This Week in Keyboards December 3rd 2018

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men of interest and it's the second of December 2018 it's time for some news with this weekend keyboards but before we get to this week in keyboards I want to get to the sponsor of this episode Z frontier where they have some extra time decals in stock which one of the most breathtaking beautiful keyboards around see frontier is also their premier proxy for getting your sets around the world if you are a group by running looking for international proxies check out their English site at ANZ now let's start with the news and we have quite a bit of GMK on the list so let's get to it first off is the intersect for Jim Kay and 9 to 5 and 5 to 9 by and novels this to nilin intersect is supposed to be the spiritual embodiment of a desk job on one side and a testament of the life of waking up and going to bed when it's dark outside on the other and I can't speak about the ladder but I can't speak about having a desk job and unfortunately Jim Kay and 9 to 5 isn't doing it for me fanatically I actually like the copy-and-paste sub legends on the cnv as well as a lot of the novelty keys despite my disagreement with the colors and the theme quite a bit I like the idea of it throw the 5 the 9 alpha is on the 9 to 5 set and you'll have me a bit more interested maybe workshop the colors a little bit and I think it's on to a good start next up we have the intersect for Jim Kay metropolis by an F lock and you know what I really like this now flock has taken inspiration from the dazzling lights of the big city with a strong a blue black base and traffic light s reds and yellows for some reason this really reminds me of Bioshock 1 like an almost underwater Art Deco thing Natha I got my attention with this one the bass ket seems pretty solid and the midnight kit seems in my personal opinion like I know why it's necessary I know why it's there how people may not like the different modifiers have different Legend colors depending on what row but I think it really works for this set and I think that's how the set should definitely be next up is an update from zemulon whose updated the gmk jamón kits real quick as an overview of GM de jamon it's a jamon inspired set jamon is a dried cured ham in Spain which is delicious it's only fitting that this set looks as delicious as the food it's inspired by the kids are really well thought out and you asked me it kind of makes sense considering how long's m'en has been working on this set I'm not too big on the color red but this set is the red set for me the forties kit works well a lot of different keyboards novelties are delicious the polymeric ease work really well as escape and enter accents an NDA kick absolutely a plus absolutely must buy for this set my books Erica looks like he's planning some awesome desk mats to go to set check them out this set is gonna be killer rounding out the key cap news isn't a gmk set but a DSA teaser by Nava Keys for an officially licensed Star Wars a Galactic Empire set this is poached on the novel Keys Instagram and Wow we English sub legends and non English primary legends that's pretty awesome the novelties of the at TIE fighter and Titan receptors are pretty nice I'm not 100% sure about the red light saber Enter key though but I think this set has a lot going for it regardless it's really awesome and I think it's amazing for Nava keys to be able to work with Lucasfilm and Disney four key cap sets interested in what they put out in the future and hopefully that means you know different kind of collab between Disney and novel keys all I hope is that these key caps turn out better than the recent movies although it's a pretty low bar although speaking of low bars to improve on the ve a-all of EDA has to do in a revamp is and not use a SATA port right so what do you think I saw when I saw pain master post up the ve a second specification for the interest check yeah I'm definitely a bit bum they're still sticking with a SATA cable a split keyboard or the low insertion rate connector and cable to connect both halves yeah those legs for tenting the sides look amazing though and I like me a good tented split keyboard the new name badges a bit man I hope they can work on the firmware to prevent the latency issues between both sides that I and many others experienced when typing very quickly at speed even with the issues still possibly persisting I think I'll still join this board I'm still disappointed about the SATA cable but overall I think this board has a lot going for it and I really like how this one looks overall compared to the previous one next up we have something a bit interesting and unusual the Velo type chorded keyboard this is posted by M Haydn I think it's a interesting QWERTY keyboards have always interested me because of the theory behind them I think it's really cool especially like for example stenography I think that's one thing will be really really iffy about 15 gram key switches yep 15 grams I'm pretty sure I can actuate them by blowing on them I think if I think hard enough the switches will actuate on their own there's some pretty nifty things like touchpad integration in the keyboard as well as a