SX Pro for Nintendo Switch Quick Review | Must have Accessory?

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SX Pro by Team Xecuter. Nintendo switch must have accessory?
Easiest and fastest way to Jailbreak Nintendo Switch.

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what's up its your boy DW bring you tech gadget product reviews and more today I just want to do a short review and my experience with the SX pearl by team executor for your Nintendo switch this little dango can possibly be the must-have accessory for most switch owners but not all let's take a look the XS pro is the easiest way for you to jailbreak your Nintendo switch what that means is that you get full access to Nintendo switch will vow any of Nintendo's restrictions you have complete control and can do things like backing up your games your save files install emulators and enjoy homebrew games and apps all this can be done without opening up your switch and voiding the warranty it's simple fast and idiot-proof I'm not gonna go do the entire process of setting it up as there are plenty of good videos already out there but as mainly as simple as sliding in the jig inserting the dango pressing the volume up with the power key and that's it with no prior jailbreaking experience I'm not an expert and not comfortable with opening up the systems searching through wires soldering and hoping nothing breaks just to play a few extra games this dango eliminates all these issues and saved me a ton of time this is probably the easiest quickest and safest way to jailbreak your Nintendo switch now what you do after jailbreaking is up to you I'm not endorsing piracy or any illegal activity you can do what you want as all the restrictions are lifted and you can modify it to your needs all I can tell you is from my experience it's been great I've been able to back on my switch operating system in case there's any software malfunction my save files in case my switch drops and breaks back up my purchase games if something were to happen to the cartridge and there are plenty more uses but I think you guys get the picture the SX pro is fully updatable and the creator's has been great at releasing new updates and features every two weeks it is also compatible with all switch councils release before June 2018 so all this sounds wonderful but are there any drawbacks well there are two considerations first is not free you have pay I paid forty five dollars for mine and surround the same on most websites today I know there are free methods out there to jailbreak your switch but it takes more work more steps more time and more chances of mistakes I like this method because it's simple straightforward and saves time that to me is worth the forty five dollars second there's a good chance you will get banned from online play Nintendo Flags you you won't be able to play multiplayer games online again if playing online is important to you and this dango is probably not for you as for me I rarely play switch games online so I'm cool if I get banned currently I have my switch on airplane mode until there's a future update that possibly can prevent bans an alternative is buying a second switch just for online play so this is a must-have I feel the pros heavily outweighs and negatives but ultimately the choice is yours if you have any questions comments or experiences with the sx pro please leave them down below as always if you enjoy the video click the like button below if you want to see more videos just like this one hit the subscribe button and ring that bell until next time take care and be safe

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  1. Apologies for being late to the party as some of the dislikes are due to the late news/review. I want to share my thoughts and experience in case people are new, on the fence or is interested in it. I know there are other videos out there but would like to offer my opinion as well. Thanks!

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