Minecraft: FLOAT BEE GUNNER CHALLENGE GAMES – Lucky Block Mod – Modded Mini-Game

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The Challenge Games begin and we must fight the Float Bee Gunner!
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– Start with 20 Lucky Blocks, 5 Super Lucky Blocks, 5 Unlucky Blocks, 10 apples, Iron Pickaxe, & Crafting Table
– Open all of them and craft the best items you can
– Do not take items or blocks from the world unless they came from your block
– Trade with villager to improve your items
– No Penalty for dying before the battle begins
– You may give items to the other player
– Beacons from Wells not allowed
– The winner from last time spawns the mobs
– The loser is the one who dies in the battle first
– Rounds go: 1 boss, 2 boss, 3, 4, 5, 6 each round harder…etc
– Running away from the mobs & leaving the other player is cheating
– Use the Arena to your advantage, but no placing blocks except TNT

In this Float Bee Gunner Challenge Games Modded Mini-Game:
Lucky Blocks Mod Vs Float Bee Gunner from the Jen’s Wacky Guesses Mod, me against Jen who will survive the longest!

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[Applause] [Applause] hey what's going on dudes it's Pat and welcome back to the child's game hope you guys are having an awesome day this is gonna be a very good one Jen I have the coolest boss ever planned because you invented it I did remember the chance of wacky guesses bond so this is one of the weirder guesses you've ever had that was turned into a boss and I have the hint right over here I'm hoping you could remember this but it's actually a really tough man okay was it like a really weird guess of mine uh yeah it really made no sense you got this time in both fair all right and then there's a pile right there for you to hit and then it's floating that's an extra here oh okay all right so you only get one guess don't just spit it out you don't think for a few seconds before you say it's actually a really tough time in real life just kidding and that was wrong it really it made no sense you could never get this so you know it says I be floating so it's a floating bait like you said yes if there's a gun involved it is the full be gunner the float be got it right you ever said that before I have absolutely no idea but basically we're fighting this like weird beam that has a gun that floats in there to smash that subscribe button that would be awesome also guys drop a like on the video if you love the challenge let's smash it off but today this is how it's gonna work we're gonna be opening some lucky blocks we'll get some awesome items out of them we'll treat it in with the villagers which have some of the coolest weapons and armor and stuff ever which are based on what we're fighting today which was very weird and difficult and then we're to go into the arena we are gonna fight those mobs to the death whoever survives the longest is the winner and that is how it works today last episode or I believe I won last episode okay so you will be spawning in the mobs today yes I will and in here we have the redstone lucky block for today alright do you want to just grab everything in here first okay grab it okay so we have a crafting table ten apples and iron pickaxe buy very lucky blocks five I'm knocking blocks in fifteen lucky blocks and I really want to see you draw this okay this it's so weird looking like it's like looks like a boat it's in that's the boat on the bottom yes you know uh there's its body oh that's its stinger in the front it's gone gorgeous it really it's really beautiful it's a really accurate representation no you must wait until we get to the battle alright you did at the my showcase but it was months ago cuz it wasn't like a house so we'll say but uh over here guys we got four trades today for a beacon we get the rain be a shooter so we do have some ranged weapons because it does fly or float in the air okay so it's got on power yacht it's got punch 3 flame 3 in infinity so it's really good for another stuff we get to be gunned down this one's got power 5 and flame gun no nope it is Oh close your eyes when you hold it and it's a gun so these ones have luck on the meaning they have special abilities both those boats have a chance of doing all kinds of crazy things from shooting meteors to spawning in mobs to shooting like a hundred arrows so they're really awesome for Dragon and we get the be either this one's got sharpness 20 and knock-back 2 and it's pac-man wait it's a weapon give us a weapon ok it's really tiny yeah so this is actually a really powerful weapon the eats bees pretty easily you will pay for killing me need a ranged weapon no matter what no he kind of floats above the ground ok but I'll be case we do there is a range weapon available for 10 animals we get in the old smelly boat we should probably buy this it's not very good but it's a boat it's got an affinity on it and $5 5 emeralds in case we need to buy that bow all right so Ruth okay some of my best ones I came up with from today for the trade how are you that was really creepy you were supposed to be over there but you're over there some of the best named ones are over here I didn't really go to Mass can't wait to see that all right so we've been roaming trades guys you have a sponge for blossom admirably have a saddle for five Admirals and portal frame for Everett the cake for a block everything we've got ATT for be gone Wow