PC Building Simulator – Ep. 14 – Overclocking for Beginners

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Let’s Play PC Building Simulator!

Prepare for a massive episode where we build a PC from scratch, put an all-in-one (AIO) watercooler in it, and delve into overclocking mechanics. Things are really getting exciting now!

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PC Building Simulator has already enjoyed viral success with over 500,000 downloads of its pre-alpha demo and has now been lovingly developed into a fully fledged simulation to allow you to build the PC of your dreams.

Build your very own PC empire, from simple diagnosis and repairs to bespoke, boutique creations that any gamer would drool over. With an ever-expanding marketplace full of real-world and realistically priced components you can finally stop dreaming of that ultimate PC and get out there, build it and see how it benchmarks!
hey guys come see here welcome back to easy building Simulator 2 episodes in one week imagine that I was super excited because in this episode we're going to build a brand new PC they're going to build a shaky Helen a PC from scratch and it will involve some pretty interesting parts in particular let's review her email here ai Oh water cooling with cooler master yeah water cooler so and she has a pretty decent budget one thousand eighty bucks it's not top of the line but I think we'll have ourselves have her hands full in this episode so in this episode we will focus on just doing that and as a warm-up fixing roofs vancleef our friend our friends motherboard I remember a dismantle all the parts from his PC from the previous episode the only thing left is the case alright but let's do some shopping first for our AIO water cooler we have a look if I have everything set here yes I do okay budget is 1080 for 260 requirement in the benchmarks and AIO water cooler new parts okay I think we're good new parts alright new parts indeed so no particular stuff actually that's quite that's quite hectic huh for 260 that's pretty large compared to other pcs like this guy and others there nope other parts here but two to one for with the gtx 960 if that's going to be interesting okay let me take note of the parts I think notepad is king as always notepad this life so what we'll do is well go for the cheapest the most the most bang for your buck parts let's go for mmm let's go for the part cranking let's go for the CPU so if I go for CPU in the rising seven is probably this top of the line but probably going to cost an arm in the leg yeah this guy 370 I wonder how much a horizon five quad-core or how how good it would be like look at that yeah it's not very good though not very good at all okay let's do some window shopping and let's do some some mix-and-match okay but definitely I will probably I will want arisin it's going to be much stronger and more budget-friendly I would say so let me have a look no usually the rule of thumb even in real life if you're going to buy something don't buy the top-of-the-line even if you were wanting a powerful PC buy maybe one or two tears below that and then the price will be in a more reasonable range in this game though I'm not sure if that's implemented the same way maybe not because I don't think that the prices are dynamic I think the prices are flat like that regardless if a new part comes out or not I don't know see 1600 1600 X an eight-core 1700 this very good eight cores 1700 that guy it's only 20 bucks cheaper than the top-of-the-line though so it I think my theory does not work in this case all right so that's going to cost around 350 yeah let's see if we go for the CPU cooler is basically yeah it's going to be cheap motherboard is going to be around 200 okay let's go for 200 no take note of that motherboard 200 this is where the notepad is king is entering the game let me note down CPU is somewhere in between 200 to 350 I would say CPU is 200 to 350 CPU cooler is around how much 50 oh I remember yeah the all-in-one so has to be one of these guys 120 or 240 but then again because the requirement is basically a water cooler doesn't have to be the big one can be this cooler master liquid 120 although I would like that 240 can it make that our well I guess we can do some overclocking as well since we can focus on this episode that's let's explore a little right so CPU cooler is 90 we'll get that for sure so all it one cooler master master liquid 214 is going at that motherboards around 200 let's say memory should be around to eight kick slots should be more than enough to eight gig pieces we want 3200 it could do that yes let's go with that so it's going to be 220 G scale I do like this one Corsair is much more expensive yeah no no not any corsair dominator I like that more logistical Ripjaws so the RAM is 220 up next is GPU this is going to be the bulk as always the bulk of the price if you get the top and here 980ti it's only 495 is like half the budget already goodness but if I get something cheaper like a 1060 how does that compare 1060 versus the 980 I see all 980 s here we see a 390x 1060 is way back here 1060 gave me X 6 X plus 6 g yeah that's the guy 350 how about if we get him order get her a radeon r9 not that familiar with that in real life though I'm not familiar with Radian parts I don't like to get that let's do window