NEW Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus + Overclock Benchmark Test 1.57Ghz!

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Attention! The P3 Flirc Case does work perfectly on the 3 B Plus!

in this video, I run some CPU AND GPU benchmark test on the all-new Raspberry Pi b plus at Stock Cpu speed and Overclocked to 1.575MHZ!

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what's going on guys this ETA prime back here again today I finally got my hands on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ the guys over at the pie shop in Delaware actually overnighted me one and I'm really thankful for that I'm gonna leave a link to their shop in the description definitely go check them out awesome customer service in this video I just want to go over the new specs the new added features and I also want to benchmark this thing against the Raspberry Pi 3 I was able to overclock this to 1600 megahertz it was really stable for about an hour and then it started giving me crashes so I backed it down a little bit and I'm at fifteen hundred and seventy-five but in this video I'm gonna be benchmarking it stock against the stock Raspberry Pi 3 and I'm also gonna overclock this as high as I can go which is 1575 and I'm gonna overclock the Raspberry Pi 3 that I have to 1375 that's as high as I can go I'm gonna run benchmarks between the both of them I'm gonna run a CPU benchmark and a GPU benchmark stock and overclocked on the old Raspberry Pi 3 and the new raspberry pi 3 B+ we're gonna see what kind of performance gains we can get out of this Raspberry Pi B+ if you made it this far into the video you're in luck because I'm going to be giving away two of these tomorrow I will make a dedicated video on how to enter to get one of these is going to be a worldwide giveaway so be sure to subscribe to the channel turn notifications on so you can get that next video with the two Raspberry Pi B pluses that I'm gonna be giving away alright for the changes on the Raspberry Pi B+ we have a newer CPU it's actually pretty much the same CPU that was in the Raspberry Pi 3 they have a new power management system and a heat spreader they've also upped the clock by 200 megahertz who are at 1.4 gigahertz on the new Raspberry Pi B+ out of the box so I've heard a lot of arguments about this being a brand new CPU and yes it does have a different model number but the performance is pretty much the same if you can get your Raspberry Pi 3 clocked up to 1.4 gigahertz they've also added dual band AC Wi-Fi so you can get that 5 gigahertz out of the Wi-Fi and a pseudo Gigabit Ethernet it's not real gigabit it does three hundred megabits a second it's actually Gigabit over USB 2.0 so you can't get those full gigabit speeds but you'll never utilize them anyway on a Raspberry Pi theoretically this Ethernet is three times faster than the Raspberry Pi 3 there are a few other new features like power over ethernet but that's going to come later on down the road maybe in a month or two they'll have something out so we can power this thing over Ethernet here's a quick comparison between the Raspberry Pi B+ on the left and the Raspberry Pi 3 on the right as you can see they have changed the layout just a little bit the CPU is in pretty much the same spot but it does have a heat spreader on it so it's a lot taller a lot of the custom heat sinks that cover the Ethernet chip and the CPU will not work and as for the flirt case it does fit the Raspberry Pi B+ but the CPU doesn't quite line up with the heatsink inside of the flirt case makes contact with the CPU and cools it with the whole case it's a little off but it does work I would wait until flirt comes out with a case specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ there are a few other differences but I'm not going to go over them in this video I'm excited to get these benchmarks running I will be using this makeshift heatsink that I came up with this is actually an Asus tinker board heatsink with a little fan on top of it I'm going to be using this on the new raspberry pi 3 B+ and the raspberry pi 3 so when both my benchmarks they'll have the exact same cooler alright guys so I'm finished running the benchmark test all of these are label I ran for tests here I use the same exact SD card the same power supply the same keyboard and the same heatsink for both of these PI's in every one of these tests the PI's were basically in the same spot stock pi we ran sis bench on all of these maximum prime number checked in CPU tests up to 20,000 lower is better stock pi 393 point 1 0 for 9 seconds ok so that's not bad for a little arm CPU stock PI plus seventy nine point six five six four they do claim about 15 percent increase in speed over the Raspberry Pi 3 but that's due to the 200 megahertz on the CPU we're at 1.4 for the stock pi plus and 1.2 for the stock PI 3 moving down to the overclock test my raspberry pi 3 will only hit 1375 stable if I go any higher than that it's gonna crash eventually so I kept the stable overclock that I can use I also overclocked the GPU on both of these but it's not going to affect this test it will affect the next GPU test though PI 3 with an overclock of 1375 we scored an 80 point 9 6 0 3 that's awfully close to the stock PI 3 plus and we're also really close to that clock speed of the PI plus so if you can get your PI 3 to one point four gigahertz it's pretty much gonna perform the same as the stock PI 3 plus moving on to the last overclocked test the PI 3 plus 15 hundred and seventy-five megahertz stable I've been running it all day like this we scored a 70 point eight two seven nine so that overclocked does help it out a lot but if you're not willing to overclock your raspberry PI's the stock PI 3 plus is going to be faster if you're willing to overclock even your original PI 3 you can hit those speeds that the stock pi 3 plus comes out of the box with not much of a big gain for CPU performance but it is pretty decent with that fifteen hundred and seventy-five megahertz overclock it is the fastest Raspberry Pi ever produced the next test I ran was an opengl 2.1 GPU test i am using the beta OpenGL drivers stock raspberry pi o 360 FPS stock PI plus about 380 to 390 PI three thirteen hundred and seventy-five megahertz overclock on the CPU five hundred megahertz on the GPU 450 460 over to the PI 3 plus fifteen hundred and seventy-five megahertz CPU five hundred megahertz GPU were pretty much on par with the Raspberry Pi 3 because the GPU you is clocked exactly the same so not much of a jump in GPU performance you got to remember it's using the same exact video core as the Raspberry Pi 2 was using so there hasn't been a GPU upgrade on a Raspberry Pi in a long time so the burning question and everybody's mouth right now is is it worth the upgrade for $35 I really do think it is I've been able to overclock this higher than I could any of my Raspberry Pi threes plus we have sort of Gigabit Ethernet at least three times faster than the regular PI three the next question I got from everybody is will it run in 64 any better it will run in 64 a tiny bit better than the Raspberry Pi 3 especially with the overclock but you will not get full speed in 64 emulation at a retro PI you also won't get a super significant gain in PSP or Dreamcast emulation using retropie recall box or Locka on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ it's pretty much a Raspberry Pi 3 with a 200 megahertz boost out of the box AC Wi-Fi and sort of Gigabit Ethernet but if you love raspberry PI's like I do you definitely might want to just go ahead and bite the bullet it's 35 bucks a lot of the older Raspberry Pi accessories are gonna work except for a few cases and heat sinks that went over the CPU and the older Ethernet controller the CPU is slightly higher due to the new heat spreader on it and the ethernet / USB controller is in a different spot so that's pretty much it for this video guys I will be coming out with a ton of videos on this I have retropie running on it I want to show you some performance gains in in 64 it's not significant but you will feel a little bit of a difference in some games I also want to do a video and show you how to overclock this hopefully some of you guys can get yours up to 1.6 gigahertz or even higher don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe you also want to turn notifications on because I am giving away two of these Raspberry Pi 3 e pluses in the next day or two I'll make a dedicated video and announce how to enter I really appreciate you guys watching if you could hit that like button and subscribe and like always thanks for watching

