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all right illogical minecraft don't even have to ask what the name of the map is cuz it's just right there it is which which seems kind of logical like illogical minecraft would be more like if they put it someplace where you weren't gonna look but they spend a lot of time making it pretty and you were never gonna see it you're right it doesn't really make sense for something that's supposed to be so logical but let's hit the button and see if that's really laughs that will start to yeah kind of tutorial that's way too logical for my taste yeah die or go to next level I feel like if there's always a girl's choice yes probably die would you say I died I walked off the place I I was there and then I just let me just step back I'm falling I'm falling very far okay okay it's fine because there's keeping the touhou there's a there's a block there and then there's also some command blocks down below no I can't shift and walk it is it is completely isolated mm-hmm unless there's barrier blocks or something like that I mean illogical would say don't oh sorry I didn't realize PvP was on my bad is there anything can we do anything with this landing zone down here uh we can die on it that's certainly what we can do oh well what do you know that's not very nice goodbye yeah I mean payback it had to be done it had to be done excuse me sir but it sir are you are you ready to push the button do you want to push the button sure because I got punted off laughs there we go okay all right all right so what's going to dead nope nope well I mean I wasn't sure whether it was just like you know walk along the side I was thinking of logically here I'd give this a little shift walk or roof ski and see me get anywhere front all right all right is that you or is there did you see or look button that wasn't I did there well yeah but I was looking for other areas of possible landing nope that's definitely not it wonder if any one of these is gonna incorporate the command block thing that's down below oh no though just don't know it's such a long hard fall go the opposite direction of the button no good jump yeah yeah so ah it's a doozy actually nope okay that didn't work well you know oh I see I said maybe just not shifting what do you mean I'll just walk on it without chips yeah I gotcha yeah so I've tried jumping onto the different pieces that I could reach and none of those were advantageous let's just try to jump in each direction that's yeah we've done that here let me quick kill you there it's actually will be nicer in my opinion that's oh you've been manually killing me yeah yes so nice of you man I really appreciate that wow I'm now dead the second time take that nope I was like trying to go over there walking on to the thing I am and every time a lot of effort that you know I put that much effort in for you whoops wait what what what what am i dad you're like on the corner you're on the edge we try hold on did we try shifting onto it normally wait curiosity if you just shift on to it okay so what you can't get back wanna be very disappointed other things if that's the case what god day wait is it just that you ship it off that damn it okay gonna be so mad you've got a very specifically avoid something shoot kill me please and man damn it and me yeah oh I was close I was close what about what did i do I should have just pressed the button but my curiosity was – you're you I think you landed to the side or something but it's like let me see but we might must be able to start here here we go nice little side shuffle there it's gonna be the it's gonna open there we go there we go uh-huh so it's just that you must be like shifting off the block enough for it to not yeah register that you're on it right well there we okay press the button we need ammo need a button you need a button no no no there's not a button over here no you well let's see if there's anything written in our head Oh Lal you thought is that easy it's not a button on our head it's a stick but check your head you have a stick in your head how am I supposed to get it out I don't have anything my items the oh you own that was sticking your head dude you you no longer have a stick in your head I don't see a stick in my head I pulled the stick out of my head oh so you have one stick I do well you can't even make it button with a stick you need I know we have a sign a stick I can't do anything so you don't have a stick I have no inventory um what do we do with the stick then I wonder I didn't get another stick from taking the stick out this is a sticky situation only it could be a more sticky situation because they had a lot of stake over here did did you did you ended my god what in the world do we how do we make a button what what nothing oh yeah how do I get back up there though that is a oh we have keep inventory so I think we can just jump off okay that that doesn't seem ideal okay no no yeah but and I'm gonna yep splat myself that's much better okay so that's great we have keep inventory then everything's fine now and I'm alive and I have the button and I swear I dropped off the island didn't see anything but I don't know maybe not maybe I'm just crazy you're just crazy here wait whoops watch that jump I just stepped forward and it was a mistake okay the first platform was not friendly it was not a friendly platform Oh like it just murdered you immediate I see yeah that is a problem mm-hmm and there's no immediate way to kill ourselves that's gonna make things go quicker is there how about a yeah a walkie puh no no walkie puh nobody the ship's Rooskies or about what about no that's definitely not a thing I tried jumping and crouching as soon as I landed or right before I landed that definitely doesn't work either I see is that oh thanks thanks for that thank you know what to do there okay see you just I see and then avoid the things that you can see hmm I literally just walked no there was one jump in Oh is there to do yeah mm-hmm got all of those barrier block barrier block tracks tracks whatever trips purple dimension see things you haven't seen before see the things you didn't saw before that's is what it says using this block I can see what I didn't saw I can't see anything using that block can I do on that what can I place it down somewhere I don't know I I don't have to don't show me the NBTA how do I see the NBT tag well that would be cheats key doing no I thought that would just show you what I can and cannot place it down on and I put it in my head I can't I figured I could put it like a pumpkin and see things but I can't where do I see purple dimension can you hold it up like a okay hopefully that didn't lose the MBT tag on it no I do I didn't place it on anything so I'm looking through the corner of it why would that do anything that's so bizarre if it did I'd be impressed I'd be like wow that was clever but I see nothing mmm all I see is darkness and there are no barrier blocks around here right clicking it doesn't do anything you know left-clicking it doesn't do anything whoa oh hey hey do a thing how did you do that what did you do I put in the shield slot Oh what happens if i take off my pumpkin I can just see normally now really yep I just take up nice nice hey can you not I could not but