shopping first okay so let's EP you let's say if we get the top of the line that's 495 okay 435 I think would be more than worth it that's the 980 TI which one I'm edit the I gaming 6gl e yeah this one the performance is not that far off and it's like 60 bucks cheaper yeah let's go with that that's I think the most bang for your buck it's tag that has 435 storage there's no real requirement in there so we'll pick the cheapest one well let's get a decent one maybe a 500 gig SSD 60 bucks here a 60 gig Norway h/h HDD you know anyone SSD SSD that guy that's 100 bucks there I don't think we can cheap out in this you guys know if 3d mark effects if it's a hard drive or an SSD I don't think so huh so okay due to practicality I think we will be getting one of these guys let's get him a 500 gig yeah so let's gig HDD would be 50 power supply yeah I was not able to take a look at the different power requirements but I'm going to I guess that roughly 500 should be enough Coolermaster would be enough I wonder if that if they say have you heard of Coolermaster if they want as many Coolermaster parts or if it is one going to be enough is the all-in-one water cooler going to be enough maybe we can be you can make sure price this ending yeah we can probably get that 550 this one we will master the way EF runs 550 actually a bronze 500 should be okay okay PSU how much is that a 55 okay next up the cables no specific cable requirements that's good Coolermaster now this one we have to make sure that it can support the all-in-one water cooler not sure how to actually check that here what is that oh you can actually change some of the cases that's interesting alright so this one airflow size is 240 millimeters so I guess it it goes under the same under the same requirement is the CPU fan height no should it be because the CPU fan height would only affect this part here which is going to touch the CPU this one this rectangular part here is going to attach to the case so the case should have a like at the top of the case usually or maybe in front there has to be that large space that's going to be interesting mmm how would I find that let's not get a an expensive one and start from the cheapest let's get a cooler master as many cooler masters as possible that's the most that's the most budget-friendly so let's go for a be cooler master master box ATX PSU length 250 GPU length so let me check that the PSU is indeed 250 yeah that's that's that's way less GPU were trying to get is 277 that case can handle up to 410 yeah no problem CPU fan height yeah that's the problem okay I think we will get that so CPI so case would be 80 80 bucks right okay and then case fan do we need anything like that I don't think so because it will come with some some fans already I guess the cooler master and he asked like an all-in-one cooler anyway so it's not that important all right so let's see let me add this and let me give you a nice background so while I'm adding maybe that one here as I'm adding this will not let get left in the third alright so let's add this 350 plus 90 from the cooler 200 motherboard 220 ram 435 GPU 50 hard drive 55 PSU and case is 80 that's totaling 1480 we are 400 bucks beyond the budget okay so I think I can go with the cheaper CPU let's go here yeah we'll have to think about it now so I was thinking I could get a 350 here but probably we can get to a where can I save save a bit in terms of CPU performance bang for your buck how much is an i7 6700 I 760 700 is 240 my 7700 240 Rison five six core okay okay that sounds expensive I don't want to get probably horizon five six core yeah we could start one we can really overclock with our all-in-one cooler and if you don't overclock it will be a waste so I think I'll get that okay so let me change it let me say the CPU is only 270 all right so now we are at 1400 okay we're still 320 beyond the budget what can I save here the CPU cooler a one the motherboard maybe we can get the cheapest one that is compatible with a m4 yeah this one no but that's a micro ATX though didn't get this one this is my motherboard exactly it's not the best when it comes to overclocking an X 370 would work better but look at the price yeah I think we will go motherboard with at least we can overclock a bit 110 okay so reduced at 110 we are at 1310 need around 200 plus more to save RAM RAM is 220 okay if I get that that's going to be 220 is there something cheaper that is still ate cake let's see maybe I don't need 3d thirty-two hundred megahertz it will be incremental up up in incremental improvements anyway 60 corsair dominator I can go with that or these guys yeah we can go with that that's way cheap it gig maybe let's get a 2400 wow what is this only for a gig though but I mean 4 gig that's 3,200 wait a minute I think I like this yeah because I don't think the game looks at the memory it looks at the clock speed and looks at the dual memory setup so I'll get two of these that will be 130 ok now save a bit RAM will be 130 were now at 1200 20k the GPU is where we could probably save a lot instead of getting that one we can get the let me see how about this guy this is I think the most the most powerful given the budget constraints that's one of my favorites right there a 1060 OC Edition is it better is it the best 1060 actually the it's tied the msi geforce gtx 1060 