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Commentary by @Dktruman
yeah taka Rubik with dart playing the Tusk because he plays a five position tusk strange choice and build sighs gonna get lifted up dragged back with the TAC team damage look at that damage sighs taking and you already get skill up went for the level one heart-stopper aura top lane old eleven taking some damage does have a – Oh doesn't actually how now if we hike does have TP scroll but in comes the damage from the radiant puppy dropping little puppy is he gonna die yes yes old eleven is now gonna actually Nisha is gonna get caught does have phantom strike might want to go for old eleven kill there's lift up from Kaka will then he get the kill on Tanisha though who almost has a phantom strike we found some strikes towards kaka kaka uh I think that was the safe from puppy with the TP else would it be swap in they get the stun Inc of snowball Monkey King throws out Luke um spine does he have the sustain he has that massive armor amount he's gonna get healed up by puppy and they got one kill bomb destroyed coming here Monkey King still has to Ginga mastery stacks and they get a double in return and afterwards came to some vengeful spirits yaps are dropping low with the – armored jump in Neesha and now has script available just in level six Nate's profit gonna get stand up there's gonna be the nature's prophet ulti which does a lot of damage to Nisha but it's not gonna be nearly enough damage to kill him off doing this for a reason there's gonna be the bomb the strike coming in tusk is dropping well jock gets finished off with the die and the jump in from Nisha and the radiant all grouped up in the middle lane however the die I want to go back in for the fight night phantom assassin Nisha might have started fighting a little bit – it does have the phantom strike gets back behind the tower only – really – oh he actually does manage to survive doesn't even pop this time left step does use it afterwards I dropping low taking a lot of damage but the dark will get returned killed so it's a one-for-one trade but it's the offlane of the radiant team that drops how did he not die okay well that helps probably pop this magic ones as well it's very close to first 10 kills old 11 on the very verge of dying that's gonna be first 10 kills or the radiant team team secret puffy mid one's gonna die puppies still fully healed up in the middle of this fried side does not have his reemphasize he's actually gonna go for rod of a toast everyone's building around of a close friend full spirit is gonna die caca is being chased out by Nisha income to TP from Nate's profit which is not really gonna do anything against phantom assassin because he just has the phantom strike to cut his way through plus he's gonna build into a battle fury to get rid of the sprout anyway so I get swap back pops the coast shot immediately dream call on to to die arrows size snowball Dan's eye is gonna drop there's that stolen dream call from Rubik which he connected on to no one what how the hell do you okay arrow is gonna get chase down well it's gonna be a one-for-one trade in the middle a mid one throws up on the strike they kill off arrow I chose block onto puppy but he should be getting out with the magic wand available pops it and we have yachts are cutting the creep wave immediately gonna try and TP out gets lifted up he's gonna die middle lane mid one jumping in gonna go try and go for the task income snowball or a sponge mid one does not get his who come on down he's dropping low he's dead forty seconds no buyback Saiga steps it up dragged a little bit back still has that Reaper scythe and the road of Akers got swapped and ain't comes the Reaper scythe which he just uses to keep control of this then they're stopping all their coils and they kill you kill the but Yap sir oh yeah why is all our old three tires just immediately stopping the coil Kaka is gonna get killed off Nisha can farm up some gold here why would they all three snap their coil once the BKB is finished up there is almost nothing that I can do to kill him this phantom wall has bkb's going through ten seconds of phantom shots will be able to run around Kaka got sight like I've done it before the match started when I knew I was gonna cross this one sighs taking a lot of damage he's gonna get healed up puppies heal comes in while he has to go show so he gets that exhale triple dream girl from the obser the diary will start there's the scythe gonna land on to the Weaver Weaver with does manage to get the time-lapse off but the radiant have not lost a single arrow that's gonna be the bottom of strike hitting the Weaver all whole chicken gets caught and dark on the OP and finished off by Nisha gets a nice Lincoln six streak with a double kill for him they have almost no control in the dire side anyway takes a little bit of damage they're swapping aren't acai not really the one that you want to swap in he does not have mana for a mechanism at the moment but the damage coming through taka will be able to get out there yaps or Nisha gets the kill on too dark old chicken is fighting inside the Wukong commands these little chicken just gonna straight-up retreat and the dire control on Rubik dream call out to again a yaps or play this position for puck doing the work GG well played gets called and keen gaming already tap out and again we see that puppy can draft black hole of course but still it's a strange and bold choice coming out from ki gaming there's gonna be oh that must be first blood or is it split earth coming through from puppy but this very annoying a battery is sold side does he get under the tower and get away from the damage no dark finishes him off with a nice right-click I mean it's not scary for the dire yet but if you give them way too much time in the top lane and bottom lane sorry there's gonna be enigma getting the kill and together with the arrow on one on to Yasir keep mid one gets that so he's gonna get a nice amount of gold again sign the top lane another control coming out Don's eye does not get his way out of that because of the body blocks from the clockwork and I think his own illusions blocked him as well now Nisha I'm gonna get x marks the spot rate in Korea gets knives though so that's a pretty big Korea snipe Nisha does not have the doppelganger he's just trying to Juke his way through but with that flare coming out they yeah he