Is the Nintendo 2ds worth it 2019

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hey guys and today I'm gonna be doing a video of is the Nintendo 2ds birthday in 2019 so let's start so we're gonna test out gameplay this is Mario Kart 7 as you can see to do single-player Grand Prix I'm 50 so I just put through the gameplay is not bad easy controls got a back I got a game card inserted and skip that I forgot how to play this game but as you can see it's not too bad its little not bad so game please check what's your design so design basically cuz the Nintendo 2ds yes cannot flip it's it's locked and straight cannot flip this if you do it breaks so that's why I would not recommend that part but charging it does support Nintendo fast charging so that's the charger here we got alarm but when it's my game here but I would not recommend this thing watching really short video peace out

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