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Playing a little Aram
I gotta love that when that happens I was like are you kidding me yeah all right are we are we I'm alive doing smoke we're alive or you we might be laughs go smoke your jewel okay we just started but there's a jewel break but that gives me time to yeah it's working since we are that oh hello if anyone is even listening universe we used to be crushed in Canada and we are now still streamers dude remember change so welcome this is our new member which IV or Liam hi name yeah hey maybe game their words no you know like it fits all the gamer tags that's like I made this sweet board or I'm gonna pop it up real quick this it's for when we're in game I have to figure out using a button or something or some way to for it to know when it changes screens but boom look off looking pretty that it is really pretty obviously makes me look it makes me think of like blossoms it's so pretty although they're pink I believes it's like pretty blue it kind of looks like Christmas at first and I was like girl we got because it was green and red and gold and stuff so we changed the pillars up a little bit just used some few sliders and GIMP easy easy peasy I didn't mess with like getting rid of the background noise yet I heard you do that in audacity I'll figure that out eventually so this is my first time streaming I don't know what I'm doing ever ever yeah you popped my cherry you're my first time tabby you're welcome I should probably turn that off now I think my mic a little tea money I think I'll just mess with it down here on the slider Oh God so now we're gonna be those people where like you have the moderate volume but well I'm trying to make sure it's balanced it's gonna be hard to tell so if anybody out there is listening please let us know what our audio is because I haven't I don't know how to do this thing where you replay the audio in your ears yet you're probably like we're probably just gonna have to set up like an automatic recorder for your computer so we can like record what's happening at the time I don't alright so he can't go back yeah excuse me I am quite a cold she totally didn't wink at me I didn't all right I've had a monster there so I'm still pretty energetic for sure for sure it puts on some video chat but I feel it where customer service like ringing up a fuckin cash register and I'm just like my lips are chapped is how like this person thinks I'm like gross but I've just been talking for like five hours fucking straight not able to go get a drink cause you're stuck at the register because people don't know how to cook for themselves I just hate my job it is when they're getting dinner from a gas station every single night that's like an addiction issue right there I want to know what they do for a living I don't know but my week icon excited a different one which in my a combi oh no my drank borders gun I miss you cuz it's a new season huh but I only just got to God I want to try to get bronze bronze is the weakest I know I just want a rink at all I've never done anything we can do Oh sometime I'm finally like I think Alex doesn't seem to be in Toronto so I think I can play ranked with Morgana janna at least probably Jim yeah I should pick something that'll go pretty nicely with her border I'll pick this the cherry blossoms and you can still be the emo cat yeah I'm okay well that's a witch hat it's a which he respected she's beautiful oh it I don't know I don't know I like that as different colored eyes though it was kind of perfect I started playing League just before Halloween because I was would you say alright you can shoot me now yeah oh my god I don't remember this but the first time Jeremy left the house he like down the arm thing yeah I just like that's so funny he's telling somebody else and I just died yep yeah I don't there was some event I think probably like the Chinese New Year thing no is he good uh maybe the Japanese cherry boy was in physical I was thinking what could be one of those I think it was a donation thing maybe even right there's a little poorer there's like the swords swords failure like that yeah there you can use a little cute little poro in the flower petals cute to go with this game little kitty cat none because it's time to play yeah I hope that the games are not too loud okay mmm pike though will they give me pike can i play pike well at least you got yours I'll just go be now I haven't really played her yet so I'm gonna put maokai coz i can rek face but I'll be a tank still yeah I like playing evelyn sometimes it's hard to play in a room but she's one of those characters usually it's like you have to have level six burger to do anything though then you can sneak around it doesn't matter what you're doing with yeah I'm hoping to eventually get better mic setup but it's been a while since we streamed that's good well least I upstream I've haven't before so remember I'm a virgin spin wha oh wait copyrights um oh it's ready got someone come at us with that it's like fine I'll buy an album like we did they want from me come on load up what are we going against Chum danger yeah we're going up against danger that's me Lauren no I'm maokai as a cat you have shit their support rinse they start up some tank – why didn't you tell me sooner no no we're all gonna die the cast Oh bill tank items Quinn freakin now that's fine cuz she can