stuck he's dead in one tick tick tick patchy sold constantly going but there's the swap from ventures that's not really well communicated the ghost ship is though a mid one is done for the tired trying to get some damage it puppy at least is trying to he's trying it on his own incomes the yield from the and fibers getting go for the magnet mechanism doom thrown out on to the phantom assassin has expecting go ship coming through puppies dropping low puppies on the favors you've done but is actually gonna get rocket Fred down old chicken is the one that's gonna die vengeful spirit got is the one that got doomed sigh Holda love it old eleven will be able to survive so it's a one-for-one trade but it is the phantom assassin gone almost 14 minutes so almost a kill per minute now there's gonna be out versus lash there might be another girl coming in yes the torrent it gets the job done phantom assassin does not have a double ganger available ex Margo ship I get soaked shot on the right PL as well in comes old chicken jumping in torrent aren't you phantom Lancer they spot the real one oh my god he charges forward towards the kunkka and he's gonna get controlled up Nisha is dead space where his team will get caught will get kills will feed his life towards the Iranian team but it is only the kill for Kaka so it's not that bad it's building into a Guardian Greaves gets the route off on cuca go ship from khun kon himself he's gonna get that she the doom happens after almost every single thing was used by the gun guy there's gonna be a hit on shikaka he throws out the hookshot yaps or is nearby though in the entire team gank around and capture taka that's a four kill streak that the die will grab all the lovin hiding in the treeline does have a swap available if you once use it on his teammates in comes the toys it's not gonna connect that's gonna be the vengeful spirit he's stuck split earth coming through Kaka does buy back there's a swap chen is going to be sacrificed to the gods called team secret and there is no mana primo okay now there's almost no mana until the phantom assassin black hole to control the clockwork and the gunk up at the Swap from vengeful spirit coming through the dire are still very healthy though they are not losing any health on the dye side and the cuca who is very tanky gets the second go ship through that's gonna be the aegis possibly I think no they're not gonna be able to reach him in still no flats though but you do have that mechanism doing on these teamfight engagements hook shot to the side Kaka Willy no you will not die to the poisoned docket got very close though who got go shipping on Sue's eyes I will just walk out of that ghost ship and goon cap pops the BKB ties that's ten second B can be used is gonna walk away they get the stun on do but doom is full health he's just look at that fifty health regen oh he's dropping very low the garden gives used by out sir they're gonna lose their but phantom assassin is the one that's gonna get returned killed so is the Cougar that's gonna be the aegis to claim that Kaka on the side does he get out it looks like he might actually get out they're gonna go for the Kunka instead who does not have that vqb doesn't have anything gonna get slowed up gonna get almost put to a dead stop in the middle lane and that's an unstoppable streak or mid 1 7 1 & 0 all 7 kills on team secret is actually swapping over to the AC build Oh sy gets caught in the bottom Lane he shows on the retreat dagger lands Nisha does have a doppelganger that's gonna be root on PA a they go back in torrent was down the matter gets trained of all chicken broken dropping low that all T doing a lot of work from the Viper whole chicken does not get oh nevermind I have been mistaken but Nisha is very good in the chase and very good in the kill yep there it goes and the dire get hella control this game puppy gets a little returned kill in on two dark know very a dooms blown up on the gun whom got no way of getting out kind of God not gonna be enough this magic damage just takes him out taka the ulti is available from mid one and that should be another killer clockwork this is just they're all melting for mid one and keep that seven arm ah look at that arm a seven 1% physical damage resistance against a phantom assassin jump in mid one taking a bunch of damage does not have his BKB there's gonna be a swap coming through does try and you up does not get to the Hugo Viper is gonna die they also lose the leche though and decide they're trying to fight off this raiding team the buybacks come out on the dire side all chicken in the side gotta get rooted up mid one wants to finish that one phantom assassins gonna die dark where is he darks gonna get killed off bring him in he's actually the one building into Shiva's guard Todd got misses the oak shot because I saw that flare coming in so he immediately blinks away when the flare came his way jump forward by the PA plpl wants to go Kaakha Kaakha is out of mana he does pop the Crimson Guard so there's almost no damage coming out from Nisha but old chicken is losing his mana and Kaka is out of mana so there's like pretty much nothing you can do it's just the slowest kill ever Jim gets blown up on to the phantom assassin though so I greedy for that killed God's hand of God coming out Japs is gonna die too old 11 but phantom assassin is still being hunted sighs doing an incredible amount of magic damage the here coming through from dark BKB pop by phantom assassin all chicken is gonna kill off sigh or is he in comes the PL o chickens I he strike the jukka's we through he gets out there's gonna be the slow there's gonna be chase I actually blinked forward to Grug jump onto the chin spoiler with coming through and hey kill off the entire keen gaming lineup that was GG gets cold and that is game number 2 going to team secret

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  1. This fckin editing is so bad man, let us understand whats happening in the game dont just show when someone is about to die, and for real get a good caster, or even decent one, if not then dont even put a caster like this one here. Smh

  2. Sudenly everyone in comment section is skilled caster. Then why all of you guys didnt casted that game so we wouldnt had to watch this with mediocre caster? Oh yea … you are lazy or you would be even worse caster. So SHUT UP.

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