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yo what's J blends J Buhl's Jack Black Here I am so stoked to announce that we are officially gaming yes it is our what nice watch and learn oho fee hey what's up ninj I know you're watching y'all ain't got nothing on me I'll see you in the virtual world for a good old-fashioned ass whoopin come on one-handed game and breath get it get it I've been playing since the eighties flash gaming gaming gaming all the day I'm gaming yeah you only get the best of the games yeah oh my thumb's getting so tired from gaming so hard win the prize get the high-school this game designers should get an award for best game also a quick shout-out to HyperX thanks for the free merch that you sent me I'm gonna use this I'm not going to sell it on eBay take that I can't do this this is bull you guys I'm sorry I have to confess I have not figured out the algata I promise you I swear to you we will have gaming next week but check this out what's Jablin chaebols Jack Black here believe it or not that was not a real gaming video the reason it looked like a gaming video is because I'm really good at special effects but the truth is I haven't worked out all the kinks on the delgato and also I need a new HDMI cable a monster cable that I do not have yet but next week guaranteed the gaming videos will flow like wine but in the meantime check this out okay so Vectrex this is in the 80s after Atari after in television there is this thing and it basically came with its own little TV first thing you know you got you get the right screen and you put the screen onto the screen these big tip and it makes it the gameplay a little more stylized basically like asteroids it's kind of a rad Jam I might write lyrics to it oh then Mindstorm impossible game needs work health tip Polar Bear Plunge it's where you jump into an ice cold pool and it is so good for you it is great for your endo crimes for your nucleus and for your organs only problem is there's a thunderstorm outside could be dangerous I could get struck by lightning should I do it what do you say yes so here we are with a 1928 push him up Big Five pinball machine obviously no electricity just spring-loaded you shut you try to land it in four big points you got nothing got out but you get and then you get ten balls there double double ball yes p1 so this is how people entertain themselves back in the 20s dude that's like pre-world War one dude I'm not sure about my history I better check that on the goods p4 it's worth 300 points it's basically a new world record for pushing a big Buy you can't score none higher brah I can feel my ancestors Oh Jablonski day see you next week

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  1. For those who don't know…Ninja is a member of a South African band called the Antwoord (Afrikaans for "the Answer") They are pretty cool, super trippy but its all an act. We're not really like that in SA…it's like an exaggeration. Like he's pretending to have a zulu accent in that responce clip. I think the band split up but I could be wrong.

  2. Never heard of the Vectrex. Seems pretty cool that you get different covers for different games. The first system I ever played on was Atari 2600 and my first console was NES. I used to skip school to perfect my Super Mario Bros game. Stay in school kids.

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