I will wait there's um what there's oh okay so we have to both go in here and then we got an unperfect imagine ourselves you think yeah Oh maybe put it in yeah that's what I'm talking about okay we gotta stand in the middle we got a standard middles oh my god oh god this is about to suck duh okay we're good okay and let's just stack that next pumpkin all the pumpkins great okay and then all the board over here yeah okay all right there yep here oh this is fine this is fine nothing's gonna kill me you need the button right here okay so there's a supposed to over somewhere else you got a yellow right there did we got a locator button you have to illogically spell logically locate a button if I were to not hide a button in what ethical fashion where would I you really are enjoying punching me I found it when I was I don't even see it weird oh no oh no you can't place the button down right here oh all right here it is not the work wait why can't I I thought I was in adventure I am ative I can break this with the button please don't make me parkour please I searched long and hard for a map at the part I miss a jumper did I oh there's a ladder on the other side of that that you can't see it's invisible but yep I was like I'm not that bad at parkour where I'm pretty sure no oh my god there I this is a this is an original concept I've never seen this before what the heck is even going on there there are ladders but you can't see ladders from the other side when they're floating Oh God yeah ok ok works alright see and then oh wait but I'm so confused wait but there I'm so confused right wait you can see that then what the hell was I getting is it a bit here's a barrier block oh no you son of beech who me yes what did I do nothing oh the problem ways problem yeah no don't go that Center ones bad everything's bad about that Center one nope that's not gonna work yeah ok so never mind it's not ladders its barrier blocks it's okay yeah yeah fun you were you were thinking it was all clever like and then I thought okay so that's bad that's bad that's bad the middle one no no and I just tried all right so more than jump yeah it's like where the hell do we go then we have two options for far jumps oh yeah buddy right oh god I like wiggled like Batman as a ping pong ball right there now maybe another far Jim nope yeah okay I'm gonna make this happen again I did it the first time first time wait there we go okay see but I'm thinking though yes if they're probably gonna do another hard jump which is over two not that way it's not that one I guess did you try just the the one I tried that no I've not tried any of the easy ones it's not the easy one at least not the one immediately along the way to the well and it's not that one it could be the diagonal the easy diagonal uh-huh oh nice getting the hang ski doodles of it yeah not there diagonally now that I okay it could be the far other one the far other one yep there you go there you go and then there's a slime block there which means we have to get all the way up and I'm gonna want to die yep no boy no why did you do that ah I do not know what that is about right that basic parkour eludes me now you add in goofy in biscuit are you so yeah if only we were in creative mode it would be so nice I'd be so happy about that creative mode is easier to do things what so what I don't my okay so what do you do I was jumping like I remember on the the one the ten minute parkour that like you got pulled up into slime walks I don't remember whether that was a like a vanilla thing or if that was something customer that sorry I got slurped up by my head into it yes exactly there's there's a barrier block there you can't get there I'm aware but where else that's know do yeah but where else do you go your animal to go – oh is it this way is it now it's on that side god damn it it's on the other side though that's what it is that's what it is what's on the other side it's the other side of the ladder well oh oh oh oh I think I understand yeah believe alright now just make it and make it put me out of the misery give it the problem just push that but hey okay course the one pull the lever Kronk ok I just want it make sure that this is right that's still right ok you've not you've not yanked my chain anymore please please be please be this and not something else that I have to do just be know why why did you do that I just see you go got he got he got he got he got he got he okay okay okay boy okay boy okay boy ye okay now what is the deal with this one god oh god oh you got the toy he got teeth oh no oh no do you have one more in front of you or you on the angled one I I have to do another around the jump around the thing and I got it okay do this just do this just through the sign there's a sign over there on the other side of the dam what's the sign say and I don't know what it says but I that was still fantastic but you had a block did you just miss it okay hey hey we're trying it again I stress myself out so much okay go oh wait Oh is there another block there might be another block yes yes wait check check no no no no no no what I don't know if he's reverse reverse psychology on us because the there's a button here that says check point this button here that says kill yourself earlier though we wanted to we clicked kill yourself oh god well you can get there a second time if you need be more I could just continue like Nastya no what should a which one should I hit just hit kill yourself let's do it I think that was right I think that was right okay okay I'm still gonna try to make it no faults anyway yeah no no no that makes sense like don't just give up yeah all right Oh yep yep yep yep I'm up here cool okay there's a there's a button in my head my name is Jeff can be placed on Dimond I knew that we were gonna do that I made it I made it oh yeah yeah I was falling and you brought me here I was a queen Oh oh dear we have an infinity bow and we have to shoot lights do you want to shoot lights actually yeah you shoot lights cuz I made the last one happen okay the only way to win it's not play apparently I won inadvertently by passing you the bow you were supposed to just drop it out of frustration and that triggered the victory nice serious it's illogical to give the bow to me actually I better much better with a bow than trying to jump anything so I guess no you might be playing this by your side right and you would know that's hilarious that was perfect that was that wasn't bad time right yeah yeah yeah well thanks for watching everyone hopefully you enjoyed and all that good stuff all that stuff see you guys yeah [Applause]

39 thoughts on “ILLOGICAL MINECRAFT”

  1. did u seriously not know there is a glitch where if you are on the edge of a block you don't get any effects programmed to that block?! you don't need to shift shift is just the easiest way to get to the edge

  2. Fun fact on Level 2: Because of how coordinates work, shifting on the edge of a block doesn't register you as being on the block. Therefore, commands usually wont detect you are actually on the block, and will simply register you as being "on air", which doesn't make a lot of sense in simple terms, but makes just as much sense as 1+1=2 in programming terms.

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