Limbless PlayStation Gamer Uses Chin And Shoulder To Play

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BORN without arms and legs, Tiyo Satrio, from Penawangan village, West Java, Indonesia, could be forgiven for having little to smile about. But instead the 11-year-old’s upbeat nature and infectious laugh make him a class favourite with fellow pupils and teachers alike. Throughout her pregnancy, Tiyo’s mum Mimi was unaware of her son’s condition. And even after he was born, she wasn’t told straight away that her newborn child had no arms or legs. Although shocked on first learning the news, Mimi quickly adjusted to her son’s condition – and it’s this acceptance that has contributed to Tiyo’s outgoing personality. Tiyo also proves himself to be more than a match for his friends when playing on his games console. The Playstation addict plays every spare moment he can, using his chin to operate the control pad. 

Videographer / director: Jefta Images
Producer: Nathalie Bonney, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Ian Phillips

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26 thoughts on “Limbless PlayStation Gamer Uses Chin And Shoulder To Play”

  1. All the comments saying he has better writing or Sony need to buy him a PS4.
    He’s not a spoilt demanding kid wanting the latest stuff.
    He’ll grow up to be a bio engineer probably invent some of the best prosthetics ever

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