One Shot 8500 Damage New Skill God's Rebuke | Dota 2 Ability Draft

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[Applause] I join with the omniscience oh there's middle towers of trouble unstoppable double kill old truck him we give double kill godlike triple kill radiance middle towers and looking so great holy so niche we each bottle tower isn't looking so great holy Radiance middle towers in trouble Oh welcome to the abyssal page paste I'm stripping showers and looking so great Radiance bottom power is under attack oh I hang a coral reef on your grave Oh since gradients middle towers in trouble go bottom Radiance middle towers and looking so great Oh double kill tides gone radiant's middle Baron kiss you feed the crabs now radiant's middle ferrets page radiance middle barracks are gone radius middle tower is under attack radiant smell calories enjoyment and children and goon coffers radius lost a little tower readings military attachés dollars tom towers before stories radiance middle towers and looking so great tires top tower is under attack I'm too Dyer's top towers in trouble I sink my teeth down town is in trouble Radiance middle tower is over Oh kill dyrus bottom tower isn't looking so crazy all truck in radians middle tower is under attack radius mill tower is gone there ancient you drow I'm actually starting to enjoy this radiant ancient is under attack Oh you

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