gave me x + 6 g it's a long name it's a bit better than than that asses i think i'll get that ok so if we say 350 instead of 435 350 we're still at 1135 we're still we still need to save a bit so where can I save them I need to save just maybe 50 bucks more 55 bucks something like that it's pretty close it's pretty close we can save on the hard drive save it a bit more right now it's costing us 50 bucks we can go and get just a 250 that will save us 20 bucks yeah let's be practical here when you have a budget you have to really do the trade-off you know okay PSU we did pick that one but maybe a 450 will be enough because if we're going to downgrade our graphics card to the 1060 we will only need 120 watts and the CPU will only need 95 watts to distract 210 250 of that battery 5400 should be more than enough maybe even 350 will work so we don't really need a 500 let's get the cheapest Coolermaster which is that guy I'm going to save only 5 bucks though dang it maybe I should go for a micro-atx then should that work if I pick a case that is micro-atx if I pick a motherboard that's micro ATX I think I can save a bit this one yeah I'll save 30 bucks there but I want a big one I want a big one let's see where else we can save up a bit the case that is the limit power supply yeah fine let's go for 50 let's go with that yes you so it's going to be 50 instead of 55 we are 30 bucks away from the budget okay we can do this guy's we can do this should I maybe get the smaller cooler I don't really want to I don't want to do that can you get a cheaper Ram even cheaper than the Corsair we found Corsair 4 gig that guy how about getting a start from the bottom how about getting just that guy she Titan but this one this will save us a lot actually don't feel too good about this but find just practicality I'm going to Google that make that 80 so from 1:30 it will only be 80 yeah that's what we didn't the budget already that's well within the budget and because of that we can get the more expensive TSU again this one okay now we can go now we can go and buy stuff so in the cart we have more Tony H 170 mtech that is actually for the other client Bruce Van Cleef but for everything else let me start adding them to cart now so I did choose this one for the CPU the rice in five six core 1600 X CPU cooler now what's interesting is I don't find a compatible socket I'm guessing it's compatible for everything right it doesn't say yeah probably yes mounts for everything okay get that motherboard we only have 110 for our budget we're getting the gaming three memory we only have 80 bucks we are getting the this guy that the white one I think that fits better with the case graphics card we are picking we have how much budget 350 I think I'm going to pick the Asus because it fits the color better even if it's a little bit less in terms of performance our drive we are getting 30 bucks the 250 gig actually I can probably get this one now still within the budget right 30 if I make that 50 55 it's going to be beyond the budget okay let's play safe here yeah let's play safe yeah that should be fine did I get it already yes I did okay storage 250 gig yes power supply will be getting the 500 words just to be sure cables I don't want like the white one probably would look very nice case would be 80 bucks that's that one I think we're good I think we're good so it's 1195 – shipping so one one six five – the mother for motherboard from the other for the other guys let's 1065 in exactly how we computed it real good at math guys yeah in action you can actually make it right I think all right let's do that bye it's not going to look at any other client for now I'm going to focus going to shut down get a good night's rest in tomorrow we will go to our tomorrow we enjoy alright but go to work all the stuff there we go unboxing videos you guys ready let's unbox these guys so many all right let's pick up that case but before we go there we will do the warm up first we will fix this guy's PC right motherboard not you not you the more toniest for you I literally had to disassemble everything from this guy's PC last episode there you go okay more all right and there you go perfect okay let's install the RAM good thing there are like stickers post-its tell me which is his because I will not for I will forget CPU cooler CPU first though that's s P let's zoom in a little huh it would be nice so thermal paste close that maybe I should have closed it first it's fine CPU cooler there you go put in the cable like so let's get some white cables for you okay everything else I think is good should just start installing everything okay memory is there graphics card let's install that that's you yes we don't have a PSU maybe I should have started with the SU my bad this game is amazing isn't it thank you guys for supporting the series happy to see that a lot of people are enjoying it as much as I am the views themselves are not the highest but if I look at like the the stats it's one of the best watch series in the channel so like it's like quality over quantity in terms of watch time there you go diagnosed in Texas working it's green that's a good sign this guy has two hard drives looks like very that right I hope I did let me remove that just to be sure yeah okay fine push that in close the lid nicely modeled and what else are we missing