variety of languages and supports but here's what I'm worried about this is a group buy in order to have cheaper units than retail but how much cheaper will they really go for a single unit envelope types website is 1500 euros or 1850 euros including VAT if you're in Europe and even that goes one-third the price down to thousand euros that's still over $1,100 for this keyboard I mean that's pricey and you know what's pricey when this keyboard has leasing options and payment plans next up let's talk about something that is cheaper than expected and that's the TG rx Singha unicorn 60 this is posed by cat wee-wee and many would expect anything that has a TDR tag on it to be north of 350 so many will be surprised by the 250 to $300 price expectation range this 6% trade mount plate will have a Brass weight on the bottom brass or aluminum plate PCB and a rubber gasket that will be pretty cool the rubber the rubber gasket will be rest between the PCB and the plate and it's I think it's an interesting way of using the rubber gasket and I hope it works out really really well is a comfortable 66 degree typing angle and the group ID is expected to run sometime this week on singing a KB decom so keep your eyes out on this board if you're looking to pick up a new 60% next up is the group buy for the Zeno which started last week on Z OPC net this poner design the keyboard is a 75% offered in a full and half plate variant in black silver or purple cases with rose gold silver and black PVD coated polished brass plates the keyboard starts at 460 dollars before adding any switches but it does include seals transparent grew and stabilizers if you want to know what I think I'm already in for the half-plane I've been waiting for this board for quite awhile and I'm super happy the goodbyes began the arrow blocker as well as the blockers up top give the board a great visual spacing compared to many 75 percents that lack any kind of blockers or spacing that make it look a bit cluttered if you're looking to get this board consider using my affiliate code Zeo PC net slash man of interests it helped me out a ton moving on to a bigger board is the pre-order for the Kin 25 TX 108's II this is probably the most beautiful full-sized keyboards I have ever seen but it's quite the hefty price to be honest I don't know if I've ever wanted a full sized keyboard as much as this one aside from the South Paul full-sized I just want to say though this shipping to the u.s. is a hundred and two dollars that's a pretty hefty keyboard the board will set you back 460 plus a 4.5% paypal fee plus shipping and if one extra plate $60 extra PCB $70 the pre-orders will go on until tomorrow December 4th so hop on if this is your thing you have until December 10th to pay I really want to make I really want to see if I could make this happen financially not sure yes but oh my god this board is amazing even better is this pre-order we'll ship around a late January that's a pretty quick turnaround next up we have the group by for the Jesus witches by super van it's now live these are Panda alternative switches with a CC 7 gram bottom out weight and they're selling for a dollar per switch plus a 4.4% paypal fee plus $15 shipping worldwide this group I would be running until December 26th and shipping will be commencing the day after starting on December 27th if you're wondering how I feel about these switches and how they stack up – imitating pana switches you can check out the thread on geek AK for the group by where you can watch video opinions from Nathan Kim quake comes of top o'clock and myself my video went up on a Friday and I highly recommend you check it out if you haven't yet and if you're interested in these switches the findings from my video or basically that these switches are technically different but it can function close enough to the same as pandas to make holy jesus witches or whatever tactile variants you're interested in last but not least in the news is something pretty nifty vendor mech fashiona started his group by on some spill-proof printed polyester sleeves fleece on the inside and some quote sponge light fabric for keyboard protection these are pretty cool sleeves with a lot of customizability at a amazing price that seems like you're gonna customize both sides of the outside the flap inside pocket the chord color you can even have an inside pocket heck if you give the dimensions to pit rec of mech fashion he will make a sleeve – your sizing to fit your keyboard and will invoice you accordingly for these size looks like orders are gonna be collected until the 9th of December with sleeves being shipped out in January well that's it for this week in keyboards please let me know what you think about the show let me know if you have any suggestions you know comment down below if you do I read through every single comment and if you haven't subscribed yet please subscribe I put up videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday and if you want to support what I do check me out on patreon and feel free to throw a dollar or two my way every little bit helps I'll see you guys on Wednesday for my next video and until then everyone stay classy

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