Pro Player Abuses Caveira Broken Glitch in Six invitational / 400 IQ Grenade – Rainbow Six Siege

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the corner nobody did but the one beautiful part was that I think the marks finally came out in the final ten seconds on the clock so if you put a bandage jammer or sorry a bandit battery on a wall then a mute jammer when placed next to it will be destroyed I don't know if you guys knew that but you learn something new every day and I'm sure now Chawla knows that so and a jammer low consist to stop this plan he needs to get over there in a hurry and he's in a great position there they'll stunned but use both of them oh no I poorly time Hey and Chawla is going to be able to get this plant down shuttle we'll have to take matters into his own hands and go for penetrable there's a claymore in range and shuttle will wander on outta goo mine will give the position of one member of space station away but shuttles in such a tough spot a rogue peak from Chawla here will land shuttle and easy kill should be able to get him one but there's an immense amount of patience doesn't take too long Bosco's there and just poor timing by the way right off the bat here this is pretty easy to tell ninjutsu pajamas had a much more efficient attack strategy every single round and the last half so far right here while Yuna has managed to take out kamikaze great Nate where was that even from I got it I got a I gotta know where that Nate came from man look he was positioned effects on the roof so oh wow it was through the skylight and he arced it from the other side of the roof what that is crazy look at that that is a great toss that isn't a very impressive toss there's no way a defenders gonna be able to get up there to ladder they're also looking 42 almost got the smoke of Bosco lingering in that position the fire bolts gonna not do any damage but prevent the peak at the very least he's hello for the angle hello he's looking for the low he's looking Florrie of kills reciprocity one for lusty will down off the man with the diffuser though that's Martin they've got to recover it 15 seconds left lusty still tacking on the diffuser is still bleeding out its lusty alone in a 1v3 no recovery the diffuser just yet for reciprocity they're trying to go for the kill pushing it against the bar lost you for another one trying to punch it up they're trying to stick to revive what are you doing the play the last man alive he has to push Wasti the 1v5 Koch fanatic take round number one on Villa what a defense the moment they down mark that's the moment they won that round will be trying to do great work have on a planting over by the chest oh no you might have seen her trying to deny that plant but it will be successful nip will walk away with it they lose a body but Giulio in the post plant but in some good work care man gets down and you know we'll have to win a 2v1 sees the legs of the bonnet daydreaming oh no to a huge clutch and phase will crap round number three their third in a row original conversation I can't believe I forgot about the Capitao why would you ban it because you got to push rafters an idiot Flynn learn how to be a good caster 65 advantage right now and magnet is hey bud I know hey bud he's uh he's working his way over he's just you know what no no he said he's not leaving any footprints for Jackyl I feel like that doesn't okay no it does yeah he's he's denying footprints she put your chest on the ground and dragged yourself across no no that's so smart because magnet has continued to be a throne and loss or a pain in last time jackal was tracking him that kind of forced him to be a little bit less effective all the same a lack of information from mantis and here's the thing is that mantis has consistently starved for information largely off of their own wine that's a fadeaway if I've ever seen one Kanto oh my god as he just hops on down mag dent here it comes down well the problem is it won't even down lakhs and you'll just straight-up kill him if it's a headshot because ya repel mr. schat's therefore magma that's good eats them up though yeah the HP remaining on lacks in close range against that Louise on but here come the pre fires coming up for retro at the end of the hallway top of the stairs to eing back and forth retro will get downed all the way down the long hall and magnet will claim another victim of the Louise on instead of the knife this time retro will fall waxing on low HP it's another poor starved for rest frosty in the round and what I found out is that when kuvira enters her silent step while she is crouched and behind an object it lowers her profile to the point where you really can't see her behind the object and this is covers perspective on the screen right now while she's doing this while she's you know hunched down and is this hard to see from her perspective she's looking over top of this object and nothing changed who knows well find out well we get right into it though bands starting off and again rogue on defense so they get to go first any band predictions Michael I'm expecting a jackal here Parker you know jackal is a very powerful attacking operator with smokes and detect footprints he's also widely played by many teams especially on the more defender sided Maps really gonna do this such as Villa I'm gonna say I'm expecting a jackal band right as jackal as band I also expect glass maybe an echo or maestro probably a mirror it's a second wrote as nip have already rotated around they've managed to finally make their way towards the kitchen doorway cameraman has headed upstairs excellent opportunity Marengo will be all on his own expecting a push here through those metal bars when Cameron gets it down Giulio felt kamikaze pushing in Cameron finishes off Giulio it all depends on whether kamikaze it's gonna be pinged two smoke grenades available kamikaze have to go for the Michael I owe you a faze clan Jersey definitely something the NIP are gonna be missing out on they have a twitch so that's their most counter electronics no IQ no thatcher this is an interesting setup here from you knows gonna show everybody and their mother how to get on to the tarps on top of coastline and yes it is still doable um clip that somebody clip that for me please I need to see how to do that it's right so they've got grenades from virtue but end to do something about it there we go there you go hold it yeah Kobe dried up on to him that was what you you should have done earlier cuz I get one second back at the time remaining 15 seconds skies will take down magnet as well and trying to connect through the great will be laxing but he's just killing more and more time there's ten seconds left and they're distracted with a man in the basement instead of trying to go for a site execute Arnie back and forth so I'm how asus is putting down a plant by the way eyes will fall as well so it's suddenly a one what's I told these young stairs into questions once they get control the top of that can they execute from there the next biggest question is are they