just the key will say think SATA SATA one SATA 2 yes you PSU good everything anything else missing I think we're good there let's try to power it up I forgot something oh there you go there's the cables no kiss fan alright no OS found really I did not replace your hard drive or did I I can't remember there you go that's installing so many stuff yes you mount let's cover that up close the lid there we go mr. Bruce will be happy that's a good warm-up right that's a good warm-up let's power up my PC maybe I should upgrade my PC but it's just a mystery there is no link there is no motivation to do it you don't get anything cannot really play here or anything like that so there is no use to upgrade it Hey Bruce Van Cleef where is you that's you there you go still not five stars Nene okay now it's time for the main event of the evening or the day depending when you're watching this let's open everything up case looks notoriously similar to Bruce Van Cleef's PC ok now the tricky thing okay I'm not sure a photo all-in-one who could actually fit here I was expecting there would be vents up top there LLL see all three about it later okay let us install the PSU I didn't even get a modularity issue budget constraints man okay open that you know what just one because you only bought one harddrive right let me just put that there so we don't forget why do you have a new one like this oh I had a new one okay but that's expensive that's what outside the budget was that stole the motherboard my motherboard IRL it looks familiar yeah be honest it's not the most stable motherboard I've had a few scares with it especially when the battery runs out the overclocking settings are forgotten and I have to like overclock it from scratch it's not the best but it can works so not really complaining just a bit okay there you go let's install the CPU perfect rise in five what did I get him rise in five six core 1600 X mine is 1600 without the X and it should be fine they're mostly the same okay now we have to install this dang it okay what's the catch what is the catch here okay let's hope that this works I'll have to remove you first remove the case part you know the case part let's see if I can install this now so not I have to remove the case here yeah that's what I expected because the e-40 millimeter fans from the all-in-one would be placed here instead of on the top because there is no vent on the top like that should work there you go that actually looks so pro doesn't it oh yeah can we take a photo of that yeah I just recently figured out that they're actually you have an option to hide the HUD ready actually built that in in one of the updates and I completely missed it like yeah I'll take that right that looks pretty nice but let's maybe build the PC from fully first before we take any photos okay all right now we install the drive bay I can't anymore all crap oh this is crappy okay this is kind of a big boo-boo can't fit it mm-hmm-hmm we can fit an SSD there even if there is no space here for the hard drive yeah that's that's what I wanted to know like how do you know that beforehand there there are not in a result enough info in the shop here like there should be like a Google Google page here telling you which fits in which doesn't but ok fine storage if you want SSD how much is the cheapest one rice ascending that's HDD the cheapest SSD is 60 bucks and we have a hard drive of only 30 going to lose a bit of money here guys so if we increase the budget by 30 and that's only 60 gigs look at that 60 gigs SSD how can you play anything there hmm how about if I get a different case if I get a different Coolermaster case what I got was this guy I could get the next one which is 180 no 100 bucks nope it is much more affordable to just get the hard drive the SSD if I go for this one 80 bucks a data where will I find in the 50 bucks ok so right now if I make this PD that will be one one one five I'll have to buy a PSU that is smaller and then I'll have to find 30 bucks somewhere to save this is really crappy guys okay how can we do this how can we do this can you can you buy like a drive bay that's smaller or can we move the cooler up top doesn't it have space there wait a minute okay let's remove the cooler again maybe should have just gotten the smaller cooler huh that would have been that would have made my life a lot easier and everything would fit maybe that's what I can do I can just buy an extra let's just put that down to casing limitations if I have the CPU cooler yeah if I sell that and move to you lose out I can use that in the future in a future client there an option to set it up you know it there is not okay fine let's go and spend a little extra money excitedly want to get this fixed today so let's go for price descending let's go for that guy the 120 and a smaller one okay I want same-day delivery yeah I know spending and it's not very economical but we need amazon prime shipping amazon prime shipping here in singapore is like two hours more or less you can get it in the same day but it's free if you remember okay let's go with the one to end even there we go that's more like it so we actually have a lot of off questions here now yeah perfect okay so what I'll do is I'll put that there up top so I can bring back the case fan at the bottom it's actually win-win and provides better