wow that's good how did you come up with [Laughter] the next one's gonna really it's gonna you're gonna be flattered yes you will not have socks anymore you might knock your whole pants off all right so this one for to enter chess it is the deadly beasts water in it's a hoverboard from Back to the Future with sharpness and knock-back watch and then for the time for summer this is my personal favorite the toast inator close are we snacking with this toaster sharpness 15 on that beast and then for the horse armor in this 400 it looks like an electronic toothbrush all right so what does it call Jeb it is called the bug zapper 9001 because it's like the version bug zapper 9000 which is over 9000 all right all right afford I was getting super lucky redstone block five knives we had a chip table and job you get a chance to Golden Apple and that is about it I will meet jet over here and let's open up some groups let's start with super lucky blocks today all right you know that my strategy is to save those so that can make them super lucky later you're trying to mess with my strategy but I'll do it anyways 100 oh my god I got baby bacon yeah because he's he's not really food though that was super lucky and all I got was a big weight are you so fine you trying to win this war if we work together we might be able to wear this gold armor head wolfson and armor if I beat him alright oh my god I'm gonna look like a bi but it's gonna think I'm its babies it literally drop nothing oh you got me sir rainbow oh you got job what is this oh it's a redstone contraption alright so I think that we need like a redstone torch to put down and then it will shoot this off an issue that forwards okay if we get one oh right inside this my nose just came off thank you no no no no no you know your birth Jen's birthday is this week but it's not your birthday yeah you know you know we do we have a whole birthday week yes yes tomorrow started actually a birthday month okay I got like the coolest weapon ever and no I think you should get a gift so I have a gift here for you right now wait till the end don't have you can do better happy in my patch okay I didn't hatch alright so I do have a beacon so I'm super excited for that that's gonna be really useful today alright good oh I got diamond chicken oh my god they just gave birth oh and I got your diamonds hey what so what you need get any diamonds with the chickens no is that I was your look wait the chicken say that we spoke you can spoke oh yes famous deceived Island but then nothing happens I think know what that means is if you put the next block in between them it's gonna be a lot luckier my diamonds no that was for my okay have you put a block in between them near their breasts then it will become see it works I told you I just got nothing but this time oh of course this is wonderful I have another gift free all right so I should save them up to man for you yeah just for the ends for the deadly beasts water oh that's actually really good that right I'm just gonna buy that right now all right oh yeah I just got a trap but luckily I didn't and now inside it Oh should I do it for the effect do it alright I'm going in okay I'm going in I was try to bust you out of there alright it's impossible no you're not actually in there I'm in it right now yeah you are huh hope can do it take a while alright try not to die alright I'm sorry sit around just like the booby all over again oh just got a dragon egg I've got two amazing things yet wait you got a dragon egg now Oh what I'm looking at you want to give that to me as my gift I will gladly accept if you want to pet it no pick my egg oh all right do not lick the egg it's a baby dragon it's really creepy all right got 12 more normal lucky blocks to open right now okay all super unlucky ones I'm opening right next to you okay right next to your toe don't don't don't move oh yeah well okay ready I'm not a baby oh you got me a nice lamp oh this is actually pretty cool I like this thank you okay you're welcome all right so were you trying to kill me I'm killin Peter he is definitely cursed all right we use blow ha I just blew up June you made a mess of the land all right here we go oh I got a lucky villager oh he does not have anything useful at all diamond diamonds which one I just proved it I don't even have I believe you oh they're so beautiful do you want this dirt wait hold on I made this for you how did you come up with that that's the best gift I've ever seen all right now how does that feel Chad oh that's an arm ride full of gold which since I have no longer right now I think I'm gonna hold onto just in case I need it to fight why do you always start with those bad ones oh my god I got another amazing drop Chad I got the diamond horse on my three of the amazing weapons back I'm not happy I didn't want to tell you though that I did edit the red pill monkey block I did edit the red stone lucky block before he started to give you some better drop so you know I didn't it didn't originally have beacons and all the challenge game dropped so I added them in to make sure that we were dead Bob and I think that's why a couple of things like glitched out like that trapper added but clearly it didn't work so at the end I'm gonna give us all an extra five lucky blocks when we finish okay oh I got some redstone stuff but it's kind of blowing up but it's like it looks like a candy cane the be gunned down oh you got the begun down