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ladies and gentlemen do you know what's happening today torture that's what's happening today no I'm not kidding this is actual minecraft torture ladies and gentlemen below me stands 400 levels of parkour yes I said that right 400 levels 400 make 400 levels PvP Panda I'm gonna blow up your Minecraft map when I'm done with it I guess let's go ahead and get started because if we got 400 parkour levels we better get started jeez this is gonna be a long long day oh my gosh 400 now was at least they're short though at least they're not like super super long levels you know oh my gosh is there a checkpoint there better be a checkpoint whoa whoa okay we're already on level 10 this is level 10 already you know I'm feeling pretty cool up there is checkpoint so we're good I'm feeling pretty confident about this you know like it's a pretty straightforward map like does it seem too too difficult of yeah never never mind Oh flip how am I even supposed to do that now there's no way oh my god level 20 already that's what I'm talking about that's your boy in speakable putting in some work and it looks like the levels are getting a little more difficult as we go we're getting some slime block levels in here oh how do you even do that this doesn't make any sense at the other day whether I complete these 400 levels or I completely lose I know that I got oh nine Sharkboy looking me over you'll actually know how oh that's how you do it Oh level 25 I'm just flying through these levels I would like you guys to comment in the comment section below what did you have for breakfast today it's a really random question but I mean let's just start a really random comment section what did you have for breakfast I would like to know I'm curious because some of you guys need some weird stuff for breakfast I'm sure one of you guys are gonna comment like squid just to mess with me okay how am I even supposed to do this there's no way that I can oh wait oh I'm supposed to take damage I think I'm supposed to take damage and like land on there come on and speakable you got come on come on do it again I'm on level 31 and so far I have 20 fails I'm pretty proud of myself oh are you flipping seriously that means I almost have one fail per level I feel like I shouldn't be proud of that it's not really something to be super proud of but then again I feel like you know I think I'm doing pretty well if you guys want some serious parkour practice or I mean this is parkour practice for me as well this is the map to parkour practice like if you can beat this map flawlessly oh my gosh you have to be like a parkour god of some sort or some form oh I'm just stressing out about this map I don't know why like there's nothing really to stress about but I'm just stressing you know what speakable stressing for no reason I'm just stressing I look at you know me being on level 46 and I'm like I still got 300 level Sky makes me cry it may give me or what what what what am i doing come on unspeakable you got this this is the parkour for the Kings I'm scared I'm scared what are you scared of nothing level 55 oh my gosh once I get to level 75 like then we can celebrate you know cuz like well 55 is like yeah but like level 75 actually know what level 100 that's when we should celebrate that's more of a milestone right there in my opinion you know level 100 I'm 1/4 I'm 25 push in there oh my gosh we're in level 66 if this map starts turning into like head jumps only in four block jumps I might cry that's why I'm nervous about the last like 50 levels are like just four blocks there we go making making good progress good progress okay oh my gosh never thought in my life that I would do this much sparta court in two now level 73 what the flip is going on level 70 for her never mind were stone 73 level 7 [Applause] oh wait we're supposed to celebrate at level 100 my beard level 76 flying through these levels that's you know that's what I want to do I wouldn't be flying through these levels Oh Oh what is that don't jump here you know it's kind of tempting it's kind of tempting why don't you want me to jump there are you just trying to like are you trying to make the map harder because if you are it's not working cuz I'm now on level 85 nope this is 84 now I'm on 85 oh what's making it a little bit difficult for me I see maybe I should just jump from here haha so the red blocks they don't want me to jump from the red block so why would you put him there honestly what and the world okay wow this is probably the most jumps I've seen yet level 9 d smooth landing whoa I swear some of these levels are just like completely repeated like there's no way the mat oh except except for this one obviously we haven't seen any Pistons yet uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh that's what I thought what is that barrier block I sense when this man starts using barrier blocks that's when I start to give up like last 50 levels are just invisible level 97 Oh flip flip flip level 90 died so wait on to the next 300 levels what is this make sure particles aren't enabled okay well at least he didn't make the jumps fully invisible I am completely okay with that if that was like completely invisible like I couldn't see anything I hide crack that actually cracked oh my gosh we have 60 fails and we're on level 109 that means almost every other level we failed a job whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo the levels are still pretty easy for the most part so I'm super happy about that but once they start turning into head jumps every level I that's when I start crying you know that's when