airflow so I bring the was it 120 why why do we have a more Toni case fan here is that a Mort only one oh yeah this they don't have like Coolermaster specific fans and it doesn't seem like that it'll fit either and this is needy the CPU cooler is pretty needy let me try one last time if there's some other space I can put that in let me bring back the the drive bay and then let me see will you fit okay it doesn't fit at the bottom that makes sense but it fits at the top okay that's fine that's fine I'll take it and then we still cannot fit one of the other kiss fans okay fine this is this is how real PC building works you have to research well beforehand and me before I should before I did that I should have installed the memory first but good thing for some reason we have very a very nimble hands and we can fit anything everywhere and I just realized black and red would actually fit but but then again the case is white so I think it kind of fits like black red and white not too shabby good so we have the world memory in there we have you see graphics card that's installed that we did get the 1060 for her do you have to remove some stuff first this one and that one it perfect that fits actually looks pretty sleek isn't it and I like that alright what else are we missing the hard drive haven't installed hard drive yet which one am I getting I do want to give her this one but I not not sure if that's within the budget let me see right now the budget is 1005 what is still missing let me have a look CPUs they're cooler is their motherboard memory graphics card storage power supply is fan everything is there except the storage so if I install that one for her that's beyond the budget okay so no no that will not do so you'll have to live with 250 gigs you can manage maybe just need it for fortnight anyway or whatever same thing nowadays ok let's have a look now let's install the cables GPU motherboard CPU case fan CPU cooler rather kiss fan hard drive SATA PSU doesn't look very nice though does it because of the modular thing let us install the OS put it up there we go gigabyte oh that's beautiful lighting yeah oh yeah that works let's install better parts here front panel since all the back should if that's the side panel strictly speaking which was checking 3d mark now here comes the big question will it be enough for the score so what I'll do is I'll have to resect first and try to overclock the stuff oh and yeah I think I'll install that as well the occp yes because I did wish it would be a shame not overclock that when we have such a nice cooler I'd only thing missing now in terms of parts PSU mount yeah we can cover that ugliness that's good yeah that's good that breaks what else we need to check I think that's it yes we can restart now now let me see what I can overclock from the BIOS I'm not sure if I can overclock the RAM wait wait didn't I all delete there we go oh it even has the same screen from the BIOS that's amazing okay cool why is the CPU so hot though did I forget to thermal paste I forgot the thermal place didn't I yeah I got too excited my bad my bad my bad okay remove that thing first I made the same mistake as uncle Tim because of this all at one thing install thermal paste first there you go and now we go for the cooler come on find that hidden pixel there you go that there we go okay right put it up Hodel there we go and just bring back the case here OCD tendencies it's a lot like my CP right now it's like 53 degrees that's interesting XMP nothing really changes because we only bought the simple not really fast Ram okay changing basically off will disable Dex and theorems and function case I'm not really sure what is the safe overclocking speed here maybe that is overclocked already for a thousand have explains only 3700 actually right let's see what that does first it's not do anything first and then let us see how it how the OCC app works like as you ever try that before yeah this one okay so let's see let's try that monitoring CPU temp that's actually very odd yeah what is happening maybe the clock speed is too high huh maybe it shouldn't be 4000 mm-hmm let's try to lower it if it's possible okay this clock now I think that should be fine but we need to lower it down it's getting colder voltage what voltage we have right now vcore one point 32 volts that should be fine yeah so let's put it like that that would be the same as what they have right now I think it's three seven two five they have let's apply that let's see how that works CPU is colder now yes let's see overclock 93% oh crap as it might be s you guys know I shouldn't be my PSU PSU shouldn't be a problem because I actually have 500 watts what's wrong this is next-level stuff already installed all-in-one water cooling why doesn't that work oh wait a minute I know no I don't know I don't know my bad the key wasn't connected I hope I didn't destroy anything okay now it works let's hold Dell okay there we go that's the temp so you should be looking at perfect okay so it's 4,000 let's do that simple test first Matt is going to be available because I'm fumbling all around the place but now it's working okay spans are feeling fans are spinning there we go that's attempts I were looking for yeah it's working is getting higher 70° cpu GPU 100% okay so we basically do some tests yeah we're good seven