down oh I got on a bunch of pigs that are just spawning in and just enjoying life over he's really beautiful oh this is what are your gifts for you not sit alright but someone gives you a gift in I want a little information here with someone gives you will get to no matter what you say oh my God thank you so much I always wanted that alright we're gonna try this again okay okay look I got you this pig farm oh my god always wanted that as you know I just knew thank you so much you were pink it was pink I was like match made in heaven alright I got some tools wait a novel oh I have life is what am I talking about already knows what do you have left to open oh I got two more of these but remember we're to get five more n clearly my mr. rainbow drama added I tried to add in some extra drops I wanted to use the red so lucky locket in this Verity to be eyes there really aren't that many lucky blocks and I really want to teach use this one the cheaper white cuz of me okay here we go all right so I have super odd lucky ones right now before that reread again five more lucky blocks right now alright news we are back we've got a couple extra lucky blocks now we've got five normal ones we have two super lucky at 100% lock and then two unlucky wants to balance everything out and I think this is fair because a couple of the drops didn't work in this no I'm telling you right now some of the unlucky ones are amazing in this mod no no trust me put down all right I'm gonna prove it to you but can you separate the chest all right with all mucky one the unlucky ones all right I'm gonna prove to you that they're amazing but first let me buy a weapon okay I'm gonna put this stuff in here I'm gonna buy these two weapons on a case how do you fight something off from this alright alright so I've got this weapon but first let's open some blacks where you all right okay so I have my on lucky blocks right here about two of them so we can open up together what happened what's wrong okay so before we do the challenge remember one important thing okay we must put them down all right put it down no no but but list we must do our celebratory dance okay all right okay ready all right awesome time we've literally got the same drop and bull dive at the same time it's pretty awesome where are you okay I'll come up here you where are you I'm right over here oh we're going that way okay all right already this is the thing all right wait fix it myself three two one go oh my god oh my God look after yours all right well those were really good I told you they could be decent Oh first of all today might not work because I was like it doesn't have wells made it work on it I'm taking the iron so I can make my boss super lucky it was brilliant Oh because let me think all my stuff I can't believe the Blazers didn't kill me I'm so talented [Laughter] I'm not even eyes to be amazing following me oh my god they are a hundred oh my god that was awesome all right I'm gonna go into the swamp when things are safe okay just stop world over to me everything's cool one super lucky one left to open normal all right I'm gonna do my normal once again Oh what's up lucky villager who has somewhat messed up trade lovely of anything I could buy anyways alright here we go oh this is seriously one of the best things I've gotten all day that's really really sad I got a little armor on I'm saving the gold for the battle what the way things are going shoot it with the ball water wait I got this but remember oh yeah wait why is it missing well is it missing oh I got it oh man don't worry which it's shooting really weird things oh my god well I mean the beacon bow yes it became oh alright you were having really bad exploded today I know I'm actually really impressed I hope you blow up again we're shy just swatted you with my beast I know I told you it makes a perfect Beast water there's a blazes behind you you might want to hurry oh okay okay you got this alright alright I got thanks for playing alright so what I have left guys or I have a couple really lucky ones I have 200 luck once I think they're gonna be really good did you open all your normal ones um I did we oh I'm trying to shoot these guys away I'm killing them alright nice oh why do you have a bow yeah have the begun oh yeah you need to grab an arrow from arrow shafts okay um oh I can give you an arrow because I have eleven oh yeah give me like alright there you go cuz there's infinitely so you only need one arrow okay thank you alright here we go I got an enchantment table that's not too bad if I get some lapis yeah I got baby baby shoot it I just killed it you owned it so good I know girl I thank you anyways I didn't say that I'm going to open my super unlucky ones but first I'm speaking I just got the beacon oh my god you gotta – gotta begin alright we are both rolling in dough right now alright I could get some like emeralds and more diamonds that would be amazing alright so what I need to do guys based on um what I'm seeing I don't have good armor so I think I need to use this iron I can't make my stuff look you I need a craft iron armor full side of it right now do you have armor I have no armor all right good but I do have some diamonds I'm probably just gonna crap some diamond armor all right oh I do have some diamonds as well wait thank you for reminding me I've got enough for a chest plate so what I'm gonna do I think the smartest thing is to crap a chest plate hey seriously might