gonna be able to isolate hello oming lusty hello well she's not marked who he is right okay ambitious to say the least having a refract position himself but kamikazes gonna fall off that push it's good time for Maria to be able to smoke odo he sees the Sofia but he capitalizes look for another Barranca open your how do you not see that town doing great work and man those uh those you know they're waiting for mark to peek out of the bath Roman broth bridge rats will shut down retro virtue with another one skies trying to bust through the storm of smoke magna taking a little bit of damage from the evil eye as well and skies alone on the objective he's gotta wait for laxing to retake up these visa stairs doesn't look like asus is ready for this is he's holding inside of a bomb he's gonna completely exposed I'm sorry he's inside of connector this guy's makes his way in as well moving through B bomb like single shred through on the flank he was actually sitting inside of a bomb blending into the wall the camouflage working out he downs one magnet trying to rush through with five seconds left in the goo mine that lacks the MVP of the round from the grave laxing we'll save it for reciprocity is again it was a storming of the Gulag for fnatic that's the second logic bomb as well Michaelis position of Neil EO was given away and look at this joint effort Nova pops up goodbye Fabia there's no trade off Penghu takes out head Eenie Leo's still playing downstairs as toga trying to come on up the MP suppressed Oh looks for a second gets caught in the reload and it's a cloud Fiesta on the stairs Penghu will recover but he literally in every use of the word has one HP left and it gets head with the coolant I mean you could tell someone's on top but otherwise you're gonna be able to just call out the plant based on the sound alone shuttle inside a meeting hall is gonna go down to Bosco here's the second smoke total for SSG and this looks to be a fake just trying to bait out some c4 if there is any and there it is great bait from SSG and going for another one but the smoke canisters are gonna force them to plant by laundry baskets the smoke canisters are not in the position to make this happen with a flake from meeting all vertical almost gets three and yes he does one around from vert leaving just redeemer he's in a post plant as /aa takes out Chawla though again Redeemer in the one versus three he's got two enemies that are exceptionally lit he's gonna see one of them that's the Valkyrie cups goes down last two on one bullet worth of HP and he knows he has full information on the fuse plant but it's not gonna be called out oh no slash is sticking it and vertical gets another one that's poor for him in the round and slash ugh we'll get the disabled rogue put two together that were on one HP putting down the defuser all Mannion has to do is turn the corner on the deployables shield over here some sky stands up but he's killing the time back and forth all it takes is one bullet and he'll down him off magnet will he go for – no he'll only get one interrogation but he cleans up with a shotgun hits him a little bag beforehand as well in fanáticos 201 villa he will be finally shut down by Fabien leaving just Nova you know 1vs5 it would be incredible if he makes it happen but it seems unlikely you'll get one goes for two almost lands the shots they're on to goggle but misses too many crucial ones and yours will shut him down g2 take a quite definitive win on a basement attack and now they'll go on to defense themselves with good coordination you see how fast that was from g2o what that's that's not supposed to happen that's not that's not how it works we are all Fabien space right now so we are we are all Fabien space so there will be a Rijos I'm very yeah there will be a host it has been called and we'll get a new we'll get a new match together but the match is not over it's not over it does not end on seven six that's not a thing that happens feel like you through some like Curb Your Enthusiasm music over top of Fabien face there yeah the memes are making themselves boys yep you can just chill your and reengage after about 10 or 15 seconds when they think he's gone meanwhile the wall in the church still has not been breached open this is the same issue Empire running into in the last round it's taking them to the very last second even get access to one of the sites moving in though shockwave find success he's able to knock out the litte joystick looking for the same thing a flash around the corner but no it's a deist it's a safe territory when the player on the other side specifically M king to play into now as he continues to hold this and the timer runs down joystick finds one more he's gonna go for a second knocks it down he gets the kill joystick is going wild right now it might just win them the round Chuck will go for the pledge site there finds a kill it's all down to the mute on px he takes damage and joystick will finish it off as we see Empire cut ahead finally taking an attacking around here on the basement at the beginning of overtime the man the myth the legend joystick gonna be winning that round form in that entire push all depending on if joystick live or the Valkyrie the Montaigne will go down to be no and there's no way for marina to deny that's disabled giulio should be able to take this for free and NIF should get their first round but no not enough time ninjas of pyjamas get seven old on the second map and it's a 200 series for phase be in good shape this is a failure of psycho and pedo to be able to capitalize but there you go you know finally gets taken down we've been able to wrestle about 20 seconds of time away Mavs in a position to dry and grab one all we cannot land the shots on the box psycho is there and ninjas in pyjamas in such good position cameraman will try to salvage the round toss the c-4 misses completely diffusor going down julia will abandon the plant look at how low ninjas in pajamas our cameraman with a great opportunity for a clutch here oh he'll get it with the dying seconds and nobody from nip is able to recover a cameraman and phase we'll get the round in the dying seconds some a solo heroics every match to reliably using this echo every single time and I mean it's paid dividends here a lot how do you lose that fluency so the lesions position is known here's one thing as well rampy somehow managing to survive what he's got the glass watching through the window I think he's saying I think he's saying hey guys I know you're really excited for Game of Thrones to come back but we got to get through this first and foremost there I don't know if you seen the teasers keV what do you think you're wearing some shirts as the North remembers are you okay do you guys all want the same hoodies do you / what size are you look at you some hoodies real quick okay you said look I can get some too outside it's it's supposed to get even colder it's what is it negative something right negative 21 right now it's negative 11 if you speak European yeah says are you sure easily look

