Minecraft Xbox – Ghost Stories [243]

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Part 244 –

Welcome to a special Halloween episode in my Lovely world. In this video I tell Lee a few ghost stories to get us in the Halloween spirit.

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hello this is stumpy and welcome to an extra spooky minecraft let's play video and another video inside wolf stampy's Oh lovely world and welcome to my Halloween special is currently Halloween Eve we still got a few minutes until midnight so it's not Halloween yet so what we're gonna do is we're going to go to sleep and in the morning we're gonna start our extra spooky Halloween celebrations and so I'm gonna hey wait a minute Lea what are you doing still awake I thought you went to bed absolutely ages ago are you two excited about Halloween so you decided to stay up I can't blame you I can't blame you I am excited as well right tell you what see this it's almost midnight how about instead of going to sleep I tell you one or two ghost stories and then we can stay awake and get really scared and then once it's midnight we're go to sleep so why don't you lie down in bed there and I'm gonna tell you the story about my ghost Doc's there is something that happens every night while we're in bed tucked up tight my lovely world is overrun by ghosts of the animals I loved the most out of their graves my dead dogs float boasting a new transparent coat the dogs that I tried my best to raise but died in a variety of ways porky didn't keep to the right and guilty bark wouldn't sleep at night snow he went in an ironic way and chicken only lived for a day stampy good nose had a silly name and spring should have tried to be tame arrow had a nasty fall and Oreo ignored my cool tika went in an unexpected fire and Cedric should have never gone higher lucky was chasing a villain on the run and awkward just wanted to join in on the fun the arbiter and Sparky they died together and Gregory who I will love forever being dosed they can break all of the rules like magic they can walk through my walls but don't panic remain calm my ghost dogs mean no harm keep sleeping and stay bedded my Clubhouse is where they're headed they walk there in a trance and their only purpose is to dance don't feel sad for my dogs that have passed on for now they live in an eternal song they walked into the light and now they disco every night so that was the story about the ghost dogs and what happened to all of my dogs that had sadly passed away it's nice to know that even though they're not with me they're still having fun dancing up in my Clubhouse anyway though are you ready for ghost story number two and things are gonna start to get even spookier now as I tell you about evil mr. porkchop in the haunted house that's forgotten by time lives the most evil type of swine even by using the strongest block you can't contain evil mr. porkchop he has a secret that you should know when the moon rises he begins to grow at night she has a transformation into a hideous creation Pigman by night and pig by day but it wasn't always this way his true story has never been told but evil mr. porkchop is very old he used to be a human in the past unaware his form wouldn't last he worked as a shepherd every single day and loved his job despite the low pay he enjoyed looking after every single Pig and trying to make them very big you see he was working toward winning the prized porker award the annual award for the biggest pig in the land but he was always second something he couldn't stand this year he wanted to win more than ever and would tend to his pigs in any type of weather one day he was approached by an old woman in a cloak she walked close to the Shepherd and then she spoke I know what you desire I see in your heart this fire there is nothing that I do not know including how to make pigs grow if you accept my deal your wish will become real you will be second no more with a big bigger than any before in return all I want is the rest of your swine you'll keep the biggest pig and the rest are mine your dream could come true today so young man what do you say giving away all of his pigs would be a sin but that was his only chance to win what's the point in keeping the rest when you will own the very best he quickly decided to accept a decision he would soon regret moments after nodding his head he was filled with awful dread through which screeched an evil can't agen this started the transformation people mr. pork chop had misunderstood the deal but it was too late now as he started to squeal he was turned into a monster half cake and half man the witch pried out at him as she ran your obsession with winning corrupted your mind you mistreated your pigs now you're their kind rather than fulfilling your greed help others that are in need you have banded your pigs just because they look thrilled now live the rest of your life with a curly tail don't stride to complain don't try to shout no one will understand you now you have us snapped this was the last of the witch he ever heard and in his head he replayed every word this all happened long ago in the past but as the which claimed the spell did last the snout and curly tail were there to stay evil mr. pork chop is a pig to this day now I don't want to cause alarm but make sure you look up your farm evil mr. pork chop has a plan to be turned back into a man your pig safety should be of your concern he wants to steal them so the witch will return if he has enough of the animals he used to adore he hopes she will restore him to how he was before so look after your pigs if you want any relief evil mr. pork chop is a nasty pig thief okay Lee okay Lee calm down are you sure you're going be able to sleep after I tell you all of these ghost stories you seem to be getting very excited okay then I've got one more story to tell you and this is about the history of googly Island one of the oldest and most mysterious places in all of my lovely world googly Island is a piece of land where the googlies often stand it's not coincidence they all go to that place it's of great importance to the googly race long ago googlies weren't bad unless something made one mad they roamed the land and lived a peaceful life enjoying time with few worries or any strife they didn't work or build and nature provided their guild they left the world the same as when they arrived and without any tools they couldn't change it if they tried there was one googly that wrote them all a wise old creeper that was strong and tall they caught him king creeper he was their leader and their teacher he taught about only taking what you need and how the mind corrupts with greed like the other googlies he owned nothing but still he was more than happy living atop that hill the googlies were content and easily survived until one day a human arrived he moved next to the hill with no intentions to leave an ignorant human referred to by others as Steve King creeper watched as animals were killed he cut down trees and started to build the googly simply looked on and frowned as Steve started to reshape the ground seeing their land get destroyed was far too tough and one day they decided they had had enough they went up to Steve and they started to moan about how he was ruining their home unfortunately the message was missed as the googlies grown fizzled and hit Steve ignored to them and continued to build his elaborate mansion on the googlies field King creeper once calm now was fuming he ran to Steve's mansion and started booming his last sound was a hiss that he sung followed by an enormous bang the Googlers couldn't believe what they saw a creeper had never exploded before Steve looked in the wreckage and then he said you're all bad mobs and then he fled the googlies knew one thing for sure their peaceful existence was no more they had to learn how to fight in order to defend what's right they had to protect nature's beauty even if they're required getting a little shootie they will never forget the creeper king and what he sacrificed to battle sin in respect to their king it's where they stand his old home googly Island and that was the final ghost story of the night and wait a minute Lee have you seen the time it's gone midnight which means it's now Halloween happy Halloween Lee and happy Halloween to everybody watching today we both hope you all have an amazing day and if you are getting dressed up and going trick-or-treating we hope you get lots and lots of candies and don't get scared too much tonight but for us it's still very late so we are going to go to sleep so scuttle upstairs Lee and you can go and now rest your head and hopefully you don't have too many nightmares from the ghost stories I've told you but don't worry Lee everything I said it was just a story nothing can actually hurt us here inside of my lovely world we are absolutely safe anyway that's into this video I want to thank you all very much for watching and we will see you all later you

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