My *New* PC! Professional Gaming Setup + Review!

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My *New* PC! Professional Gaming Setup + Review!

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MY New PC:
alright what's up guys it's been here hope you guys are there great team to every game with a brand new video and in today's video we're gonna be unboxing and setting up our brand new PC so this is very exciting first time recording in my car but don't worry guys it's safe I'm not distracted at all we're simply just talking into a camera like the everyday person but now we're heading back to my dad's I've got a monitor we're gonna set up I'm gonna show you guys what it looks like before like the setup before and then after by no means is it gonna be complete after I get it all set up today like I said before we still have a lot to get so right now running to my dad's and we're about to just set it up all day if I take a while I don't know a lot about because I've never bought a PC in my life but hey we're gonna try it out it can't be that hard right and make everything very simple these days but I will pick the blog back up this is kind of a blog but I will pick it back up once we get to my right guys so we're back home this is what we're looking at right now this is the PC um it's very hard to see so you take this off and you see right here this is upside down I think it goes like this maybe oh wait that's the wait that's a top set of touching no idea guys we're gonna figure this out I don't know here I set up a camera I'm gonna move my chair it came with this keyboard it's not it's nothing special I might get a new keyboard but really the only thing I need a keyboard for right now is just to type on and that's basically any keyboard can do that so let's up this up here so also this is a mouse it's a mouse that's kind of cool and I'll actually put the link to this the exact PC in the description if you would like it's actually the same exact pcs co-state it basically here's the mouse it's not bad I understand a mouse like I said I'm I don't game out a PC or a keyboard a mouse so that's really all I need a mouse for just to use it I'm guessing this is what comes with like the PC and that's that so let me give you guys some specs of this pc so it's Intel Core i7 obviously it's Windows 10 I think the graphics card is it's a GTX canady in the rest exactly sure but it is it's very heavy and like I said it's the same PC as ghost Aiden so let me give you guys a before of the setup so this is what we got here I don't know I have this ps4 Pro box I have this lighter for my candles which I moved this is my gaming monitor with the webcam obviously this is what I'm gonna hook the pc up to and I'm gonna put I need to get a new desk but I'm probably gonna put this like on a shelf here and then put my computer for chat so that's basically going on here's the mic as well and then my mic so it's a pretty good setup overall we've probably put the keyboard a mouse somewhere there I'm not sure exactly what we're gonna do I do need to get just a plain desk I think but um it's gonna be tough the thing is huge but we'll figure something out I think I have an idea actually right now guys we just turned it on look at this beast oh my god yo sick I just turned it on we're gonna figure out how to connect the monitor to this now I just connected y'all gotta to this the mic and the webcam to this so I think that's right okay this is sick okay guys we are currently trying to set this up as you see how to set up a new PC yeah boy is not that good at setting up pcs but we're working on it we're loading up for at night now um there she is down there I just have no idea I think I need a UH HDMI cable to connect the monitor to the PC I'm gonna be looking back on this video one day I'm gonna be like I can't believe I was a stupid because it can't be that hard like literally there's just a bunch of cables I think that plug in the PC only came with one thing like the plug in like I think I need to go get an CMI cable or there might be one am i have like an extra one somewhere I gotta go find something that's just the update guys as for the most part we got this setup so check it out not exactly well like I said here's the the monitor for my PC that's coming my PC the PC is right here the wires are super not organized but we got these this came with the PC um for all the wires that it came with so I think I'm gonna tie like a bunch at a time together but here check out we got the gaming PC right here and we got the ps4 right here I think I might put it on a shelf right here and put another computer for chat right there as well as well this is our macbook that's where we're gonna reach at from I think um we're downloading OBS I think I might stream off a lotto for now but we got al gato set up here I'll show you guys what it looks like I think this monitor is bigger than my actual gaming monitor so I might have to switch em out but we'll see we really didn't download too much just oh god oh and all that but that's basically our setup look if you guys a full view here lighting not that good but it's getting there guys like I said we're gonna have a third screen right here we're gonna put the ps4 right here and we got you know our G fuel right there and all that good stuff so that's our setup basically we're gonna get another gaming chair that's gonna be a full set up I don't think I'm gonna stream tonight cuz it's not fully set up I just got the basics done I finally figured it out thank God after a long time but I was gonna wrap up the video guys we'll have more and more setups updates coming soon like I said we're gonna get a green screen for right here more lighting back there if you guys enjoyed and you want to see another video like this please drop a like if you enjoyed subscribe if you are new also get a little mini fridge right there quick flex weird flex but that's gonna wrap it up the video guys I hope you enjoy it it's been and I'm out guys peace

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  1. Nice setup it’s really good I know you got the shoutout during a stream but any tips for a growing YouTuber (I’m really small I’ve only got 43 subs but I work very hard on all my videos) LOVE YOU❤️

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