use the comment and she still has destruction passive ruins the comment will go good was like her mole you don't want another monster it's carbonated no it's tasty though it's zero calories but delicious from Walmart 57 cents for this delicious bottle of mixed wild berry also the match is about to start come back well all I gotta say is that flavored waters got a starting door seing us with that freaking it's called clear American Wow please support I stream that should totally be it when we're gonna have somebody's gonna be helping us uh make a little intro song we should just be like a weird like 80s cartoon like style streamer is really tacky radio shows or like no no instead of that that's what everyone's gonna do oh now Ari has it in her um star Guardians can I live then Evelyn will be the sexy girl voice that's like stances Jaime hot singles in your area I wonder why whatever not I'm not asking for support from you guys family don't they make our food damn it and also hey I grew up on a farm I'm allowed to say what I want and I'm not matter I help goats give birth and everything is there no champion was a cute little duckie skin oh my god can you imagine Louie went a little tough out there not saying that one out loud won't leak crap that's a meme though that's definitely mean we will not be linking that in the chat yeah I got it I read it it's true though because so my children are allowed to play in games without supervision of what they're saying and doing and that's the fault the parents not the school's you know God who has that toaster oh it's orin orin and toasters hair looks like that it looks like it's photoshopped to be honest I know like fake hair well no I think the head is a different person's face their faces are photoshopped from different people they look like they're supposed to be celebrities one look like you someone can point this one little bit yeah the one in the back is cute he's the boyfriend the first ones the awkward ones like thinking on to some weird crap oh we're in game now yeah it only took ten years free I'm gonna buy boots and a health crystal Michigan no lagging here calm down game oh what's just you're being like oh hey there's Lauren oh there we go that's better I just had to cap my framerate a little bit welcome to the I'm gonna oh shit there's a dude there I found one I just said a bad word I realized I'm terrible I swear like three times my friend horrible baby come back you can blame it all on or does he was in Oh God nope haha I got one I got one though oh I forgot the turn on the border I'm done get some armor I guess it's better than nothing that's the trick to being a tank you buy any pieces of tank items that you can at the beginning at least I was allotted a ram good job orange picking up some slack and now he's feeding just kidding oh god no no no no no no oh who killed me Katelyn apparently got you cuz she got that brain nope nope no stay back stay back No okay I have to watch cuz I don't want to take the bombs to people get oh no it knocked him the wrong way why I was facing the other way I don't understand yeah magic resistance sounds like a good idea hey you got one so you're fine they're being really aggressive very aggressive beat aggressive post-it note no no no he's resurrecting don't do it don't forget when you hit level 6 um will you be reaching health – so do it – get away so they don't hurt your toesies there's a health there don't go in there there's yuckies no don't garden there's your keys they're clearly visible you fool yeah because of my beautiful sapling things oh no oh shit Quinn you're stupid why oh god no I'm going too far no boom fuck off ah I hope oh my god oh no but yeah because I'll will he handle whoa that was scary oh yeah we get to or an upgrade items we could do it's okay I believe in you so if I it's okay Pyke help please and to be honest I could have escaped but I didn't want to leave Quinn bathroom when I could have filled longer but then she got caught in precious hook-and-eye I'm not going into that okay now I am okay okay I'm gonna start tossing saplings over here to be a troll – no no no – right ah she flashed she tried to shoot me oh I didn't mean to steal that god damn it sorry I could have been worse he literally flashed to her oh my god that was Caitlyn's first death what have I done Bruce Nouveau I messed up I should just left Caitlyn till she couldn't buy items yeah nope like no Pike no Pike no no nice nice nice good job oh my god Oh whoa that was scary but I think we somehow did it oh my god oh you don't almost did not make it that was good though now you got your heel I got my row uh so my little saplings will do a little bit more damage and one of those like oh this is one little trick I've noticed Evelyn's invisibility tends to do better if you actually stay in the brushes it does because it doesn't get revealed immediately don't die don't die my friends I can see I can fight No nice yeah I forgot that if you hit them with her charm alone it does extra damage instead of harming them and sometimes I'd honestly rather do that than fuck yeah sometimes it's better to that's one thing that I like about I don't know are you sure miss me that'll hurt Oh got my own photo so I'm gonna run back I just got a big favor come on pike clean up oh my god now you could have Oh nice one that warned you just ran it right over I'm still working on good stuff had