RetroArcade Hardware test and 4 Emulators move to Original FW.

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0.1 RS-07 Mame4All for UselessFW

RS07 Arcademini custom firmware V1.3.1 24/02/2019


Playstation Emulator work for Custom and Orignal FW.

Pokemon Mini Emulator work for Custom and Orignal FW.

hello this is Johnny do a quick video about your separate video on Hardware testing I want to test the emulator that that I copy from here to the SD card to this system but we can weekly test the the controller and the video real quick they asking you to press select or press a a mean that you don't want any video and I mean a mean you don't want any video and select me yes so we're gonna go ahead and do select on this button right here select and it automatically TV so you don't have to select like what kind of TV you're using so as you can see it's up here using the TV screen and the joystick is plug in and you also work with a joystick ah since the button is little bit different I don't know which button is which but this is a command program that I need meant to stall it so I like it out here not really sure how to get out here let me pass the Ming joystick huh and we see why and then select quit beep that should get out of the screen why yeah so excuse me so the it does work with those on the see the star one game sieve it work just just for demonstration let's try let's try Pokemon I remember where I put it yeah go Pokemon meaning and it does show up in a screen in a box shape but I'm not sure how to play this game Wow screen you say I don't know what you're supposed to do that all right let's get out a team and let's try to use something that I know how to eat how to control can't beat XSL nice try shake a master Sika master I'm not sure I have the emulator assured this gameboy advance nope Sega masters no no mom Sega Genesis okay it seemed like I don't have I don't have the game on my SD card because I just did this and you know I just using a 16 gig and did all this so I don't have the Sega Master I just do your assistant as I do know I have Sega Genesis let's try no choice I'm packing so it does give you a TV out so TV out does work now I don't know evil allow you have to play let's just press star and stalk in let's try to player since we have two controller I get to pick Ninja Turtle good I get your pick I guess walkie y'all push button is the select button huh see like the button is not working let me use the wickedest and a button to the penalty the this new frame where 1.3 it's not working with this joystick so the second joystick apparently like like last time I test it it's the same thing it does not work on the mapping is not correct the D controller worth working on we first broy women we play two player alright so it doesn't appear to be working right we go test that later so baseball ICC it does work on the big screen and the conventional controller work on a big screen but not the not there are not the second joystick so I'm gonna press select go on a big screen again and let's try Sega Genesis again yeah nope okay and Sega Genesis I'll go with trying to hacking enjoy total let's see if I suck in joystick still work because we've been pressing this button that's a select button so let's press star star stop button select button does not work over here so the controller does not functioning as has the main controller I have to use the one below it so so I have to use this main controller to press star and then then the screen would stop see so we're gonna press star again and let's try to joystick again and then we change to nunchuck alright and this one they won't let me select this button this joystick will not work it doesn't matter which button you use either okay button or the small one the two player mode does not work okay just lino so the one played long world on TV like before with a custom swing did a full test on this before and but now at least they are putting it in the full screen it's not like a half swing like before so he's full screen but controller 2 does not work and that was the same before for six full month ago it was like the same last year so the new framework did not fix the second controller okay and so let's get out of this game I can't get out so I'll use my original controller to get out I'm using a small controller that comes with the system to get out the game okay so the TV out does work but but the second controller does not work I only work on the screen but once you inside the game it does not work so it's the same like before okay so that answered the hardware question I was meant not to talk about hardware but there goes the whole work thing let's talk about the other system now the one that are we Junya was going to do first let's talk about this one now I got the emulator copy over sad to say is me for all did not work on this system but Playstations seem to work so let me show you the main for all okay so painful open it doesn't open and kick you straight out so meaningful all does not work at all so let's go to the previous screen and that's try by PlayStation 4 all I don't let's try Genesis Genesis does not work either okay in this version so sad to say Genesis now on PlayStation I mean may for all does not work in Genesis does not work and not try Pokemon Pokemon meanie oh I supposed to start emulator for I forgot dadima later okay and we're gonna to go ahead and load the one press okay no not hey press be okay I press a one button I press a you need to press B on the controller all right let's go check out one of this so Pokemon meanie does work on this emulator so those of you who won this game it does work okay OOP I really never play this game so I don't know how do we play it so the play this game is B not a I don't know how to play this game I think I just got out looking first in the expo so exit X bunny is to restart on beginning yes I like to get out I don't play that game but if you guys want any me know and I'll get you the lid so you could get this this emulator and let's go back to preview and a try PlayStation 4 all ok and could you just finish once for all mine white one yeah PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 all does work well so you click low you press B and then you go to the one folder which I put it in the emulator and it's in PlayStation right here and I put it in PCX folder and it worked pretty nice so good good news about this new frame where that came from customer customer frame where 1.3.1 there's two emulator that work on the original framework okay so it seemed like this Playstations more friendlier than the original one that we used before and the sound is much better so those of you who want to play playstation will zip up this file and so give me some time to do that and once I got the main table put it on the description so you guys could get this emulator okay so this two emulator that work on this system so you guys could add it to your collection and this one will will work with and this will work on the big screen so unplug it from this side but let me first we have to get out of the game first sorry screams – okay choose ooh [Applause] now to change the video you have to go to the setting first before we change to video but you could plug in the controller and play the arcade controller but let me try this new immersive a walk-on on the main screen you know what makes me kind of wonder there's a work word to player on this one see that the game is the same plays much slower same way here and another one as well is how to get into it because the gameplay like I'm pushing it and he's black he's taking his time to get there you want saying he's not moving very fast okay let's get out of the game and that's exits out of the game all right there was a lot of question somebody asked me was that uh I don't think this would support any emulator that's not part of this system would not support to play a controller even with the original framework just FYI all right so let me go to this one real quick because somebody were asking you about the main and that was asking me can I make the main screen wider okay so we're gonna test that real quick and then and I also want to show you that if you put your me in a different photo it's okay you you could go you could also access it for more let me show you how to do that so first you have to go to the browser you can actually add it to the list here I'm sorry you can also add it to the list over here but uh we're not gonna do that now because I don't remember how to do it at this moment but you could add it to the desktop I thing is by pressing yeah why we do that later we're gonna go to emulator and we're gonna go ahead and install the game all right and once you see that you need to move your joystick alert so you will move now for example if you don't if you do not put your game in here in this warm directory right now I have game that I have an SD card but I don't have it here and I want to see if like now I noticed that I put some of the gaming here and if it doesn't support it it's not going to show up so for example the demon demon font I put the game in here but it doesn't show up that mean this emulator do not support that demon phone okay it doesn't support it and also i per was that the other game i don't remember which one but it doesn't show up over here oh no this is a different directory okay so to get to the different directory you press see if I remember okay you press B okay I tell you a photo actually start to select a directory so I was in no different to acting you remember where I was before so let's perspi you can okay B and then you press a to let's just zoom let me see if I could get the keyboard so you can see what I'm doing okay I mean a joystick alright so what I did is I press B to get to this screen then I choose a to get to move further out and then I move a do the emulator a and then I go to to the to the one called me mainly right there and in here I have alphabetic order okay I have the Abe I prepared all the final open I used to use fighting upon out to test to see which one work but since we have may we could go to the one over here now last time we tried offender it didn't work but he work on on this this one so you have to look to see which one work so we go to the one and once you select the one folder you press the stop button okay so all the D is gonna be on this list okay alright so all the D is gonna be here and then we're gonna try the defender the red ones apparently seem to work over here I think they have different version where blue black but this one red one they work over here so I'm gonna press I think press B know a a and then a again and then so the first video when I did the one that I download it didn't work but this one on alphabet order this won't work so the so defender the red one does work let me turn the value down a little bit alright so press select stop [Laughter] okay so defender does walk so let's get out here now the question is can this video input config config menu on screen display show frame skip so these all the button here so this one does not just this it's gonna make it out here and you see how I get out here first whereas on a be a Shoop I just changed something left and white or to player okay that's not good I don't know how to get out I just press star and select now the screen is just sleep on again or what guys dead so answering the question I don't know if I could change the screen let me see maybe people are more familiar with this screen you might know let's try again hey this button controls kind of weird is not functioning correctly alright defend the work so we're gonna press we're gonna press the B button again to get out and select a different wrong now last time we select get out again okay you're gonna go to external emulator and we're gonna look for me somehow this email is a fun word this controller is not working properly I don't know what's wrong with it I mean she suck you press down he's skipping it's not like oh then this one we gonna look for it is the one that I like to play a character and I couldn't get the wake of the gala got to work I only could get the one called Galica 88 last time but in this this one it will work will work okay press Start to select this this WOM G and now you can see all the Calico is in there so okay so let's see waked a gallica by neck cup neck neck come nip nip cone I guess of pounds way press be a nappy shouldn't press B per se I think hey hey hey okay so this version gallica look so you just it is you just have to download and look around see which one work which one does it but apparently this one work now this one I got it I did a Google search called final but now I used to I guess if you look at my video find out but now you'll find a whole set of this 4000 on this on this download just gonna take a while download Oh fine open our main stuff so [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] all right so we're gonna get out of the game is to dip King information no this one does not this one does not do the I mean to be again and a a and this time we gonna choose W I can't see we could get told you I don't think WI can't ever work here but we're gonna go ahead and try it see this this one work so press star because I couldn't get the Double Dragon to work on the other one so let's see if the work over here we got dick and Doug I don't think take a dub work under she distinct kind of jump weird that is not probably Chum let's do dick and Doug once even walk past a a nope a a nope thinking Doug still doesn't work here digging talk to nope so no digging duck let's try let's try Donkey Kong us nope Donkey Kong 3 nope alright WI can Japanese butcher nope okay now file double dragon US version nope about poof like I should walk by so nope and Double Dragon three no pool like doesn't work either all right we vents nope so double dragon sad to say the Doudna work okay so those of you who want to play Double Dragon you do not work here let's press our I press B again and let's go to a different alphabet order hey let's go find the one called font the demon or will India demon font that's the one that I'll one of the guy I want to see if it work and let's press a a and star okay steam is demon world like I say if it