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Commentary by D2bowie
this is Game one between liquid and Caban I am super excited about this game in particular because whoever wins this will go to the finals to decide who is actually going to the dream league season 11 major pointing the bass right it's not gonna matter but it looks like they actually fired first blood on a chant oh hello pop that war-cry kenny on top of miracle diver shows up he doesn't have that Penniman brace but he we got the intro here trying to chase miracle where is the stud there you go miracle actually taking all our damage from the storm I mean he was not using the attribute of course and he dies to a stroke afraid a lot of creeps aligned right now this is will be forced to waveform out in this is a very fast past Night Stalker he tries to get links well did you get it have to strike but not enough of a push to actually put nine away and with that silence it looks like morphling might just die did you get a balance track this is a rotation from a two-man MiraCosta moai they are buying time they used well is on Kudo in the waveform from miracle will find a kill the sockets committee will get that you find a favor in Adventure is so good with miracle morphling as well okay if we'll get the sanest onto everyone so it's not going to be a really ripped but yes I already has a Midas and once the Nightstalker leaves dkphobos this low armor plug or can you actually disengage to get the work right but the adaptive strike doesn't care about your no GH is gonna try his best and they are already going for another force that ph getting pretty close to his one but with the Federman brace bottom looks like our boy merkel might be in a huge huge problem who's gonna train form determine brace but he doesn't get it this could be good alright the creep is actually taking a long time to die and it looks like liquid will be forced out but once again LS very very close he could have died and this is one of the weaknesses of their lives to their radiance bill they are trying to get on top of crew here but chaos boat is going just I want to the chin but with that will-o'-wisp its forged by a little bit of time but with duration get down I gonna public art strap nice so bite if the double size double storm harakiri keep on going double void and it looks like miracle is doing a lot of damage they will get the stun on two nine in a nice local loop edge but you here's on the side of liquid the to support sorry that they will get away from there find the spin and for now this is enough linear and a support for to support scales hold on to your boy it does get the decrepit I on to him but they will keep chasing and now they're gonna lose it heroes balanced right with the Primus bring the fight is going to stop the e Phobos the you get excusable here which eventually finds the kill this is not going to be a lot of damage the inks well on to the next you know in so a Louis is a infest a little engine a now is way to be so Skinner actually playing with fire but he will be up at maximum on actually doing a lot of damage true that's been can they still fight the sounds ultimate oh man there's not going to be a balanced right hand of God this is enough damage it is enough damage you're gonna find my to amend the bottom line though they are actually getting barracks because of a divine favor cannot put this is this is this has been earth like this cannot be doubled on campus alright kuroky it looks like they're trying to get on top of him but the see it shows up nine I'm not sure you actually have enough damage you you will train disengage actually alive 50 HP that medal and saving him they will get a kill on they actually get the ages onto the more from they keep on fighting this silence is there and it looks like this time they don't have that cool on a hurricane pack to save the morph lady in so is here and they do find four kills right it doesn't give extra tax but only extra damage but the solar crest does give a tax BD don't have a select rice right now but it looks like the damage is more than enough the lift is going to be used on the side of Caban it looks like they are trying to flank liquid here let's see if it gonna get a good jump that smoke is going to break on to their night so can they get vision down the void is for the high ground and pie for Jesus it just explodes children trying to battle but I do know it has a BB can or even get a standoff in Jesus Christ mind control we have that realitor if it looks like they keep on chasing more flee here there will always be spying time and they actually get any kills going miracle actually became alive he's going to find that nice talking to heroes already dad on the side of a pond with a fire back that's a dad hugging at the fire back from the green story actually does nothing he never got his so bind off and now they're gonna get a good balance strike on spiral the stroke of pages there the silence but not nearly enough skinny are still trying to drag liquid into to your face dead Scotty is unstoppable head of God for a miracle triple kill already here and it looks like this is a set of barracks GG flies out sinner and calls it winning with it in the end they actually put in Lane the seeking and the chant together Skeeter or our