the right runes that would help my bad I'm terrible it's so hard not to buy needlessly large rod that's it's me because I'm running the streaming software oh did it okay oh you know it's thornmail yes please good job finally I forgot they had a zillion you're fine that's never a good thing whatever you forget someone's on the team shows how much they stack no just I don't think they've been there for a little bit hmm I don't know good I've always been like a client like saying oh no bad stay back stay back I couldn't save you anyone who gets fresh where are you I'm alive oh no if the tanks are running buff away you should probably run through there oh my god run run just run now oh my god run for the heel No oh no fuck that shit oh my god how are we still alive I'm so trained for the way I saw that team I was blocking it I was not eating that's all right I need to I'm getting stuff for thornmail because I want you they want that booty booty though hmm it's a club not a guild guys what is Thresh building back up stay off my pinky I tried to save Pike and I should have let him die when you're the one who sucks just kidding what's doing great it's my Bruins it's literally me that's Thresh's like ultravision though like really seriously though he's got me multiple times longer than visible like randomly out of nowhere and doesn't it normally show you whenever someone has that I think yeah that's like where they can see him he got away for sure fresh no don't leave them to my cats you dumb bitch attacking from the bush oh no no back up I need to remember totally attack all right keep running keep going back I'm trying to whittle them back Oh well good job help help do you see that I got away and lived yeah that was good I was good oh can I have this yeah Roy let me look at that one nice thing about Evelyn is the fact that get out get out run okay whoa Oh deep resurrected run hi guy I suicided to kill someone that resurrected run I wanted them to run so I could die and they could get out safely no it's all right because now I'll respawn and I'll have my my alt up and stuff hopefully they they they went in too soon if they those two can get no no all right I'm coming oh here we go there we go get her fuck her up are you got it I'm going ahead so I can lay down stuff why can't we get a fancy version of this hmm um is ourn know you should be able to I think he upgrades them now though I think he's doing it now and spun another needlessly large rod hot back up back up oh my god help I'm stuck in here please somebody yeah yeah and that's how you were doing oh my goodness oh they surrendered good I was so good did not take enough I was doing single hits for 400 somewhat damaged nowadays oh my god let's give you did you well yeah level the good job good job yeah we got some committed here him it's just for the new season thing we did it what was your score a my name is I got a good for good well I know you're fine Evelyn's hard our jungler and there's no jungle anyone who plays League knows have validity rumors yeah sometimes alright let's play in this one or do you want to take a break so you met brick do some stretches I will take a break so you can do this see if you could buy a champion you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you miok oh so by that last game though I'm surprised you pulled that out or out that was great Oh like I just got tanky enough to just stand in the middle and be like go go go run away or let's go all in all in all in when I was my own it's a good thing that Evelyn's all recharges quickly oh yeah did you see the one time that i ulted in the opposite direction and it kind of like messed with them for a second well that's yeah and they said that yeah there's actually a way like that works cuz you can go in you can do the teleport the opposite way – don't go inside it's almost like using your alt as a snowball in a way Lou Thresh usage warning no no I just need tanky I have rerolls there you go ooo what mouth plates maokai skin is that bad I'd take snowball or heal on your room I'll keep clarity to give everyone Manas hey maybe this can help me decide if I want to play aralia yeah what you want to confuse the thing or should I go AP now what maokai do the AP damage I'm gonna do like a tank support thing I'm gonna like actually make myself do heals I like to build chalice on thresh he has a shield VI his lantern and then like i can also do damage because i get stacks of AP do you do get stuck some people get that team we're fighting I just thought if I if if I can Hulk right and do the heels when they need to be done I think it's possible never played a really fun you can do it maybe that's another thing that anyone who's watching should realize I'm a baby baby well I know me she game oh yeah I normally played PlayStation 4 in like console games and stuff and tabbies got me into you console games mostly League I'm just I mean yeah oh my god eventually we plan on having a really fun minecraft server that I want to be able to have hosted yeah big reveal that'd be cool well like remember that when I was working on you know Thresh looks and are pretty all look how beautiful Thresh is free free it wasn't got a lot of AP okay I'm just gonna screw it right in the chalice then which in my first build the Trinity for us who are you really yeah prolly no no no not that I want first thing about the stinger actually yeah okay