Mars Value Pack – DotA 2 Patch 7.21C

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After having a few more stabs (pun not intended) at playing MARS I think I’m getting slightly better.

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oh my god a sound like he says damn the country they're headed for the enemies middletown has fallen [Applause] I wasn't recording that kill this is something I don't know oh shit oh my god Hey look out there well fuck I was really pushing it tries be excited you can't be to be every single seat click of him but he it's like it's like itself voice activation right waz me they get put in my face I speak yeah how how vile ponchita [Applause] cheating again man my flights reasons I'm ready and then hood to tree what you denied me hope Oh my cosmic gift oh my god this wouldn't let me get away well good cake I guess so yeah what's going on here then I've got Wow all right really we went right through I love fatal the towel is getting attacked by the shield wall then the towel is gonna attack for the shield wall oh that's sweet I'm not dying anyway though but still we learn something you can't fuck up its powers with the ball at least this will look like it looked like the towel is getting sacked by it probably wasn't that looks like it what are you tell me Wow [Applause] part ways this is a objective based gaming right now those directors based gaming a visit from the power Oh Perla I can take his power oh that was a bad idea you guys still doing that fucking but he cannot go inside go inside the car go outside I underestimate how much is gonna take that I don't have any more mana unfortunately you're top dog no doubt dr. Spier different yeah I was I was too much like that will stay far away when you son 3d knows too much I don't know why I need a second idea leave alone he's not happy he's not happy honestly though chief like I just whenever I get bounty hunters they always seem to know how to play the enemy team but without my team leaders don't know what to do I got out he actually managed to get out to what end your bottom Tower the enemies I'm out of here her name is Beckman was that you and visit me yeah vagina easy pussy bro what I'm just picked it up by playing an SCA for so long I live in Australia he has to be the party to at least he's gonna die at least he's going to die that should be it Brady instructions suckers not games so I am racing I'll do what I want issues [Applause] imagine if I'd caught that gagis then the enemy's top barracks is body get out of here I'm going to D okay you got heaps and stuff here just get ready stay here know what kill it kill it I need to kill it come on come on yeah fuck it I go to win

43 thoughts on “Mars Value Pack – DotA 2 Patch 7.21C”

  1. Just putting this out there guys. You get so much Techies content as it is – think about other people's interests and more especially – Mine.

    I'm diversifying the content for a few reasons

    – So the content doesn't get stale. Too much of a good thing Isnt a good thing.

    – I want to learn other heroes and get better at the game in general. This is a no brainer.

    I can appreciate that some of you enjoy my Techies videos but to demand something for nothing and by nothing I mean not watching other content to help me help you amongst other things is why I'm looking after the broader audience and protecting myself for the future in terms of content generation and delivery.

  2. Apparently, Mars is a broken hero. How come drow ulti doesn't ignore his bulwark? I mean, Drow's ulti surpasses Bristleback third skill and dragon knight's third skill, but why not Mars's? He needs to be fixed.

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