doesn't support it it's not gonna show up on the system so you don't have it doesn't show up here and as part of the many options so it's not there okay all right so press B first a and hey let's try golden with a star let's try a golden or X see if you golden golden axe look at all okay Koston column lot of people like to play ghost in column let's try a ghost and column us okay gosu column ETS walk on this one so yeah you have to stuck with this screen you can't play full screen I'm sorry but if you really like to play may I recommend go ahead and upgrade to a Raspberry Pi because you could play any game you want and you don't have to get stuck with this tiny mediocre simulator oh I'm dying in the screen that's the pic as you get but the things star Oh totally got out okay all right so I'm gonna leave it like that so if you look around you could find somebody's big headache because you have to like go through I know that's the reason I got tired of even trying if I want you want to play me I just go to the you know you know upgrade to the retro arcade and then just play it with a retro okay you know get the get the LGR controller and the a tofu video car or the company 8k I'm sorry Archie are they also sell the video car so you could just get the video call from him as well so yeah that that's the way the best way to play the domain in any game you know you like when you tend OBS playstation because playstation it work but is very slow on both on both of the system so but if you guys want it I'll put the PlayStation and Pokemon meanie so you guys could get the emulator otherwise you would have to download the in the game but in honesty call and then copy it copy the emulator into your hard drive that's one way to get it okay but if those of you who doesn't have that much on microSD card you can't even do it so so what I'm going to do is save you guys trip to keep go ahead and get the to emulator for you and then you can just download and play on door which you know frame well but yeah this one will I still don't work am in it even though if you add a cool stop menu on it but still you need some work on it the main and also the operating system is kind of flicking kind of weird it doesn't control the joystick very well especially when you are inside the game you know browsing is not working very well so there's a glitch on this on this fren well so just FYI all right thank you for watching hope this helped but if you guys still interested in look in my previous video how to how to is this is a different image but it's the same idea you're gonna use a win32 to bun it you're gonna format your SD card first well first you want to backup your original SD card if you're gonna use original one meaning that you know write it to a file don't I mean we it from a file when you open up win32 if you have an option to read or write white means you can write the take the image to the SD card we mean you're gonna read the information from SD card to a file and then just name a file you know what if we want to call it and that's how you backup your your internal SD card back it up first and then after you back it up copy all the file the bomb and everything into your computer folder you know once you finish doing that then you can format it burn the image write the image to the SD card afterwards then you want to use the the magic tool that allows you to utilize the space that is not being used so you could have the food because the image is not a full 16 gig it's actually less than that you know you don't need a cup of cake and then so you will lose all there's only a cake on this image so you use you lose a lot of free space if you don't use that magical tool to increase the size of it and so please watch the video my previous video you have to link it give you step-by-step information how to do everything how to burn the image why the image increase the size utilize the space that's not being used and then you can add game to it and then put it into the SD card okay then after that then you want to get it second SD card because if you're gonna play playstation or May they're gonna take up a lot of space so you want to get another SD comprehend okay so that's my information to you and so please check my channel I have a lot of information on my channel but like I was saying if you really want to play me you might as well go this well you're not gonna have any problem playing it one of the guy wanted to play that game the demon found and we was able to find it you know real quick no issue yeah so if you if you guys like to play RK type game I recommend to just go in this Wow instead of wasting your time you know trying to find emulator they're not gonna create perfect emulator because this emails are used this email it will actually use a lot of different version to make this work like May 2000 May 2003 May 2010 2012 me and they final but now they use a lot of emailing to make all the wrong working so imagine if you only have one emulator main for all not all the game is gonna work only some of the games that is made for me for all the version that will work so if you want to play all arcade even with one emulator it's not gonna play all the all caking you have to have so many different and that's what the Raspberry Pi the retropie 4.4 half they have a lot of different emulator that's inside arcade they took a lot the person who created image take a lot of time testing which emulator worked the best for that okay and they picked the emulator for the white one to make the game look good so that's how they do it so he's won even a turn it's not gonna do all the trick right now you have to you've got a two off painting but one is called fun open now and I know that work for kept Capcom not all the Capcom I'm fortunately sad nobody if you have emulator he's supposed to work with all Capcom one two and three but apparently this one does not watch my okay and but the final play now in it worked pretty decently but you need to could have a correct NeoGeo does it under customer framework because customer formula do not use the FBA format or the NeoGeo only the original arcade original framework okay well okay so if you use the customer framework don't bother to download the FBA because it doesn't work on this find open our emulator okay just let you guys know you will have to distinguish you will have to use the I get out of it you will have to use the zip file because this final panel does not support FBI you only use the what whatever is is there you know I don't think I have the bomb in there either maybe I do know if I know but I do have final burn out here somewhere it's the final burn all right so on yeah so you have to download the correct – geo – zip otherwise when you're loading you have error my doesn't so my play okay alright thank you for watching talk to you later guys any question please put a comment I'll try my best to help you I like I say I am NOT sponsoring the retro arcade I don't sell retro arcade just purchases like you you know I mean just given information alright alright thank you for watching bye bye

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