I'm coming Joey gave me ice power Wow oh we know that's just her past the pleasures being around there that's cool remember to click my lantern if you need a escapee like that there there's Neko get into our Tower watch out for Niko she's in there somewhere oh shit oh fuck Oh piss Oh run Oh Oh yeah there we go go oh shit oh no I want that heal so bad yeah I'm not completely dying now there's so much going on oh my good lord Adam Oh grab it grab it grab it okay Oh Caitlyn she altered you I see you there yes any torque I never realized how lucky a shoulders away yeah I mean it works like a bitch damn it I was so close oh yeah revenge what should I get I will get for the job I'm proud of you okay you were that close but as I was saying beforehand Thresh get some stacks of armor passively fuck I mean I like just practice they'll just have to go in custom figure out her moves experiment well I used up all my roles I literally didn't Danny I was gonna roll for you but you're like okay I got around yeah positive I guess I should have taken misfortune you see my older right oh yeah there we go all right some house I always forget that auto-attack is so important for ABCs I'm used to playing mage mostly you know oh yeah so I'm used to like spamming my power isn't over well I don't know for realies not an ADC I think she's a top laner she's like a fighter debatable a lot of people go dark harvest on here but I've seen of course dark harvest is super popular in general oh shit who's that is behind us no shit I had no way to help him that's just like nothing oh my god that's okay I totally saw that I didn't yeah whatever are you really only four people I don't know actually I think it was kale just came back apparently get her you fucker to proceed to notice we actually like entertaining people I think you should we will figure it out one day I'm just thinking like oh you're fine YUM oh now I'm dead I did go after Leona maybe that's why ah it's okay I'm not doing very good either we'll get there that's what a room literally though I like that I am though is just hard enough that it's like you're not really given anything like if you do good it's because you actually did pretty much yeah how am i alive herbs wait a minute our misfortunes gone and we're doing better how we were like a second team G oh hey misfortunes back I tried I think you got one double intern yeah we did it stay back excuse me No oh my god I never surrendered next game hopefully we can do it heavy I believe in us I love you too I am NOT your support they got some kills okay keeps bullying me I need to say you imagine if someone was freaking out needing a safe space and League oh god I try not to judge unless it's people who come to our workplace every single day to eat burgers at 3:00 a.m. at a gas station everyday being around a inhibitor they're going to smash my face in oh that's Nikko I'm just I'm just face checking a little bit I'm tanky oh that's not good that's not her Oh shit well I'm waiting for uh don't do it [Laughter] what's funny those like Nico backed up and some of them backed up and like Leo he's just like game is nuts to them progress which are you talking a book kick me out are they again that was funny yeah now we're gonna go down for where's team inhibitor oh I got two ORS probably are all talking shit only oh wait we tried to ever I wasn't we tried we tried I never really play her that was like my second time that's alright we forgive you oh I don't want which okay should I go tank no I'll take snowball I get clarity if you want okay someone to twitch well but I could play recording be sport no I have to be a tank just in case I don't like upgrade your items will make you the prettiest ice crown ever get jinxed did you know that yes that's super good I just like coming down yeah something like that yeah it's like a big um bomber like a bomber man from Super Mario I'm terrible singing you know kids misfortunate young oh that's a really good new new skin that's a really really good new new willam skin isn't it cool yeah but we all know who skins the best she's on the bottom like a raccoon yeah lasondra skin though good that's like my favorite uh skin in the universe yeah it is so pretty so pretty that crown though the green one's pretty it is pretty the green and the light blue one I make it are a c1 because like mm-hmm alrighty let's try that border on all right now what do I get us on what do they have all right what are you going with I'm gonna build some armor a boot and two potions to start out because I can add magic resist with my passive when I get enough gold Oh don't die Teemo don't do it no he's in business I like grass oh fuck help help Hey No I tried to escape there was none oh yeah I need air that do some fortune there we go Oh flash now flash now queue up three times patrol afks everybody's early your mouse that hurts is I don't know no she just hurts and I don't like it it makes me out you know don't you hear whatever you throw your thing let's go for the heel I have my alt I'm not using it yet we need to pop his skull shield first did that work okay good all right his spell shields down oh I'm not a man oh shit oh I hit my own I'm so sad No Oh God and already on our Tower they went to feast upon my soul you see I went to back you up be like get off my preyas thank you he does me pretty lady queen back off misfortune your slut I'm sorry pardon my