degrees is a bit hot but I think around 80 degrees should be fine also the power draw to 45 watts max should be fine we can never we have a way way more budget on that okay let's all read love a little normally would need to overclock like 50 megahertz at the time or even 25 like small increments really but we're in hurry so we do a bit of maybe extreme stuff try to increase that 4300 one point 35 volts maybe what is the safe range for the voltage don't go above 1.5 okay okay but let's try it 1.4 because the stats might be a bit different here temps are already 70 degrees I don't feel too good about this might be too hot for our for our cooling yep didn't work didn't break all right let's pull it down little that is how overclocking works a lot of trial and error and normally it shouldn't be that intense so let's put it at 1.30 5 let me try and put it 4,200 let's apply and save this time let me get back into the BIOS immediately 61 degrees for idle I think that's actually pretty that's normal – like 52 degrees but I do have a custom cooler I have a cryogen very decent very nice CPU fan so I think 60 should be ok but let's let's see if that will be enough for to have a stable build this is interesting first time we've gone into this huh sixty degrees okay no go no go I think I'd have to lessen the because they think in terms of temperature maybe we can handle 1.4 70 shouldn't be that hot yet okay let's try increasing that if that doesn't work I'll keep it at 1.4 but I'll lessen the clock speed and actually said this is quite interesting normally we increase the clock speed then it shouldn't change the temps but if it increased the voltage that's the one which can allow the temps to increase more because your your temps are limited by the the voltage this case though thinks something is amiss yeah it seemed that blue screen it will grow to dread it as well this is why overclocking is only for experts and I'm no expert I suggest it's I've noticed about that let's put it like that right let's lower it down a bit that should be colder now I think 56 okay GPU temps they have a GPU we are not touching yeah that's the one look at that 93 degrees it's actually pretty hot that is like super hot I'm going and getting like nervous if it gets 80 degrees already 85 that should be throttling by now Wow 94 degrees okay let me try to restart that we tried to lower the the voltage it might make it colder just a tad so we're in the acceptable range and then we'll run 3dmark okay like that keep the same clock speeds so it's a shame though only being able to increase the clock speed by 150 even with a custom cooler but then again we have a small fan so that kind of makes sense okay let's try that well the limited voltage be enough no it won't be okay that makes sense so we really need 1.4 otherwise there will not be enough voltage and the system will crash so what I'll do is I'll keep that the customer can stay with 90 degrees each temperature that's really hard let's let's try again if that will Rick here we go yeah that's climbing climbing climbing all the way to 93 degrees wattage is not too bad though look at that view take a photo of that guy's looks so good yeah that works for me you good yeah let's go with that and it's stable it looks stable run 3dmark this is the real test though if you can reach that 3dmark score why is it only 10:35 did I miss something wasn't it supposed to be ten sixty five or something wait a minute oh yeah because we replace the cooler the cheaper one because the bigger one won't fit dang it lost a bit of money there but that's let's charge that to experience right if this is actually pretty good twenty five look at that that's the highest I've seen so far Wow awesome let's take a few more photos while we're waiting here I won't I won't go and check other clients for now although we can probably clean up our we can probably clean up our email just a bit catch up with the backlog and stuff yeah that one oh yeah and one more like so maybe we can include the 3dmark score as well that would be nice something like finding the perfect angle here photo-taking 101 what that that works but only afterwards yeah there we go 4 2 1 4 what was the requirement guys what was the requirement no dang it okay we will have to buy some some animals maybe some faster ramp we're so close we are so close let me buy some RAM wait a minute how much budget do we have okay we can go and maybe overclock the GPU a bit is that the thing we can try right let's try it I've never tried overclocking it although I'm sure how to do that not in the BIOS maybe there's a separate application for it let me have a look at the shop here but the cable click cable tool custom water cooling shop Wow that's massive system info not sure doesn't seem like it if I go to OCC tea at this one how can i over talk that maybe it depends on the video card okay so that won't work dang it all right so how do we improve this guy's we have like 45 dollars remaining we can replace one of these parts get a better one what I'm thinking is we can get a faster RAM this the size of the RAM matter I don't think so we can get a slightly better video card let me have a look at the video card then 60 then 60 we got that one cuz that has the biggest impact right and if you have 60 bucks we can actually buy the art that I are at the 390x