need this leather armor don't worry I would have presents for you after Oh fairly decently hard so be careful all right so I crafted all that guys so what I want to do with the rest of this is I need to turn it back into blocks and all of this is going to be used to make my block super lucky so let's do it all right ten bucks on that one and it's a 40-block I'm gonna try to make them all so they're not super all mucky so they don't blow up I'm done I'm gonna go straighten my beacon for the weapon and then I'm gonna go grab some stuff wait you don't you don't want to see me open my blog Oh tell me are you in front of them all right so these ones are pretty good they're not bad they're like some loft to them so decent okay I got a lucky villager if you up the potion you don't have the function alright you will give me a cow oh hello family right that's wonderful if I need experience I'd know where to get all right all right so I've got super unlucky once thank you for not doing anything to me my local and does it blow up everybody I tried to move but it was too late I miss my final block of z-day and the bed okay wait oh it's okay good alright okay so I think it's time for me to do my trick I've got some decent armor guys and I have to come up with gifts for Chet or it's gonna be really sad all right so I'm wearing a diamond chestplate I'm wearing iron legs iron boots and an iron helmet that's good I didn't get any but you said you have diamonds oh right I have diamonds and I have some gold so how many times you have 18 oh that's good stuff you have right there over 20 so you don't have it off alright so I will have to craft some gold stuff also okay Tom I'm going to do my other trades because I still have a diamond horse armor all right so I made a diamond chest and legs all right so I'm trading in the diamond horse um oh yes one of my favorite weapons and I can trade this one in as well oh and then I'm actually one of these that I can give to you I have just enough crafted a golden helmet ambu's alright okay so you all the full set of armor have a full set of armor alright so I do have some gifts that I'm preparing for you right now that I think you're really gonna enjoy oh I have a gift for you too alright so it's your birthday yeah I just I want to give this you because I already bought the bow and I don't want it to go to waste alright okay so this one was Oh for the deadly beast wad also have a close-range weapon thank you all right oh that's actually really useful because it's better than this one that I'm going to give you what did I tell you before you say thank you and you loved it and you were so surprised and it was the best thing how did I go alright I'm gonna give you gifts right now okay okay I want you to know happy birthday I hope you have the best 60th birthday ever you look so you look 50 years you have my dear oh there you go there's a flower for you oh it's a dandelion oh you knew I knew I knew that you've been having problems with bugs so I got your bugs after 9001 I've been having problems with bugs yeah everywhere crawling all over you um it I got you a baby chicken there's a one out of eight chance okay I think since it's your birthday I'll give you the egg and then you'll throw it and then you'll have a baby okay ready you killed it all right all right I want to be nothing in it all right so empty all right this is the deal I'm just gonna grow this dandelion right here oh it's gonna turn into a sunflower it works like that yeah all right I actually I'm gonna do it guys I feel really generous it's Jens birthday I'm gonna give you give me the armor you're wearing armor I'm gonna give you even bet you better armor than me no I mean you want to swap gold for iron iron for gold oh right to downgrade um I would like to give you my toasted ATAR no no happy birthday too much happy birthday it's for you I really think you're gonna enjoy it that's what I was hoping so dudes basically we just need to organize an inventory and we'll be ready for battle all right dudes we are back we're jumping into this we're gonna be starting off with a warm-up round and then we're gonna fight one of the flow P Gunners and then 2 & 3 until someone dies when were fighting hundreds of them at the same time all right you are gonna be really surprised by this one okay ready it's it's a big I'll try not to hit you trying to get it all right so guys I noticed did the begun down has way better accuracy because for some reason the other ones you have to jump when you shoot it or you kind of hit the ground with that oh you're fine happy birthday have an apple wait do you have any chance of golden apples today wait I don't have any I don't either all right this is what I'm thinking I'm dating this right now we have another hard vote we're actually gonna be struggling because we didn't do that good we're gonna start off at easy mode now we're go to normal and never to go to hard as we got further into it work our way up all right usually matters what we do in these kind of situations so we don't want to die on the first one that we spawn will you eat all your apples here have two more apples a happy birthday girl all right because you can't eat the toast ah here we go three do what ed let the battle begin look he's riding a bull okay I'm doing really good oh okay okay oh he's about 900 now this beast that's five I really do believe five will be needed for today Oh Billy because we have it on easy