it's not fun anymore and it just turns into pain or torture I should say you know oh I don't know why I'm making all these noises I'm just trying to focus as much as possible like this this map takes a lot of focus especially when I'm trying to fly through it and like you know just get it done because you know there's only like 300 more levels today of oh what is this I don't like this oh I do like this yeah I like that okay what oh my I am just flying through these levels really really is this one of those levels where like by the time I hit the end of level I'm almost dead no I don't think it's one of those what the actual flip what did you see that I didn't even jump that was I didn't even jump that all that last cacti is rigged it's happened to be twice watch I'll do it again okay I hop up here okay okay we're good gosh I'm glad I'm out of that level level hundred and forty I feel old whoa whoa what what what whoa whoa whoa what is going on there we go there we go uh-huh wait what if I eat this last slice does that mean I die probably can I eat it oh I don't have any hunger oh my gosh I am still just flying through these levels except for this one I'm not no not flying through this one if anything I'm just falling whoa changing up the blocks I like it oh my gosh oh my gosh I just wanna let you guys know that I'm even halfway through this map and my fingers hurt really bad if you guys can leave a like for in speakable fingers because by the time I get to the end of these 400 levels they might be falling off why can I not make this jump there we go okay okay easy okay what the heck can I just oh I can't skip it okay I kind of got oh my gosh oh my gosh I've failed like 15 times in this one level the good thing is I don't take fall damage that would be really annoying if I took a lot of fall damage oh wait I see what kind of level this is I gotta be sneaky with it oh my gosh I have a hundred fails 100 fails should we celebrate that I got some glasses on you know they'll protect me from the whoa what in the actual world is that how what okay you know these sunglasses are just here to protect me for my own sake you know Michael I I hate I hate water parkour with with a burning passion with a honestly burning how doesn't even make any sense how do you how do you know how to make that I have blue glasses on these to protect me from they're hard parkour jobs it's obviously not working it's not working not head-on not that would was that I skipped the level oh my gosh oh my gosh you guys see this next level I'm about to parkour on Turtles I don't think anyone in minecraft has parkour done Turtles yet okay there we go I'm parkouring on twitter boo jump on me don't mop what you're a troll you are a troll oh that's a really far jump I wasn't ready for it I supposed to go to the orange first whoa starting me all the way here at the bottom I see how it is okay okay okay okay now we're gonna use a slime block to beat the oh oh oh yeah my fingers are definitely gonna fall off but in this video 100 percent they're like aching right now can everyone please leave a like on this video for in speakable fingers oh this next level is trees Wow never thought I'd see those again okay okay how what in the world all head jumps head jumps head jumps head jumps I told you guys if head jumps were we're gonna be a thing that I was gonna cry where am I supposed to go there's nowhere to go the other way to goes down oh there's a vine right there to even see that I feel like such a nub now oh my gosh I can definitely tell the jumps are getting a little bit more difficult like we're doing three blocks one up jumps like this one right here but as long as we're not moving up to like four block jumps only you know I'll be okay Oh turtle eggs oh I didn't sound good oh my gosh guys it's the last level before level 200 low 200 200 okay let's celebrate real quick Wow Wow that was super Lana [Applause] now my fingers and my header you know what we got this only 200 more levels easy pays a 200 more levels that that's nothing dude that's not that like 200 like come up that's nothing I eat that for breakfast lunch I love London suits levar we are now 210 oh we're making good progress Wow how am I supposed to are you serious oh my god what is this lo oh I like it I love it I love it that's great until you fail that's when you don't like it that's when I'm not yeah I'm not enjoying my time here okay all right what if I break this thing I can't do that okay all right okay mater this is a four block jump by sense this is definitely a four block jump that's a four block jump 100% 110 percent okay do not mess this up unspeakable there we go uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh you know these ones are sneaky okay uh-huh there we go whoa what is this invisible blocks in the middle don't mind if I do oh my gosh there's another very far jump there we go okay okay are you flipping fast look at this look at this look at this look at this how much Bologna is that whoa redstone let wait how those things you've empowered doesn't make any sense whoa I don't like this one Oh still going strong almost level 250 just jump on top of the boats okay it's it's really not that easy I mean it is actually never mind love it celebrate but I'm going I have such a good streak right now I'm just flying through these levels that I'm not stopping oh my gosh come on unspeakable don't stop don't stop just cried it okay don't stop whoa whoa buddy ol pal can i bounce off you that's not really how this works uh-huh oh I do not like slime to ladder jumps bro are you good are you good there we go so sad honestly so Sam parkour you guys have