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there's a new vehicle in for tonight look at this thing I'm literally attached to Geordi not good somebody take the blinds what are we doing today we're gonna win a match by hanging off the map okay so we just need this zone to be with us okay so looking at the zone there is still seem you guys people can still see you from these no I got it I got it I think I've got it there's nothing for me Josh's or Jordi's thing is like attached to the air don't worry about professionals Josh you're gonna break my line you're gonna break my line of you that I think you're gonna break my life Josh be careful stop touching each other you know what we look like you know the Christmas tree all these balls what somebody can I do when they find that shoot at us we don't take any damage when we're inside of this but the moon does three that has 300 the ball has got yeah no jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly what are you doing click tab and it just let go of me oh yeah you're concerning me yeah yeah don't must die I thought it was all over just then I'm sorry alright I'm just not very good at hanging with these balls jelly's gonna be the end of this show I just feel it now gently just know at one point we're not gonna like try to save you ready nobody mean you know what the benefit of this challenge is well we can hang off anything telly love this this amazing go away people alive Judy you know you want to hang up shorty you know you want to why don't you hang up me Josh yeah I'll hang up for you and then you hang up shorty I'm scared man I'm so scared 23 seconds 30 life get it sewn on the edge soon you can swing there by the way where is the next zone going to be hmm we switch up the fingers ring finger okay swing okay it is on the edge of the map guys yeah I know Oh God what do we do with these islands what if people are there they could see us yeah but just keep on swinging almost died okay let's hang on the other really well this you're doing really literally well this will be a new vehicle in this game and there they were very creative on slowdowns we're making don't tell you anything you're not missing anything okay just hang up right I'm just gonna hang here I'm not gonna do anything free coffee jelly cuz he's got ADHD but sure I'll give you $100 if you retract to the bottom we were make it there's not enough room yep jelly do you read it's a worth $100 to win this I'm just saying oh you're giving me $100 if we win this game no everybody gets a hundred virtual three bucks oh we might actually have to kill the last person you know you can lie down oh no it's okay not to work on the side maybe we can still hang on the side of a mountain I can have a look go down to the bomb go to the closest mountain okay way I'm actually a pretty secure spot haploid oh my goodness so where exactly are we gonna go well I think there's a mountain right in front of frosty flights that we could hang it from so everybody get on Teddy get here you don't need to do that yeah we've got plenty but this is pretty wait you're just wait yeah but we need to hang each other you're right the guy and the guy here jump down jump jump jump down and swing hey swing down and swing swing just swing around swing it around away swing away silly that's why you shouldn't have blown our cover they might have seen us early guys oh my god oh he's coming swing swing Lee you never swung before oh my god it's coming it's coming in fast run out of ammo at one point oh my goodness guys I think he's all about talk about an escape route though whoa all right you're so quick it's coming in guys guys I find a nice well this is good this not really breathing oh my god this is perfect if he doesn't know where we are then this is amazing I think we lost the guy I hope he's dead now because back for us guys please was probably at least oh my goodness I hope he's not one of them guys do you have a gun just in case the zone does have a great design it's actually not too bad okay so we go to the right like like towards or like ten seconds we should probably go towards East all right we should we should probably get going okay find a mountain this is amazing it's the mountain in front of me oh my god yes the edge of polar peak is inside okay there's people there's builds north okay we need to swing past them guys swim past the left Jolla peak is inside of it right just hang off this no it's not inside of it Josh oh my god this there's not a lot of mountain clothes to hang on hey let's just go to the left let's go to the left it's the safest place to these people right in front of us I think yeah okay you need to hang we need to hang up this house if we're hanging off a house maybe somebody next to us we're but fine we're fine we're like bouncing balls oh my god God South it's right B they're right behind us he doesn't know it genuinely doesn't know our son don't move they're gonna kill all each other yeah number four it's joining them everyone guys don't they don't know we're actually in these things is anybody not hitting with that no oh okay one thing sir Embassy has a heavy night rifle I even get his one shot just hurry now the heating up we should just go go go hey hang off this rock over here hey we can get by hey off a tree eat or something my god good one I like that oh they're here they're flying towards us okay did they see us hanging off a tree HC