mode and you type the first stupid you mean genius sorry I was wiping the spit way oh just waving the spit off my face and I didn't reply to you all right away she drools when she gets excited it happens it's a Hugh it's human nature alright I'm not judging the most human woman alright so I guess I'm gonna smart it too should have to see our area alright so these do decent damage Oh all right I've got this one alright yeah it's really good if they're close to you almost go this one down but remember they sporting bees when they die Oh doing a hoverboard now – no I'm just killing the bees okay I got that one down the bees are kind of fluttering around and freaking out over here the bees are harder than the boat dude it's the children all right this B is down and alright I have killed mine okay I'm done three and you have what you've got four more lives all right I think you're doing good spare any more are you ready ready two three okay but one two three and let the battle begin I'm going hoverboard on this one welcome to you know what you do is you if they're far away shoot with the bow it's a big advantage oh my god the shooting me actually is really good alright the bow can do a ton of damage if you hit them really hard you might get shine to the air again Jen there is a lot of cool abilities from these mobs so you got three lives I still have all five lives but I don't know if I'm gonna make it past this round I'm about to die I'm a soft heart oh you are okay okay good okay one life is down but Jen she's down a lot there's a lot of bees in here that we have to kill alright so you're down to and I'm down one yes alright you still the chance I think but the problem is you don't have food alright let me shoot oh my god I shot it and then it went right at you flew at your after like it was bad thank you be YUM oh oh this works permit wait why are there so many webs oh that came out of my weapon oh I'm trying to get this dude dad was trying to get him with the zapper alright so we're going on to four B's now four B's alright wait let me eat my Apple I wanna make sure my health is regenerating looks like we're not going hard mode today one two three four and let the battle begin alright I'm trying to shoot the other bow at if I spin on this it works so much better I'm still oh I shot a meteor at them alright we're gonna run back together so you've got two lives left I've got three lives left glad to do this alright so the thing is Jen if you want to use the rain be shooter it's good but it might kill you wait a second I think I have a strategy just shoot from here so from now on release the bees I'm just gonna run away and shoot with my bow um do you know one of the rules of the child games is every time the rule is you're not allowed to ever run away from the mobs that you're fighting Jeff okay all right so no you cannot cheat to try to win the battles today oh no I'm stuck in a hole in the bees are biting me there's like 15 bees on me oh no this is bad this is really bad dad you taught me this like every week we go outside which is about once a month Jen she's she sees bugs for the first time in about she's like you know I've never been stung by bees I might be allergic but luckily I only go out once a month with you don't like hear you're so scared of that you only have one life left that I've got two lives laughs here we go dude let's take out these bees let's do it I'm really excited I'm multiplying they're giving birth right before my eyes all right oh my god I'm shooting all kinds of weird abilities right now oh no I did something bad wait hug it outside oh those spawned in there trying to help me in the fight but the kind of attacking me too so you have one life left oh no you lost no all right guys I've got to live as left we are playing until I go down so I'm gonna give Jenny the spawners right now all right threw him down where are you I don't see you right here okay those are for you so I think we're onto five so do it legit do five you know what I'm gonna do wait did it break all my armor is like broken I've got a plan what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna kill the B that's in here and then I'm gonna steal its little rocketship that's what that is and then I'm gonna shoot them with the guard it's gonna be brilliant okay I might actually dive right now are you gonna try to go in the ship yeah I'm gonna go and I'm gonna ride it around all right I'm doing a lot of damage was the problem it's just so many attacking me at the same time and I am Debra but one more life oh yeah one alright here we go this is the final life what I want to do is I want to be able to actually finish off this round please don't spawn it in I will cry I will be in pain hey noob can you I killed one of them please but up dude it looks like victory for me what that means is next time I must warn the mods if you win you have to spawn in the mods it gives an advantage to the other planet was an awesome battle today this is really a very very cool and weird mod Jen came up with it's a B with like a machine gun in a boat like B's can already fly but he's floating in a bone but um ya guys hope you enjoyed the video if you did definitely subscribe that would be amazing also smash that like blocking bucket I messed up um smash like but guys I hope that you guys enjoyed it thank you guys for watching and we'll see you next time you

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