man playing the troll and so it's nine on the ember camp is actually being blocked constantly by the side of cap on which music cannot even pull it out kuroky being chased down and luna being run down by the clockwork nice eyes that blue dodged eliminate they keep on chastely don't have level two onto this property is this enough damage the lunar is pretty fast they keep on running but Biver actually with the last right-click will find it you'll nine all right in the top plane we do CD when they fly now miracle commits the doppelganger is enough to save him by where he does not have the miss i he actually got the cogs that were to which means that miracle will be able to TP out but he just came back he actually had to walk back to the base he only got two CS in like a minute and now he has to TP back once again and there you go they're gonna get the cogs in both kuroky and ghd's illuminate is gonna just so much damage we did not talk about this interaction but a cog stripping two supports but they illuminate on top of it and he'll Skeeter he's gonna get a lucky as near onto gh and they keep chasing he have one take charge on survivor but no cooldowns of payables that really helps and he is very top he is going to find Bible right here syndrome level three this is music if he doesn't even have to come in any spells and now he's gonna fly a skitter here the venomous gateway is there poison of is also available for now he doesn't even want you committed now when nine shows up is gonna get a two men oh and they wait for the telekinesis they're gonna find that one looks like JH will tie or can I get denied all to him yes he can nine will use the remnant out TP from syndrome we'll give him some mana music me fresh comida will oh I don't know he's actually going to run top the war not given vision he keeps on going sinner and UTP all the loosened beam is going to be there that cast point buff definitely going to beautiful at least for now they're not going to good a four-step Orangeman to bomb on you okay – gonna find sittin right here the clap gets committed in the fine croquet with the find with the Rhinos played I'm pretty sure there's going to be an easy kill croaky let's chase now ezq maybe not he's gonna pop his stick still not enough gauge once the primal split is over think this is what they want to do all nice blinked out they will get the will-o-wisp right here Center and trying to disengage miracle trying to focus on Joey Louis by a heart a hook shot and it looks like they are trying to fight here miracle fare low HP he is going to perish in heaven they want to get this fight ran out of fire Emmett is here nice lift from the Rubik isn't enough for him to disengage yes oh but they're gonna get a clap dkphobos keeps on chasing here is a shrine of a abode eh strange do they have any teepees to help oh no he is going to die 7:00 p.m. this man already try me a pretty good game crook he's just farming doesn't even care about that okay they're gonna buy back with the hook shot ain't you everyone mind control Pops's became a much of a man as well the poison Nova was committed a willow wisp is not doing much because of those bkb's a widow in Aruba canned that's a nice kill but you know if you're gonna buy back for that I think you would want a little bit more tea so they are aware of what's going on they're also going to keep those wards now they're gonna blink on top of the show if they loosen beam he welcome it those access here making sure the mine Contras going to miss some attacks are gonna care to better yourself how the poison no they still being held by dead V no master can they find ivory looks like they will he has no buyback we're gonna find Saturn as well with he dies back that 70 seconds with avocado and this is probably liquids Roshan for the taking you have the radiance for the ple looks speaking of the radius looks like you're tipping someone top here fighting spirit now they will find a point when that is his first life already gone and about two moments before she blinked out but now he's not there to commit the poison or my family's going to be coming a miracle pops is meta but the damage is you see and since about two men TP now there is absolutely no response from liquid at least for now we're gonna drop the will-o-wisp right here to keep on chasing but to momentum beekeeping was activated can they actually get on top of my Superman once the BKB is over and think they will and because of the primus but the brewmaster is good to be healthy the fight can keep going kuroky he's gonna commit to loosen me he has that eclipse finally goes for there's some creeps around he's not doing that much damage dkphobos still alive can they this give us three years already dead on the side of liquid killing spree form a tumor Mandy I getting on top of him though and he's going to eat the cheese but he doesn't have that out anymore I'm not sure if he's going to be strong and it looks like gh stole the primal split and I woke up button they lose three years as well and by birth with that play they will keep on fighting if they don't steal that Primus but I'm not sure this fight would have gotten that well for them of Caban I'm going to say especially if the Sanjay National completed hope shot is going to find no one else then a Mutulu man