Stellaris: Console Edition – Pre-Order Trailer | PS4

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Stellaris: Console Edition will be launching on February 26, 2019 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Stellaris: Console Edition, an adaptation of the Paradox Development Studio game Stellaris released in 2016, will be the first Grand Strategy Game on consoles and will feature the beloved Stellaris gameplay, including exploration of the depths of space, diplomatic (or hostile) relations with alien races, and interplanetary empire management over the course of hundreds of years.
Curiosity. Mystery. Discovery. In Stellaris: Console Edition, you set out to explore the
stars, uncover the vast
wonders of the galaxy, and expand your
empire into the unknown. You are, however, not alone. As you meet other civilizations,
you can decide to band together in a federation through
diplomatic means or attempt to wipe out the
galaxy through force. You begin by
creating your own empire, choosing the values that
determine what your population believes and how your
civilization feels about other life in the galaxy. As a species who was discovered
faster than light travel, you'll be sending your science
ships out to explore the distant reaches of space,
discovering resources abroad, establishing planetary
colonies to manage and grow, as well as researching new
technologies that will make you more productive or
possibly more destructive. Once you begin to
colonize and expand, you'll discover that life is
as plentiful as it is varied, from primitive species yet to
walk among the stars to advanced space-faring
empires much like your own, each with their own
unique characteristics, ideologies, and charm. As you and the empires
around you continue to grow, you'll find yourself faced
with a new set of challenges. Diplomacy will
become more prevalent. Strategic
coordination, a necessity. Preparing for the
unexpected, critical. With the ability to
enact research agreements, nonaggression packs, federations, trade deals and more, you have a wide variety
of paths to explore before things escalate into a
full-blown intergalactic war, the goal of which is up to you. Annex your enemies,
claim their systems, or forcibly make
them your subjects, slowly integrating
them into our empire. However, when exploring the far
corners of the galaxy as a great power, you might get reports of
other forces that threaten the future of all interstellar life. But you'll be left to
discover those on your own. In Stellaris you'll discover
the secrets of the galaxy, witness intergalactic wars, rule grand and glorious empires, and leave your species
mark among the stars.

26 thoughts on “Stellaris: Console Edition – Pre-Order Trailer | PS4”

  1. As someone who just recently sunk 105+ hours into the game over the past few weeks, I can say the following:
    – It's a great game and easy to get into for anyone new!
    – Graphics are gorgeous.
    – Lots of options for creating your own empire.
    – Has a great space soundtrack.
    – DLC's are expensive, but I'd only recommend getting 2 maybe 3, because they add pretty substantial things compared to others.
    – Chill enough for relaxing to and playing while listening to music or a podcast.
    – Interesting enough to keep you excited for larger space ships, different encounters, expanding your empire etc.

    As you can tell, I'm really into it. Became one of my favourites over the space of a month and it's been out for years and still gets updates.

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