language no no no she's just a fricking winter enchantress and you know it pardon me I'm sorry [Laughter] who has the silence Oh mouth a heart oh oh no oh no oh no oh oh oh I walked right into that well new new houses all just so everyone knows who has a good hit from J's Oh at least become a ninja guy you mean the giant purple grasshopper no he's a giant purple grasshopper a Boyd grasshopper oh that's malzahar he's more like adage in like Genie dude from the void and he's dick yeah and he's got it's like passive spell shield and shit it's ridiculous I might have touched it a little uh he stopped my own yes yes and fuck all you did you see me towerdive them and live Oh worth it I'd like to say how the beginning your fucking know you did you did a lot hourglass oh yes I'll be so good gives you armor against misfortune thought magic resist I just go for pan cheese veil so you still get cooled down and damage oh let's Claude you see okay it was though come on do you my got it I don't feed in Rye I am or that was adorable that whimpered that laughter I'm like I am or look up no one likes you kha'zix I think that's his name watch out for kha'zix Oh watch out run run run Oh give me this thank you how much cooldown do I have ten already I'd remember to spay and neuter your Poros and always give them a biscuit well I can't wait till I can start upgrading you guys as item soon that's great watch out yeah let's do that all games I tried to help you worth it whoo nothin fun yeah all right now hmm I think yes please yes actually you know what I'll get the cool dumb partner right now night puts me at 20 cool down we got this sneeze we did my best to do that you can eat them like there we go come on clean up we like yeah I totally had that opened up all day me like damaged everybody and then like they're just like yeah they're likely into that like we and you just like clear now like that's all right maybe they just probably weren't ready like I chose to like freeze one of them with my own instead of myself that sounds like now are you at least they did get us one assist out of it at the end of it it's better than nothing I at least like to even out at my place core yeah okay we can do this I am a decent lasondra play that's good I've disengaged the clad shit no no das trying to make sure they were gonna try to go past me to get him I'm upgrading his item what did I upgrade who I graded his death cap fuck yeah no I'll do you next don't worry Oh well he put up a little fit off twitch twitch twitch good job there you go see it get that heel oh I upgraded you Luden's he's confused bitch come on I got these a heel come on guys Oh let me out let me out let me in let me out me I got him I got one malzahar I need warm hugs so bad I should've froze myself oh no no no you're fine we got this I just need to get more logs now I just in general need to get used to like actually using a game it's all right we got this yo I just wanted to open a new that was so funny kha'zix is coming all right his spell shields down come on come on avenged I got four now I'm gonna let it go survive I show around I think she stepped on a mushroom I got 40 cool down I just need to finish warm-ups but hopefully I'll get time to activate my passive for that alright I'm coming my alts ready as well ok just need 400 I go out I can't I can't Oh bad we lost no no we got this Oh warm hugs yes we're monks there we go I didn't have a gun yeah I got it nice or I need a bike build again and Timo is dead excuse me hmm I feel like I need some damage I'm gonna hydro woodwork I'm coming just run run run friend lounging hey we put up a good fight that's like candy that's alright we got this luckily we're in the early stages of streaming and no one watches hey hey hey now I know hey no I don't know but I'm leaving the cylinder and honored and we completed some mission hey I gave me four hundred blue essence which means it gave you some too which means I can get coming up which means I can get them here I can get Kamil oh my god can we do a practice round with me on same team all right we pause for a second yeah so I can practice real quick with her did I say that well where's Jamie hmm yeah you did sorry I just got come real nice nice nice Camille good good good oops I minimize you same thing I didn't want to my bad i minimized it I'm sorry there we go and no I think we're batching real quick no no no no we're good oh you're patching weird edge interesting do you honestly want to know why I bother cuz you like not staying face in the video she oh yeah yeah that's such a good wait why am i back to 100% shy just exit no no we'll see oh there yeah looks like am I gonna had some sort of a system error happens sometimes Wow man we'll win eventually hey we made a news dream friend no no just let it go I'm sure I'm Debbie she follow Nintendo need a window or whatever like I can word window boy that's what their name is there's this laborer the misfortune on the opposed oh they they stream or two they were streaming – we made a friend no nurse they talked to us about our salty teammate though the Jace well you know that's why he didn't get any honors because he whined too much that's not how you make friends now see see Nintendo nindo was nice about it so even though they were on the enemy team you made a friend you don't gotta be dick bags go ahead give a shot just cuz it's like give a shot frozen franzine oh