Sony has been FORCED to give away Playstation Classics!

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This thing has sold so poorly that Sony, following a massive price cut, has also begun to offer the Playstation Classic for free.

7 thoughts on “Sony has been FORCED to give away Playstation Classics!”

  1. Anyone who doesn't want their PS classic, give them to me I'll mod them and make it like it should have been. I think we are beating a dead horse on how they botched it. I'm just trying to make the best out of a bad situation and make something wonderful.

  2. I love Star Fox 2, it was a lot of fun like people claimed for years. Unfortunately the PS1 classic had no wow factor. I never liked PlayStation growing up. Nintendo owns them completely.

  3. My thing is this, the failure of the ps classic kinda exposes the playstation brand as a whole. I mean think about it, if people didn't run out and grab these ps classics, then what the hell made people go out and buy a playstation 1 back then?

  4. Bruh why you acting like anybody's defending it. Stahp.

    "Once the next console comes out, these games lose any appeal they may have had."

    Assuming for the sake of argument that actually DOES apply. Why does that not apply to Nintendo hardware then? What games on the S/NES Classics ALSO haven't already been ported half a dozen times over in one way or another? Star Fox, maybe? That's pretty much it? Why do they get free passes?

  5. Xbox OG Classic would have done better if they did it right. Just goes to show clowns only care about Playstation games when they're making fad malarkey of the era. They have no identity outside of what slop is being thrown on their plate at any given time. We'll look back on the PS4 as one of the worst consoles, with no games. Just like the PS3.

  6. Ok, what do you want me to talk about that is already been said about the PS Classic. It was a disaster. I already game out my reasons and yet you make another pointless video to fuel a console war. There are way to many good games that are on the PS1 that sony missed the opportunity to put on the ps classic. I already address it in the livestream.

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