heard me say it before I'll say it again it's one of my favorites just because it's actually the easiest form of parkour in my opinion oh wait I saw these sunglasses on my head my back and the reason soul Sam parkour is the easiest is because you can't do four block jumps in SOL sand it's actually like impossible so the biggest jump you can do is three block jumps and the through block jumps are so so easy to make so that's why I like it cuz it's easy oh my gosh we're still going strong ladies and gentlemen we're rolling up on level 300 soon I hear mine carts should I be scared ooh beds got some bet okay I swear all the slime blocks all of a sudden decided to break look at this one okay never mind they fix themselves oh my gosh I cannot believe I'm doing 400 levels of parkour right now 400 low never never thought I would see the day oh I'm not looking forward to this what honestly not looking forward to this one this was gonna be a lot of fails I have to I actually got it oh my gosh it actually wasn't that bad a lot of these levels like you look at them and you're like oh my gosh you know this is gonna be a solid twenty fails on this one and then you actually do them and you're like it and what not as hard as I thought or maybe or maybe just maybe I'm getting a lot better at parkour I don't know that could be one of the reasons hat jumps are not my favorite but I have to do them hey shark how you doing there we go ladies jumping we are coming up on level 300 oh my gosh I'm so excited last pains are my worst enemy flip whoa wait world yay no but seriously the only 100 more levels it sounds like a lot I'm just saying it's so casually like I'll be 100 more levels but no seriously there's only one hundred more levels like there's nothing you know I feel really confident about these last 100 levels considering the map hasn't gotten much harder from when we first started so I feel like the last 100 levels are not gonna be that bad what in the world is this whoa okay that's actually sick like I said I am just fools I mean basically you could almost consider it flight never mind never mind never mind never mind okay here now you can consider it flying because you see I'm just going to fly through these levels I'm not gonna stop sprinting I'm just gonna keep going because my name is unspeakable and I've been pretty good apart cool oh there we go getting good at a lot of jumps in everything oh my gosh I am just I'm so proud of myself right now I don't know I just I'm so proud of myself you guys cannot say I'm bad at parkour yeah I just be 400 levels well I'm about 270 levels were okay okay see sometimes the slime blocks are just broken you know you got you guys gotta deal with that whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what am i doing right now this is what happens when you do 400 levels of Minecraft I missed the slime job over jumped it just a little bit there we go parkour Don Quixote my favorite lily pads my second favorite ladies and gentlemen we are on level 360 almost we almost have 40 more levels till we get to the end of this map I don't think you realize how excited I am right now we have 212 fails which I don't really think is them what I mean it's a lot but you got to also remember that there are some levels or honestly there's probably about 30 levels that I failed at least 5 times on ok ok ok 366 366 back – ok there we go see what I see what I mean that's three fails on one level oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh I'm doing this I'm doing this 370 370 371 easy 372 easy what's next what's next sorry what do you meet ladies gentlemen I just want to let you know that while I'm stuck in this cobweb I would like you guys to leave a like on this video because I did 400 love was parkour although I'm not done with the 400 levels yet but I will be done with them soon so if you guys can leave a like and click that subscribe button that'd be greatly appreciated oh and also a 9 Sharkboy thanks for participating and looking me over without you I don't think I would be able to make it there all this ok come on come on come on come on I just where if I miss this water I'm gonna cry I'm gonna cry I'm gonna cry oh my gosh I'm on the water water just like butter 373 7000 wait how does this one work what okay that's pretty cool maybe I gotta land it like literally the very edge slow falling okay so it's slow falling there we go oh I'm good at these leave a like and subscribe what are you guys doing come on there we go oh my gosh we're on level 381 not 380 not 381 but now our level 383 oh my gosh 380 what in the world okay I guess I'm going over here weird weird weird levels dude 389 oh my gosh boomers have two more levels go go go go go unspeakable you got this you got this no mercy ease level 395 like nothing level 396 like nothing level 397 off sizes 398 like nothing and level 399 oh my gosh to the last level okay well this one's the last level actually okay okay it's gonna be one of those levels okay can I just you completed all 400 levels with 226 fails in zero hours 36 minutes and 41 seconds thank you guys so much for watching oh my gosh was that a lot of bark or levels if you guys want to try to beat my time and my fails download the map it's called 400 levels again my time is 36 minutes 41 seconds and I had 226 fails ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for watching I never I honestly never thought I'd do a crazy map like this 400 levels of parkour I think I'm gonna go cry now let's wish you all a safe and phantasticus today and I'm gonna go arrest my hands and ice awful way to go back

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