heck yeah I'm gonna be getting Silas when it comes out yeah Jase is all like oh it's juju no they were talking about the Jase – yeah so you make friends by being nice with people not by whining and then complaining about you didn't get honor – because you were whining the whole game but hey it's a growing thing one day they'll don't get that hopefully if not they'll get banned and instead I don't know when people get rude I get oh yeah oh yeah what missions are there ooh wow deal a lot of damage ooh I want to do to heal one though Healing is fun ooh there's some that are for ranked in for rift one day we'll do this I can't wait for Earth though yeah why uh I'm actually not sure you shouldn't be too far off for coming out I have them on the PBE I haven't gotten the tribe yet though because my PvE is being weird so I just bought them and then closed it it's how I got a head start on learning to play pikas from the PBE neko I didn't really get to play too much resides in practice mode on PvE before she came out I like I want to know what the next supports gonna be that I like supports yeah I mean I get to play about anything from a ram I just like a certain supports that are really fun I like philately like you can take your ADC if you want I like a teeter aka machine gun Lulu eighty Soraka can be fun too I've actually taken Nami as ad before so you want to build her health happy home ah he's a prick Emil it's it's situation based yeah so you right there she's up against Victor who's a ap mage so she'd want magic a little bit of magic resist but her kick also gives her a little magic shield that's your past yeah I was it patching still yeah Jesus well I guess that means it's potty break time so I'll do a BRB you you you so which Ivy's practicing Camille who we just bought and I'm eating a sandwich so got anything to talk about I might be able to spectate you actually should have made it cited spectator look at how she returns yeah mm-hmm someone messaged me something but it can wait I understand what you yeah they're delicious you they can you imagine a witch over here saying like Oh could be I should put her against rock instead of the little Wukong bottom put him up against this beating his arms but Camille's well it's your first time killing spree he's spun around now I got lifesteal damn that picks up sale well anyways I have completed my sandwiching alright I'm gonna see if this life still makes a difference first I need to get used to the range or else W for sure oh yeah I messed that up a lot because you can't aim it at minions is there it has to be at a wall or obstacle and like there's some characters where you can I'm wondering if that works against some Navy as well I don't think I've ever tried it if she can bounce off of you as well yeah it's a structure I would if she could also horns Little Rock or Talia's wall yeah her little rock wall that's a good question I have to test out that theory sometime one day it's kind of like how Neko she can't turn into anyone's animal yeah which doesn't get honestly in my opinion is a flaw I want to do it would be cool if she could turn into like needle ease cat form but the needle e changes back so they think that the cat is the real neatly cut its Nico that'd be really cool but maybe it would also be too Opie I want to know how Scylla sir the new champions gonna copy Siobhan is ability because in the pro it shows it like he just goes in shown in the promo foods that like there was this big dragon form but it's to keep it for a little bit probably just for a little bit I'm not sure how that will work with Elise or neither oh wait no I think I know what it is I think somebody said that with Silas if he turns into like Neely's cat form he has all her cat abilities until he presses bar again as for cat form but they wouldn't let me go turn into an animal form but that's maybe that's what Silas is thing is it kind of makes sense that way but like it would only be your enemy Silas that'll be interesting yeah what if he ended up using bards all it doesn't do damage Ziggs though or Caterina's yeah now would Swain would he be better to use the alts of characters whose items build synchronized with his items like if you're moving probably if you're building him ap you should take the ability of an AP yeah but like sometimes like if it's like pike who's alt is that he executes don't mind my chair it's a little squeaky but um its execute so doesn't matter if he has a D or not it'll just execute at a certain threshold yeah urgh that's the same way I think they'd actually nerved him this patch if I read read write excuse me I ain't confessed maybe that's why I was able to kill him one-on-one with Katarina and after I killed three people it also depends on what they are building I usually take a record as a fighting time I still can't believe so what do the a Ram games like late where my team had two tanks on it and no one built it let me put on some propaganda now though they said there's returning skin lines in their teaser star Guardian or got confirmed no I'm kidding that would be it really should be like an April Fool's like skin though for him put him in African to to around his little gun legs and I guess a like yeah like why not give ammo to to or just put them in the expand X somehow temple glitters like that dragon butterfly like a fey butterfly Shyvana that would be cool mmm-hmm like with translucent