right 60 bucks so that's 350 plus 60 is 410 wait a minute wait a minute all right let's let's do something let's do some decent math here 1035 – 350 1035 – 350 is 685 and then that means 685 is our current expenses without the graphics card okay so if we subtract then 80 minus 685 then we have 395 left for the video card so that means we can actually buy this guy the r9 390x which is basically our 9tx gaming Hg yeah that's way up here in terms of performance so let's get that guy length shouldn't be a problem yeah that's actually shorter a call frequency is slower but it has more vram white lighting or can i buy like one more no it would be that won't be worth it okay let's buy this one I'm going to ship it immediately I'm going to waste a lot of money Yolo this is this is essential guys we need this we need the wind this episode after all that effort we need the wind okay remove that I'm sure we can buy that you can use that in one other client and some other client where is it this guy right yeah that's 1080 that's right smack in the middle and with our massive PSU that shouldn't be a problem to supply power to that is my hope there you go that actually is better in terms of lighting black red and white maybe it's a sign man that's massive look at that although it did slow down now I think I said something bad maybe got shy or something yeah that works take a photo again oh yeah how about this one look at that 30fps that's the fastest I've ever seen yeah for sure will will go beyond the benchmark this time as long as the system is stable I have no doubt that we will win this okay let's have a look actually at shaky Helen here labor is 437 we spent like 200 for same-day shipping so we have 237 left and we spent like 300 plus on the video cards were a bit just shy of we've got a bit of loss there but not really if we manage to use the video card next time the net should be okay so many different pcs waiting already region rx actually that's I think what I bought right just in time cooler master hyper 22 LD detour oh I think that's a CPU fan okay boy what happened wait a minute what happened to my score huh look at the CPU test 2.42 FPS it's something wrong happened oh wait a minute the earth seems to be a bug here or did it maybe was there some throttling happening ah there you go yes CPU throttled okay okay I didn't see that maybe we didn't need a new video card at all yeah there is even a throttling factor I like this this game is so detailed so yeah maybe I didn't be the new video card at all I didn't see it initially you guys are probably from sea look okay so that means it's too hot so that means we need to lower it down a bit more maybe get 1.35 yes and then we will have to see test it just a little bit of overclocking now minimal improvements there we go that's looking good that is looking good we are not throttling the CPU power draw is large but I mean we do have a massive PSU perfect-perfect that's the way all right that's the mix did you guys know this a while ago wow we still got a very nice score though right so that's why so this is the CPU test I think so we were like we had like 19 fps in a sudden need job right when we were testing a while ago that's because of the throttling that's amazing they even put that in here that is so realistic goodness love it is such an amazing thing oh man we're only getting into the details now it's only getting better from here you guys it's only getting better from here actually that is a very nice like look at how smooth that is I think that the FPS is the top you can get from this game anything that might be our thumbnail right there something like that me me I'm excited to see the score super excited to see the score okay maybe we can include that here look at how smooth that is well I mean in reality it won't it won't be as smooth because you really expect like 60 frames at least but in this game I think 30 is the limit yes for 505 there we go we did it we did it guys we did it okay so that's like a bit of tweaking with the CPU and stuff that's actually a very interesting combo there sorry trying to take a photo of this in it's so hard okay let's find out take care of it later okay good so now we're good yes I just need to close that up and everybody happy I'm proud and proud the last PC we built from scratch in the last episode that was chicken piece compared to this one coolermaster new parts all in one water cooler yeah 1080 budget perfect as long as she recognizes that what I got her was a water cooler good there we go I like the new PC as simple as that five stars and we are under we had five stars now we are at five stars again Oh things just keep falling into place Bongo five stars there we go perfect perfect perfect alright so we finished the jobs we got five stars what else would you guys ask for right and things are starting to get very interesting anyway sorry for the lag on down episode hopefully you guys enjoyed that still thank you for watching if you did like the video guys please don't forget to hit the thumbs up comment like share with your friends that spread the love let's grow this thing thank you for watching have a nice day and I'll catch the next one I'm really loving this now so many cool stuff happening thanks and bye bye clumsy fixing you

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