41 thoughts on “NEW Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus + Overclock Benchmark Test 1.57Ghz!”

  1. ETA PRIME : Ok I you never answer our messages, I forgive you since you're too busy making super awesome videos. But for once please… can you give us your Dropbox link for your stress test? Thank you

  2. Excuse me, is it worth ti buy a Pi3 kit with the NES Pi case or should I buy everything separated with the Pi3 Plus? It is my first Pi3 and I'm saving money from 3 years since I don't have a job, so I really would like to get the best buy without wasting money for useless performances. Thank you

  3. Some of these complaints are the worst! Finally Raspberry Pi has some kind of upgrade movement going on and people are still mad. I swear they could have released a state of the art bitcoin miner 2 years ago and half of the feed would have been like "ain't shit unless it can mine ether in dual mode. Totally not worth it." The price point is the same, the unit has some decent upgrades. If you think it won't be better for your use, it's all good. Acting like it is a waste of money because it won't fit your subjective level of wants, is the ultimate level of hubristic thinking.

  4. When over clocked not far off from the Tinkerboard. This is from my Tinkerboard I brought as an experiment.
    sysbench 0.4.12: multi-threaded system evaluation benchmark

    Running the test with following options:
    Number of threads: 4

    Doing CPU performance benchmark

    Threads started!

    Maximum prime number checked in CPU test: 20000

    Test execution summary:
    total time: 65.0263s
    total number of events: 10000
    total time taken by event execution: 260.0895
    per-request statistics:
    min: 25.20ms
    avg: 26.01ms
    max: 61.35ms
    approx. 95 percentile: 28.27ms

    Threads fairness:
    events (avg/stddev): 2500.0000/27.74
    execution time (avg/stddev): 65.0224/0.00

  5. Try delidding the cpu and applying decent thermal compound, I did that and got a heatsink and fan form an old intel computer and managed 1.64Ghz with 700Mhz on the gpu. PSP emulation runs pretty good, but not quite as good as an odroid, however with a couple of hacks I managed to get GOW running at 30 fps with kabuto_kuns mods.

  6. The only thing I was interested in was if the USB 2 was able to allow usb storage to read/write faster. It doesn’t seem to be the case so I’ll keep my 3B. Mine is 1425 MHz stable after running cpuburn a53 for 6 hours straight. GPU is 550, and RAM is 625. CPU and RAM are kept cool with a DIY watercooling setup.

  7. Not much different from the regular Pi 3, I'm thinking I will wait for the Tinker Board S – I think that board is going to be one of the best Single board computers out there.

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