wings and like don't make me draw that all right I have to draw it now alright let's play game Oh wasn't it big chickens that were like kids bad coaching yes do you know what that's from its from animal in the Muppets that was like his theme some bitch yeah you oh I mean I didn't say that I'm your support I'm Lulu with kid night I'm a dua D no I am NOT your spy oh fuck you bitch I'm going ap anyways so but I mean I still kind of support shield yeah seriously Sam okay perfect boo Hey I was so scared that I was gonna have to be freakin Twisted Fate but he's the best hardly the coolest thing I can think about him is I'm like him Evelyn actions surpass that taking of a fairy dragon I actually I never really used the skin went on Lulu's fun Lulu like I like her more than Annie as far as like the younger girl characters yeah and he's like full of edge haraam reworked storyline was pl god Pike again definitely more compelling oh no it's frosty flaker and tipsy flipper I like that jinx yeah I don't have that one it is cool though I have the King skin and I got it for my chest I don't play King Loki like on which skins because I have the witching were gone in the witching Everland and then I have coven lissandra those are like witches oh yeah no makes me happy and Camille has a coffin skin – she does know because she looks more like a demon faithing it's super pretty though like a pan which maxi scissors yeah chop-chop man she wins at the chop-chop slide I feel like there's a scissor lesbian joke in there somewhere I hope not well I must makers and welcome but um I apologize for that look miss borders perfect for you hey doodles but then I take a sore knees like look we both caught little creatures with us well we do aren't we cute sleepy trouble Babu oh wow they've just maybe what if I should have played supporters no I maybe no I maybe I am not yell so full I love the FBI who watches you do your laundry every day separated I think she said you did a good shot what's your tornado but I didn't hit anybody you tried I stepped into a trap oh god there's a dude there we got it I got it you see my flash I almost fell asleep under the turret yeah really we just flashed [Laughter] well you have our grumpy abode Oh Sheldon you though okay yay we did it No why does it stopped you're all that sucks that they kick out you're just the right moment to do that one day I like doing just things in the moment I did Oh jinx completely missed I forgive her nope oh there's another one Oh God Oh I tried got it I believe in you you are yeah hmm good job um yeah no that's it I'm going to shield you now I saved your life please help Oh Oh I like how each like put a shield on the people in promos no I'm an Indy seat good I have three kills watch out for the sleepy trouble oh fuck oh shit I got one apparently nice hit I'm waiting for boots oh you got him got it all hush up shopkeeper did she ought you the jinks grouchy help oh shit oh shit did you oh oh wait no you didn't I know whoa Oh scary if it wasn't for that tornado in the end I'm so glad I get to a tease you Lulu boom you know what's funny is I'm not even sporting that heavy damage right now yeah you fine you didn't do don't go in I just done 400 delivery Wow Wow holy shit oh no no no not yet I have my alt so first no no I'm good I have lifesteal also oh good job that came in clutch we need that tower yeah got it watch out let's just go back for the heel oh fuck Oh Tower oh shit why do they do that sorry that's right we got it and you got an assist and we got the tower Oh oh shit I didn't realize she was there sorry honestly Jenna's my favorite person to play whenever I'm protecting a tower yeah I kind of need to die I don't not yet never we did it whoa yeah but they got pike until twitch came in be careful you're the only one alive Oh shield that turret and send out a little wind where get that heal there get back he'll and then go back to the tower yeah teamwork teamwork oh god here they come no no you can alt them off the tower if you have to all right oh shit shield yourself oh god oh my shielded the tower before I die no that's totally what I had learned Oh twitch damn it yes I would just run I'm gonna buy Oracle huh my little dragon pics is glitched get them we need to get twitch if we survive Oh nice good job I think that's a game is it the inhibitor oh fuck I'm able to eat my face it's just so ian jenks able to eat my thing it's been I don't know oh my gosh like get up oh yeah and they surrendered we the win wins we did it I think I think that's our last game though huh you better get to sleep yeah we did eat no no no no no no I got a chest cuz I got I knew you could do it less let's let's see what my chest has if I have enough to open it it's probably just gonna be a random skin shirt I don't need it right well I guess it could give me a reroll but I kinda want to keep those oh it's cute are you going to vote too oh I think that's all it's so fucking wait I got oh yeah I got that I can't do but oh I know it's so cute where do I put it what's legend one hmm what's legend one that's from death wishes from leveling up in general where's my new remote I don't see my new remote mmm-hmm but I want so far I've been getting a good win rate with Janna okay that's good all righty though yeah it's a schlip schlip term okay flip time are you going to say good night

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