldn't need to use glue or anything permanent you all know I hate doing that kind of on my natural nail but even if I did stab it through my nails were kind of long and it would look a little bit weird just a little bit so I decided let me try filing down my nails a bit I mean I guess they could use a little shaving and I think this might work alright no more tests now we cut in the real thing perfect my nails were made for this thumbnail now we got to make the bed of the nail look like the label around the cracks first as you know we always add an appeal out base coat and then I had to really search my nail polish collection for some ugly D saturated colors because I'm going for color accuracy here okay and trying to minimize the use of thumbnail Photoshop Happy Easter my nails look like mini eggs now we got a freehand a little squiggle on the label but you know what's really weird I don't know if this is a thing with actual boxes of Crayola crowns but at least in trim terms thumbnail the labels on the green the blue and the purple ish pink crown are the same color as the actual wax crown but on the red and the yellow squiggle part of the label isn't the same color it's black why that is so inconsistent and it's gonna bother me for the rest of my life but I got a do as the trim trim thumbnail says so we put in a slightly grayish black color on the red and the yellow NYX add a nice thick glossy taco you're looking good so far but the labels of the Crown's aren't shiny at all so now I'm gonna add a matte taco there we go much more realistic now here comes the hard part attaching the crown heads to my nails heat him up a little bit [Applause] once the crown heads were warm and a bit soft I could press it gently into my nail as you can see it's leaving a bit of an imprint I used a tool to dig it out a little bit more and then went back in gently pushing my nail tip further inside the bottom of the crown head I have to say this was a really uncomfortable feeling I didn't want to push too hard because I don't want to break or bend my nail but it had to be stuck in far enough so that the crown head would actually stay on the tips of my nails luckily my nails are pretty strong so they didn't bend or break and there we go who wants an autograph now we got to try and take a picture like this um no okay Ben you gotta help me good I don't have graph paper but I got lined paper soon so I'm not gonna be able to actually draw with these in a mine there's gonna fall right up if you put any pressure on them do they just come off your nails Wow this is a picture of my family no man down man down we're gonna try and fake those squiggle lines by just drawing them on with the actual crown this is a crown man this is a cup you see this man this is what we're looking for then this gets the click make it happen director Ben the fingers are bent down at the page careful careful no my thumb does not come out look I'm trying my hardest bit must be something here if you're doing great sweetie I think I did pretty good you know what now Sonny come at me Tiffany's still got it I'm gonna go to my next meet and greet like this so it'll be really easy to give autographs what do you guys think how did I do at trying to recreate turnt rooms of thumbnail I mean hey I'm closer to their thumbnail than the nails in their own video so well I think if we've learned anything today it's that hack thumbnails place an unrealistic expectation on society trim trim more like lies lies the first year we went to VidCon we went to a panel and a very prominent youtuber told everyone in the room that they spent more time on their thumbnails that they did making videos their ever you and I just looked at each other like that's does not seem right but the sad truth is if you are really good at making these click mini thumbnails you know it could lead to like you know true views the youtuber was basically admitting that they spent more time just trying to get people to click then on the quality of the actual video what you do life hashtag content not really hashtag just love them okay I need to go okay before I spill too much tea here today I don't want to get in trouble I love everyone uh subscribe to my channel from our trim trim hey can I get a like because simply no logical did nail art like join to the summer member just kidding I don't what I don't why your money this is turn turns next some nail eating crowns they love putting things in their mouth so stay tuned for that alright everybody thanks so much for watching and I'll see y'all later Oh

42 thoughts on “I Tried Recreating Troom Troom's Clickbait Thumbnail”

  1. Girl if ur gonna diss troom troom u have to say the words right that is part of the diss….royals where Crowns on their head… but we color or decorate our nails with Crayyyyy- ons!! Crown sounds like down n frown and Crayons r like saying u Cray Cray with an "on" at the end cray cray- on crayyy on
    Troom Troom drives me Crayyy crayyy on

  2. "Who would do all of this??"
    Me an aspring nail tech: Nail techs….definitely nail techs. I've seen those folks do some outlandish and unnecessary shit on some nails. That's why I want to be one lmfao
    And when they said Sis needed the most expensive nail set, they did not lie. All that work and detail would probably cost college tuition LMAO

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