44 thoughts on “Pro Player Abuses Caveira Broken Glitch in Six invitational / 400 IQ Grenade – Rainbow Six Siege”

  1. Y'all should watch for honor Pro league to see what ppl will do for money, this is Their job guys, they have to make money and magnets exploit isn't even gamebreaking.

  2. This is what all people supposed to watch, and even study to make themselves better and pros are showing that exploits and unfair advantages are cool if you need to win.

  3. after being diamond for multiple seasons, i just gave up on this game, it is sad that a game with such a big potential is being ruined by a developer like ubisoft, i used to love this game and play it religiously, i weny from being a bronze on my first season to hit diamond every season. Ive been around for a long time and i havent seen any improvement, now after quiting i feel like this game was a huge waste of time and money. I hope another developer makes a game that will replace this one, hopefully with a team that cares about the game more than about the money

  4. Imagine these silver trash cans cry about how crouch spam made him win that fight when 1. Pino playing shit the whole match and just plain missed his shots 2. Pino crouch spamming made him miss more shots 3. Lesion crouched once. I didn't see anyone complain about this before Pengu started getting too big for his own head and just start complaining about everything in this game. Get off the bandwagon.

  5. You just got salty and decided to post a video with this stupid title. Get a life it's only a game, it's up to him whether he would like to use this glitch to his advantage or not.

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