but he is so strong he actually gets that you're gonna keep on chasing they're trying to save the primal units only the blue one is still alive that is an Espada streak for the maximum Envy no master searing chains BKB popped onto that ember D we'll find this man and Aluna so this is one Corrin one support for two supports on the side of Caban so general data is actually decent TP out from dkphobos no gh will cancel the TP with that you scepter and now they keep on fighting the venomous gateways here the signer forget stolen and it looks like dkphobos him not which then who damaged your sacrifices done can he actually find the skill not a lot of mana on should the ember is going to remnant out doesn't have mana to TP in gimme ya cheese right fast enough there you go gonna be what you hear and now gets man at you og eight seconds smoking coming on the side okay they're gonna get that hook shot launch but Superman he doesn't have first step so he's just going to pop the BKB holds all should aside advice for now because he knows he can actually kill by but he even blinks out off the cogs now come on we'll pop the primal split the PCBs over they're gonna lift the my okay that's another option you can actually lift the video master and take the fight before the poison Nova gets coming they're gonna use the fire and then for the pious Innova finally gets committed the wheel side of Vice Skinner but he's now popping a better chance he wants to get on top of the spin and a lot of damage being thrown out a well fireman to a man and he looks like a bond they will take this fight this is the second core that will die the storm hair is there but not enough damage and they keep on trying to chase roche and unfortunately will take a long time to respond a miracle might be interested in reinitiating the final man on the Emer there's no way he can get out and that is a double for miracle so that's the first core on the side of the pond the faith boat onto gh they will find in photos oh that's a stolen battery with a clap as Waldo dkphobos he cannot TP out for a pretty decent eration and there's so much extra damage because of the arcane whatever from Rubik it looks like they will find the skill he lifts the brewmaster his solo kills way faster than I anticipated a hook shot get started they will go for hook shot but I don't know about his why are the initiating the fight they could actually take Roshan if they wanted to that's a very low HP corporate already they're gonna commit a poison over BKB pop Tantra mind control will always be doing a lot a lot of control right here Michael chose the BB trying to disengage but RM and he has that is there's gonna bash the span and willow is just locking everyone in place I think this is a stolen so willow is PI not sure a fire remnant out miracle keeps on chasing the defuser by orange a sinner in the glimmer keep allowing our MN to disengage what a selfless play by sinner he doesn't have better chance anything Skinner might just be dead and he is by back coming above the throw as well as the Carter gonna limp the panelists ancient here as they try to take the fight but to my man looks like he will perish they find a CEO and dkphobos keep on fighting and that's a double kill poor gh stolen fire remnant from dead amber in a pirate village PE might just die back right healing will give him that glimmer cape and now the pro master he is back but it looks like Colonel cleared the loosened Ben they are going to control him and once again walk work with the pipe also going for staff and the amber who looks like a fight is starting here or maybe his fishing the whale get a side of ice on 2 December right here he did not have buyback that time does he have one now nope it doesn't 90 seconds without the ember this is looking like the perfect time for a liquid fight I mean did you have ages on the trope but okay that's a double damage so that's probably the best fighter gonna fight but can he even fight they're gonna pop the battle trance so they can keep that double damage up a lot of damage being done prior by Skeeter my control will pop that BKB to disengage but the Banshee is there oh my god so much damage but gh actually gets a monster he was gonna steal a spell and the troll will find a key launch that's why they keep on chasing the fade boat onto the turn gonna buy back the spending his TP into destroying Skeeter you need to be very careful can you TP out the blank only find him immediately and now he doesn't have that ages anymore he could potentially blink away let's see if he can time the rocket flare perfectly geh oh they get your scepter way easier you don't have to time it just clicking on the spot and it looks like a board troll will die he doesn't have the battle chance anymore and that is a god-like streak for heating up just a lot of small mistakes and a lot of ultimately coming from liquid GH played amazingly well that Rubik did more than like both of the supports on cap on combined and it looks like sinner is gonna be taken now he gets Tove they're gonna get e eclipse inside the fountain this is just humiliation the brewmaster doesn't need it oh man alright GG good luck cinder and calls it this was a 2-0 lakid wins this game I quit they will go further


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