I think so I'm a bowl full of a tree I'm gonna tree oh my god Oh punch okay attack attack attack oh no no don't do it you know I'm dad of dad guys go ahead please make the match for me come on run down fighting it's still fighting oh you're still fighting oh my god Josh how did you not even get noticed the guy was lying right there oh my god no no ice challenge it's all you it's value value Josh tree Josh I can do this yes I'm gonna move my friend oh you have to kill them Josh you need to start moving need to start moving start moving Josh no you're gonna die Josh what are you doing judge whoa with the zone need to move with the zone Josh no for tonight guys say no all right we've got the Bulls okay crazy jelly okay I'm just having a good time Josh which they only get to go why so fast right now I'm okay so I'm gonna just go around here because this part is too low yeah there's a background around the corner here we should definitely go for that mountain yeah very saving mountainous up up exactly we need the altitude right up here guys right up here oh look at this mouth dude this is perfect to be in the song at the top cuz we all made almost out live off the players Oh kind of scared I don't have a gun I don't have loot I don't have anything you don't need anything when you have the pool jelly that is very true Josh oh my god oh my god please come to the time please be in the zone no where is it where do we have to go it's pretty much around shifty shafts there are mountains we can hang from now I ever like I said Oh guys we can still hang up this mountain yes Oh God oh my this is absolutely amazing we got a hang still otherwise people are gonna notice us oh my goodness if we just stay here oh my table is up Thea just labeled we're just three balls hang in this might have been the best thing I've ever done guys Josh what are you doing right kite apps right-click out of like if we can't spot it now it's so your fault yeah oh my god there's literally a whole squad they got a bunch of balls they have two balls guys what happens if our balls touch their balls guys the zone is in frosty flights oh well they're fighting they're fighting guns coming in okay just hopefully they don't see us these things guys think about it this way see how smooth the ball looks to them right yes how small our ball looks yeah yeah but it's pretty obvious when we're moving around on polar peak and they're too close someone's down someone's down one spot sound I think I think there's only two guys left they're gonna still be in the zone fighting like everything that's happening right there is it gay ready to go to the top guys oh my goodness keep going 93 hell 90 health Hey I'm hanging from the castle I think this was building up here hey no we have to hang come to my side come to my side yeah we can hang on the other side jelly is good the other side so much better Jill are you still alive yeah I'm right below you guys but I've got 82 health this is bad this is very like a nine so where are we gonna go next guys we have areas there's a couple of mountains like wheat big mountain yeah we need to go more towards shifty hey head east head east whoa I'm falling so high right now guys there's people building on top of mountains just so you know yeah the tree here I find a big tree all right come on Enzo never leave but just hang off the biggest tree it's really hard to see literally that we weren't here where the trees are this is not just around the zone right we this bouncing is perfect see this to be honest – my spot was a little better because this is more exposed but how this the zones – wait just look at the zone that's gonna be yeah but no one that's gonna be at ease cuz really easily see us alright zone this is Wow look at this we can move around the right we need to know don't see anybody there yes yeah this is frosty needs to defend us there's a guy next to us hanging oh just how do you find someone that's way there's no idea if I do I know yeah we should body go I'll see to I mean our bodyguard is from there boys maybe we should tell our bodyguard it's him to kill this guy no no it's somebody else it's somebody else is good oh my god oh my god guys there's someone on the other side of the water oh wait here is there someone there's someone at the water hook go to the top crossings and finish this guy oh boy oh boy guys where do we go I'm just hanging this is way to this if it is a guy is jelly east we can hang under structures wait I need to hang why am i walking around need to hang oh my goodness I'm in the zone not a fit in here oh I'm out of zone oh I'm coming on your tree guys this is a great stay here okay guys we need to start moving speak okay good good luck oh god okay this is a guide lower oh my are you sure thanks I thought I did I deal with people everywhere wait for Josh people are on killing doing it Jordy won't win this for you buddy yeah oh oh this is not gonna make the problem well you got this you got this guy's no not there there – there there guys Foster's most perfect spot ever Josh thanks to our bodyguard I was running from the zone man the whole time whoa Wow if you enjoyed this video make sure you use my supporting creator code jelly in the fortnight diketon store thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button and also make sure to check out the new exclusive jelly RB t-shirts on jelly

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